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The Kids for Kids Junior Committee Officers Mike Burke Jr

A Worldwide Celebration in Our Own Backyard On June 3rd, .

2020 our Junior Committee participated in Global Running Day

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving.
It reminds us of the positives that running can offer and the power of unification.
Over the last several months, events like these have been more important than ever as people everywhere are doing their best to stay active and healthy.
This event proved running can be a great tool for releasing anxiety, gaining perspective, coping with cabin fever, and maintaining wellbeing for kids and adults alike.
This year.

Global Running Day was completely digital

uniting people across the world in a global effort to encourage physical wellness and strengthen community.
20 of the Kids for Kids Junior Committee members and their friends and families participated in this event alongside 2,143 other kids in 170 countries across the globe.
Juliana Biondi           Juliana Biondi                   Sofia Biondi           Sofia Biondi                   Alyssa Burke runs with a friend           Alyssa Burke runs with a friend                   Ashely Zaromatidis           Ashely Zaromatidis                   Taylor Zaromatidis           Taylor Zaromatidis                   Brian and Johnny Kaminskey           Brian and Johnny Kaminskey                   Isabella LiMandri and Isabella Basso           Isabella LiMandri and Isabella Basso                   Showing our Love and Support In addition to staying active and healthy.

Each for our Junior Committee members ran for a friend

family member or cause that is important to them: Junior Committee member Juliana Biondi ran for families struggling with catastrophic disease.

Her sister Sofia Biondi ran for her 98-year-old great grandmother

who is an inspiration to Sofia and her family.
Her grandmother constantly teaches them resilience and unconditional love.
Our newest Long Island member, Joey Davis Jr, ran for his grandfather alongside many of his friends and family members.

Taylor Zaromatidis ran for her dad

who leads by example and teaches her about strength and courage every day.
While Taylor ran for her dad, her twin sister, Ashely Zaromatidis, ran for Taylor.
Ashley used Global Running Day as an opportunity to celebrate Taylor’s triumphant fight with a rare liver cancer and her courage in times of uncertainty.
Ashely also ran for all those fighting and living with cancer every day, especially the kids being treated at St.
Jude Children’s Research Hospital, .

Kids for Kids’ long-time beneficiary

Matthew and Justin Shapiro ran to stay fit and healthy and to celebrate their fellow Junior Committee members.
Their father, Craig Shapiro, serves on the Kids for Kids Board of Directors and the Shapiro boys continue to follow in his footsteps.
Isabella LiMandri and Isabella Basso hit the pavement together in support of all those who are suffering from Covid-19.
Ava DiPietro ran for all the members of the Junior Committee as they continue to make a difference in the world around them.

Kids for Kids Development Coordinator

Danielle Romain, and the Kids for Kids Board Chair, Robert Catalano, both shared this same message with their participation.
The great work and accomplishments of the Junior Committee continue to inspire the adults around them to do more and pave the way for these children who share this passion for helping others and community service.
The Kids for Kids Junior Committee Officers Mike Burke Jr, Brian Kaminskey Jr, and Johnny Kaminskey ran a mile for our first responders.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, our Junior Committee members continue to support our first responders in the medical field and law enforcement by sending them cards, making them meals, and even arranging a thank you car parade.

Read all the good deeds our Junior Committee members have done in May and June

The Junior Committee will be lacing up their sneakers again throughout the month of September in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by participating in the Kids for Kids Mile-a-Day Challenge.
Join them in going the distance of 1 mile each day – run, walk, participate however you please.
Visit our page to sign up for updates on the Mile-a-Day Challenge and our other fundraisers this Fall.
Want your child to get involved in community service and helping others.

The Kids for Kids Junior Committee is growing and always accepting new members
Learn more about becoming a Junior Committee member

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