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Brohm Lake From the parking lot

The town of Squamish is home to many beautiful lakes to explore whether you’re after somewhere for swimming, hiking, or paddling.
The Brohm Lake trails are perfect for taking a walk around the lake and hiking up to get beautiful views of the Tantalus mountain range.
Right off the highway, this lake is super accessible and makes for a great day hike with family and friends.  Looking for more lakes near Vancouver to explore.

Check out these best lakes near Vancouver for swimming and hiking!  Brohm Lake

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Driving down the Sea to Sky Highway I’d noticed a bridge going across a lake and wondered what its purpose was.

Turns out its part of of the Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest trails just north of Squamish

One December morning I took myself on a solo hike through the forest coming across the most beautiful views of the Tantalus Mountain Range (my favourite!).
On my hike, the trails through the forest were the most appealing part of the area as I hiked through the quiet forest crossing small wooden bridges before climbing up to the viewpoint.  In the summer, the lake becomes the main attraction as it’s a great temperature for swimming which makes it a very popular spot.
You’ll need to arrive early if you have plans of chilling out by the lake as the parking lot gets very full early on in the day.  If you’re planning a trip to Brohm Lake, check out this guide.
How to get to Brohm Lake  Brohm Lake is about 15km north of downtown Squamish and is easily accessible from the Sea to Sky highway.
From Vancouver, .

Head north on the Sea to Sky highway past Squamish and towards Alice Lake Provincial Park

On the right.

There’s a sign to Cat Lake Recreation Area

and then keep an eye on the left as 1km further north there’s a small parking area just off the highway.  Know before you go  There is no Brohm Lake camping.
Always practice leave no trace ethics.
Not sure what those are.
Get a refresher here.
Just because it’s spring in the city, there’s often still snow in the local mountains until July.  Carry bear spray with you on all BC hiking trails.
Get more bear safety tips here.

Wondering what to pack for Vancouver day hikes

Here’s a hiking packing list.

Refresh your memory about hiking safety with BC Adventure Smart

Don’t leave home without your 10 essentials.
They could save your life.

Brohm Lake cliff jumping: There’s a rope swing set up not far from the parking lot

and further down the path is a great spot for cliff jumping.
Look for a small cove with and next to that is a large sheer rock with multiple platforms of around 20 ft – 40 ft high.
Brohm Lake, Squamish This trail guide for Brohm Lake takes you up to the viewpoint of the Tantalus mountains and loops across the bridge to the southern end of Brohm Lake and then back to the parking lot.
This loop can be extended or reduced as you wish.
For example, a longer route would take you down the Thompson Trail to Paradise Valley and the salmon hatchery (steep), and a shorter route could just be an out-and-back to the viewpoint and parking lot.  This Brohm Lake trail map will help you see the route as described below.  Tantalus viewpoint loop, Brohm Lake From the parking lot, walk towards the main wooden signboard and go right to a junction where there are pit toilets.
Just before you reach the toilets there’s a small trail to the left which you’ll need to take.
It goes slightly uphill and winds its way through the forest and around some rocky areas.
Stay on this trail as it goes alongside the lake climbing up some wooden steps and across a couple of wooden bridges.
After one of the wooden bridges, .

You’ll reach a marker pointing towards the Brohm Creek Trail

Go left at this junction until you come to another junction with the Thompson Trail (this is where you can go to the Paradise Valley area).
For the purpose of this viewpoint, stay on the trail you were on, where you’re now heading along the backside of the lake.  This trail continues through the forest and comes to a junction with the Connector Trail.
This trail will be on your right and goes steeply up a slope for a short little while before meeting with the High Trail.
Go right here for some more uphill and then right again to reach the Tantalus viewpoint.
The viewpoint is fairly overgrown but does offer some great views of the mountain range in front of you.  Return back to the junction with the High Trail and make a right to join the high trail in the opposite direction to the way you came from.
Continue downhill on this park past some streams and over wooden bridges until you meet up with the Alder Trail on your left.
Take this trail and continue back towards the lake and highway crossing over a long wooden bridge over Brohm Lake (this is the one that can be seen from the highway).  Once you’ve crossed this bridge, head left and walk along the gravel trail next to the highway enjoying the lake before returning to the parking area.

Brohm Lake hike statistics Know the essential hike details for the Brohm Lake trail

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate Distance: Varies Elevation: Varies, .

100m to the viewpoint Time: 2+ hour What to pack for Brohm Lake
Make sure you look at these packing lists for the Brohm Lake trails

Your 10 essentials for all-day hikes Here’s a hiking packing list.
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