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Hosted PBX and VoIP You want reliable

The Future is Here.
Are You.
The communications industry is undergoing unprecedented technological innovation.
Cloud software continues to  ip the industry on its head, enabling explosive growth through a business model that allows companies like yours to utilize high-value software and services like Hosted PBX and VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, and much more.

What Makes SADOS the Clear Choice

That’s what you get from us right out of the box.
Our support for our customers is second to none, and our experienced support team endlessly strives to enable your success, evolving as your needs do in order to facilitate a truly future-proof solution that improves your business now, and maintains its success for years to come.
With diverse knowledge of the cloud communications industry, we’re able to provide our customers with the exceptional people, proven processes, and innovative technology they need, while eliminating the complexity of traditional communication solutions.

Mobile VoIP Users to Reach 1,000,000,000 by 2017 (Juniper Research

2012) 40% SAVINGS over Tradition Phone Systems.
Hosted PBX and VoIP You want reliable, high-quality phone systems that simply work.
And with your business in a constant state of change, sometimes simple suffers.
But today, transforming your phone system is simple regardless of your business—whether you have five employees or 500.
• Dissolve costs of traditional phone closets • Full PBX capabilities utilizing easy interface • Low monthly phone bills (including VOIP service) • Future-proof your phone systems SIP Trunking We offer SIP Trunking (virtual phone utilizing broadband access connection) solutions for any sized- business—whether you’re a small business looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP or a mid-sized business looking for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans, we help you save up to 40% over traditional telephone lines.
API Integration We’ve created several plugins and applications to help you such as click to dial, screen pops, call logging, and presence.
The Operator console delivers all this and live visibility into your account for call control, call parking, visual voicemails and much more.

Virtual Auto Attendant & Mobile VoIP Get unlimited auto attendants

extensions, and mailboxes—all configured to meet your exact requirements.

You’ll be able to utilize an unlimited combination of IP desk phones and softphones

while seamlessly integrating your call now with your wireless technologies.

Unified Communications Unified Communications (UC) is the seamless integration of voice

presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies that help drastically improve your communication processes and business productivity.
Our software and services enable you to access your account and seamlessly incorporate our high-value cloud communication services.

• Mobility: Access the information you need (internet connection required)
• Manageability: Small to mid-sized businesses can provide a simplified

service to compete more effectively with the competition.
• Multi-User: Large groups of workers or customers can collaborate on discussions or share resources, helping to maximize your budget.

• Scalability: With the constant change in technology

scalability is huge in today’s business world and with UC, your services can be provided on a per-customer basis, cutting down unnecessary costs.

• Disaster Recovery: Your business can rest easy in a server emergency with the use of UC

where your data can be backed-up for rapid recovery.

Personal Flexibility Our reliable

feature-rich hosted phone services adjust as you need them to.
We make it easy for our customers to deploy the communication apps and solutions that your business needs, creating an in-office experience right at your fingertips, wherever you are on whichever device you choose.
Commonly used features include: full call center capabilities, listen live, find me, follow me, and more.

Mobility Mastered Mobility is paramount in today’s business world

Keep your company connected with a wide array of mobile features—from simultaneous ring to remote call control to help you conduct business anywhere through any device.
Supportive Staff We’re here to support your business at every level with our always-available, personable support team.
We’ll help you with your specific needs and concerns, while giving you personalized customer support you won’t and anywhere else.
Business Continuity Eliminate operational loss should part of your communications network go down.
A recovery plan will help your business save itself.
Insure your future by providing your business with the necessary protection, including e-mail archiving, data backup and restoration, upgrades, information protection, disaster recovery, and more.
With parallel systems put in place in different locations to ensure business continuity even if a natural disaster occurs, we keep you covered.

Customer Tested Our products and services are customer tested

and approved—we’ve enabled countless businesses to improve their communication channels easily, and effectively, to transform their business into a competitive powerhouse.
With a full range of front and back-office features, you can rest easy knowing your business is taken care of, now and for the future.



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