Mike Novogratz: Why Are Altcoins Booming?

Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital is skeptical of the sudden altcoin rally that crypto enthusiasts have been witnessing over the past several days.
Mike Novogratz: What the Heck Is Going On?
A wide variety of cryptocurrencies – including Ethereum (ETH), Ripple’s XRP and bitcoin SV (BSV) – have all jumped over the past week, with bitcoin SV surging by as much as 99 percent. This likely stemmed from the news that Craig Wright was cooperating in the lawsuit against him by Ira Kleiman, who claimed that the London-based bitcoin developer was looking to cheat his family out of a potential crypto inheritance.
But Novogratz has some doubts about this sudden surge, and he’s not sure what to make of altcoins in the future. Will they continue to spike? Is all this a fluke? The hedge fund manager took to Twitter to express his thoughts:
I’m not sure I understand the altcoin rally. Happy for those making money on it, but not sure what changed.
He’s now offering his followers a big “dinner” granted they can come up with a solid explanation.
Novogratz isn’t the only one who feels this way. Many in the crypto industry are scratching their heads regarding why altcoins could experience such monster-sized surges in just a matter of days. While it’s true that bitcoin itself has been doing quite well as of late, some are not convinced that this is just a case of altcoins following in the big asset’s footsteps.
Dave Balter of Flipside Crypto Inc. believes that the rallies have nothing to do with anything within the crypto space itself. Rather, he’s convinced this has more to do more with outside payment options expanding on their services including popular credit card company Visa, which recently took over Plaid – a fintech firm that looks to connect customer banking data to financial applications.
Some of Plaid’s tools power Coinbase and several other leading crypto trading platforms. In a recent interview, Balter comments:
If you’re in the crypto investing business, I think it’s a pretty big signal of confidence that the true financial institutions are entering the space and continuing to do big things.
The asset that appears to have everyone confused is bitcoin SV, as mentioned earlier. The currency – which emerged from a forking of bitcoin cash in late 2018 – experienced record price surges early last week and ultimately shot up over $300 for a brief period. The currency nearly doubled its price, and some are raising an eyebrow or two.
Many Don’t See the Rally as Valid
Speaking of the current rally, David Tawil – president of Pro Chain Capital – explained:
It’s a renaissance, and I’m not particularly excited about it. I don’t think it’s particularly welcomed at this point because we still haven’t gotten the fundamental building blocks necessary for the established coins or for bitcoin.
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Will SpaceX Run IPO as It Plans to Send NASA Astronauts to Space in Q2 2020?

Coinspeaker Will SpaceX Run IPO as It Plans to Send NASA Astronauts to Space in Q2 2020?Yesterday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk made a very important announcement. According to the CEO, SpaceX will be able to send NASA astronauts to space sometime before the first half of 2020 is over. After concluding a successful test of the Crew Dragon capsule, Musk spoke to the press about the mission. But as plans move forward, the unanswered question on the minds of most is, will 2020 be the year for SpaceX IPO?Watch live as SpaceX tests Crew Dragon’s in-flight launch escape capabilities https://t.co/lcfz0LS8O9— SpaceX (@SpaceX) January 19, 2020Demo 2 MissionMusk gave the timeline described above for the mission – called Demo 2 – building on the company’s plans for the finished capsule. He said:“We’re highly confident that the hardware will be ready in Q1, most likely at the end of February but no later than March. And we think it appears probable that the first crewed launch would occur in the second quarter.”Finally, SpaceX seems somewhat ready to deliver on its promises to NASA since the two began their collaboration. However, there are speculations that SpaceX might eventually go public sometime soon.Possible SpaceX IPOIn truth, all of this is unconfirmed and there is no real indication that SpaceX will be publicly-listed anytime soon. Musk has previously said that SpaceX needs to stay private to keep its goals constant. If the company does go public, a lot of things would have to change almost immediately.A public company has to answer to shareholders and must also ensure a certain level of transparency. That much restriction into SpaceX, Musk believes, might veer the company off its normal trajectory. At the moment, the company is still strongly wrapped in its 2026 goal of taking humans to Mars. Currently, SpaceX can do pretty much anything it wants, within the law, to achieve that and other goals. If there is an IPO, restrictions would kick in.Also, the company’s relationship with NASA has been quite advantageous. So far, NASA has paid about $3.14 billion to SpaceX, as it develops transportation for astronauts to get to the International Space Station (ISS). In addition to this, there is a different agreement between the two parties worth $1.6 billion for ISS cargo delivery. When the flights are ready and running NASA has also agreed to pay SpaceX $55 million per astronaut for each seat on the flight.In general, SpaceX has not been poorly funded, so there cannot be many assumptions about funds being the issue. If there will be an IPO, it makes sense that SpaceX would first want to make the Mars vision a reality.Could Virgin Galactic’s IPO be A Factor?The Virgin Galactic spaceflight company went public in October 2019 under the SPCE ticker. Beginning trading with a $12.10 direct listing, it hit intraday highs of $12.93. Analysts gave it a buy rating with so much faith in the company, especially as it’s the first human spaceflight company to run an IPO. A few people have speculated that this might be motivation for SpaceX to consider an IPO.At press time, SPCE is trading at $15.64 after shooting up 4.69%.Virgin Galactic is also planning to make 270 trips to space. Pop star Justin Bieber is part of about 600 people who had already made deposits in October last year. The trips are expected to commence in 2023 and will last 90 minutes at $250,000 per ticket.Will SpaceX Run IPO as It Plans to Send NASA Astronauts to Space in Q2 2020?

A Bitcoin Soft Fork Is Coming; What Will Emerge?

For a brief period early yesterday morning, bitcoin was trading over the $9,000 mark. This is the first moment bitcoin has struck such territory in over two months.
A Bitcoin Soft Fork Is Coming
Now, however, the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap is trading for a measly $8,600. While this isn’t necessarily bad – especially when considering where the currency has traded before – it does mark a $400 drop for the digital asset in approximately 24 hours, and many are wondering if it’s suddenly losing its momentum.
According to one source, this is just a temporary setback, and bitcoin is slated to exceed all expectations later this year. However, it’s not for the reasons everyone is likely thinking. At first glance, it appears that the halving scheduled for this May is likely to cause bitcoin to reach unprecedented levels, but the halving is splitting several crypto analysts down the middle, with some saying it will do wonders for the coin, and others saying it will do nothing.
However, one event happening even later is the bitcoin soft fork set to take place during the second half of 2020. A soft fork usually invokes a change in a specific cryptocurrency or asset without serious alterations to every node. The fork is designed to improve both bitcoin’s scalability and privacy.
Lucas Nuzzi – an analyst from Digital Assets Research – announced on Twitter that the soft fork is likely to occur sometime between October and December this year. He explains:
Bitcoin will soft fork this year. It will be one of the most innovative additions to [bitcoin’s layer one] thus far. These are powerful foundational technologies that will bring novel smart contracts to bitcoin’s base layer. 2020 will be good.
Other analysts expect even more to happen thanks to the soft fork. Jimmy Song – a bitcoin fellow at Blockchain Capital – believes that the fork will enable cheaper transactions via the bitcoin blockchain and enable the Lightning Network, which is said to improve bitcoin by allowing many of its smaller transactions to occur off-chain.
He said:
There will no longer be any penalties in terms of fees for multi-sig and that should lead the industry forward using best practices… We expect that this will create more interest in Lightning in general as the bleeding edge of bitcoin will be a little less bloody. Finally, we expect Taproot to be incorporated by more wallets and more interesting features built for those who are securing their bitcoin.
What Other Changes?
Aside from Taproot – which Song mentions – the soft fork is also expected to incorporate Schnorr signatures and Tapscript language.
Other developments happening around bitcoin later this year include the new Bakkt application that will allow users to purchase goods and services with the world’s leading digital currency. Some of the globe’s biggest retailers – i.e. Starbucks – have already jumped onboard.
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Cryptocurrencies: Where to Spend Them?

Cryptocurrencies are the most recent introduction to the global financial ecosystem, which has so far been ruled by precious metal and currency notes issued by governments of their respective countries. The advent of cryptocurrencies which aren’t limited by geographical boundaries combined with their increased adoption among the masses in the recent decade has forced everyone involved to rethink the fundamentals of the old-school financial system.
Since then, governments and banking institutions have acknowledged the disruptive potential of cryptocurrencies, and some of them like Japan have even gone a step further and declared them as legal tender. However, not everyone is onboard yet, and a majority of the global population including businesses and a handful of governments are yet to come to terms with the new reality. It also means that those who have already adopted cryptocurrencies or planning to do so are finding ways to make use of them in their daily lives.
So, Where Can They Spend Cryptocurrencies?
For starters, not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. Bitcoin leads the pack as it is the first cryptocurrency to come into existence and the adoption of Bitcoin is many folds higher than its counterparts. Also, the Bitcoin network is considered to be the most secure and highly stable than any other options that are currently available.
There are plenty of places across the world, both online as well as offline where people can spend the cryptocurrency just the way they would spend fiat. There are many e-commerce platforms where users can place an order for goods and services and pay for them with Bitcoin. Not to mention the increasing number of brick-and-mortar stores which are including Bitcoin as one of the payment methods along with the conventional cash, debit/credit card and mobile wallet payments. There are many crypto payment processors like BitPay that allows merchants to collect Bitcoin payments form their customers to receive settlement directly to their accounts in fiat.
Certain jurisdictions in Europe including Switzerland and states in the North American continent accept Bitcoin as a valid mode of tax payments. There are also platforms like Living Room of Satoshi that enable utility bill payments with cryptocurrencies. If that’s not enough, many crypto platforms are now issuing crypto-funded prepaid/debit cards that are connected to the users’ crypto-wallets. These cards can be used like any other bank card at places accepting debit and credit cards.
All these options provide a way for the crypto community to spend their cryptocurrency holding to pay for their living expenses and more with Bitcoin and other digital assets without having to depend on exchanges to sell their crypto assets for cash before spending it for their regular day-to-day expenditure.
However, in spite of these improvements, the major driving force behind crypto adoption and spending are online crypto trading and crypto gambling platforms. A lot of people are involved in cryptocurrency trading on dedicated platforms that allow them to trade against not just cryptocurrencies but also other financial assets including stocks, forex, precious metals, commodities and more. The online gambling industry, on the other hand, is known for its role in driving the adoption of Bitcoin, followed by other flavors of cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. There are many bitcoin casinos where people can play almost all the games that are available in the industry, but without having to worry about the geographical and legal barriers that are usually predominant in fiat-based gambling activities. These platforms not only allow anyone from anywhere in the world to play on their platform of choice but also supports faster settlements of deposits and winnings at minimal or even zero cost. And given that crypto transactions don’t require users to furnish any readily identifiable personal information, it addresses the privacy concerns as well.
Overall, the avenues for use of cryptocurrencies as a payment option are similar, if not better than fiat payments and the only thing lacking is widespread adoption. If the number of people willing to acquire and pay with digital currencies continues to grow, then it may encourage everyone to start paying and receiving payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
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Swiss Franc May Be Used as Proxy for Gold, Says Goldman Sachs

Coinspeaker Swiss Franc May Be Used as Proxy for Gold, Says Goldman SachsEver since the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East where top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani died, the incident is the main explainer for why gold reached six-year highs. Now when in the recent days the Swiss Franc is surging, Goldman Sachs Co-Head of Global Foreign Exchange Zach Pandl believes it could be because it may be being used as a proxy for gold. He says that CHF follows gold in terms of price swings. Pandl said that on Monday morning it was trading around $1,03. Ever since January 16 when CHF reached its 2 year low, it is on a constant rise.Back in history, around the 1900s, the Swiss Franc was outperforming all the other currencies. Pandl explains this by saying that CHF had close ties with gold back then.“The Swiss constitution required CHF to be backed by gold reserves until mid-1999, and the country aggressively defended the franc’s parity with gold until 1936, by which point most countries, such as the U.S. and U.K., had already substantially devalued their currencies,” he said.Also, gold, as mentioned above, recently reached six-year highs in terms of price. It climbed above $1,600 per troy ounce on January 7, but now steadily sits at around $1,560.“While the drivers of recent performance are not entirely clear-cut, we believe the surge in geopolitical tensions may have motivated investor demand for CHF, much as it has driven demand for gold,” explained Pandl.However, he believes that this trend won’t go on for long. He says that the Swiss Franc is likely to weaken over 2020 against the dollar and the euro. Also, while he believes the CHF should become weaker, he added that “it might be too soon to fade just yet”.As Coinspeaker previously reported, not only gold but also palladium jumped to new all-time highs. It hit $2,103.04 per ounce and continued trading above the $2,100-mark as investors turned to safe havens.The price of BTC also surged to new recent day highs following the tensions in the Middle East. Currently, it is trading around $8,650. The other top 3 cryptocurrencies – Ethereum and XRP – follow a similar path. ETH now is trading at $166.18 while XRP is at $0,23. Swiss Franc May Be Used as Proxy for Gold, Says Goldman Sachs

Bill Gates Says Charity Is the Best Way for Billionaires to Spend Their Fortune

Coinspeaker Bill Gates Says Charity Is the Best Way for Billionaires to Spend Their FortuneEasily one of the world’s richest people, Bill Gates says charity is the best way to spend his money. According to the entrepreneur and philanthropist, there really is no better way to spend the amount of money a billionaire makes.In a recent CNBC report, Bill Gates says that figuring out the best way to spend a ton of wealth can be pretty challenging. The report suggests that this could be a lot more challenging than the benefit of being able to buy anything you want with the money.Currently, Bill Gates according to Forbes has a net worth of $110.6B. If there is ever any talk of the world’s richest 1%, Gates has an almost permanent position there. The Microsoft founder has been atop this list for many years now even though he has giving billions of dollars to charitable causes.Other Channels Gates ConsideredGates recently explained to students at the Lakeside School, how he decided that charity is the best way. The big question is “where can you put your money?”Furthemore, Gates joked to the students about spending money on food. But if you’re looking to spend over $100 billion, how much food can you really eat?Moving over to clothing, the same idea can be shared. You could personally hire the most expensive bespoke tailor in the world. Even if you do that, how many can you wear?One more option is family. Many people believe that the best thing to do for their children is to pass off their wealth. Gates, however, doesn’t exactly think so. According to him, giving your kids that much money is “not that good an idea.”Ruling out the above three, all that’s left for the billionaire is charitable expenses.Bill Gates Is Focused on CharityAccording to Gates, he and his wife Melinda both decided that charity was the only “logical outcome.” That’s why today, they both give out a lot of money to charity in different countries globally. As they really understand that they need to help if they can while the global inequity is still growing.Back in 2000, the couple set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. By the fourth quarter of 2018, according to an official page, the foundation had given out total grant payments of $50.1 billion. Gates says he likes to consistently put himself to solving issues.“The idea that we would build an organization and be very hands-on and run it – that has to do with a desire to work every day and think about very tough problems…Melinda and I love doing that.”Gates Is Number 3Until recently, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world. As Coinspeaker reported a few hours ago, Bezos has now slipped from that position. Currently, Bezos is number two with LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault at the number position after the company’s stock jumped 0.7%. This leaves Gates at number three.Also, reports have it that Bill Gates has given away almost $36 billion of his personal wealth to charity. Consequently, we can assume that if he hadn’t, Gates would be number one.Bill Gates Says Charity Is the Best Way for Billionaires to Spend Their Fortune

Global Inequality Affects World’s Economy More than Entire Tech Industry, Oxfam Reveals

Coinspeaker Global Inequality Affects World’s Economy More than Entire Tech Industry, Oxfam RevealsOxfam International in a recent report has highlighted how deeply inequality affects the global economy. The charity says that the disparity in wealth distribution, especially as it relates to gender, is a huge problem. Oxfam also adds that this situation is worsening and needs to be curbed.Wealth DisparityThe report, called “Time To Care” exposes a few facts about the global economy. For example, 2019’s richest 2,153 people in the world were richer than the poorest 4.6 billion people combined.The report also says that the world’s richest 1% have double the finances of 6.9 billion people. Oxfam published a similar report last year.Gender DisparityOxfam suggests that the exclusion of women has bitten deep into the global economy, giving men an unfair advantage. This, unsurprisingly, is at the serious detriment of women all over the world. In a summary published on Oxfam’s website, this notion is further explained:“This great divide is based on a flawed and sexist economic system that values the wealth of the privileged few, mostly men, more than the billions of hours of the most essential work – the unpaid and underpaid care work done primarily by women and girls around the world.”To further buttress the gender inequality, Oxfam introduces another revelation. According to the report, Africa just might be worse here, than in other places. Oxfam says that the wealth of the 22 richest men in the world, equals the combined wealth of all of Africa’s women.Oxfam also said that women all over the world are contributing 12.5 billion hours of unpaid work daily. This work generally surrounds care, including taking care of children, the elderly, cooking, cleaning, fetching water, and many other essential daily tasks. Firstly, the report suggests that “heavy and unequal responsibility of care work” is the major reason for the economic equality and gender disparity. Also, Oxfam says that calculating the monetary value of this work would contribute an annual $10.8 trillion to the world’s economy. This is at least 300% more than the tech industry donates to the global economy.Way Forward with Global InequalityOxfam published the report just as the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson receives 21 African countries in London for the Africa Investment Summit. Time To Care was also released just a few days before the World Economic Forum. The Forum is to begin on Wednesday and will host some of the world’s 1% in Switzerland’s Davos town.These gatherings are powerful enough places to begin to tackle this heavy discrimination as highlighted by the organization. Oxfam GB CEO Danny Sriskandarajah believes that these meetings can go a long way in alleviating women’s issues. “If world leaders meeting this week are serious about reducing poverty and inequality, they urgently need to invest in care and other public services that make life easier for those with care responsibilities, and tackle discrimination holding back women and girls,” told Sriskandarajah.Global Inequality Affects World’s Economy More than Entire Tech Industry, Oxfam Reveals

BTC Price Analysis: after Bull Run, Bitcoin Retreats in Tactical Maneuver

Coinspeaker BTC Price Analysis: after Bull Run, Bitcoin Retreats in Tactical ManeuverBTC/USD is as of now exchanging at $8,623. Over the most recent 24 hours, the coin was in a solid bearish disposition amid falling instability.Bitcoin drove the digital money market on Sunday with a sudden short consolidation that surpassed the desired $9,000 without precedent for 2020. The price came to $9,000, yet the highest price level came to $9,194.99. Consolidating trends between $8,500 and $8,750 level are probably going to come first for the time being.The weekend session was very noteworthy for significant digital forms of money. Every one of the three top coins, particularly Bitcoin, is changed following more significant levels contrasted with levels accomplished in the bull market a week ago. Bitcoin being bullish, defeated bearish pressure at $9,000 to fix another January top at $9,194.In recent months, various respectable financial organizations, for example, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo have declared that they are either chipping away at their cryptographic forms of money or utilizing blockchain innovation to upgrade their inward work processes. These key supports have helped bolster financial specialist trust in this generally early market space.Another reason the market has become optimistic is the possible spread of FOMO, which penetrated this space, thanks to the Bitcoin halving event, which is scheduled for May 12, 2020.In light of the prior, with the approach of the new year, the circumstance for the market, in general, looked much better, as bitcoin is a step by step picking up bulls and is in worthy price ranging from $8,600 to $8,800 in recent days.On Sunday, Bitcoin hit another high of 2020 – $9,194. Furthermore, inside a couple of hours, it slammed beneath $8,500. Market specialists censure the fast-selling on mass liquidation of bulls on BitMEX. Digital money on BitMEX is the biggest exchange site for digital currency derivatives, which enables you to exchange Bitcoin on margin.BTC/USD Bulls Defend Support at $8,500 While Retreating from the Weekend SpikeSupply Levels: $8,500, $8,200, $8,000Demand Levels: $9,200, $9,000, $8,800BTC/USD is at present exchanging at $ 8,623. Over the most recent 24 hours, the coin was in a solid bearish trend state amid falling unpredictability.Bitcoin altered the bullish trend of the recent weekend spike pattern to test support at $8,500. Endeavors to counter another recovery keep on hitting the stones at $8,750. BTC is changing hands at $8,623 amid increased pressure from bears.At present, the price is bolstered by Moving Average 5 on the 4-hour time frame. Sunday’s support level of $8,500 may continue to hold firm at future sessions on Monday. On the off chance that the objective support level of $8,200 isn’t approached, Bitcoin is probably going to take solace on the moving averages.BTC Price Analysis: after Bull Run, Bitcoin Retreats in Tactical Maneuver

As Alphabet Enters $1 Trillion Club, Let’s Have a Look at Top 10 Companies by Market Cap

Coinspeaker As Alphabet Enters $1 Trillion Club, Let’s Have a Look at Top 10 Companies by Market CapLast week on Friday, January 17, Google‘s parent company Alphabet hit the trillion-dollar milestone. Alphabet became the fourth public listed tech company to achieve this feat.Despite staying in controversy with the regulators over the issues of privacy concerns, Alphabet had a good show in 2019 in the stock market. The Alphabet stock surged nearly 50% in a single year thereby pushing the company’s growth.Apple Inc. was the first company to achieve the trillion-dollar milestone in 2018, followed by Amazon later the same year. However, after some rejig at the eCommerce giant, Amazon has dropped below Alphabet. Amazon is currently in the fourth position (in tech listings) with its valuations at $924 billion.Last year in 2019, computing giant Microsoft also wore the trillion-dollar crown. At the end of 2019, oil giant Saudi Aramco went for a public listing with the highest valuations at $2 trillion. After its public listing in December 2019, Saudi Aramco surpassed all to become the most-valued global organization. Let’s take a look at the top ten companies by market cap.1. Saudi AramcoThis Saudi Arabia oil giant is one of the largest petroleum and natural gas companies in the globe. Undergoing its public listing just a month back, Saudi Aramco valuations currently stand at $1.84 trillion.Currently, each stock of Saudi Aramco is trading at a price of 34.5 SAR.2. Apple Inc.The iPhone-maker is the second-most valued company and also the most-valued tech company in the world. With the market cap at over $1.40 Trillion, each Apple Inc. stock is currently trading at $318.73.Also, in the last year, Apple has given 100% returns to its investors with its stock price surging from $150 to over $130 levels. Apple has been looking to explore new opportunities in the Augmented Reality and Financial Payments industry.Recently, Apple also launched its video-streaming platform Apple TV+ to compete against the likes of Netflix, Disney, and Amazon.3. MicrosoftThis computing giant needs no introduction as it has been dominating the tech space for the last few decades. Microsoft is the third most-valued organizations with over $1.27 Trillion market cap. In the last one year, Microsoft’s stock price has surged over 60% and is currently trading at a price of $167.4. Alphabet Inc.Alphabet is the parent company of search giant Google and was born as part of the company restructuring process in 2015. Also, Alphabet recently became the fourth tech company to touch trillion-dollar valuations.In 2019, Alphabet stock has given nearly 49% returns to investors. At press time, Alphabet is trading at a price of $1450. Last month in December 2019, company co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down and appointed Sundar Pichai as the CEO of the Alphabet.5. AmazonThe eCommerce giant has shown phenomenal growth over the last decade. The success of Amazon has led to its founder Jeff Bezos becoming the richest man on earth surpassing Bill Gates.2019 turned out to be moderate for the company with its stock price surging around 10%. At press time, Amazon stock (AMZN) is trading at a price of $1864 with a market cap of $924 billion.Amazon is working aggressively in expanding its global footprint. Jeff Bezos’ recent visit to India shows that he is actively seeing a massive potential in the Indian market. Bezos has committed to investing over $1 billion in Indian operations over the next few years.6. FacebookThe social media giant has been in the midst of several controversies in the last two years. In 2018, Facebook named popped-out in the Cambridge Analytica scandal wherein massive chunks of Facebook user data were supposedly leaked compromising user privacy.The U.S. lawmakers also grilled Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on this matter. Besides, Facebook’s own cryptocurrency project Libra has been at the center of controversies in 2019. Ever since Facebook announced its Libra cryptocurrency last year in June, the regulators have been heavily scrutinizing the company.However, the Facebook stock has performed well in 2019 despite all the controversies. In 2019 the FB stock price surged over 50% and is currently trading at $222. Facebook’s market cap currently stands at $633.49 billion. Facebook is most likely the next company in line to hit the trillion-dollar valuations.7. AlibabaAlso called the Amazon of China, Alibaba has grown to become a formidable giant over the last two decades. The Chinese giant went for an NYSE listing five years back in September 2014.Besides eCommerce, Alibaba has its business in cloud computing, payments, financial technology, and other tech verticals. In 2019, the Alibaba stock price surged nearly 40%. At press time, Alibaba is trading at $227 on NYSE with a market cap of $610 billion.8. Berkshire HathwayThe Omaha-based American financial multinational conglomerate needs no introduction. Berkshire Hathway is chaired by Warren Buffett, who is popularly called the Oracle of Omaha in the global financial space.Berkshire Hathway has been the darling of investors known for its clean image in the market. With a market cap of $562 billion, Berkshire Hathway is the eight-most valued company in the globe. In 2019, the Berkshire Hathway stock nearly 40% returns to its investors.This financial giant has its portfolio distributed across a multitude of different companies spread across different business sectors.9. VisaThis payment processing giant is a California-based American multinational financial services giant. Visa has climbed to the top-ten ranks with its constant desire for digitizing the payments industry and connecting global trade and commerce.In 2019, the Visa stock has given handsome returns around 40%, to its investors. The Visa stock is currently trading at $204 with a market cap of $441 billion. Visa was one of the early members of Facebook’s Libra Foundation. However, to avoid any conflict with the regulators, the company decided to pull out of Facebook’s ambitious project later in 2019.The company has been constantly updating its services to deal with the new challenges and opportunities in the financial technology market.10. JPMorgan ChaseWall Street banking giant JPMorgan is the tenth-most valued global firm with a market cap of $433 billion. JPMorgan has been actively exploring new developments in the blockchain space and working on its new blockchain platform.Early last year in 2019, JPMorgan also announced its new cryptocurrency JPMCoin to speed-up its global settlement process by leveraging the power of blockchain.In 2019, the JPMorgan stock has given over 30% returns climbing above $138.As Alphabet Enters $1 Trillion Club, Let’s Have a Look at Top 10 Companies by Market Cap

Davos 2020 Will Have Impressive List of Speakers, Ripple CEO May Also Join

Coinspeaker Davos 2020 Will Have Impressive List of Speakers, Ripple CEO May Also JoinTomorrow, the business leaders and politicians from the globe are meeting at another session of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in Davos, Switzerland.This is the 50th anniversary of the event with a theme: “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World.” The annual economic gathering will run from January 21 until January 24.United Kindom Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Downing Street said on Monday. Johnson asserted that his government should focus on delivering for the people of the UK instead of meeting global leaders in Davos.On the other hand, United States President Donald Trump told reporters in Washington last week that he will “probably” go to the World Economic Forum in Davos. He added that he has been invited and plans to meet world and business leaders at the forum.French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday that he hopes that the conflict with the United States over France’s digital tax will be resolved before the end of the week.“We are ready to make steps toward the United States, and we have already proposed a certain number of measures. We hope to reach a resolution by Wednesday,” Le Maire told LCI television and added the two sides will hold further talks on the issue during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.Be it as it may, there were some unconfirmed talks about Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse having a meeting with Donald Trump and the European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde. Since Lagarde already said the ECB wants to play an active role in cryptocurrencies claiming the ECB should be “ahead of the curve” when it comes to CBDCs, we can only hope for her to open the “crypto doors”.However, there are little chances that Lagarde will support the adoption of XRP. This year she is definitely more interested in the promotion of the digital euro concept that in cryptos themselves.Among other Davos guests, there will be Sanna Marin from Finland, the world’s youngest serving prime minister. Sanna heads a four-party coalition government, whose leaders are all women too.At the time of her appointment, in December, she said she never thought about her age or gender. “I think of the reasons I got into politics, and those things for which we have won the trust of the electorate,” she said. There will be also Ursula von der Leyen.As well as already mentioned Christine Lagarde. The 17-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will also attend as well as Ren Zhengfei, Huawei Technologies founder. Presenting the IMF’s latest economic assessment will be Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the IMF and there will be also an internationally-acclaimed actress and mental health ambassador Deepika Padukone, Bollywood star. Padukone will get one of the WEF’s Crystal Awards.We, of course, cannot forget Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Treasury Secretary as well as George Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management.Davos 2020 Will Have Impressive List of Speakers, Ripple CEO May Also Join