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ABM Innovative FZE is UAE based Technology Company

About ABM Innovative FZE.
ABM Innovative FZE is UAE based Technology Company, developing solutions for the latest security, monitoring, and timekeeping.
We are well known for supplying Security products like Biometric devices, Fingerprint time attendance system, RFID, HID and Mifare access control systems, Guard Patrolling systems, Card Punching attendance machine, Job Card time date stamping machine.
ABM is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of security products and accessories in the UAE       Learn More      ABM   advance fingerprint based attendance system has changed the scenario 0f old traditional manual attendance registers in many companies.
The ABM fingerprint attendance system avoids buddy punching and false recording of working paid duration that workers otherwise wont to  do with handwritten registers.
It also monitors the period of the holidays issued by  the fingerprint attendance software.
ABM access control system is designed to present a credential to a smart reader, the keypad sends the credential’s coding to the main controller, actually a processor builtin in a control panel, the most authentic mainboard.
The access control matches the credential’s code to an access panelist, assign or denies the request query, and sends a confirmation log to a server.
Time Recorder Biometric fingerprint attendance, facial recognition, touchless time attendance system.

ABM represents all biometric time attendance recorders that come with optional a PIN

EM proximity card, HID card, Mifare card and network feature.
Face time attendance is the best touchless biometric device to record the real-time attendance logins.
The JWM Guard patrolling system is the most advanced tracking solution to get maximum value from the security supervisor, it is necessary that the supervisor monitor day and night patrols according to predefine procedures by management.
Normally, secure area patrols practice at least two to four times per shift, and we suggest our clients should make sure to inspect all critical areas of the premises.

JWM Guard WAND          Products we support
Access Control System Dubai: ABM Fingerprint attendance Readers

Fingerprint Scanners, and Card Punch Attendance is mainly the best offer for our most valuable clients.
USB Portable Biometric devices, .

Time Attendance System and Access Control System Dubai more or less use all over UAE
As product Suppliers in Dubai for Fingerprints products

Time Recorders & Biometric Fingerprints Software cover the whole GCC region.
URU 4500 Digital Persona Sensors, Guard tour system & Security Guard patrolling system mostly used in Banks, Hospitals, Oil terminals, and big or medium SME.
Commercial access control systems.
Commercial access control gives a simple authentic verification.
It involves the main keypad that characterizes the standards for response or rejection of an employee to confined company premises.
Commercial entry control, for example, security entry and exit points.
Which takes the return for approval.

Access Control Dubai has the capacity to see whether that standards are being gripped to

moreover allowing or denying passage entry.
3 types of access control systems.
There are three main types of access control which is the system accountable for possession individual’s authenticity certifications by their face, fingerprints, and PIN number.
Creating a client’s approval by smart touch stands in the right way of entry either direct opening to enable access or by receptionist remote control.
Card Issuing System.
This system raising an observant tool, for instance, a card issue system goes almost like an entrance control system Dubai.
Keeping the cardholder stand near to entry point having the right option which is truly helpful for individual clients can pass.
Access control system software.
ACS application is the whole procedure as it may, it’s the access control structure for whole building entryway, for client’s instance authorize entry which rather permits or denies to physical entry.
Learn more.
Advantage Security Solutions:.
Take advantage and get the best access control and access control system Sharjah.
At www.abm-pk.com  have the best Guard Tour system dubai, attendance machine.
We are based in Arab emirates and have been serving our customers for a long time, .

Our time recorders are the best bundy clock in UAE Fingerprint attendance Dubai:
Fingerprint attendance Dubai and bio metric door lock Sharjah

You can buy the best device in our local Office, card punching machine Dubai and bio metric attendance Ras Al Khaimah.
Security is a big issue in UAE and we understand that you need the best state of art smart security products for yourself.
And that is why we offer the highest quality security devices here at ABM.
You will not be disappointed from our products certainly.
ABM Fastest Growing :.

ABM is one of the fastest growing security product suppliers in UAE

We have the best face attendance system dubai, .

Facial attendance Abu dhabi and touch less recognition Dubai
ABM also deal in Guard tour  System Dubai and Guard Patrolling Abu dhabi

We hope that you have a wonderful shopping experience here.
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Phone *      ABM Innovative FZE Office   P2   Hamriyah Business Centre P

O Box : 51483, Sharjah , UAE.
+971 55 1787172.
[email protected]



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