Moderna (MRNA) Stock in Mad Scramble: Shares Soared, Stumbled and Tanked

Coinspeaker Moderna (MRNA) Stock in Mad Scramble: Shares Soared, Stumbled and TankedAgain revisiting the situation on the market which is currently so volatile that it seems impossible to keep track of all rapid changes taking place. A prime example of chaos in the stock market is Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA). On Thursday, just in a few hours, Moderna (MRNA) stock skyrocketed, continuing its previous growth, then halted, and fell.Let us have a look at Moderna stock performance since Monday. The company enjoyed screaming success after it announced the release and shipment of its COVID-19 vaccine. MRNA gained 2% on Monday, while the broader market slumped the most in two years. Further, its stock soared as much as 43% in Tuesday’s session before paring some gains. On Wednesday, Moderna reached its record high. The shares were up by 7.11% in the pre-market. During that day, the stock rose as much as 26%, briefly reaching an intraday record of $29.98 and breaking the previous strong hurdle of $23. Notably, between Monday and Tuesday’s trading sessions, the drug developer spiked 30%.The company’s stock went wild yesterday, leaving no chance for investors to understand what was going on. In the early trading hours, Moderna shares toppled 10.3% and reached $26.16. They soon soared by more than 23% to reach a new high of 36. Shortly after, Moderna (MRNA) stock was halted. Finally, the biotech company’s shares plunged 21% from Wednesday’s close. The shares ended the day at $26.16, trading $27.60 after hours.Today, during the pre-market sale, Moderna shares traded at $28.30 (+8%).Recently, Moderna received new funding from vaccine alliance CEPI to accelerate its work on a coronavirus vaccine. Besides, it has joined forces with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations on a vaccine approach. This announcement caused the stock to rocket at the beginning of the week. However, it could not influence the further drop.Stock Market Indexes Plummet As WellOn Wednesday, the U.S. reported its first infection case in Northern California. The US health officials called the spread of the virus in the country inevitable. By now, 46 have already reported the virus cases. More than 80,000 people have been infected.Amid the spreading coronavirus fears, stock market indexes plunge as well. On Thursday. the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled nearly 1,200 points. The S&P 500 plunged 12% from the all-time high it set just a week ago, bringing its loss for the week to 3,225.77 points, or 11.1%. Yesterday, it was down 4.4%, which is its worst one-day drop since 2011.Nasdaq Composite index has also dropped by 4.61% to 8,566.48. Moderna (MRNA) Stock in Mad Scramble: Shares Soared, Stumbled and Tanked

Why Audiences Are Disadvantaged When It Comes to Film and TV

Coinspeaker Why Audiences Are Disadvantaged When It Comes to Film and TVWith movie tickets being so expensive, and time being a precious commodity, a bad film can leave ticket purchasers feeling used and angry. Television, streaming media and other in-home entertainment options are becoming more popular as a result, but these venues can burn fans when they waste a viewer’s time.Creators–or more often, Hollywood executives–hold all the power when it comes to deciding what projects get made. Fans are often left out of the process until they’re asked to spend money and time on a newly released project.And while tricking a fan into paying for a bad experience may seem like a win for the business-minded studio execs, in the long run, disempowering fans has negative consequences on the entire entertainment industry. A fan that wastes money or time is unlikely to continue watching a show, will hesitate to buy another movie ticket and will share their negative opinion with other consumers.Why Does Hollywood Ignore Its Fans and What Are the Consequences?Any insider will tell you that Hollywood cares about profit just as much as (and often more than) art. So why do so many movies lose money? One reason is that moviemakers typically don’t take fan opinions into account.While creators and financiers know that they need fan interest to sell tickets, in practice, they are risk-averse when it comes to choosing projects that will resonate with audiences.What happens when they guess wrong? The film is a flop–and flops can have dire consequences. Several studios have gone under after experiencing just one massive movie flop. 2018’s “Solo,” a standalone Star Wars film and the first-ever of the franchise to be popularly considered a flop, forced executives to change plans for the entire franchise.Executives realized that even passionate Star Wars fans might experience franchise fatigue or simply lack interest in a poorly reviewed movie. More than a few actors have blamed the end of their careers on flops. Analysts often blame 1963’s Cleopatra not only for losing lots of money but effectively ending the entire genre of big-budget historical epics for decades.Hollywood Lacks DataMore and more moviemakers have seen the light and are trying to seek information on fan interests and needs before investing in a project. But how can filmmakers, investors, and other stakeholders find that data before they spend millions of dollars? In the current market, studios don’t usually have this information regarding whether a unique film will be successful until it’s already too late.Test screenings can give filmmakers some data about audience reactions, but they can’t hold those screenings until much of shooting and editing has already taken place. If a film screens poorly, studios must choose between expensive and time-consuming edits and re-shoots or releasing a bad movie that risks alienating fans and making no money back.Few industries would tolerate a business model where the desired end-user and consumer (i.e., a fan buying a ticket) is shut out of the manufacturing process until it’s already completed, with billions of units already sitting in warehouses ready for sale. That’s essentially what Hollywood does every time they make an expensive movie with little idea of how fans will respond.Sequel fatigue shows that fans are getting tired of having their ticket purchases taken for granted. The only option left for moviemakers is to find a system that empowers fans and takes their needs into account during the creative process, not after it’s mostly completed.Flops are preventable when studios have enough data on what fans want out of their movies, but that requires a system that engages with and respects fan opinions.Filmio’s SolutionWhat would a new system that values real fan engagement during the creative process look like? There’s some early promise in crowdfunding models. In 2014, creators of the cult tv show Veronica Mars were able to complete a movie sequel and launch its successful run in theaters thanks to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter.Fans not only got to support the continuation of a story about characters they love but also received perks such as direct interaction with creators and even walk-on roles. Veronica Mars fans funded the film because they were already familiar with the tv show. Still, original projects have struggled to communicate their content and attract fans on similar crowdfunding platforms.Some companies use AI to perform sophisticated analyses of prior films’ success in different sectors to predict what movies might be popular next–a process that still ignores current fans’ feedback but at least tries harder to anticipate their needs.Others, like blockchain platform Filmio, are taking the next step forward by combining a high-tech approach that empowers creators of all levels with a model that truly values fans. Filmio uses a blockchain ecosystem to incentivize fan-creator-investor interaction.That incentivization means that all projects–not just spin-offs of existing properties–get exposed to fans and can rise in the Filmio development ladder as fans confirm their interest in the proposed content.Blockchain architecture provides a low-cost, immutable and immediately relevant source of the actual fan data that AI firms are trying so desperately to produce by looking backward. This data allows filmmakers and investors to actually know how fans feel about their product–no more spending millions of dollars while guessing in the dark at the outcome.Empowering Audiences Optimizes the IndustryAudiences are left in the cold when it comes to the entertainment industry, but it’s becoming more and more apparent how unsustainable that reality is. New platforms mean that fans are poised to take back the power in making movies and television, and that’s good news for both audiences and creators everywhere.Why Audiences Are Disadvantaged When It Comes to Film and TV

Ripple’s Partner SBI Remit Announces Collaboration with Fukushima Bank

Coinspeaker Ripple’s Partner SBI Remit Announces Collaboration with Fukushima BankSBI Remit, a partner of Ripple which uses its RippleNet, announced that it will partner with one of the largest banks in Japan Fukushima Bank. The partnership will see Fukushima Bank responsible for handling all SBI international remittance services.The representative director of SBI Remit Nobou Ando stated:“With the steady rise of remittance flows, we see Ripple helping us open up a new revenue potential for our business and better overall experience for our customers.”SBI Remit has stated that it is committed to adopting the latest technology that will assist its service to be more convenient and secure for the customers to use. Through the partnership with Ripple, SBI remit is now able to offer services to Thai workers living in Japan to experience a fast and secure transaction between the two countries.The partnership will be an added advantage to Ripple that already is making huge partnerships with other remittance companies around the world. SBI Holdings, which is the mother company to SBI remit, previously stated that from next month it will be offering its shareholders XRP as part of benefits.With Fukushima Bank having strong command in Japan, the partnership will open a new market for SBI remit and also Ripple to explore. As the future for RippleNet widens, Ripple continues selling its agenda of adopting XRP for cheap and fast transactions especially cross-border payments.Recently, Ripple was named among the top 100 cross-border payment companies doing well in the market, where it was put in the same category with big companies that are established. This gives confidence in other investors and remittance companies that maybe are skeptical of joining the XRP-RippleNet wave.What SBI Remit-Fukushima Partnership Means to Ripple and XRP at LargeAs the new partnership starts operating immediately, the ‘Ripple effect’ continues widening and covering wider grounds at a fast rate. RippleNet has been the flagship project for Ripple, where it promises its customers a cost-effective money transfer that is also fast.Due to the huge customer base using the two financial institutions, Ripple is expecting to harvest huge not only in profits but also as a plus in its portfolio. As Ripple fights a class-action lawsuit back at home, it seems to be gaining trust from the international investors who see the technology as the next big wave that will move the financial system.Most analysts agree on the issue that XRP might overtake most crypto assets in the future based on the foundation its parent company is putting at the moment.Ripple’s Partner SBI Remit Announces Collaboration with Fukushima Bank

Gilead Sciences (GILD) Stock Surges after Launching Phase 3 Studies for Coronavirus Treatment

Coinspeaker Gilead Sciences (GILD) Stock Surges after Launching Phase 3 Studies for Coronavirus TreatmentGilead Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GILD), an American biotech company that specializes in researching, developing and commercializing drugs, has seen its stock surge after it announced the launching of phase 3 studies for naval coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment. The stock price broke a very critical resistant level at $68 to trade above $70.Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Gilead Sciences stock has started to achieve new highs. Though yesterday GILD closed at $72.66 (-2.73%), in the pre-market it is gaining again. At the time of writing, it is 0.88% up. Its price is $73.30.For the past ten months, the GILD stock has been trading horizontally, after defying the downtrend that had dominated the better part of the last decade. The biotech company has been at the forefront in creating antiviral drugs which are mostly used in HIV, hepatitis B and C treatment and others.After the deadly coronavirus broke in Wuhan China last year December, it has now spread all over the world claiming a lot of lives. The devastating nature of the virus has seen the stock market also suffer significantly.In a research made on the coronavirus, it showed that the virus has similar traits as that from HIV, which does not have a cure but only treatment to suppress its effects. However, the coronavirus is attacking a different body system than HIV does. It leaves a begging question if the virus is an advancement of the HIV made as biotech warfare.From that basis, Gilead has taken advantage of using their study of HIV treatment to further advance finding a cure for COVID-19. In a report from the company made on Thursday, the company said that its nascent coronavirus treatment will undergo an advance human testing in Asia.According to the company, around 1,000 coronavirus victims from Asia region who are suffering from the virus will receive varying doses of the remdesivir as part of the study. Remdesivir has been recognized by the World Health Organization after it said that the drug may be the only one right now that may have real efficacy in treating COVID-19.Gilead Sciences (GILD) Stock Future amidst CoronavirusAs coronavirus continues spreading fears all over the world with more countries confirming new cases, the rush for a vaccine and cure is pushing biotech companies to the limit. As of Friday morning, Nigeria confirmed its first COVID-19 case, becoming the first sub-Saharan country in Africa to test a victim with the virus. In total, over 80,000 cases have been officially confirmed worldwide and counting.It leaves Gilead with other biotech companies with the advantage of coming up with a drug that will treat the deadly virus. The drug from the company has also been used by the U.S. doctors in treating the first domestic coronavirus case, although not yet approved.If the phase three test comes out positive, it will be a huge breakthrough for the company which might see its stock soar even much higher. It actually might be the beginning of the sharp uptrend that will come in the near future.Gilead Sciences (GILD) Stock Surges after Launching Phase 3 Studies for Coronavirus Treatment

Dow Jones Plunged 1000 Points as CDC Warns of Possible Coronavirus Outbreak

Coinspeaker Dow Jones Plunged 1000 Points as CDC Warns of Possible Coronavirus OutbreakThings are clearly not looking good for the global markets as threats of a global coronavirus outbreak intensifies. On Thursday, the Dow Jones dropped 4.5% over 1000 points dragging down several bluechip stocks as well!On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raised warning on the potential possibility of a “community spread” of the Coronavirus in the United States.The U.S. Health Officials gave this warning after the detection of the first coronavirus case in Northern California. Thus, the CDC has revised its guidelines allowing more clinicians to test suspected cases of carrying the COVID-19.On Thursday, the California governor Gavin Newsom also confirmed that 33 people are tested positive and 8400 other suspected cases are currently being monitored. Speaking at a press conference, Newsom said:“We are currently in deep partnership with CDC on one overriding protocol that drives our principle focus right now and that’s testing, and the importance to increase our testing protocols and to have point of contact diagnostic testing as our top priority not just in the state of California but I imagine all across the United States.”In late January, California received its first flight of people evacuated from the Wuhan City of China. Note that Wuhan City is the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic. Newsom explained:“We coordinated those first flights, that first flight in particular, in January, late January down into Riverside at March. “Over 800 people have come in on those flights, but that’s a small part of the overall picture. Thousands and thousands of other people have come in on more traditional flights through the state of California.”Stock Market Tumbles after the CDC WarningSoon after the CDC’s warning on Wednesday, Dow Jones and S&P 500 crashed for the fourth straight day. The market crash started earlier on Monday after Italy and South Korea reported the highest level of infected cases.Dow Jones plunged for the fourth straight day on Thursday. Also, it turned out to be the fastest 10% drop in the history of the S&P 500. In less than a week, over $3 trillion in U.S. equities have been wiped out from the market.The losses also intensified on Thursday as several blue-chip stocks. Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE: XOM) and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) plunged 6% each. Other technology stocks like AMN Healthcare Services Inc (NYSE: AMN) and Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) dropped 7.3% and 5.6% respectively. Also, the airline stock took a massive hit.United Airlines crashed at 2.4% while American airlines crashed at 7.7%. Other big companies have already started reporting disruptions in their operations due to the virus spread. Tech conglomerate Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has warned that it will miss guidelines on account of the coronavirus outbreak. In its Q2 earnings call, Microsoft said:“Although we see strong Windows demand in line with our expectations, the supply chain is returning to normal operations at a slower pace than anticipated at the time of our Q2 earnings call. As a result, for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020, we do not expect to meet our More Personal Computing segment guidance as Windows OEM and Surface are more negatively impacted than previously anticipated.”Other companies are also taking some cautious approaches and measures. Food giant Nestle SA (SWX: NESN) has asked employees to suspend business travel. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) also announced canceling the “in-person component” of its annual F8 developer conference. The F8 is Facebook’s biggest annual conference event.Analysts Views on the Future of MarketsDavid Kostin, Goldman Sachs chief U.S. equity strategist wrote a note to investors addressing their concerns. Kostin wrote:“US companies will generate no earnings growth in 2020. Our reduced profit forecasts reflect the severe decline in Chinese economic activity in 1Q, lower end-demand for US exporters, disruption to the supply chain for many US firms, a slowdown in US economic activity, and elevated business uncertainty.”Willie Delwiche, investment strategist at Baird said:“As this week’s selling has progressed, we have seen some evidence of increased caution on the part of investors. Investors are shifting away from excessive optimism but there is still little evidence of fear overwhelming complacency. Bottoms are typically processes punctuated by climactic events and seeing breadth indicators stabilize would be an encouraging sign that such a process is underway.”Moody’s Analytics’ Mark Zandi in a research note said:“The coronavirus has been a body blow to the Chinese economy, which now threatens to take out the entire global economy. A global recession is likely if COVID-19 becomes a pandemic, and the odds of that are uncomfortably high and rising with infections surging in Italy and Korea.”So, only the time will show what will be the real influence of the current situation on teh future. However, at the moment it doesn’t look very optimistic.Dow Jones Plunged 1000 Points as CDC Warns of Possible Coronavirus Outbreak

Bitcoin Cash Analysis: Primed For More Losses Below $300

Bitcoin cash price declined heavily below the $360 and $350 support levels against the US Dollar.
The price tested the $300 support area and it is currently correcting higher.
There is a short term ascending channel forming with support near $318 on the 4-hours chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Coinbase).
The pair could continue to move down below the $315 and $300 support levels in the near term.

Bitcoin cash price is trading in a downtrend below $350 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD remains at a risk of more losses below $305 and $300 if it fails to recover above $350.
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis
This week, bitcoin cash price started a major decline from well above $380 against the US Dollar. BCH price broke a couple of key supports near the $360 level to enter a bearish zone.
Moreover, there was a break below the $350 support and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). The price dived below $320 and tested the key $300 support area. It is currently correcting higher and trading above the $320 level.
There was a break above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $410 high to $300 low. On the upside, there are many hurdles for the bulls near the $330 and $350 levels.
At the moment, there is a short term ascending channel forming with support near $318 on the 4-hours chart of the BCH/USD pair. If there is an upside break above the channel resistance and $340, bitcoin cash price could recover towards the $350 and $360 resistance levels.
An intermediate resistance is near the $355 level. It coincides with the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $410 high to $300 low. Therefore, a clear break above the $350 and $360 levels is must for a fresh increase in the coming sessions.
Conversely, the price could struggle to recover above $330 and $340. In the mentioned case, it could decline below the $310 support. The main support is near the $300 handle, below which the price might tumble again.
Bitcoin Cash Price
Looking at the chart, bitcoin cash price is showing a few bearish signs below the $330 and $350 levels. If the price fails to recover above $350, there are high chances of more losses below $300 in the near term.
Technical indicators
4 hours MACD – The MACD for BCH/USD is currently losing momentum in the bearish zone.
4 hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BCH/USD is still well below the 40 level.
Key Support Levels – $310 and $300.
Key Resistance Levels – $330 and $350.
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It’s in Bad Shape, but BTC Still Has Loyal Fans like Robert Herjavec

No matter how badly bitcoin seems to do, the cryptocurrency always has a long list of loyal followers that will never turn away from it. One such follower is Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of the Herjavec Group.
Herjavec Loves Him Some BTC
Recently, Herjavec commented that bitcoin isn’t doing too well because of things like the coronavirus, which is spreading fear across the globe. However, he says that one of the currency’s biggest problems is that companies haven’t adapted enough to its properties and capabilities. He says that electronic payments, for example, are the way of the future, but that not enough businesses are working towards that future and still rely too heavily on fiat and methods of the past.
He explains:
I’m a big believer in bitcoin-based electronic payments in the future, but I think we’re a long way from that… Consumers, over the long run, always go to convenience, and bitcoin is just convenient… What I think we all learned yesterday is how truly interconnected the world is in ways that we don’t even think. The coronavirus breaks out in South Korea, [so] why does this affect the global economy? South Korea is the number one shipping point for most goods out of Asia, so anything out of Asia is going through South Korea and if they shut down, how do we get goods?
Herjavec isn’t alone in his respect for the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap. Chamath Palihapitiya, chairman of Virgin Galactic and founder of investment firm Social Capital, recently explained to his listeners on CNBC that everybody should have at least one percent of their wealth and assets in bitcoin, and that the digital currency is a “fantastic hedge.”
He also took aim at Berkshire Hathaway CEO and billionaire Warren Buffett, a man who as we all know, has not been very friendly towards bitcoin. In the past, the real estate mogul has referred to bitcoin as “rat poison,” and has compared it to a button on his coat in terms of its uselessness.
Sorry, Buffett – You’re Way Off
Palihapitiya, on the other hand, disagrees with Buffett, and says he’s “outdated” and “wrong” in his ideals. He also gave an idea of how bitcoin should be purchased and how it should work, explaining:
I don’t think when you wake up and see a coronavirus scare and the Dow down 2,000, you should not be going in and buying bitcoin. This is an idiotic strategy. I think a reasonable strategy is to say one percent of my net worth should be in something completely uncorrelated to the world and how the world works. You quietly accumulate a position and then just never look at it again and hope that that insurance under the mattress never has to come due, but if it does, it will protect you.
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We Shouldn’t Want Buffett to Invest in BTC Right Now

Yesterday, we reported that Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett was again bashing bitcoin, and for not taking it seriously, he’s potentially missed out on some big profits.
We Shouldn’t Want the Presence of Buffett in Crypto
Now, one source claims that if Warren Buffett were to ever change his mind about the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap and become a serious investor, that might be a sign that it’s time to sell one’s stash.
It’s interesting because Buffett recently sat down to lunch with Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON – one of the world’s top altcoins. Sun gifted him a phone with an entire bitcoin on it and swore to his followers and fans that he would work his tail off trying to make Buffett a believer.
Buffett commented that he enjoyed his time with Sun, and that he was intrigued by some of the ideas he presented during their lunch meeting. He said:
When Justin and four friends came, they behaved perfectly, and we had a very friendly dinner and the whole thing was a very friendly exchange of ideas.
While the two seemed to get along well during their initial meeting, it seems like all of Sun’s alleged efforts to change Buffett’s mind were in vain, as the real estate mogul is once again attacking BTC every chance he gets.
In a recent interview, he states:
Cryptocurrencies basically have no value and they don’t produce anything. In terms of value: zero. I don’t have any cryptocurrency and I never will.
Apparently, he’s forgotten about the phone Sun gave him. In any case, men like Buffett getting involved in crypto could potentially be a bad sign that the market is becoming “overheated” or saturated. In other words, too many people are getting involved, which could lead to an influx of activity and a responding price drop.
Buffett is, however, taking flack from people like Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder and partner of crypto-based financial firm Morgan Creek Digital. Recently, Buffett admitted to utilizing a flip phone all these years and has only recently upgraded to a “smart” edition. In an age of growing technology and gadgets, Buffett clearly hasn’t kept up with the times.
Pompliano took note of that, explaining:
I really don’t take technology advice from somebody who uses a flip phone or doesn’t use email.
A Follower of “Old” Ideals
Former e-Toro analyst Mati Greenspan also takes issue with Buffett’s attitude, saying he represents a world that is no longer in motion. He stated:
Buffett made his billions in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Whoever the oracle of the next generation will be, my feeling is that they’ll have a much keener understanding of emerging technology and will be less reliant on baseless fiat money.
In the past, Buffett has referred to bitcoin as “rat poison squared.”
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Metaverse DNA Partners with Tezos and TomoChain to Present TEK2Students

Coinspeaker Metaverse DNA Partners with Tezos and TomoChain to Present TEK2StudentsThe series will take place at the INTEK Institute of Applied Technology in Ho Chi Minh City, and will run until September 30th, 2020, with workshops held the first week of every month. Metaverse DNA will deliver a number of these workshops, giving students and other attendees an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Metaverse ecosystem and Dualchain Network Architecture.Metaverse DNA is a next-generation digital finance ecosystem, bringing all of the most important features needed by enterprises, organizations and individuals together in one place. These features include on-chain identity, decentralized data bridges, integrated lightning channels and a standard for true interoperability. DNA ensures high transactions-per-second, eliminating bottlenecks and congestion, while maintaining decentralized and community-elected governance.As part of the TEK2Students program, Metaverse DNA will give students a hands-on experience with blockchain technology, walking them through node setup, using block explorers and understanding different token standards, and will introduce attendees to the wide range of features and capabilities available in the Metaverse DNA ecosystem.The INTEK Institute of Applied Technology is one of Vietnam’s leading educational institutions for students seeking a career in programming and IT engineering, and hosts a number of activities giving students practical experience with technology. These activities include workshops, hackathons, TEK Talks (guest lectures by industry leaders) and corporate training sessions.Multi-Angle ApproachMetaverse DNA is joined in the TEK2Students partnership by TomoChain and Tezos, who will also deliver workshops as part of the series.Tezos is a public blockchain supporting smart contracts in its native Michelson coding language, with a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm and on-chain governance. In 2019 the Tezos community voted on two amendments, approving the Athens and Babylon proposals.TomoChain is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain with a Proof-of-Stake Voting consensus algorithm incorporating 150 Masternodes. It boasts low fees and a two second block time, while still being capable of running Ethereum smart contracts.Leading TEK2Students as Metaverse DNA’s Business Development Manager in South-East Asia, Allan Ta said of the workshop series:“We could not be more excited to deliver the TEK2Students program to the most promising IT students Vietnam has to offer. Metaverse DNA will work alongside our partners to share insights into blockchain technology and development, and we are hopeful that attendees will not only benefit from this series but go on to use those insights when they are building amazing things in the future”.Internships, Scholarships, and MoreThe TEK2Students workshop series will be free for students and local community members to attend, and will include opportunities to win education scholarships sponsored by the organizing partners. There are also expected to be internship positions available for the most promising attendees among the partnering companies involved. TEK2Students will conclude with a hackathon open to attendees, adjudicated by representatives from Metaverse DNA, Tezos and TomoChain.More information on the TEK2Students workshop series will be made available in the coming weeks. To learn more about Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture, visit the site.Follow Metaverse DNA on Twitter.Metaverse DNA Partners with Tezos and TomoChain to Present TEK2Students

Coronavirus Stocks: Why Gilead Sciences, Moderna, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Novavax Rose

Coinspeaker Coronavirus Stocks: Why Gilead Sciences, Moderna, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Novavax RoseLately, we have been reporting a lot about tech companies suffering significant drops in stocks amid spreading coronavirus concerns. Its high time to have a look at those market players who are benefiting in the volatile conditions. Under the circumstances given, the only winners are so-called coronavirus stocks. Haven stocks and health care shares are soaring, and companies developing vaccines are enjoying the existing situation.A prime example of those lucky ones is Gilead Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GILD). It is a research-based biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines. Yesterday, its stock rose by 7.2% and reached over $78. However, at the time of writing, the stock is trading at $73.47 (-1.65%). The biotech giant’s market cap is $92.69 billion. On Tuesday, shares of Gilead were up 3% and nearly 5% on Monday.GILD stock is soaring as a result of the company’s recent announcement. The giant has been working on the coronavirus vaccine and yesterday, it began two late-stage clinical studies of its experimental antiviral drug. According to Gilead Sciences, their remdesivir drug can help in treating adults with coronavirus disease COVID-19. To carry out the trials of the drug, it will engage 1,000 patients. Most of them are from Asian countries, but other parts of the world that have suffered will also participate.Several early-stage clinical studies of the remdesivir drug have already taken place. Currently, Gilead Sciences is evaluating the vaccine in two studies in China. Besides, it has begun a study in the US under the leadership of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).Many believe that Gilead Sciences will manage to deal with coronavirus. The company will report the results of its studies of the drug in April. If they are positive, the company will become a hero. And obviously, all countries will be unwilling to wait for any regulatory approvals.Other Lucky Coronavirus StocksSpeaking of other coronavirus stocks rising, those are Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA), Novavax Inc (NASDAQ: NVAX), and Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO). All of them have jumped today. In pre-market trading, Inovio stock rose 16.5%. Moderna stock soared as much as 25%, while Novavax stock gained 26.9%. However, after the opening, the situation has changed a bit. While NVAX and INO are still growing. MRNA has started its way down. By the moment of writing, it has lost over 11.Moderna shipped ampules of a vaccine for the coronavirus to the National Institutes of Health’s Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for clinical testing. As a result, its stock grew 28% on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Moderna stock rocketed by about 23 %. The jump came after the company boasted the progress in making another experimental vaccine for a virus tied to birth defects is going at a faster pace than expected.Coronavirus Reached the U.S., Dow Futures DropRecently, the first coronavirus case appeared in Northern California. It caused more fears to spread. As a result, people with flu want to get a test to confirm the coronavirus, therefore, hospitals are overcrowded.But the virus not only brought panic in the U.S. It has also led to Dow Futures dropping 400 points in the early hours of trading today, with further tanking later. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are today down 0.9%. S&P 500 futures are off 0.9% as well. Nasdaq Composite futures have also fallen 0.9%.In this alarm situations, analysts can not make exact predictions. But we may just hope that the world will find the vaccine against the disease and forget about the bug going round. When it happens, the market will be quick to react. Therefore, it doesn’t matter in which spheres companies are operating, as all of them are interested in the eradication of the disease.Coronavirus Stocks: Why Gilead Sciences, Moderna, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Novavax Rose