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While this may not be true for everyone

There’s a common misconception that being fit means giving up everything remotely enjoyable in this world.     While extreme deprivation may be one path to looking unattainably shredded, it’s definitely not the only one— nor is it one you should feel like you have to take.     So can you really get abs and have your cocktail, too.
Well, with a few conditions.
Your Body on Alcohol    To understand how alcohol impacts your ability to stay fit and lean, you have to understand how alcohol impacts your body on a physiological level.
When alcohol’s around, your body essentially holds up the stop sign to other traffic until that alcohol has crossed the road.
In other words, your body prioritises getting alcohol out of your system before anything else.
It is a poison, after all.
Your body is smart, so it knows processing that alcohol is far more important than utilising any other comparatively harmless macronutrients (like the fat and carbs from that deep-fried snack you inhaled with your pint).
It’s likely to quickly store them as fat so it’s free to deal with this poison.
This also means your body isn’t going to waste any energy building muscle from that heavy lifting session you did a couple of hours earlier.
Those beers you “earned” after leg day.
They may very well be sabotaging your hard work during a crucial recovery period.
Is Alcohol a Gains Killer.
Regardless of what’s happening under the surface, there are also some physical consequences of drinking that are far more noticeable.
While this may not be true for everyone, many people can attest to the decrease in performance when they hit the gym the morning after a night at the pub.     Some people need to go hard on the tequila to notice the effects.
For others, all it takes is an extra glass of red wine with dinner to feel like a zombie in activewear the next day.
It’s all subjective.
Is the trade-off really worth it.
Counting your calories.
You’d better believe liquid calories count.
All alcohol has a caloric count, and these numbers vary depending on your poison of choice.
But the real culprit is often the mixer.
You might find that enough sugary beverages each weekend is enough to stall your weight loss progress, or even lead to gaining a few extra kilos.
None of this is to say that you have to avoid alcohol completely to get a shredded physique.
It’s all about making smarter choices.
Fitting Booze Into a Fit Lifestyle    There may very well be times where you have to sacrifice some particularly luxurious choices for specific goals— at least in the short term.
But the best diet is one that promotes health and can also be sustained long-term.     While the healthiest choice is to avoid alcohol, that may not be realistic or sustainable for you.     Are you happy to trade in those weekly binge drinking sessions, but don’t want to be sipping kombucha during Friday work drinks.
Figure out how to minimise the damage.
Here are a few tips to help you out:    Choose low calorie or sugar-free options to minimise the damage, like clear spirits mixed with soda water and limeSchedule those drinks the night before your rest day to avoid sabotaging your workoutsPace yourself throughout the night and have one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage    The best piece of advice regarding alcohol and fitness is one you’ve likely heard before: practice moderation.
Sure, this isn’t always the best advice for everyone.
But the truth is, maintaining a fit lifestyle is all about prioritising.     Do you want abs for that upcoming holiday.
Maybe you can do without the beers for a few weeks leading up to it.
Love that nightly glass of scotch more than maintaining a certain level of body fat.
Accept where you’re at and enjoy your drink.
You might not always be able to have both, but you can almost always find a happy middle ground.
Want more health and fitness tip.
Be sure to browse the blog for more helpful information, and don’t forget to check back regulary for new posts.
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Website is different from Facebook which is different from long weekends apparently.Not great to drive all this way to find a sign saying they’re closed due to long weekend.
read more                                                                                                                Hayleigh Brennan            2019-01-19T11:55:06+0000                                                            Found the shop online, went instore and got served by a women (not sure her name) was such a lovely person great customer service and products are the best quality.
Will be back to get the rest of my gear to set up my business.
Highly recommend.read more                                                                                                                Alisa Zhang            2018-07-27T01:53:15+0000                                                            great                                                                                                                Tina Zou            2017-12-21T02:44:21+0000                                                                                                                                            田桂冠            2017-09-01T03:22:53+0000                                                                                                                                            Ethan Fleming            2017-07-15T04:48:42+0000                                                            Been in contact with Jarrod mostly, and he has been fantastic with helping us build our new studio.
Thanks for your help mate.
From the team at Get Goingread more                                                                                                                Travis Sexton            2017-07-10T05:57:20+0000                                                            Just purchased the 45kg strongman log.
I visited the showroom and received fantastic service.

While I was paying the log was already placed in the back of my ute

Great quality log at an even better price.
Thanks again guys.read more                                                                                                                Chanel Manapori            2017-06-06T05:31:45+0000                                                            I was in contact with Jarrod Buckley-Cook via email for an order.

Jarrod provided me with excellent serivce

His reply was fast and spot on.

I truly appreciate your help Jarrod and NC Fitness Australia

Thank You very much for my great quality equipments and the fast delivery!.
I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking.read more                                                                                                                Kristy Pearce            2017-04-07T00:36:00+0000                                                            Amazing service, basically get the things I ordered within the next day.
Amazing prices and the equipment is amazing quality.
Will be using this company for all future equipment purchases.
As a PT I have bought from many different companies but couldn't recommend NC fitness highly enough!!read more                                                                                                                Justin Perillo            2017-04-05T06:18:59+0000                                                            Can't fault these guys.
The whole process of ordering equipment, to having it delivered and installed was made so easy.read more                                                                                                                Andy Jones            2017-04-03T00:47:20+0000                                                            Great service, super fast delivery and great quality - cheapest I could find even with postage fees to Brissy - thanks guys will use againread more                                                                                                                Ben Webb            2017-02-27T20:05:29+0000                                                                                                                                            Fred Fu            2017-02-08T07:09:51+0000                                                                                                                                            Valerie Lester            2016-11-09T02:38:27+0000                                                                                                                                            George Symeou            2016-11-08T04:56:05+0000                                                            I highly recommend NC Fitness, their quality and service is outstanding.

I have bought from them for many years ranging from Dumbbells to leg press machines

Their prices are very affordable and stock a range of equipment.read more                                                                                                                Anthony Ebery            2016-10-05T10:39:26+0000                                                                                                                                            Caitriona Jabke            2016-09-13T03:55:51+0000                                                            I have fitted out my whole PT studio with fitness equipment from NC.
Service is second to none, prices are excellent and staff are always helpful, knowledgeable  and friendly.read more                                                                                                                Danny Sayers            2016-04-25T23:09:21+0000                                                            I came to NC fitness looking for some equipment for my mobile personal training business.
Service was outstanding.
I'll definitely be back for more.
Big thanks to Paul and the team at NC fitness:)read more                                                                                                                Syd Earles            2016-04-21T07:31:20+0000                                                            Thanks Jarrod for outstanding customer service.
Really helped me select what i needed and the products are fantastic at great prices.
Thanks for the shaker too man thats awesome.
Will be back thats for sure A+read more                                                                                                                Stuart Walsh            2016-03-03T04:41:50+0000                                                            Great customer service, and the fastest delivery I have had from any retailer.
Absolutely A grade                                                                                                                Ellen Dooley            2016-03-02T03:42:56+0000                                                            I received excellent service at NC Fitness.
Kettlebells I bought were of good quality and reasonably priced.
Unfortunately quite a few things seem to be out of stock, not sure if this is always the case.read more                                                                                                                Jesse Thompson            2016-01-27T02:03:32+0000                                                            Great prices for there products..
Order was stuffed up..
Not 100% sold on there customer service, not even sure if my new order with the correct gear will be sent today.
Need to do more to keep customers coming back, am now hesitating to get more from these guys to fit out my football club.read more                                                                                                                Brent Stewart            2016-01-24T01:16:41+0000                                                            Received a flat Bench which was a bit below standard I have to say, I did receive a follow up email to ask if I was happy with the bench, sent back photos of the chipped and damaged feet to no response(Bench is fine it's just damaged on the plastic cover on the feet).
So If I was being honest the follow up was not great and must of seemed happy to not respond based on the fact I don't buy much from NC fitness.
Owning a pt studio the look of the equipment is just as important as the functionality of it.read more                                                                                                                Andrew Martin            2015-11-06T03:09:45+0000                                                            Great service, was a mix up with the order & sorted and reshipped at no cost.
Will be back.
Natalie Back            2015-10-02T03:22:00+0000                                                            Staff are always incredibly helpful and their equipment if fantastic.
Casey Lee            2015-09-24T23:26:05+0000                                                            Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Products, service, quality - it's all impeccable.
Locky Burke            2015-08-04T00:31:49+0000                                                            NC Fitness has The Greatest Strength and Fitness gear that i have seen.
They also have a great team down there which are always able to help you out and answer any questions.read more                                                                                                                James Morgan            2015-06-17T12:07:39+0000                                                                                                                                            Pieter Uys            2015-04-14T01:33:13+0000                                                            Great company to deal with, very good prices and really fast shipping at good rates too.
Jarrod was great to deal with.
Will buy all my gear from these guys from now on.read more                                                                                                                Peter Trapp            2015-03-27T04:24:06+0000                                                            Best supplier I've EVER dealt with.
After 8 years as a full time CrossFit Coach, I've purchased from pretty much every supplier around.
Some are good, many are full of fake promises and inferior products.
NC Fitness is the real deal.
Quality equipment, .

Great prices and the BEST customer service in Australia

I will not be dealing with anyone else in the future.Thankyou Paul and the Team at Nc Fitness!read more                                                                                                                Ben Tonon            2015-02-09T01:05:45+0000                                                            Was there last week to get a dumbbell set and gym flooring.
Awesome service and great prices.
Just set up the dumbbell stand and I'm stoked.read more                                                                                                                J.P.
Warren            2015-02-07T10:05:53+0000                                                            Look no further than NC Fitness, Simply the best quality, service and advice.
Thanks for all your help guys.
Rangi Bianca Hodge            2014-12-23T13:24:46+0000                                                            Awesome prices great service.
Check it out.
Don't hesitate.
Simon Hollis            2014-11-13T02:55:12+0000                                                            We shop at NC fitness for pretty much all of our fitness gear and equipment.
Their products are the same standard as many of the other brands out there, but their profit mark up is no where near as crazy, making it much more affordable.
We've bought bumper plates, bars, kettlebells, slam balls, foam rollers, mats and various other bits and pieces and have been happy with everything so farread more                                                                                                                Dave McDonnell            2014-10-12T23:01:18+0000                                                            Really impressed with the service and quality and the prices are really reasonable.
Will be back for sure.
Grant Lofthouse            2014-10-01T05:19:27+0000                                                                                                                                            Todd Burgess            2014-09-24T04:08:15+0000                                                            Best delivery rate I have ever experienced good prices wide variety order placed on saturday received my product in country nsw wednesday morning.
Will use again 100%read more                                                                                                                Charles R Cini            2014-07-04T13:16:52+0000                                                                                                                                            Michael Bourke            2014-06-27T02:08:04+0000                                                                                                                                            Kelly Rogers            2014-05-29T08:35:49+0000                                                                                                                                            Matt Charles            2014-05-27T00:48:49+0000                                                                                                                                            Dave Suk Jai Fox            2014-05-22T00:43:19+0000                                                            friendly staff, always happy to answer questions and the quality/price of the equipment is second to none                                                                                                                Mathew Adam Procak            2014-05-12T03:08:26+0000                                                            Great customer service; ordered and picked up same day.I was also very pleased with the equipment.
Probably the best value for money I have found in Melbourne.read more                                                                                                                Maja Milosevic            2014-05-06T12:09:25+0000                                                                                                                                            Garage Fitter Faster Stronger            2014-04-21T12:54:37+0000                                                                                                                                            Joel Tarzan Keefer            2014-04-19T01:18:03+0000                                                                                                                                            Scott Mc Owan            2014-04-15T11:07:13+0000                                                                                                                                            Kitty Jakobsen            2014-04-10T23:14:58+0000                                                                                                                                            Ben Lagoutte            2014-03-16T01:39:19+0000                                                            Ordered gear last weekend.
Shipped on the first business day.
Delivered the next.
Very impressed.
Gear feels good.
Will use these guys again.read more                                                                                                                Nick Wakefield            2014-02-23T03:50:29+0000                                                                                                                                            Sarah Harber            2014-01-23T03:38:16+0000                                                            Ordered some hex dumbells.
Fast delivery, great customer service and fantastic prices.
Would recommend to everyone                                                                                                                 Karli Di Paola            2014-01-14T08:50:11+0000                                                                                                                                            Matthew Kallista            2013-12-28T06:53:41+0000                                                                                                                                            Vicki Bourke            2013-11-28T11:06:52+0000                                                                                                                                            Royce Jimeno             2013-11-20T05:11:30+0000                                                                                                                                            Ivan Azzopardi            2013-11-18T23:12:44+0000                                                            Very helpful great fitness stuff                                                                                                                Arj Perera            2013-11-14T00:46:17+0000                                                            Amazing equipment list, fantastic service and advice.
I would not go anywhere else.
Matthew Boersma            2013-11-11T02:22:23+0000                                                                                                                                            Michelle Sampieri            2013-10-21T10:02:42+0000                                                                                                                                            Kane Patterson            2013-10-16T18:48:09+0000                                                                                                                                            Michelle Adams            2013-10-14T02:50:22+0000                                                                                                                                            Tamra Klastow            2013-10-14T02:14:57+0000                                                                                                                                            Sammi Famularo            2013-10-07T01:21:30+0000                                                                                                                                            Karen Neilsen Lewis            2013-10-05T06:59:21+0000                                                                                                                                            Brendon Cunningham            2013-09-09T21:06:47+0000                                                                                                                                            Pete Smythe            2013-08-28T11:55:24+0000                                                                                                                                            Leasa Maree Ward            2013-08-14T06:56:34+0000                                                            Amazing prices, Great showroom, Spot on Service.
Gabez C Mene            2013-08-14T03:50:03+0000                                                                                                                                            Simon Darvell            2013-08-12T08:28:13+0000                                                                                                                                            Sowmya Kumar            2013-08-05T08:41:02+0000                                                                                                                                            Jarrod Buckley-Cook            2013-07-31T13:16:35+0000                                                                                                                                            Nicole Scharenguivel            2013-07-31T11:46:28+0000                                                                                                                                            Deanne Catton            2013-07-30T04:03:50+0000                                                                                                                                            Paul Bourke            2013-07-29T22:42:46+0000                                                                                                                                            Adam Glossop            2013-07-29T04:55:17+0000                                                                                                                                            Scott Rundle            2013-07-16T11:30:21+0000                                                                                                                                            Andray Voronov            2013-07-11T06:11:54+0000                                                            Cannot say enough good things about the customer service and quality lifting equipment.



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