U.S. Accounting Firm Armanino to Accept Digital Currency Payments

One of the United States’ largest accounting and consulting firms, Armanino LLP, has announced that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments for its services.
 Armanino Is Opening Future Crypto Doors
Since the inception of bitcoin roughly ten years ago, the ideal goal of all cryptocurrency has been to be utilized for the payment of goods and services. In many developing countries, financial institutions are often interceded by corrupt government control or weak infrastructures. This can get in the way of the countries’ people getting their hands on the credit and other financial tools they need to survive and provide for their families.
Unfortunately, one thing has often prevented cryptocurrency from realizing its dream to replace cash, checks and credit cards… Its volatility. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS, are typically prone to heavy price swings that have caused the values of these currencies to fall at a moment’s notice.
In 2018, for example, bitcoin entered a very bearish period after reaching its all-time high of roughly $20,000 in December of the previous year. Roughly 11 months later, the currency was trading in the mid-$3,000 range, having lost more than 70 percent of its overall value.
These price swings have prevented businesses and enterprises from seeing cryptocurrencies as legitimate. Many, in the end, have refused to accept crypto as a valid form of payment, but Armanino sees the situation very differently.
The company has stated that it will accept payments in roughly 1,000 different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin. It is now one of the few businesses of its kind to implement these new obligations.
Andries Verschelden, a partner at the firm, spoke positively of the transition to crypto acceptance, explaining:
 With more fintech companies, banks and brokerages exploring ways to mainstream cryptocurrency, it made sense for Armanino to build the infrastructure necessary to accept cryptocurrency payments for what we expect to be a growing form of payment.
The firm has also incited plans to grow its “proprietary block explorer.” This division of Armanino works with several blockchain ventures throughout the United States to obtain wallet details and analyze crypto transactions. It also seeks to design and build “digital signature validation tools” to perform necessary payment audits and ensure the maximum level of trust among its customers.
 A New Way of Seeking Customers
Verschelden states:
 As digital asset use and adoption increases and new types of transactions are made, such as security token offerings (STO) on public blockchains, the need for third-party assurance tools continues to grow. That’s where our block explorer and associated tools are already proving value to our internal teams and our clients alike.
Armanino seeks to offer both business development strategies and tax advice to all its clients from the time they begin their operations.
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Apple Under Investigation, Blamed for Unfair Competition in Russia

Coinspeaker Apple Under Investigation, Blamed for Unfair Competition in RussiaRecently, Kaspersky Lab filed a complaint about Apple with the anti-monopoly watchdog in Russia, claiming that the company is using its market monopoly. This whole fuss started when Kaspersky Lab’s latest version of their Safe Kids application was not approved by Apple’s operating system. Kaspersky claims that this resulted in a significant loss in functionality of the app.Safe Kids is a parental control mobile app, which allows parents to control their kids mobile devices. The story thickens when Apple released their new, 12thversion of a similar app to Safe Kids, called Screen Time. Screen Time has practically the same functions as Safe Kids, so it’s obvious why Apple is being investigated. However, it turns out that Apple already notified its customers about such possible restrictions. When Apple was approached with questions about this issue, they referred this to the previous statement made on April 28. In the statement they said that they have recently removed several parental control apps because these apps “put users’ privacy and security at risk”. Apple says that some of these apps used a “highly invasive” technology called Mobile Device Management (MDM). Altogether, this was considered as a violation of the App Store policies.However, Kaspersky Lab says that App Store guidelines used to allow limited use of MDM. But Apple didn’t specify how to obtain these permissions, in order to use the technology.Rise of Apple’s Stock Price Recently Apple closed its long-awaited financial results for Q3. The projected revenue topped many analysts’ estimates who predicted that the Q3 earnings will bring in $53.4 billion. The company managed to go over it, and to surprised all analysts by showing revenue of $53.8 billion.This immediately shot the AAPL stock price up by 4%. But the stock itself has seen constant growth in the last days. The stock price has gone from $192 to $201 in just three days.At the moment, Apple is experiencing a slightly small decline in iPhone sales. The total iPhone revenue in Q3 had shrunk from $26.54 billion to $25.99 billion. For some, this would be considered as a minimal change and they wouldn’t even raise concerns when looking at the numbers, but it still is a little more than half of billion dollars.“These results are promising across all our geographic segments, and we’re confident about what’s ahead. The balance of calendar 2019 will be an exciting period, with major launches on all of our platforms, new services and several new products,” commented Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.That’s obvious that the CEO just tried to be optimistic. Nevertheless, only time will show whether this optimism will bear fruits.Apple Under Investigation, Blamed for Unfair Competition in Russia

Crypto Fraud Results in Several Arrests in Australia

Another scam is in the books. This time, the culprits come from Australia, who have been charged with formulating a “cold calling” scheme that cheated many people out of nearly $2 million in Australian dollars.
 Australia Has Played Home to Scams Before
The crypto space is wrought with fraudulent activity. Among the most common methods are SIM-swapping, which involves a hacker or hackers obtaining access to a person’s mobile phone. They are typically able to bribe employees of their cell phone carriers who wind up handing over the individual’s private information such as their date of birth, account usernames and/ or passwords in exchange for a bit of money. The hacker is then able to interfere with the user’s accounts, some of which may be cryptocurrency-based.
Another common method for stealing information and funds is known as crypto jacking. The system involves a hacker obtaining access to a person’s computer without their knowledge or permission. All the while, the hacker is mining new cryptocurrency units – usually Monero, which is popular for its quasi-anonymous properties – while the computer owner earns nothing except for unusually high energy bills at the end of each month.
And, of course, there are fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). Typically, companies just starting out seek to raise capital by offering up their services and products in exchange for capital. Any funds give investors access to the company’s newly designed cryptocurrency, which can ultimately be traded and used within its platform.
However, many of these startups either disappear once they earn the money they need or cannot garner enough through the offering to keep things running. The company vanishes, and the investor is stuck with a bruised ego, lighter pockets and a useless coin.
Queensland police in Australia report arresting five people for potentially cheating investors out of money and enticing them to invest their crypto funds into a phony enterprise known as Exmount Holdings Group. The culprits gave investors the impression that Exmount was a legitimate venture – a newly-established business with a call center, a sales staff and even a website.
Unfortunately, no aspect of the business was real, and while investors were enticed into making “trial investments” on the promises of huge profits, all wound up taking massive hits to their portfolios.
Detective Superintendent Terry Lawrence of the Financial and Cyber Crime Group explains:
 When victims attempted to withdraw their capital, they could not. Their money was gone and any attempt they made to contact the company, or the staff, was unsuccessful.
The five people involved in the scheme have been charged with fraud and are scheduled to appear at different dates in an Australian court.
Be Careful Regarding Any Unsolicited Messages
Lawrence further states:
Be wary of any unsolicited telephone calls or emails offering investment opportunities and seek independent advice from friends, family or financial advisors.
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Robinhood Is Authorized to Operate as a Broker in the U.K.

Coinspeaker Robinhood Is Authorized to Operate as a Broker in the U.K.According to the recent reports, Robinhood International, which is a subsidiary of Robinhood, has been approved to operate as a broker in the U.K. The approval has been given by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is a part of the plan for Robinhood to expand to the U.K. with their services.We’re excited to share that Robinhood International, Ltd. has been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to operate as a broker in the United Kingdom. This means we’re one step closer to democratizing finance for all.Stay tuned for launch. 🇬🇧https://t.co/xq35uEPxR2 pic.twitter.com/ZJkyJcsEnQ— Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp) August 8, 2019Robinhood International, residing in London-based office, can be considered as the first step of Robinhood expansion to other countries and cities. It is known that Robinhood has already started hiring people for its new London office. Recently, Robinhood was valued at $7.6 billion by investors. So we can consider the company to be a unicorn. The company is one of the rare fee-free stock trading apps in the U.K., and this niche is considered fairly open.Other Fee-free Trading OfferingsIn the country, there’s another gate crusher called Freetrade. The company has all the needed regulatory approvals by the FCA, while other companies tend to just partner with others who already have the needed licenses, instead of getting their own. Within Freetrade, users can invest in traditional stocks and ETFs. And they can perform their activities free of charge at the close of business every day. Moreover, Revolut has recently launched its fee-free stock trading service. Additionally, Revolut hasn’t applied for their own licenses but is using a partnership with a US broker DriveWealth. Revolut offers its users only to trade US stocks, and for now, only a few metal card users can use this feature.Robinhood PerformanceBasically, last month, Robinhood announced a Series E funding round which was led by DST Global. After this funding round, which raised around $323 million, the company reached its valuation of $7.6 billion by the investors. Companies such as Thrive Capital, NEA, Ribbit Capital, and Sequoia also participated in the round. These funds, according to Robinhood, is going to be used for further company business expansion. One of the main aims for the company, according to the firm’s blog post, is to “keep pursuing [its] mission of democratizing finance for all”.Moreover, Robinhood along with LibertyX, a Bitcoin ATM provider company, and sixteen other companies have been granted a New York BitLicense which is issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). Also, Robinhood Crypto is authorized to offer services for buying, selling, and storing seven digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.“We’re delighted that Robinhood Crypto has been granted a virtual currency license and a money transmitter license in New York. This will complement the larger suite of investment services that New Yorkers already have access to on the Robinhood platform. The NYDFS has been very helpful throughout this process, and we look forward to their ongoing guidance as we prepare to launch Robinhood Crypto in New York,” noted Robinhood co-CEO Vlad Tenev. It’s also worth mentioning that initially, the company introduced its crypto trading services in February 2018.Robinhood Is Authorized to Operate as a Broker in the U.K.

Facebook’s Instagram Ad Partner Hyp3r Secretly Collected and Stored Users Data

Coinspeaker Facebook’s Instagram Ad Partner Hyp3r Secretly Collected and Stored Users DataA trusted marketing partner of Instagram and Facebook, Hyp3r has been secretly gathering and storing location as well as other data of millions of subscribers, in contrary to the regulations of the social platforms. It has been revealed in the Business Insider report.It is difficult to investigate how it managed to do this for years without involvement by the platforms that were either complicit or ignorant.Immediately after BI informed Instagram, the firm acknowledged that Hyp3r (termed HYP3R) had abused its laws and regulations and has now been eliminated from the system. In a statement, Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed the information provided in the report, purporting that:“HYP3R’s actions were not sanctioned and violate our policies. As a result, we’ve removed them from our platform. We’ve also made a product change that should help prevent other companies from scraping public location pages in this way.”Secretive Tools Used by Hyp3rThe report unearths that Hyp3r designed tools enabled it to gather public Instagram data, plus subscribers’ posts, locations they visited and profile details. The data could then be utilized by Hyp3r’s clients to reach out to individuals with ads. Hyp3r’s collected and stored, among other information, data from Instagram Stories which get lost after 24 hours and aren’t accessible via software Instagram avails to the third parties.Hyp3r was breaching an Instagram feature that enabled any person to view information on public location pages, even if they were logged out of Instagram at the moment. Instagram intentionally did this to display details on the service and ensure that it appeared in Google search results. As a result, Instagram is shutting down permission to these location pages unless the subscriber logged into the platform.In response, the Hyp3r team insisted that they didn’t abuse Instagram’s policies:“Hyp3r is and has always been, a company that enables authentic, delightful marketing that is compliant with consumer privacy regulations and social network Terms of Services. We do not view any content or information that cannot be accessed publicly by everyone online.”High Level of Secrecy by Hyp3rIt’s still disturbing how Hyp3r could operate as a successful member of Facebook’s list of recommended firms and concurrently feature in such glaring violation of its rules and regulations. If these partners get even cursory reviews of their methods and products, wouldn’t it have been familiar to any knowledgeable auditor that there was the absence of trusted sources for the location, including other data that Hyp3r was gathering? Wouldn’t it have been common that it was participating in Automated Data Collection, which is strongly illegalized without Facebook’s authority?This incident occurs after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytical scandal, which happened in 2018. The information leaked after a political consulting company accessed the data of over 87 million Facebook subscribers illegally, hence igniting a wave of negative publicity linked to how Facebook gathers, stores and protects information regarding users.Facebook’s Instagram Ad Partner Hyp3r Secretly Collected and Stored Users Data

OKex vs Bybit: Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Comparison

Coinspeaker OKex vs Bybit: Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading ComparisonCryptocurrencies are an emerging asset class that are literarily giving traditional assets such as stocks, precious, metals, and bonds a run for their money. In the first six months of 2019, the NYSE Bitcoin Index gained a massive 216% to dwarf the 20.66% and 17.35% gains recorded in the NASDAQ Composite Index and S&P 500 Index respectively. Vanguard Real Estate ETF gained 17% and Gold prices only managed to gain 10.16% in the same period.For cryptocurrency traders, the speculative element, the FUD and FOMO dynamics that drives volatility provide lots of opportunity to profit when the market is trading up, down, or sideways. Interestingly, some traders go further to increase their magnitude of profit from the volatility by taking advantage of derivative tools such as margin trading, cryptocurrency options, futures, and perpetual futures.OKex and Bybit are two of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges facilitating the trading of crypto derivatives in the market. OKEx is older, having been established as a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange in 2014. Its headquarters is in Valletta, Malta. Bybit is relatively younger and nimbler; having been registered in 2018 in the BVI. Bybit’s headquarter is in Singapore and it has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan.In this piece, we will compare what it feels like to trade cryptocurrency derivatives on either OKex or Bybit, we will attempt to examine the differentiating features they offer, what are the advantages can you expect, and we will try to help you find the one that is right for you.OKex vs Bybit ComparisonOrder TypesBybit offers traders a large selection of order types such as Limit orders, Market orders, Conditional orders, TP/SL setting with Entry Order and TS as a Closing Strategy order. On OKex, you’ll only be able to place Limit Orders, Market Orders, Conditioned Orders and Trailing Stop orders. Hence, if order types are an important feature to you, you’ll be better off with Bybit than OKex.Contract TypesIn terms of Contract types, OKex already offers Futures Contracts and Perpetual Contracts. Bybit currently only has Perpetual contracts but it has confirmed that it is developing additional contract types that it will soon unveil. OKex obviously offer more contract type to traders.Liquidation MethodLiquidation, also known as margin call, is a dreaded mechanism that closes a trader’s position when there a loss of all or almost all of the trader’s margin.OKex uses forced-liquidation mechanism that is triggered when a trader’s margin falls below the forced-liquidation baseline. Traders with higher leverages can expect to have a higher risk of forced liquidation than traders with lower margins.Bybit uses a partial liquidation mechanism and a total liquidation mechanism. Partial liquidations close a position partially to reduce the leverage of the trader when the trades have gone against them. Total liquidations are only triggered when close a position when all or nearly all the trader’s margin has been used.Dual Price MechanismDual price mechanism is often used in crypto derivatives trading to prevent a large deviation from the Last Traded Price of a cryptocurrency because of lack of liquidity or outright market manipulation. Market manipulation could trigger unnecessary liquidation of high leverage positions by triggering liquidation procedures. Bybit uses a Dual Price Mechanism that combines the Mark Price & Last Traded Price. However, there’s no record suggesting that OKex utilities a dual price mechanism to protect traders from unnecessary liquidation.Matching EngineCryptocurrency exchanges use trading matching engine software to match sell orders, bids, asks, and buy orders to facilitate trading. It is perhaps the most important component of an exchange and its capability directly determines how robust an exchange is to facilitate trades especially during peak trading times.OKex operates at a first come, first-serve basis such that orders are executed in price-time priority on a first-in, first-out basis. In contrast, Bybit has a versatile matching engine with capabilities to manage 100,000 TPS per contract without experiencing system overload. If speed and guaranteed order execution is important to you, it might be smarter to pitch your tent with Bybit.Customer SupportBybit offers a 24/7 multilingual online customer service to provide solutions for users in a timely manner and everything in the service experience is designed to ensure that users enjoy a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment. OKex only has a 24/7 English service as well as online chat and a ticket-based support system.UI/UXThe User interface and User experience on a cryptocurrency exchange can make or mar your trading experience, and the importance of an intuitive UI can’t be overemphasized in high stakes of crypto derivatives. From a beginner standpoint, Bybit has the better UI and UX experience that eases you into the world of trading crypto derivatives. Bybit has an FAQ and an official knowledgebase that enhances the quality of trader education on its platform.The fact that OXex doesn’t have an FAQ is demotivating factor that makes it incredibly difficult for newbies to understand many of the terminologies.However, OKex does try to ensure that only experienced traders take part in leveraged trading by requesting that traders take and pass a quiz before they can access margin trading. Nonetheless, gatekeeping without trader education is not a good enough solution for the onward development of the cryptocurrency industry.The Bottom LineIts impossible to make a blanket verdict on which cryptocurrency exchange offers the best trading experience because different traders have different needs and expectations. However, from the foregoing, OKex seems to be ahead in terms of experience and market depth.However, in terms of user friendliness, fees, pricing, support, and speed, Bybit offers a better overall trading experience. For instance, if you are just starting out in trading cryptocurrency derivatives, you’ll most likely find it easier to get started on Bybit than OKex. Experienced traders can afford to be indifferent to the lack of beginner friendly features on OKex but all traders need a bit of help and support eventually.If trade fees are important to you, Bybit offers the cheaper value for money and its negative maker fee suggests that you’ll even earn additional money just for placing your trades. Its practically impossible for find a trader that is not concerned about trading fees; hence, Bybit is the clear winner here.OKex vs Bybit: Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Comparison

Technical Indexes and Stakeholders Agree Bitcoin is Set for a Spike

Coinspeaker Technical Indexes and Stakeholders Agree Bitcoin is Set for a SpikeAfter more than a few weeks of correction and consolidation, Bitcoin is slowly gaining its momentum and looks ready to rally again. The next major resistance level Bitcoin is to surpass for the likelihood of a major surge is somewhere around $13,000.According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin is a little above $11,700 and is on its way to $12,000. Judging by the current movement, it won’t be out of place to say that the earlier pullback that began on the 26th of June almost immediately after Bitcoin hit $13,800, is officially over.In addition, the GTI Vera Convergence Divergence Indicator, a key technical metric that measures volatility among other things, has also just indicated that now might be the best of time to buy into Bitcoin. However, it’s possible that there might not be a lot of buy orders yet and traders would prefer to be patient and wait for Bitcoin to cross $12,000 and maintain steady momentum thereafter.We’re Still WatchingOn Tuesday, Bitcoin tested $12,000 and crossed it reaching $12,273. The sudden jump was traced to the new turn the on-going Sino-U.S. took when President Donald Trump threatened an additional 10% tariff on over $300 billion worth of Chinese imports. Since then, China has responded by devaluing its Yuan beyond the 7 per dollar level, causing the U.S. to label China as a “currency manipulator”. The development may have caused concerned parties to seek refuge in Bitcoin as both countries continued to tackle each other.On Wednesday, Bitcoin hit a low of $11,388; a level which if tested again could reduce positive outlooks for Bitcoin. Still, Tuesday’s $12,273 might be significant enough to set a $12,100 bar, after which buy orders might skyrocket.Stakeholders are BullishPopular crypto trader and analyst, Josh Rager, recently took to Twitter and set a price level, saying Bitcoin is safe if the level is surpassed. He noted:“As long as price holds above $11,000, I’m not really that concerned about revisiting $9ks again or lower. It’s far riskier being bearish at this point in time.”With this, Rager has declared that any sentiments that are less than bullish would disappoint any holders who use it to make trading decisions for Bitcoin.Furthermore, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and popular Bitcoin bull, Anthony Pompliano, has tweeted significantly bullish suggestions in his usual manner. According to him, the upcoming Bitcoin rally could “get insane.”He posted:“Central banks around the world are slashing interest rates. Soon they’ll start printing egregious amounts of money. Bitcoin halving approaching quickly. Buckle up.”Things are Looking UpBitcoin’s halving is still more than a few months away but prices are expected to spike as the days draw nearer, in anticipation. However, Bitcoin set a new record as its hash rate surpassed 80 quintillion hashes per second. Even though Bitcoin has set new hash rate records in recent times, none has ever been this high. Regardless, it’s important to note Bitcoin’s current market cap of $209 billion is still some distance away from its 2019 high of $231 billion, hit on the 26th of June.Technical Indexes and Stakeholders Agree Bitcoin is Set for a Spike

Digital Asset Management Products, Algoz and Alpha Pro, to Test Launch on UltrAlpha Platform

Coinspeaker Digital Asset Management Products, Algoz and Alpha Pro, to Test Launch on UltrAlpha PlatformUltrAlpha, the innovative comprehensive digital asset management service platform, announced that Algoz, the cryptocurrency arm of an algorithm-based trading company Fingenom Group, will join its upcoming test platform launch. Alpha Pro, another crypto asset manager with a founding members of being seasoned Wall Street insiders as well as blockchain pioneers, is also launching its digital asset management product on the UltrAlpha.Current Market Development in Digital Asset Management Service IndustryWith increasing recognition of digital assets all across the globe, a growing number of professional investment institutions are actively looking for opportunities to enter the digital asset market. However, one of key challenges in the space is that potential investors have limited access to suitable financial products for their investment consideration, while trading teams or digital asset managers find it difficult to get to the right investors for fundraising. This is mostly due to the lack of formal broker dealer structure in the digital asset space.In the traditional finance industry, broker dealers play an integral role in the capital market where they connect potential investors with eligible investment products, as well as support clients in their trading and capital raising activities. However, this broker dealer function is yet to be fully developed in the digital asset industry with less clarity on overall regulatory framework.Furthermore, with lack of mature market structure and nascent development stage, the digital asset trading market has been quite volatile with inconsistent liquidity and inefficient price discovery, especially during the recent months of rapid price recovery led by bitcoin after the earlier harsh crypto winter. This unpredictable market condition has proved challenging for certain fund managers to generate consistent return, while turned out to be more opportunistic for other trading firms with volatility-driven strategies.The Strategic Partnership between Two Top-tier Asset Mangers and One Innovative Service PlatformDriven by the market needs, UltrAlpha is seeking to build out its comprehensive product offering and service capabilities as an innovative digital asset management service platform through the strategic partnership with two industry top-tier asset managers, Algoz and Alpha Pro.UltrAlphaBuilding on deep strategic collaboration with all the top-tier digital asset exchanges and brokers, UltrAlpha strives to provide investors with a professional investment platform for selecting quality investment products, as well as to effectively support fund raising and other admin needs of trading teams and crypto funds. The wide range of fund administrative services for trading teams and funds can include but not limited to account management, performance auditing, PL reporting, asset transfer, etc.UltrAlpha’s core teams of technology and operations come from traditional finance, Internet and Blockchain industries with solid experience in quant modeling, infrastructure buildout and digital asset trading operations.Computer science major from Carnegie Mellon University, Han Liu, CEO of UltrAlpha, has developed his successful career in traditional asset management industry from BlackRock to AQR Capital Management specializing in institutional application and platform development. Christina Jin, CMO of UltrAlpha, graduated from University of Auckland and New York University, with degree in Digital Marketing. Christina co-founded Ankr Network project and was nominated as the first CMO of Ankr project.AlgoZAlgoZ is a part of the Fingenom Group – a company which stands for cracking the code of investments and creating the world’s quality trading algorithms. Equipped with Fingenom’s propriety trading algorithms, AlgoZ team of professional traders, with over a decade of experience in proprietary trading and deep understanding of both traditional and crypto markets, strives to provide AlgoZ clients with well-rounded trading solutions 24 by 7.For specific trading product as part of UAT test launch, Algoz deploys Long/Short Alpha Links strategy to examine statistical differences and correlations between various crypto asset pairs for trading signals based on Algoz traders’ deep understanding of the crypto markets and their momentum drivers.Alpha ProAlpha Pro will bring its dynamic market making and arbitrage strategies with solid track record to the UltrAlpha Platform. To cope with high volatile market, the trading strategies have more than 20 trading parameters that can be fine-tuned to adapt to a different market within very short period of time.To balance the risk and optimize the return, the strategies employ strong set of risk control mechanism with built-in delta-neutral consideration, stop loss and adjustable market sensitivity and automatic trading volume control.Building on its experience with Forex trading, Alpha Pro team aims to create the optimal path of arbitrage loop with efficient price discovery across different exchanges to optimize the return.ConclusionThe strategic partnership of UltrAlpha with both Alpha Pro and AlgoZ trading teams is critical to the UAT platform further building out the necessary market structure to serve user needs as well as to support longer-term platform growth.By connecting potential investors with digital asset managers and providing value-added fund admin services, UltrAlpha has clearly set itself as a pioneer as professional service provider in the expansion and development of this newly developing digital asset management space.Han Liu, CEO of UltrAlpha, said:“While UltrAlpha aims to build a service platform which provides investors with a broad selection of quality digital asset management products, we do not provide direct investment advice for investors. But it is a wise choice to leverage our platform and identify the products that suit their investment need.”Digital Asset Management Products, Algoz and Alpha Pro, to Test Launch on UltrAlpha Platform

Max Keiser: Very Optimistic on Bitcoin Dominance and Bitcoin in General

Max Keiser is a very well-known Wall Street trader and an avid bitcoin supporter. Earlier this week, Keiser claimed that bitcoin dominance will increase up to 80% and most altcoins are on their deathbeds. He strongly suggested that all crypto investors gravitate towards bitcoin as soon as possible.
#Bitcoin dominance 68.2% – heading to 80% – as alts die in favor of BTC. The 2014-2017 era of alts and hard forks is dead. Don’t be the last to rotate out of alts into BTC.— Max Keiser, tweet poet. (@maxkeiser) August 6, 2019
Keiser’s twitter post from earlier this week is more or less confirmed by the data provided by Coin 360’s summary table. The data reveals that BTC’s dominance hovers around 70% and the market cap at press time is $209,132,433,071.
Bitcoin’s dominance has been accepted by almost everyone for a long time now. Keiser’s claims about altcoins being on the verge of death however, was met with quite a few different opinions.
Max Keiser is probably a little too harsh on altcoins
Some experts suggest that a lot of people simply do not view Ether (ETH) as an altcoin anymore. This is due to the huge correlation between BTC and ETH that is simply missing with every other altcoin. If we truly exclude ETH from the altcoin bracket, then yes, things do indeed look troublesome for the majority of altcoins.
Earlier this month, Keiser’s “bitcoin sense” tweet caught a lot of attention.
I’m sensing #Bitcoin will cross $15,000 this week. Confidence in central governments, central banks, and centralized, fiat money is at a multi-decade low.— Max Keiser, tweet poet. (@maxkeiser) August 3, 2019
While it’s highly possible that Keiser is right about bitcoin reaching $15K by the end of the month, the second part of the tweet about the low faith in fiat, governments and central banks lit up the most discussion.
People are truly tired, tired of fake wars, fake money, fake politicians with hidden agendas and this is seen everywhere. No matter how much the mass media tries to spin their never-ending narratives, the situation will not change. People are slowly waking up and cryptocurrencies might just be the alarm that sets off a revolution unlike any before.
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IRS Scam Letters Are Being Sent To Crypto Users in United States

Crypto users from the United States now have one additional reason to dislike the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is due to the fact that many crypto users have reported IRS scam letters attempting to con them out of their funds.
Earlier this week, Forbes reported that IRS scam letters are being used in order to capitalize the general lack of public familiarity with actual IRS correspondence. Additionally, threats of legal action have been used among other tactics.
There are many different types of IRS scam letters
The most often reported tactic, seems to be an IRS scam letter claiming that a warrant has been claimed against the recipient due to unpaid taxes. The IRS scam letter continues on by saying that failure to make an immediate payment will result in an arrest.
By law, tax-related information as liens are made available to the public. This means that not a single crypto user has a reason to trust or comply with these IRS scam letters.
One of the biggest giveaways of the scam is that the recipient is said to owe taxes to the “Bureau of Tax Enforcement”. Such an agency does not exist in the United States and the IRS has warned multiple times to report and ignore such letters.
Many people speculate that the scam comes at this time mainly because the real IRS is sending letters to many crypto investors around the country to clarify their crypto tax filing requirements and in a few cases, actually force them to pay back taxes.
Several tax attorneys have also stated that this recent influx of letters could most likely be a result of a blanket campaign by the agency.
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