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The best patient experiences are built with Eligible

Eligible to Act as Oscar’s Hosted Real-Time Eligibility Vendor

Supporting the Patient Protection Promise.
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Products                                                                                                   Save patients from surprise medical bills,  and  medical pro viders from delayed payments                                                                                                          Patient Insurance Billing                                                  Verify, estimate, and bill patients.

Provider Insurance Billing                                                  Verify

submit, and bill insurers.
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Eligible is the best insurance billing platform - made with revenue cycle experts

patients, and developers in mind.
Sign In            Get Started                                    Trusted by top developers in healthcare                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    EHNAC accreditation.
These accreditations assure patients and providers that Eligible has accomplished the strictest compliance with privacy and security  best practices  while processing millions of healthcare cases each month.
Read the blog post                                   SOC II compliant.
We fully understand the role of a mature and proven  information  security program in meeting Eligible and customer goals.
We are happy to announce the successful completion of our Type II SOC2 review.
Read the blog post                                   HiTrust  certification .
Achieving this certification helps us assure our customers and the companies with which we interact that we understand our responsibilities in keeping protected health  information  safe.
Read the blog post                                   CAQH CORE  certification .
This confirms that Eligible can exchange electronic healthcare  information  for eligibility, benefits, claims status, and EFT and ERA, in conformance with the Phase I-III CAQH CORE Operating Rules.
Read the blog post                                                            Built for developers.
The best patient experiences are built with Eligible.
Most medical service providers still rely on a highly manual, error-prone process for Patient and Insurance billing.

Build Eligible’s dead simple APIs for Estimations

Statements, and Claims into your apps today.
See our pricing now                                                                                                                                            Easy integration.
Our customers range from small start-ups with a few folks on staff to public companies with billions of dollars in annual revenue.
Using Eligible, an integration proof of concept can be deployed in minutes.

Eligible should work everywhere

so we continually add libraries with the programming languages of your choice.
Developer support.

Browse Eligible’s detailed code samples

code libraries, sandbox and step-by-step tutorials or contact Eligible’s technical team to support your engineering needs.
Case study                                                RadNet sees dramatic  time of service collections increase with Eligible integration.
Read the blog post                                                                               “RadNet has experienced a significant reduction in upfront patient insurance denials when using Eligible.”                                                      Ranjan Jayanathan, CIO at RadNet                                                                                                                                            INSURANCE BILLING DEVELOPER PLATFORM.

The best provider experiences are built with Eligible

Eligible builds the most versatile tools for patient healthcare eligibility and insurance claims processing.
Whether you’re building a consumer scheduling interface, check-in kiosk, or back office denial management solution Eligible’s simple APIs and advanced functionality help you create the best possible product for your users.
Get started to learn more                                           File Insurance Claims.
We help organizations avoid traditionally drawn-out integration cycles.
Our approach enables an end to end setup in less than a days work.
Determine Costs of Treatment.

Eligible’s toolset plays nicely with all of your existing workflows

Whether your organization prefers desktop, web or mobile platforms.
Collect from Patients & Insurers.
We believe billing inaccuracies are a problem rooted in code, not people.
We incorporate reconciled results to deliver continual improvements.
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No one wants to spend their hard earned money without knowing what they are purchasing and how much it will cost them.

Eligible and Oscar are asking one simple question: Why should Healthcare be any different

Learn more arrow_forward.
Like many medical service providers, for insurance verification RadNet had relied on a highly manual, error-prone process.
Learn more arrow_forward.

Heal now uses Eligible to include true pricing transparency into its app

so that their customers have up front pricing that includes copays and deductibles.
Learn more arrow_forward.
Ronak Talati is the CEO and founder of SwipeMed, a company that helps healthcare providers find out the up-front costs that patients should be paying, and then guides companies through collecting what they’re owed.
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One of the great parts about working at Eligible is seeing the many different companies that we’re able to help.
Counsyl provides DNA testing services for couples who are thinking about starting a family, those who are already pregnant and individuals who are curious about their risks for certain types of cancer.
Learn more arrow_forward.
Feature-packed simplicity.
Healthcare systems, inspired by the power of machine learning, business intelligence, automation, and technology in general, drive our continuously improving feature set.
Data-driven payer lists.
Synthesizing art and machine learning, we’ve compacted a heavy-weight payer search experience into a light version that achieves instant interoperability.
Real-time interfaces.
All transactions are sent to insurers in real time accessing the most recent up to date information on the patient’s health insurance benefit.
Connectivity management.
Eligible does the heavy lifting maintaining connectivity to over 90% of the insured population giving you an opportunity to focus entirely on the user experience.
Enterprise support upgrade available.
Technical support from high-quality engineers, consultative architectural guidance delivered in the context of your applications and use-cases.
Same-day integrations.
We’ve engineered Eligible to support an end to end Advanced Patient Eligibility integration in less than 10 minutes.
Advanced workflows.
From claim scrubbing to estimating and back again, our singular focus on eligibility provides you with unmatched functionality.
Meet our artificially intelligent bot.

Recently we welcomed a new member to Eligible

and she’s quite special.
Her name is Ellie.
Ellie is our company bot.
She helps with various applications, with the goal of making lives easier.
With her, we can do things smarter, faster, and be more productive.
Read the blog post                                                                Make patients happier with transparent health insurance billing                              Start Now           Contact Sales                                                              © 2020 Eligible, Inc.
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