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Purchased DietBet and StepBet memberships

Find out the effective techniques Rashawn used to get started on her fitness journey to obtain her amazing results.

When The Light Bulb Went Off In February 2019

I weighed 225 pounds and I was not pleased with myself.  I was 220 pounds when I delivered my almost 11 pounds baby in 2004 and that was the heaviest I had ever been in my life so exceeding that weight was unacceptable.  In addition, all of my grandparents are alive and well in their 80s and if I want to live to be well in my 100s, I needed to make a change ASAP!  I realized that I am the author of my diseases so I needed to get my MIND right first.

Read how Rashawn used #DietBet and #StepBet to lose 70 pounds and she isn’t done yet

#fitness @DietBetClick To Tweet     Steps To Transformation I discreetly completed the following to permanently transform:  Got my mind right and learned how to truly LOVE myself.
(Daily mantra: I am not dieting, I am changing my life).
Purchased a journal to track goals, weight, body measurements, accomplishments and challenges.
Eliminated alcohol, sweet treats, fast foods and fried foods from my diet.
Purchased DietBet and StepBet memberships.
Participated in 3 DietBet (every 4 weeks) and 3 StepBet games (every six weeks) consistently eliminated 10 lbs.
per month.
Watched and studied countless fasting and minimalistic documentaries on Netflix and incorporated intermittent fasting.
Used YouTube trainers such as Leslie Sansone and Adrian Bryant to meet (and beat) my daily fitness goals.

Tracked my meals using MyFitnessPal
Implemented a Mediterranean diet focusing on fish and veggies

Drank 100 ounces of water daily.
Practiced kindness and patience with myself to align my mind, body and soul.
Removed negativity in all forms from my life and forgave everyone (including myself).
7 months later, I was 70 pounds lighter.
Maintenace Today, I still participate in DietBet (Maintainers) and StepBet to maintain a weight between 145-150 pounds.
If it’s raining and cold, .

I work out at home with my YouTube trainers

When it’s sunny and warm, I walk and run 5-10 miles outside with friends and neighbors.  I never miss a Monday and I rest on Sundays.
I believe in self-care so I take a nightly Epson salt (with bubbles) soak to treat my muscles well.
I’ve learned that if you are good to your body, your body will be good to you.
Most days, I practice intermittent fasting and only eat between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (about 4 meals) and stay away from processed foods.
I read nutritional labels and do not purchase foods with ingredients that I do not understand.
However, I do treat myself with sweet treats, an espresso martini and fried foods periodically.
I practice moderation in all forms of my life.
I love the way that I inspire others including my wife and son.
It’s a great reward to see others grab hold of their lives in a healthy manner.
We only have one life to live, there are no second chances so make the best out of what you have now.
I stay motivated by asking myself, if I was to die today or tomorrow, how do I want to be remembered.
What’s my legacy.

I have laid the old me to rest (R.I.P)

she took me as far as she could and I’m grateful.
I am allowing the new me to take the wheel and guide me through the rest of my life.
By doing so, I have exceeded my own expectations.
I remain humbled by my transformation and I continue to follow the basic principles of fasting and praying.
This is just the beginning, I have more work to do and I’m truly excited about today and my future.
God is good…all the time.
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