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and we’re banking on mobile PT being one of them

When I started Fitness Enhancement way back last century when PT’s were often considered something only celebrities had come to their home, there wasn’t much demand.
The demand has grown and grown every year over the last 20.
I should know, .

It’s helped me build Australia’s largest Mobile PT business from just $400

Amazingly, .

COVID-19 has now seen us experience a boom like no other

There was a period where things were really quiet as we were all fearful of being hit by COVID-19 as hard as some other countries.
And of course.

We currently can’t train our Melbourne clients

but thankfully for us, we are booming in all the other cities we service.
Whilst there has been and will continue to be, an economic downturn, spending in some sectors have boomed.
For example, Bunnings with DIY home renovators, Uber Eats with home-delivered food, and luckily for us, .

Fitness Enhancement with home-delivered Personal Trainers
Some of this boom can be attributed to Gyms having been closed

and this will of course change when they are open again without restrictions, but the fitness industry won’t go back to the way it was before.
The “new normal” will change not just fitness but many industries forever.
Much of the new normal will be attributed to a fast forward of what was slowly happening over the years already.
There’s been a steady increase in people working from home for many years, and meteoric increase in people getting food home delivered in recent years.

COVID-19 has simply seen this trend of doing what you can from home sped up

Home-delivered services In terms of home services, it’s fairly normal for a person to have services come to them to clean the house, clean the pool, wash the dog, wash the car and mow the lawn.
They do online shopping from home for luxuries and the essentials.
It’s easier to have a supermarket deliver food for the week, and it’s sure easier to have an amazing meal delivered fresh rather than making it yourself.
And of course, this is all enjoyed while streaming a movie at home, instead of going out to the cinema after the nice restaurant.
So it’s only natural that a large portion of these people also want their PT home-delivered, especially considering almost everything on that list is bad for the waistline.

This consumer trend has seen demand for our mobile PT’s grow and grow over the years

and the current closure of Gyms has now seen it boom.

The current boom from COVID-19 is short term

but it won’t disappear, in fact, it will continue to grow because it’s already a trend that was heading in that direction, just like most other at-home services or experiences.
What the future holds You can anticipate that in the post-COVID-19 world people’s expectations of socially acceptable behavior will be changed.
Fewer people will be comfortable touching something 100 other people have already touched, especially sweaty fitness equipment.  So more people will seek the same experience at home, especially now that they have been forced to try it.

The closest thing to being in a gym with a Trainer

coach, group ex instructor, or even supportive members, is to have the Trainer come to you at home.
Add to that the convenience, time-saving, babysitting saving, fuel-saving, and all those other reasons why people want everything home delivered and it’s easy to see why more and more people are wanting a PT in the convenience, privacy, and safety of their own home.
As we settle into the new normal, the change in life as we know it and evolution of many industries is set to be faster than we’ve ever seen it before, and we’re banking on mobile PT being one of them.
Find out more about how to get a job with us, .

Or how to get your own booming PT business

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