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Conjur + SSH provides customers with three main advantages

Conjur is very happy to announce that we have just partnered with SSH Communications Security.

The inventor of the SSH protocol and creator of solutions that allow teams to enable

monitor, and manage encrypted networks.
Conjur’s authorization platform in combination with SSH’s automated authentication creates a new standard in enterprise identity management solutions.
This partnership will allow us to provide our customers with superior comprehensive security controls  that boost both efficient delivery of business objectives and also provide the necessary governance for compliance and audit.

Working with SSH’s CryptoAuditor encrypted channel monitoring solution

Conjur can operate in any elastic cloud environment via a lightweight deployment while maintaining its regular flexibility and ease of use.
Conjur + SSH provides customers with three main advantages.

It allows them to:   Audit encrypt efficiently: Allows you to intercept

monitor, record, and replay the content of the most common data-in-transit encryption protocols   Connect credentials: You can connect credentials, including SSH keys, to a given user and then control the commands users are allowed to execute   Automate machine based security: In both cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures   For more information about the partnership, take a look at the full press release.



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