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Round Rock City Council approved two contracts at its Feb

Round Rock City Council approved two contracts at its Feb.
13 meeting that will improve the state of specific neighborhood and arterial roads throughout the City.
The contracts with Alpha Paving and Texas Materials total $7.8 million and will provide for repairs to curbs, curb ramps, gutters, sidewalks, driveways and pavement as well as pavement milling and overlay.
Specific streets within Jester Farms, Meadow Lake, Ryan’s Crossing and Chandler Creek will be improved in addition to portions of Old Settlers Boulevard, Sunrise Road, University Boulevard and Red Bud Lane.
The work is anticipated to begin in early spring and conclude by late summer.

The City manages more than 1,150 lane miles of roadways within its jurisdiction

The Transportation Department’s street maintenance program aims to preserve and improve the conditions of existing roadways by monitoring the state of its roadways and systematically repairing or repaving the top layers of City streets as needed.
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