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While there are multiple tones to the films of Jackie Chan

While there are multiple tones to the films of Jackie Chan, a lot of them embrace one thing, and that is a comedic sensibility and a lightheartedness that is rare in thrilling action films nowadays.
Thunderbolt is a film that, while filled with spectacular action and edge of your seat racing, is full of a delightfully silly and goofy tone that makes it utterly watchable.

The main plot follows the adventures of Chan Foh

a mechanic in Hong Kong, who aside from sometimes racing for himself also helps out the Police Department in discovering more information on the illegal street car racing scene in the city.
But when he seemingly crosses paths with a dangerous criminal known in the underworld as “Cougar,” then Chan Foh’s world turns upside down as his career as a mechanic shifts towards taking down the criminal and ridding it from the streets of Hong Kong.
While there are double crosses and amazing car chases, Thunderbolt does a great job of highlighting the hand to hand combat and amazing fight choreography that Chan is known for.

Sure there are shades of The Fast and the Furious in Director Gordon Chan’s film

but it doesn’t take itself nearly as seriously as that first entry instead it wickedly embraces great genre material in which it fuses martial arts, police procedural and car chase thriller.

Chan’s action choreography is absolutely on point in Thunderbolt

and the fight sequences are absolutely thrilling, but it’s the car chases, which director Chan films with a clear eye that steal the whole show.
The film both includes motor speedway racing and also the classic streetcar chases that include all sorts of dangers and obstacles for our heroes to take on.
One of the joys about the car chases in Thunderbolt is that they are a specific type of action that Chan doesn’t use a lot of for his films; with the fight choreography being the staple.
But in this director, .

Chan perfectly uses Chan’s wacky fighting style to enhance the action for the car chases

One of the many astounding aspects about Thunderbolt is that there are no less than 6 cinematographers credited and it definitely shows as every single action sequences are immaculately constructed and designed.
Even the music, which Chan co-scored, has great energy and drive to the film while supporting players like Anita Yuen and Michael Wong create a great dynamic for Chan to bounce off of and Thorsten Nickel as Cougar does a great job at being a villainous presence for Chan and the film.
It might lack some of the comedic personality of some of his earlier efforts (especially the ones involving the three brothers), .

But there is a definite ‘90s attitude to Thunderbolt that makes it incredibly watchable

Along with its great action sequences (both fight and car) and featuring a winning performance from Chan, Thunderbolt is a little hidden gem that has a lot of pre The Fast and the Furious in it and shows that it has a lot of delightful style in it to spare.

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