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Forgotten Autos: A Collection of old school Street Machines

Photography (Various)    As time moves along so quickly these days and our car culture keeps on evolving, many of us may never get to indulge in the past custom car cultures, which helped to shape the ones we are part of today.
Our aim is to start searching the world wide web, to bring you autos from the past that many of you may have never seen before.
In the first of many articles to come, .

We kickstart with a collection of Street Machines from around the world

Sourced from the following communities,    https://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/threads/street-freaks-customs-rods-street-machines-60s-70s-80s.245221/page-31    http://www.cuda-challenger.com/cc/index.php?topic=95287.30    http://vipernationinternational.com/2011/08/08/that-damn-camaro-iii/    https://moar70s.com/p/70sstreetmachines/70sstreetmachines-70sstreetmac-51    https://www.drive2.ru/b/501849543583728668/stiffspeed.co.uk The post Forgotten Autos: A Collection of old school Street Machines appeared first on Superfly Autos.



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