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For more information regarding Solid Waste

Collection crews for City Solid Waste will be directed to leave behind overfilled trash carts beginning Monday, August 31 to prevent messes caused by unclosed lids.
The decision to leave behind overfilled trash carts comes after months of City Solid Waste encouraging residents to not overstuff their trash carts.
Dumping trash carts with lids that are prevented from closing leads to messes.
The Loveland City Council amended the City Code in February to state that lids on trash carts must be completely closed in order to be serviced.
In the following weeks up to Monday, August 31, collection crews will begin placing notes on customers’ open trash carts advising them they are out of compliance.
“We understand that people have had a lot on their minds over the past few months,” said Tyler Bandemer, Solid Waste Superintendent.
“Although the amended code has been in place since February, we wanted to provide our customers some time to get a better feel for their current collection needs and increase their cart size as needed,” Tyler said.
Customers who only have occasional overflow can bag their extra trash and affix a City trash stamp sold at participating local retailers.
Additionally, these extra bags are required to be placed adjacent to the trash cart as opposed to inside the container.
For more information regarding Solid Waste, visit: www.cityofloveland.org/solidwaste or call 970 962-2524 This post Trash Carts with Open Lids to No Longer be Collected in Loveland previously appeared on North Forty News.



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