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Access the form configuration on the “Form” guide

Common mistakes on forms are related to the field fulfillment.
But in a few cases the error isn’t so obvious so there is a linger to identify where’s the problem so you can solve it quickly.

But for those who develop forms on Scriptcase will not have this problem

Using the “Focus on Field With Error” resource is possible to quickly identify and solve this kind of problem because the cursor goes directly on the field with error.
To implement this solution is very simple and that’s what we’re going to show next.
Access the form configuration on the “Form” guide.
Next, .

Roll down until you find the “Formatting and Behavior” guide

When you’re on it.

Just mark the option “Yes” on the “Focus on Field With Error” and

ok, that’s it.
From now on your form will lead the user directly to the field with error on the moment of data submission.
Simple, right.
Enough loose hours and hours developing valuators.

Use the Scriptcase resources and develop with a lot less time
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