Against Fake Volume Allegation: OKEx Distributes $5M Trading Commissions to Users Weekly

However, the allegation itself is invalid for the difficulty to collect the accurate data of trading volume as a person or even media outlets, let alone exchanges like OKEx with futures trading and API transaction.
What’s more, there is an important fact need to be mentioned. It is reported that OKEx has launched a program named Happy Friday, a bonus distribution campaign that to give away 50% of its trading fee to OKB (OKEx platform token) holders weekly. The program has distributed approximately $5 million last week.
If OKEx has washed trade grossly to reach the volume which currently listed on CMC, meantime the weekly bonus remained $5 million; the exchange will need to pay most of the bonus to users with its own money, then why would OKEx make fake volume? That does not make any sense.
The Happy Friday campaign mentioned above is a program launched by OKEx to distribute 50% of weekly transaction fee as BTC bonus every Friday to users holding OKB. The amount is based on the percentage of OKB the user holds. Since launched, the Happy Friday campaign became popular among OK users worldwide, and the mega bonus pool has once reached up to 2,000 BTC.
OKEX, as one of the top crypto exchanges by volume, 24H trading volume reached $872 million on CoinMarketCap (14th, Sep.), and $5.07 billion on AICoin (14th, Sep.), the most popular website about crypto information in China. The former lists only token-trading while AICoin records the total volume including futures trading.

Taking the data on CoinMarketCap as basic volume and 0.02%, the lowest rate as standard (which is hardly possible), therefore, the daily trading fee is $174,550, while the amount of weekly bonus pool would be $610,925 (of only token-trading), which will all be distributed to OKB holders.

The data showed is based on the lowest rate of trading fee enjoyed by the highest-level member, and the trading volume exclude futures trading, which is the majority revenue source of OKEx. According to AICoin, the total trading volume in the past 24H is $5.07 billion, so the 24H futures trading volume would be $4,197,248,301.
Assuming the trading fee rate is still 0.02%, then the daily trading fee is $839,450, and the amount of weekly bonus pool would be $2,938,075, which would all distributed to OKB holders as well.
According to the data calculated above, users can get over 1,200 BTC each week from the OKEx Happy Friday campaign. At the same time, the eligibility is even easy to meet that you just need to hold no less than 100 OKB to enjoy mega bonus.
As to OKB, it is a global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation to connect prospective digital asset projects to OKEx users as well as professional investors, creating an OKEx ecosystem that helps to advance the development of blockchain technology and the digital asset industry.
Different from tokens from other platforms, OKB has a great roadmap including but not limited to the application of programs such as Happy Friday, Global Partner, Prime Investor, OK Partner Exchange etc., as well as the world’s first index product OK06ETT.
The total available supply of OKB is 1 billion, some of which will be locked up with those programs meanwhile the value of OKB will be added. 60% of the circulation amount will be given to OKEx users for community building through marketing campaigns, which enables OKB holders to enjoy various privileges and the increasing profit for long term.
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PCHAIN: A New Era Begins with Testnet 1.0

The milestone release is one month ahead of schedule and marks a new era for PCHAIN.
The live broadcast also shows the test network’s various functional modules, including the browser (support for querying information on main chain blocks, sub-chain blocks, and transactions), wallet (support for TPAI balance queries, and transfers between main and sub-chains), TPAI transactions (support for capital transactions between two accounts on the same chain), contracts (support for the deployment and calling of smart contracts), multi-chain (view data related to the PCHAIN test network including the 256 sub-chains, 1,064 verification nodes, and distribution across continents), and TPS values.
On August 23, PCHAIN released a video for the Testnet 1.0, which showed a throughput of 35K TPS. Since then, the Testnet 1.0 TPS throughput has continued to increase daily. PCHAIN can achieve 10 times higher TPS than traditional projects while reducing communication costs by 143 times. PCHAIN also uses 64 times less CPU and 244 times less memory resources.
PCHAIN is the world’s first native multi-chain system supporting EVM and makes large-scale blockchain applications possible. PCHAIN consists of a main chain and multiple sub-chains. Each sub-chain can be deployed with smart contracts, which does not affect the smart contracts of other chains. The entire PCHAIN is similar to π (Pi) in shape, so it is named PCHAIN.
A virtual machine (VM) is a computer system simulated through software. The simulated system has the complete functionality of hardware systems, but operates in an isolated environment. EVM, or Ethereum virtual machine, is equivalent to a system core or node that transmits instructions to the CPU to shield the underlying operating system.
The smart contract “running” on it can be deployed and operates independently from the underlying hardware and software environment. Transaction processing speeds can increase linearly with the number of sub-chains in a multi-chain system, so the PCHAIN system can achieve 10,000 or higher TPS on a normal machine.
The concept of the PCHAIN-compatible EVM multi-chain protocol is one of the project’s core advantages. The protocol runs smart contracts on sidechain through Solidity and EVM. EVM allows migration from the Ethereum network to existing DApps, enabling users to benefit from the increased versatility that multi-chain systems offer.
Developers can also easily use the same coding language that they are already familiar with to build DApps for PCHAIN.
Existing multi-chain platforms can increase throughput by enabling parallel transaction processing, but most platforms do not support EVM. PCHAIN’s architecture has multiple mechanisms to achieve highly interoperable and scalable blockchain solutions.
The multi-chain architecture allows DApps to operate on their own sub-chains, which are completely independent of each other. This structure ensures that overload on one chain does not affect the performance of other chains in the system. Although the sub-chains are separate, they are still able to interact and trade when necessary.
The unique PDBFT consensus algorithm of PCHAIN reduces communication costs, works 12 times more efficiently and offers 100 times better decentralization than the traditional DPOS algorithm.
The PDBFT algorithm also avoids long-range attacks effectively because of its quick transaction finalization times. The Smart Data Oracle mechanism deployed by PCHAIN simultaneously migrates data to smart contracts, solving problems of insufficient information in the current smart contracts.
Additionally, the PCHAIN dynamic super node is the world’s first purely dynamic PoS reward system, which reduces the Matthew effect and makes the entire system more stable and fair. On August 22, PCHAIN officially launched the prequel of dynamic super nodes – the Executive Super Nodes Campaign.
The current public chain still has bottlenecks that lead to insufficient performance, which makes it difficult for the system to support large-scale applications and transactions. PCHAIN works around this by combining technologies such as unique PDBFT consensus algorithms, intelligent data, cross-chain, and multi-chain systems to make large-scale blockchain application possible.
In order to achieve this goal, PCHAIN spares no effort to develop partnerships. At the Testnet live broadcast conference, Dr. Cao Feng, founder of PCHAIN, announced that PCHAIN has become the first main chain partner of the world’s first Junction × Digital Nation Hackathon. The Junction × Digital Nation Hackathon, which is jointly organized by the Digital Renaissance Foundation, Junction, and the Estonian Digital Citizenship Community, will be held in Helsinki, Finland in November.
More than 1,500 senior developers from around the world will compete to build digital countries using blockchain. Dr. Feng will also participate in the competition as a tutor and jointly publish the tasks with the Hackathon’s organizers.
In addition, after reaching a strategic agreement with UDAP, which is dedicated to blockchain asset management, PCHAIN demonstrated the application of UDAP’s asset management wallet, Harvest Wallet, during the live broadcast of the Testnet. UDAP, as a general and decentralized middleware service layer of blockchain asset lifecycle management, provides middleware services that the blockchain infrastructure lacks.
Third-party application developers can quickly access the underlying co-chains, such as PCHAIN, without knowing the blockchain’s underlying technical details, thus completing blockchain’s transformation from an Internet business model to a token economy model.
Harvest Wallet is the first encrypted asset wallet that supports both PCHAIN and Ethereum and the first asset wallet specifically used to manage and trade non-monetary assets. These features allow users to fully appreciate PCHAIN’s high speed and low cost performance advantages.
PCHAIN has also been expanding its network. By the end of August, PCHAIN reached strategic cooperation agreements with nearly 20 partners at home and abroad, including CFLP, CerTik, IEEE Blockchain, Anbi, Qbao, Bodhi, and Dex.top in order to build a secure, stable, and orderly DApp ecosystem together in the future.
A team’s qualifications and strengths can often build confidence and help guarantee a project’s development. PCHAIN, initiated by a team of well-known industry experts, includes professors from the National Thousand Talents Program, winners of the Singapore Presidential Award, a former IBM Greater China Blockchain Technology Leader, and the Co-Chairman of the Patent Committee. The team published a total of 100 IEEE ACM top papers and international patents.
PCHAIN scientists also helped prepare Technical Details and Practices of Ethereum, which was recommended by Vitalik, the founder of Ethereum.
Dr. Cao Feng is also the first international patent inventor of blockchain in China; the co-founder of ChinaLedger, China’s most influential blockchain alliance; chief scientist of the Blockchain Application Committee of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing; and senior researcher of the China Blockchain Research Alliance.
He was the chief scientist of Internet finance at the IBM China Research Institute and the head of the IBM human-machine Project in China. He has won the IBM Global Outstanding Technology Achievement Award three times, published 22 international papers, and acted as the chairman of several ACM IEEE international conferences.
More than 20 global funds have invested in PCHAIN so far. These strategic investors include  Fundamental Labs, FBG, Liaode Capital, China Creation Capital, BlockVC, and LinkVC, which is a strategic partner of the North American Blockchain Association and is highly ranked by multiple foreign blockchain rating agencies.
PCHAIN also won the Silicon Valley Award, “The Most Promising Blockchain Base Platform 2018” and was selected as the best blockchain platform in 2018 by Bitcoinist.
Many DApps projects are beginning to appear and race to move to the chain as quickly as possible. However, the existing contract platforms for main or single chain systems are far from perfect. PCHAIN is a rare, innovation-based, public chain project which has made great improvements on several pre-existing public chains.
The launch of the test network marks the maturity of PCHAIN’s solution. Although the project is ambitious, the PCHAIN team has been working hard and are well-prepared for the future. It is expected that the version 2.0 PCHAIN Testnet will be released in November 2018 and the main network will follow in March 2019.
It is believed that PCHAIN’s technology will help accelerate development in the world of blockchain, making the large-scale application of blockchain possible.
PCHAIN live Testnet launch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9TOfrpNyj0
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Using Basic Technical Analysis Tools to Predict Short Term Price Changes and Trade Bitcoin, SimpleFX Explains

If you are a crypto enthusiast considering day trading, but lacking the knowledge of how to start, SimpleFX brings this great piece of reading for you. Here we are focusing on the way Bitcoin is traded and the prediction of short-term prices based on basic technical analysis tools. The article provides information about the process.

The volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the rate at which their price increases or decreases for a given set of returns. It is measured by calculating the standard deviation of the annualized returns over a stipulated time period. Those who have been associated with the crypto space can understand the reason behind it better. The cryptocurrency world is volatile because it cannot be controlled and therefore would continue to trade in the free markets frequently.
CFDs are financial derivatives which are conducted as agreements (contracts) between a trader and a brokerage company. When we have a contract, we do not actually own the underlying asset, instead, we possess the right to receive the difference between the current value of an asset and its value in the future. If our prediction on the value of the underlying asset is incorrect, and the difference is negative, the trader will have to cover that loss. CFDs can be created for shares, indices, forex, and also cryptocurrency. With CFDs, traders can speculate on the price growth and price decline of an underlying asset. There is a great guide to cryptocurrency trading which explicitly focuses on crypto trading with CFDs.
The Significance of Basic Technical Analysis Tools in Crypto Trading
Any of us investing in the flourishing, as well as the unpredictable crypto market, is deeply concerned about the crypto prices. Buying any cryptocurrency at the wrong time can put your trade-in negative, this can happen quickly and substantially, and if you are new to crypto trading, this can start your journey off on the wrong path. By using some basic technical analysis, you can start making better decisions about timing your entrance into a coin and thus be a more profitable trader.
Crypto traders have several tools to assess the cryptocurrency market. One of them is an approach known as Technical Analysis. Using this method, traders can get a better understanding of the market sentiment and isolate significant trends in the market. This data can be used to make more educated predictions and wiser trades.
To get a better idea of technical analysis, it is crucial to understand the fundamental ideas of the Dow Theory that tech analysis is based on:

The market considers everything in its pricing. All existing, prior, and upcoming details have already been integrated into current asset prices. With regards to Bitcoin and crypto, this would be comprised of multiple variables like current, past, and future demand, and any regulations that impact the crypto market. The existing price is a response to all the current details, which includes the expectations and knowledge of each coin traded in the market. Technicians interpret what the price is suggesting about market sentiment to make calculated wise predictions about future pricing.
Prices movement aren’t random. Rather, they often follow trends, which may either be long or short-term. After a trend is formed by a coin, it’s probably going to follow that trend or oppose it. Technicians try to isolate and profit from trends using technical analysis.
‘What’ is more important than ‘Why’. Technicians are more focused on the price of a coin than each variable that produces a movement in its price. Although multiple aspects could have influenced the price of a coin to move in a specific direction, Technicians assertively review supply and demand.

In stocks, insiders are people like executives and mutual funds who have material, unfair advantage over outsiders who don’t have access to the latest financials, boardroom meeting minutes, etc. In cryptocurrencies, insiders are 1) the executives of the companies behind cryptocurrency tokens, 2) mining pools, and 3) large holders (i.e. “whales”). Regardless of the asset, insiders have access to critical information sooner than the outsiders, which allows them to buy before rallies, or sell before selloffs.
The best 5 technical analysis indicators for cryptocurrency include:

Moving Average
Bollinger Bands,
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Crypto price

And SimpleFX’s WebTrader platform covers all that.
SimpleFX, a forex and cryptocurrency CFD broker, is set to launch a new and improved version of its WebTrader platform. This new BETA release features a unique redesign of the platform. It also includes several upgrade tweaks that are sure to improve the user experience. The new SFX WebTrader focuses on ease of use with many necessary upgrades to both the design interface as well as the platform tools.

The platform features a complete design overhaul. The trading engine has also been revamped, delivering faster loading times and pricing updates. Traders can efficiently manage their accounts via a host of adjustable and customizable option menus.

One of the significant improvements in this latest iteration of the SFX WebTrader is the inclusion of fully adjustable technical analysis tools which include:

        Bars, Area for the chart.
        Different trend lines, arrows, ray, channels, angle.
        Shapes: rectangle, ellipse, triangle, curve, arc.
        Fibonacci tools, Gann, Pitchforks.
        Brush, patterns, ruler, price range, object tree.

Traders can also either view charts on market list or current price levels for all symbols and currency pairs on the platform.  It is the simplest, easy-to-pick-up online trading platform that has been designed for every device. Users enjoy direct crypto deposits and payouts as well as up to 1:500 leverage. Moreover, Simple & Safe API manager allows users to plug in advanced trading tools.
Start using it now at app.simplefx.com.

Images courtesy of SimpleFX
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Binance Unveils a Crypto-Fiat Exchange in Singapore, Private Beta Testing Starts Tomorrow

Hardly there is a better place for innovations than amidst one of the “Forth Asian Tigers” well-known for the dramatic economic growth and accelerating industry development. Balancing at the forefront of technical revolution, a cryptocurrency is the most cutting-edge innovation and Asia is evidently the fittest location.
The same flow of thoughts seems to reign inside the minds of Binance creators since the world’s largest exchange by daily trading volume expands the business reach onto the Asian region picking Singapore as a next headquarter for their new fiat-to-crypto exchange.
Quite recently Coinspeaker has reported that the exchange signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malta Stock Exchange over the launch of a new digital exchange for security token trading. It is rather obvious that Binance takes active steps towards the global dominance in the crypto-industry, in the meanwhile the exchange confirms the aggressive drive with the new offices operating in Malta, Jersey, South Korea, Uganda and Liechtenstein.
The next to join the list of exchange’s contacts is Singapour. According to the announcement made the other day by the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, in his Twitter account, the next crypto-fiat exchange that is going to be rolled out by the company will find its home in the second most attractive business hub based on the Word Bank research, namely Singapore.
Prior to posting the news on Twitter, Changpeng Zhao first revealed the plans to launch the fiat exchange while speaking at a recent blockchain event led by crypto assets-specializing firm Cumberland. The conference also featured the famous industry disruptors including Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder and CEO of crypto exchange Gemini.
So far only a few operational details have been disclosed. The fiat exchange is said to be launched in a beta-testing version and in order to trial a new framework users will have to receive an invitation. It is likely that Binance will offer Singapore dollar trading pairs. Although the fiat-to-crypto exchanges remain an actual novelty within the industry, they reveal a vast spector of opportunities available for investors.
From a Binance point of view, opening a fiat exchange improves its users’ experience by enabling them to seamlessly convert across several fiat currencies and then make transactions directly from the exchange account using the new currency. Even more significantly, fiat to fiat exchanges generally offer users interbank exchange rates as against retail exchange rates, which means that users get more for their money.
Speaking on the Binance’s choice of Singapore it is worth to mention the country’s business-booster logo that successfully maintained by tax loosening policy and fixed regulatory environment. Despite of the fact that cryptocurrencies are not recognized as a legal tender, the country in the heart of Asian became a harbor for numerous blockchain-based enterprises, since the cryptocurrency exchanges are allowed to seamlessly operate at the market as long as they adhere to AML and CFT requirements.
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World Blockchain Roadshow Joins the Largest Blockchain & Healthcare Symposium

The unique pitch session will be held within Blockchain In Healthcare Symposium in Dubai. Both events take place in JW Marriot Marquis Hotel.
According to ICO Watchlist’s statistics, blockchain projects involved in Health industry have raised $276.868.999. The sector is the forth most prosperous in crypto community after Communications, Blockchain Platform and Finance. Implementation of blockchain technology in medicine is a sign of the new era in the healthcare industry.
Thus, involved ICOs draw much attention of various healthcare institutes. Representatives of such organisations as GCC Blockchain, Ministry of Health Dubai, HealthEuropa, AIMedEurope, MedGadget, Etheal will attend World Blockchain Roadshow Healthcare.
A free entrance on the largest medical forum is provided for participants of World Blockchain Roadshow. They will have an opportunity to visit every session of Blockchain In Healthcare Symposium including the one with the Ministry of Health and Prevention of United Arab Emirates representatives.
Moreover, the projects will be able to install a banner with 50% discount. The visitors of World Blockchain Roadshow are welcomed to take part in the morning block programme.
World Blockchain Roadshow is a blockchain tour on the world crypto capitals. The aim, of the journey is to establish communication between selected ICOs and members of various countries’ crypto communities. World Blockchain Roadshow events take place in Asia, Europe and Middle east attracting the most prominent investors.
The event is organized by International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. IDACB is the leading non-profit organization with the influence ensured by participation of 93 countries. The Association promotes blockchain implementation worldwide. The concept of IDACB is to boost development of a unifying approach for international legislation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
Contribute in healthcare industry development, raise funds and promote your ICO with IDACB! Join World Blockchain Roadshow Healthcare right now!
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Kicking Off the AERGO Public TDE

Community members will be evaluated based on the impact to the ecosystem and true benefit to AERGO stakeholders.
General Community RewarDrop campaign will reward 3,275 community members between US$250 and US$2,000 in AERGO tokens. More details can be found here: https://t.co/1DEIGeNVFa
Geographic Enablers (partners) RewarDrop details will be distributed first to the parties that already expressed interest in AERGO with the official announcement following shortly.
AERGO is a public, enterprise-grade blockchain project built and supported by Blocko, Korea’s largest blockchain infrastructure provider with over 23 delivered implementations and over 15 pending deployments. After IBM, Blocko has perhaps the second largest number of deployments in the world. Blocko now develops AERGO: a fourth generation blockchain and IT platform based on a hybrid-blockchain architecture and a delegated proof of stake consensus model.
About Blocko
Blocko has deployed permissioned blockchain products for financial services companies (Samsung Card, Shinhan Financial Group, Lotte Card); enterprises (Hyundai Motor Gorup, Samsung SDS); and government bodies (Korea Internet and Security Agency, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Gyeonggi-do provincial government). Blocko’s shareholders include Samsung Ventures, SparkLabs Ventures, Intervest, and POSCO Venture Capital.
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Tim Draper Stands By $250,000 Bitcoin Price Prediction

Despite the struggles of 2018, leading cryptocurrency experts predict that Bitcoin price will hit stratospheric levels in a few years’ time. The top-ranked cryptocurrency, like the rest of the market, has experienced a massive price reduction since the start of the year.

Positive Sentiments at the 2018 Crypto Finance Conference
Speaking during the conference, the famous billionaire tech investor, Tim Draper, stood by his $250,000 Bitcoin price prediction. According to him, the price of the number one cryptocurrency will reach a quarter of a million dollars by 2022.
Draper earlier gave the same prediction in a couple of tweets posted in April 2018. At the time, BTC’s price was $8,000, having experienced a temporary 17 percent surge. Other experts at the conference experienced confidence in the longevity of blockchain technology. Chris Larsen, a Ripple executive, dubbed the emerging technology as “the Internet of Value.”

Oops! I predicted $250k in 2022. My tweet last night was missing a zero. $250k is the number!
— Tim Draper (@TimDraper) April 13, 2018

Tim Draper Makes $80 Trillion Cryptocurrency Market Prediction
In another development, Tim Draper also recently predicted that the total cryptocurrency market capitalization would reach $80 trillion in the future. Speaking during the 2018 DealStreetAsia PE-VC Summit held in Singapore, the tech VC said the cryptocurrency market would reach such a valuation within the next 15 years.
He also, like other stakeholders, likened the nascent industry to that of the early Internet movement. According to Draper, the current price struggles was due to lack of mainstream utility, saying:
The internet started in the same way, it came in big waves, and then it kind of came crashing down, and then the next wave comes concentrated but much bigger, and I suspect the same thing will go on here (with bitcoin). The current slowdown related to cryptocurrency was because people were not yet accustomed to it, despite clearly seeing its potential. Once people become more familiar with it, the technology is bound to transform many huge industries around the world.
Draper, himself, has invested in many cryptocurrency companies and ICOs like Coinbase and Tezos.
Recent Bitcoin Price Performance

The top-ranked cryptocurrency has declined significantly since the start of September after a mini-rally towards the end of August. At the time of writing this article, BTC is currently down by more than three percent, sliding below $6,300.
Bitcoin is down by more than 60 percent since the start of the year and has plunged by almost 70 percent from its December all-time high (ATH).
Do you agree with Draper’s four-year BTC price prediction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image courtesy of Coinmarketcap.com, Twitter/@TimDraper, and Wikimedia Commons/@JD Lasica.
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EOS/USD Price Analysis: Trends of September 17–23, 2018

Key Highlights

Formation of “W” candles pattern confirmed on the daily and 4H chart;
the price might go up this week;
a break out at the resistance level of $6.8 is possible.

EOS/USD Long-term Trend: Bearish
Resistance levels: $6.8, $9.4, $11.4
Support levels: $4.1, $2.0, $0.5The cryptocurrency has been making effort to break out of the channel it was since August 8, 2018. Another attempt was made last week to lower below the support level of $4.1 but closed higher towards the dynamic resistance level of 10-EMA with the formation of bullish candles. More pressure from the buyer pushed the price upward and was able to break the dynamic resistance 10-day EMA.
The price has kept ranging within the resistance level of $6.8 and support level of $4.1 on the daily charts for more than three weeks. If bulls hold on the current price range, the current market situation will persist. As at present the price forming the last part of the “W” pattern which connotes the possibility of the price increase this week towards the resistance level of $6.8.
The Stochastic Oscillator Period 14 on the daily chart is above the level 20, with its signal lines pointing upwards, which indicates the probability of a bullish movement this week.
EOS/USD Price Medium-term Trend: Bullish
On the medium term, the price continues ranging within the boundaries of the resistance level at $6.8 and the support level at $4.1.The coin is bullish within the channel on the medium-term outlook. The price is currently moving upward with the formation of more bullish candles, which indicates that bears were losing control gradually as the current position of the Stochastic oscillator 14 suggests a temporal rise in momentum.
The 10-day EMA has crossed the 50-day EMA upward with the price above the 10-day EMA, confirming the uptrend. Should EOS price go up to the resistance level at $6.8 and produce a bullish candle pattern, then further upward movement could be anticipated. Traders should be patient for either a breakout at the upper resistance area or a breakdown at the lower support area before taking a position.
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US District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Mt. Gox, Japanese Bank Mizuho for “Lack of Jurisdiction”

A U.S. district court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and Japanese bank Mizuho due to a “lack of jurisdiction.”

Lawsuit Rejected
According to a report from Billionaire365, the lawsuit was filed by Gregory Pearce. He is reported to be one of the 24,000 users that were affected by the collapse of the exchange in 2014. Users depositing money into their Mt. Gox accounts did so through Japanese bank Mizuho.
The decision by the District Court of the United States of America of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania read:
Submitted before this Court by Mizuho’s Motion to Dismiss for Demerits to Establish an Injunction and for Lack of Jurisdiction (Exhibit 11); Pierce’s Response in Opposition to that Motion to Dismiss (Exhibit 12), as well as Mizuho’s Memorandum of Response Law (Exhibit 13); and for the reasons set forth below, Mizuho’s Motion for Lack of Jurisdiction is Granted.
Launched in 2010, during 2013 and 2014, Mt. Gox was handling around 70 percent of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide. However, after discovering the loss of $850,000 worth of bitcoins in late February 2014, it filed for civil rehabilitation. Two months later, it filed for bankruptcy protection. Sometime after that, $250,000 worth of bitcoins was found.

Since then, it has been an ongoing battle for the victims involved to get their money back. In April, it was reported that due to a Japanese bankruptcy law, Mark Karpelès, the former CEO of Mt. Gox, may end up receiving billions in Bitcoin. At the time, he argued that he didn’t want it and didn’t expect to receive anything.
Now, though, it may be that the light can finally be seen at the end of the tunnel. In August, reports indicated that a new system launch meant that former clients of the defunct exchange could file for rehabilitation claims for the return of their lost crypto.
Earlier this month, an online rehabilitation claiming system was opened for corporate users.
Market Impact
Of course, when affected users receive their money back, it remains to be seen what they’ll do. Will they hodl their coins or sell them? And if they sell them, what impact will this produce on the industry?

The first nine months of 2018 have been anything but promising for the crypto market. Bitcoin, for instance, has struggled throughout the year to gain anything higher than $8,000. At the time of writing, it’s trading at just under $6,500, according to CoinMarketCap. Yet, how much further will a major selloff push its price down?
According to Kim Nilsson, a former Mt. Gox client, a flood of payments could “completely crash the market,” reports The Telegraph.
Are you a former Mt. Gox user? Will you be selling or hodling your assets? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.
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Coinfinance Review – Your Bridge to the Future of Money

What is Coinfinance.me
Coinfinance.me has been designed in order to help investors design a better and well-balanced portfolio. The company is now delivering a modern way and method that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies.
The main goal is to build an alternative firm that focuses on crypto solutions and remains competitive in the market.
Coin Finance aims to classify and invest in the most important virtual currencies in the market. Users will have investment strategies that deliver lasting value through a modern-based investment philosophy.
Investment Offers
Coin Finance works in order to build a portfolio of sustainable investments. In this way, investors would have knowledge of their social, economic and environmental responsibilities. Moreover, it would remain committed to integrity, morality and fairness.
The company is currently offering 5% fixed daily profit for a period of 70 business days for investments between $100,00 and $1,000,000 dollars. Investors would be able to earn a total of 450% net profit.
However, there are other investment plans for investors with lower amounts of funds. For example, it is possible to invest between $10 and $999 for a period of 70 business days and receive 3% daily. At the end of the investment period, the user will be receiving a 210% profit on its initial investment.
The next investments are 3.5% daily for amounts ranging between $1,000 and $9,999;  4% daily for investments between $10,000 and $49,000; and 4.5% daily for investment between $50,000 and $99,999 dollars.
Beginners can start investing small sums of money, get used to the different strategies available, and increase the number of funds invested in the future. Users will gain experience and learn the risks and benefits of online investment.
Professional Advice
Trading experts working at Coin Finance have developed multiple investment packages for individuals to choose according to their financial needs. Investors can consult the expert trading team if they have doubts deciding the investment strategy desired. This is very positive because if investors do not know how to invest their funds, they can receive professional advise.
Coin Finance explains on the matter:
“Our expert trading team studies the clients’ portfolio, financial history and stability of each investor and before recommending any package to you they look through all the aspects of your account. If you follow the expert advice you for sure get stable profit.”
All the funds are able to be tracked every single day. Furthermore, it is possible to see the progress of the investments just by entering to the user’s account. Nonetheless, it is not possible to take out the funds until the investment period ends.
It is possible to use different virtual currencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and Dogecoin (DOGE).
The company is located in London, the United Kingdom and its company registration number is: 11444610.
Coin Finance offers a great opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios in a very easy way. A team of experts manages the funds provided by the investors that want to gain exposure in the crypto market.
The company offers different investment options in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Another point to mention is that the company is registered in the United Kingdom, which has important financial regulations.
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