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2 thoughts on “More WWDC 2020 Wishlists ”

More WWDC 2020 Wishlists.
Michael Tsai, the master of round-ups, has begun a , including mine.
However, I wanted to highlight a couple of excellent wishlists that I only discovered because they linked to mine (yay for pingbacks!).
The first is by Steve O’Dell, who helps run a Girls Who Code  after-school  program at Bacon Elementary School in Colorado.

Stems from a desire for Apple to once again become a major player in the education space

The next wishlist I wanted to share comes from.
It’s a great list; some of my favorite things are feature parity for Messages across platforms, the return of the magnification loupe, making better use of the iPad status bar, and  improvement s to search on iPad.
He also mentions some specific improvements to Mail:        I would also add to that the ability to create Smart Mailboxes on iOS (as John Gruber ), a  search function  that actually works (I can go to Gmail on the web and find what I’m looking for almost immediately.
Mail usually comes up empty.), text formatting tools that aren’t all hiding behind a single button, the ability to easily see which  email address  an incoming message was sent to from the unified inbox, and yeah, something better than flags for assigning message priority.
2 thoughts on “More WWDC 2020 Wishlists ”.
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