KuCoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Lists Gram Gold Coin Collaboration’s GGC Token

KuCoin blockchain asset is proudly announcing the listing of Gram Gold Coin Collaboration’s GGC today. Deposits are now available with trading pairs including GGC/BTC and GGC/USDT.

All transactions are accessed utilizing KuCoin’s official website or to their mobile app for iOS and Android. Schedules are as follows:

GGC Buying order: 15:30 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)
GGC Selling order: 16:00 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)
GGC Withdrawal: 18:00 November 30, 2018 (UTC+8)

About Gram Gold Coin Collaboration (GGC)
Gram Gold Coin Collaboration maintains and distributes the GGC through the application of gold bullion with the blockchain as a transaction platform. GGCC intends to integrate product design, interest alignment, and market dynamics to develop GGC’s acknowledgment by all market members as a base digital token for financing, payment, trade, and value preservation that most fiat money and crypto assets cannot produce due to the constraints they face.
What is GGC?
A GGC is backed by 1 gram of Gold as the value and is transacted within the blockchain so that the gold price maintains its smallest value and secondary transactions can be sent out with a high level of efficiency, confidentiality, and safety. GGCC will distinctly issue different token called GramGold Eco (“GGE”). GramGold Eco will be taken by members of the founder team, advisors and exchanges, who help to continue to retain the overall GramGold Ecosystem (the “Ecosystem”) of GGC and GGE alive.
Why do you need GGC?
The following diagram illustrates how GGC can seamlessly meet various needs in different worlds through its unique characteristics inherited from Precious Metal, Currency, Crypto, and Blockchain.
Defense of Inflation
GGC uses the “gold standard”, meaning that each GGC is minted only when the correct corresponding amount of gold bullion is held in reserve. The scarcity of physical gold will effectively limit devaluation as compared to the devaluation issues that fiat money faces currently.
Ultimate Haven
Although gold is no longer the foundation of the international monetary system, its status as a bastion of stability has endured, a role which has become increasingly important in today’s unpredictable environment. Over the years, gold’s reputation for safety and durability has made it a mainstay for investors seeking to safeguard the long-term value of their capital.
Portfolio Diversification
Harry Markovitz is well known for his “Modern Portfolio Theory,” which is the formula that says that systematic risk cannot be varied away as it is a risk for the entire market. Still, purchasing gold as a hedge against crises can be viewed as a hedge against this type of threat. During extreme conditions, gold tends to soar while other assets make a downturn.

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Brad Garlinghouse Says Banks Will Hold Crypto Assets on Behalf of Customers in 2019

Brad Garlinghouse seems to be very positive about the future of the cryptocurrency space. The CEO of Ripple believes that banks will soon start to hold virtual currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or XRP on behalf of their customers as early as 2019. Mr. Garlinghouse said this during the Singapore FinTech Festival 2018.
Brad Garlinghouse Bullish About Virtual Currencies
Banks could soon start to hold virtual currencies on behalf of their customers. This is what Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, said at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018. The driver for this implementation will be an enhanced regulatory clarity and the opportunity to make money.
About it, he said that people will be surprised by the fact that banks will be custody digital assets directly for customers.
On the matter he commented:
“I think one of the things that will surprise us a year from now is that banks will be custodying digital assets directly.”
He went on saying that a lot of money is being made by digital asset exchanges globally, and there are some banks that might be motivated to enter the crypto space in this way. Additionally, there are different regulatory framework being currently developed and enhanced. Once these countries create a proper regulatory environment, banks could start investing in the space.
Ripple’s CEO commented that he thinks that the first banks that are going to be holding virtual currencies for their clients will be in the ASEAN markets. These countries are growing at very fast rates and they need enhanced systems for cross-border payments as well.
Garlinghouse commented about this:
“I also predict it will be banks in the ASEAN markets, where there is this regulatory clarity and there is a lot of progressive, forward thinking. They will be the first to actually allow for crypto assets custody in their accounts.”
The ASEAN is an economic alliance that is integrated by Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. These countries still have to improve their cross-border payment systems and Ripple is working in Asia.
There are different corridors that must be covered and the Asian markets are perfect for this. According to Dan Morgan, Ripple’s head of regulatory relations in Europe mentioned that Asian markets have appetite for Ripple.
XRP is the second largest virtual currency with a market capitalization of almost $15 billion. Each coin can be purchased for $0.37.
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Blockchain Provides a Solution for Global Financial Institution

The global fund processing firm, Calastone, is the latest business to embrace blockchain in a bid to further digitize this part of the industry.

It seems as if every day brings more news of blockchain adoption. The technology is spreading its wings and flying far away from just being used for cryptocurrencies. The list of sectors that are using it is becoming increasingly long and varied, from art to healthcare. Whenever records need to be stored or paperless dreams need to be achieved, the technology appears to be a popular answer.

Blockchain Could Save Billions
According to Reuters, global investment firm Calastone has announced that May 2019 will see its whole system move onto the blockchain. The firm, which is a fund transaction network, has a list of well-known clients including JP Morgan Asset Management and Schroders. By providing back- and middle-office services, Calastone gives their clients the ability to sell their funds all over the world through financial institutions.
At the moment, this is done through a time-intensive service which consists of sending three messages between firms when they want to buy into a fund. The first message is to place the order, the second is to confirm the receipt thereof, and the last one is to confirm the price. With over 1,700 firms to take care of, Calastone facilitates about nine million of these messages every month worth about $217 billion. By migrating to blockchain, Calastone believes that annual savings could be as much as $4.3 billion.
The Chief Marketing Officer at the firm, Andrew Tomlinson, briefly explained what the move could encourage, saying:
The more you can automate, the more you de-risk, you more you streamline, the more you speed up.

It’s For More Than Just Crypto
The technology has grown in leaps and bounds from its initial purpose of supporting virtual currencies like Bitcoin and the like. As mentioned previously, it can be the ideal solution for businesses that rely on record keeping or data transactions.
Live Bitcoin News has previously reported that many big names have integrated the technology into their supply chain management processes. One of these is major U.S. retailer Walmart, who will be using blockchain in its food traceability processes. Recently, we also reported on how the crude oil industry will be benefiting from blockchain by using it as part of their trading operations.
The growth of the industry has resulted in many countries vying for that title of “blockchain hub” with nations like Malta and the Bahamas working towards making their islands an attractive option for blockchain developers. In addition, Austria has recently announced plans to launch their Austrian Blockchain Center.
Do you think that Calastone’s blockchain migration will be a success for the firm? Let us know in the comments below!

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Coinbase Launches OTC Trading Desk Without Fanfare

Coinbase, the leading U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, has launched an over-the-counter trading desk. However, the rollout was not accompanied by the usual marketing hype.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Coinbase, has launched an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk earlier in November. The rollout, however, was kept under wraps.
According to officials, the firm, that was recently valued at $ 8 billion and raised $300 million in its latest round of funding, was keen first to gauge the response to the new offering from customers.
The development was reported earlier by CNBC. Tim Plakas, head OTC trader for Coinbase, said:
We wanted to make sure we had all the boxes checked before we went public. We needed to have some of our trusted institutional clients on board and were in a beta mode to make sure that all the pipes were working.

What is OTC Trading?
Over-the-counter trading is carried out directly between two entities and not through an exchange. The deal is generally facilitated by an agency or broker. Institutional buyers and whales are known to prefer OTC-based trades over the exchanges.
In fact, data reveals that while the trading volumes on the exchanges have dropped since January this year, the OTC trade volumes have grown. Coinbase has possibly taken the decision to enter the OTC market to compensate for the decline in volumes over its exchange.
According to Christine Sandler, the head of institutional sales, institutions were not eager to use the exchange platform. She revealed that the soft launch of the offering started with a small group of clients like asset management firms.
How the OTC Service Works
Customers looking to buy or sell digital assets in large volumes can call Coinbase and ask for the spread. The firm will look for buyers and sellers and provide multiple quotes to the client.
As interest among institutional investors continues to grow, many firms are jumping into the fray. Goldman Sachs-backed Circle has an OTC desk with a minimum entry point of $250,000. Genesis Trading and Gemini are the other alternatives available to U.S.-based customers.

Sandler said:
This is a really opportunistic way for us to counterbalance and offer something that’s different than our exchange trading but offers value to clients in a way that’s really safe.
Currently, the OTC desk is available only to accredited investors on Coinbase Prime, the firm’s platform for institutions. As per company officials, the firm will later introduce the offering on Coinbase Pro, the platform for advanced traders and link it with its custody business as well.
All leading cryptocurrency firms including Coinbase are taking strategic decision to ensure that they stay competitive as the bear market shows no sign of recovering anytime soon.
What are your thoughts on this new offering from Coinbase? Let us know in the comments below.

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Monetary Authority of Singapore Unveils Updated Regulations for Cryptocurrency ICO

Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), recently published an update to the regulations for firms looking to conduct initial coin offerings (ICO) in the city-state. MAS says the updated guidelines cover both security and utility token sales as Singapore seeks to establish a firm presence in the developing cryptocurrency narrative in Southeast Asia.

Updated ICO Payments Framework
In a report titled “A Guide to Digital Token Offerings,” the MAS provided an updated set of guidelines for ICOs in the city-state. According to the new regulations, all token sales must include an offer plus a prospectus based on the existing provisions of the Securities and Futures Act (SFA).
Offers below $5 million or private sales to less than 50 persons are, however, exempt from the including prospectus. In both cases, the exemption only covers offers within 12 months.
The updated guidelines also include rules for ICO platform operators and other intermediaries such as exchange platforms, financial advisers, etc. The new rules stipulate that all these intermediaries must have the necessary licensing requirements. Also, both issuers and intermediaries must act in compliance with anti-money laundering (AML).
For Singapore, its new ICO regulatory framework applies not only to security token sales but also to utility tokens. Thus, utility token issuers will also comply with AML and counter- terrorist financing (CFT) regulations.
The updated guidelines are a follow up of the Payment Services Bill which is already before the country’s Parliament. The move signals a shift from a neutral to a more hands-on approach to regulating the industry.

Pursuing a Robust Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Agenda
For Singapore, the goal appears to be one of strengthening its cryptocurrency regulatory landscape rather than adopting a hard-line stance against the industry. This position is in many ways indicative of the approach taken by countries in Southeast Asia.
To achieve this, the city-state’s government is trying to broaden the scope of the MAS’ regulatory mandate to include digital currencies. The MAS is also looking to help cryptocurrency businesses secure beneficial banking partnerships.
Apart from the cryptocurrency market itself, Singapore is also making significant strides in blockchain technology adoption and utilization. In November, Live Bitcoin News reported on the partnership between the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and MAS to launch a blockchain-based Delivery versus Payment (DvP) settlement framework.
What do you think about Singapore’s updated ICO regulations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Sportsbet.io – the most innovative Sportsbook in the industry

Sportsbet.io has quickly emerged as the world’s largest Bitcoin-led sportsbook since it was founded in 2016. It offers players around the world the chance to wager on more than 420,000 pre-match events per year, as well as comprehensive in-play content. Sportsbet.io has gained a reputation for offering a fun, fast and fair experience to customers, and is constantly striving to innovate with new products and features.
The best Bitcoin betting plus other currencies
Sportsbet.io provides the best Bitcoin sports betting experience available. Bitcoin has had a turbulent time of things lately with some sharp price fluctuations, but there are signs it is beginning to settle and it still remains the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. As the market matures, so will Bitcoin and it will always be a convenient payment method. To wager Bitcoin at Sportsbet.io, players will need to have a Bitcoin wallet set up and credited; Blockchain, Armory and Copay are highly recommended, and guides are available on-site.
Alternatively, players can purchase Bitcoin on Sportsbet.io via BTCXE using their debit or credit card. Once the Bitcoin is in your account you are ready to play. Recently, Sportsbet has been adding other payment options so that customers who do not want to wager in Bitcoin can still enjoy the fun.
The new currencies include All Sports Coin (SOC), the popular cryptocurrency of the All Football app and Ethereum, the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency. Sportsbet has also added the ability to deposit, play and withdraw in fiat currencies, including euros, via the user’s own bank. The site accepts all major credit and debit cards, allowing an even wider range of players to enjoy Sportsbet.io’s market-leading offering.
Sportsbet is trusted around the world
Sportsbet.io is trusted by users around the world, as a licensed sportsbook, Sportsbet comply with AML, anti-fraud and KYC industry best practice. Sportsbet prides itself on its secure and trustworthy betting service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes amongst the fastest in the industry.
The site uses electronic procedures (including state-of-the-art advanced security measures and SSL encryption), but behind the scenes the management oversees a hands-on system, with teams of physical staff monitoring and maintaining the overall security of the product. However, players are advised to take the usual precautions associated with sharing personal data over the internet and keeping passwords secure.
Comprehensive offerings and promotions
As well as 420,000 pre-match events and countless more in-play markets, Sportsbet.io offers the most comprehensive range of sports betting options on the web alongside staples such as football, tennis and golf, there are a number of niche sports to wager on, including beach volleyball, futsal and squash.
Log onto the site at any moment, night or day, and there will be hundreds of markets and events upon which to bet, including a wide selection of virtual sports games. On top of this, the innovative Player Props product enables players to create their own bets across different teams and matches. There are millions of possibilities, and the only limit if your imagination.
Sportsbet.io is also the only Bitcoin-led sportsbook to offer live streaming of all major sports. Sportsbet serves up the best promotions of any crypto-led sportsbook. Its generous welcome bonus returns players three times their first wager in a free bet.
There are also ongoing promotions, such as the daily Price Boost, which differs from most competitors by allowing the customer to pick one Price Boost per day across each sport on any market offered. The Price Boost for each sport will reset every 24 hours, and players can place a boosted bet on every sports every day if they wish.
As well as these ongoing promotions, Sportsbet.io also has regular special promotions and bonuses around big sporting events. Keep an eye on the site for more details.
Innovation and Sport centers
Sportsbet.io is always aiming to lead the way on the innovation front. It has implemented a number of new features designed to improve the user experience (UX) and keep the customer at the centre of the universe. Most recently, this includes the launch of the Telegram Betting Bot, which enables users to place bets on the popular messaging service.
Whilst using extremely little data players can deposit, place bets, check their balance and even withdraw directly from the Betting Bot. Everything is connected with the user’s existing Sportsbet.io account, meaning all of their profile data is saved. During the 2018 World Cup, Sportsbet.io launched a dedicated World Cup Centre, where users could check in for the latest real-time stats and news on the action in Russia.
It proved so popular that Sportsbet is now rolling new, permanent centres focused on major sports. The first of these is the Soccer Centre, a data-driven area packed full of news, statistics, markets and offers designed to help users make more informed betting decisions.
As part of Sportsbet.io’s aim to put the customer at the centre of the universe, the Soccer Centre is a one-stop-shop for all their betting needs. The operator is also set to roll out additional Sports Centres focused on tennis, basketball, cricket, American football and baseball.
Mobile and design
Sportsbet.io was rebranded in early 2018, and now offers its customers all the great functionality via a sleek new interface. The proprietary technology means Sportsbet.io is constantly adapting to user demands.
Its fully responsive website provides a world-class mobile experience, featuring an all-new mobile cashier making depositing and withdrawing a simple process on any device. The site functions across iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.
Currently the site is available in nine different languages: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai and German.
Casino and Customer Support
As well as sports, Sportsbet.io casino tab gives players access to an unparalleled selection of casino games from the world’s best suppliers, including OneTouch, Evolution, Quickfire, Asia Gaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, GameArt, Ezugi, Betsoft, Quickspin, Red Tiger, Booming Games, Play’n GO, Yggdrasil, BetGames and Endorphina.
This includes a wide range of slots, table games, virtual sports and live casino. Contacting Sportsbet.io’s responsive customer service team is a simple process.
Players need to be logged in and can select a Live Chat option 24/7 for a direct line of communication to the team. The team speaks 25 different languages between them, providing assistance for players around the world. For enquiries that take long to solve, there is an email ticketing system in place. There is currently no phone support available. For more information, read our Sportsbet review in the link below.
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KingMiner: The New Adaptive Mining Malware With Endless Possibilities

Mining malware has had a very negative influence on the crypto and mining community. Earlier this year, official Indian government websites were found to be massively infected. That pales in comparison to the threat of the recently-discovered adaptive mining malware named KingMiner.
Unfortunately, this is not something out of a cheap sci-fi movie. Check Point Software Technologies is an Israel-based cybersecurity firm. The firm’s researchers believe that KingMiner is adapting or evolving.
KingMiner is the first adaptive mining malware. It’s mining monero and was firstly discovered back in June. The malware however, seems to be evolving and is changing its appearance with time in order to avoid detection. Kingminer is quickly adapting to possible threats and even manages to replace and update older versions of itself.
It’s completely normal that researchers are puzzled by this new discovery. The adaptive mining malware is a potential gateway to digital disasters. There are no guarantees KingMiner will keep adapting only to potential new threats while only seeking to mine monero and avoid detection. If this malware is redesigned it could be used for far more than just mining and personal gain.
KingMiner may still be a work in progress
At this moment, Kingminer is mostly targeting Microsoft servers. It usually hijacks about 75% of the host CPU’s mining capacity. Some observed cases however, have seen the adaptive mining software increase the hijacked capacity up to the maximum 100%. The adaptive mining malware is also using a private mining pool in order to entirely avoid detection.
Some of the company’s researchers believe the problem is very serious and stated:
“Watching the adapting mining malware is like watching a virus evolve. It constantly adds new features and bypass methods in order to avoid any chance of detection. At the current moment, we cannot determine which of the domains are being used. We do however, see that the attack is spreading at an alarming rate in multiple hotspots like Israel, India, Mexico and Norway.”
According to the researches this seemingly endless ability to change will guarantee the malware success. With time such malware and attacks will become more and more common and it’s only a matter of time before something that will reshape the entire digital landscape, sees the light of day, or screen.
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Stellar Price Analysis: XLM/USD Breakdown and Double Top

Stellar was previously trading inside an ascending channel with its higher highs and higher lows. However, price already closed below the channel support to signal that a reversal from the uptrend is in the works.

To top it off, price has formed a double top as it failed to break past the resistance at the .1700 mark. Price is currently testing the neckline around .1550 and a break below this support level could spur a drop that’s the same height as the chart pattern.
However, the 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to indicate that the path of least resistance is to the upside. In other words, there’s still a chance for the uptrend to resume. Price is closing below the 200 SMA dynamic inflection point, though, so this may be an early bearish signal.
RSI is slowly crawling lower so price could follow suit while sellers were in control. Stochastic has already dipped into the oversold region to reflect exhaustion among sellers. The oscillator is starting to turn higher to signal a return in bullish momentum. In that case, price could still make its way back inside the channel to resume the climb or at least test the latest highs.

According to a relative indexing methodology which tracks altcoin prices versus Bitcoin, Stellar has emerged as the strongest performer. Stellar has dipped a mere 7% or a relative price performance index of 0.93, which isn’t as bad compared to other rivals like XRP (RPI 0.46 or a 54% drop), ETH (RPI 0.43 or a 57% drop), and BCH (RPI 0.26 or a 74% drop).
Many point to a breakout year for the Stellar project as one of the reasons that’s keeping this particular digital asset supported. While the entire cryptocurrency marketplace was plagued by a brutal bloodbath in the past couple of weeks, Stellar managed to temper its declines and is currently ranked the top 4 altcoin for now.

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Wait for a Triangle Break

Bitcoin has formed lower highs and higher lows to consolidate inside a symmetrical triangle formation. Price is bouncing off the top of the triangle and could be due for another move to support.

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA, though, indicating that the path of least resistance is to the upside. In other words, support is more likely to hold than to break. Also, these moving averages appear to be holding as dynamic support levels, so losses could stay in check.
If buyers are strong enough, they could push for a break past the triangle top around $4,400 and a rally that’s the same height as the chart pattern. This spans $3,600 to around $4,700 which means that the uptrend could last by around $1,100.
However, RSI is on the move down to signal that sellers have the upper hand and could keep pushing for more declines. Stochastic is also pointing down to indicate that bears have the upper hand. Both are closing in on the oversold region, though, so sellers might be exhausted soon and willing to let buyers take over.
Still, a break below the triangle support at the $4,000 major psychological mark could trigger a slide that’s at least the same height as the triangle formation.

Bitcoin has paused from its slide after a rough couple of weeks thanks to renewed expectations for institutional investments. There was confirmation that Nasdaq would continue with its Bitcoin futures launch likely early next year as it works to get CFTC approval and partners with VanEck to get more data from more exchanges.
There is still a lot of downside pressure, though, as bulls are also being cautious and quick about booking profits on bounces for fear of yet another rout. It would take a significantly strong positive development to sustain any rallies from breakouts and convince more traders that Bitcoin has bottomed out.

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Ripple Executive Says Asia Has ‘Biggest Appetite’

At a recent conference, Dan Morgan, an executive with Ripple, says Asia has the “biggest appetite” in terms of demand for XRP.

2018 has been a brutal year for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has fallen from its all-time high of nearly $20,000 back in mid-December 2017 to just over $4,000 today. However, Ripple (XRP) has actually had a pretty sterling year as it continues to make inroads into the worldwide banking system. At a recent conference, Dan Morgan, Head of Regulatory Relations for Europe, offered some opinions on what markets hunger for XRP.
Big in Asia
At the CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit, Dan Morgan was asked about what regions Ripple had the most presence in. He replied:
It’s very early days, but we see the biggest appetite in Asian markets, in terms of demand, so remittance demand, whether it is corridors that are under-served because correspondence banking is too costly… So, we feel that there is demand.
Liquidity, in terms of digital assets, most liquidity we have… is in Asian markets by some distance.

However, Morgan didn’t say everything was perfect in Asia. He discussed the need for clarity when it comes to regulations that impact cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He said:
Again, we see a number of pockets around Asia where they are further ahead that we are here… Thailand, I talked about. Obviously, Japan is another place …
So, you are absolutely right, it is Asia. I wouldn’t want to pin down exact markets… In Thailand, for instance, with that regulation, I think Siam Commercial Bank… is really active now in terms of settlements, digital assets activity.
Ripple Going Strong
XRP has dropped from over $3 at the beginning of the year down to 36 cents today. While the price has been woeful for those who bought it early in the year, Ripple has been making tremendous strides throughout 2018 on a different front.

Ripple’s offerings, such as xRapid, have been doing extremely well. Each month brings a few more banks into their network, such as Banco Santander and Saudi Arabia’s National Commercial Bank. The San Francisco-based company is expanding greatly into the Middle Eastern market and has opened an office in Dubai.
The company’s latest earnings report shows that XRP sales doubled in the third quarter of 2018 in comparison to the previous quarter. The company also flexed their payment remittance might by sending $50 million in just 2 seconds, and all for a mere cost of 30 cents.
XRP is doing so well that it took over the second place spot on the cryptocurrency top ten chart from Ethereum. Currently, XRP has a market cap of $14.5 billion while Ethereum has $11.7 billion.
What do you think about how Ripple is faring this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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