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Technical Support: Microchip PIC32 Devices

Use the headings below to guide you to the best resources for technical support.

Technical Support: chipKIT General Topics

Software Libraries, IDE Integration, and Arduino compatibility.
The chipKIT forum is a place to browse and search for technical support topics already discussed.
If you find you need to ask a new question, create an account and begin your own discussion.

The GitHub chipKIT core issue tracker manages submitted bug reports

You can view the latest ones here.
If you find a bug with the chipKIT core, or have a feature request, you can also let us know here.

Technical Support: Digilent chipKIT or Cerebot Boards

The Digilent’s Tech Support Forum manages technical support for boards they have designed and built.
If you have any questions specific to their boards, you can post them here.
Technical Support: Microchip PIC32 Devices.
The Microchip Forum is a place to browse and search for technical support topics related to PIC32 devices.
You may also create an account to begin your own discussion.

Please note that Microchip can support only questions specific to PIC32 architecture

peripherals and Microchip-developed software/hardware tools.
Other Questions.
This contact form is not for technical support purposes, but if you find that you have a question that doesn’t fit into the headings above, please feel free to contact us.



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