Civil Uses Blockchain to Fund Local Publication in the U.S. State of Colorado

Blockchain-based Civil Media has helped Pulitzer Prize-winning editors in Colorado create their own publication that is not dependent on profit-pushing investors. Journalism has evolved so much during the ages. From handwritten notices to newspapers to online publications, there’s no denying that this industry continues to follow and adapt to ongoing trends in technology. However, media […]

Miracle Tele Aims to Shake Up Mobile Network Industry With Tele Token

Mobile phones and the networks they run on have become an integral part of human life. Over time, prohibitively expensive mobile services have gradually become cheaper. However, prices are still too high, due to the enormous outlay required for infrastructure, communications hardware, personnel, repairs and maintenance. These costs are inevitably passed down to users via […]

Ripple’s xRapid Goes Live: 3 Financial Firms Now Using XRP for Real Payments

xRapid – Ripple’s cryptocurrency product for cross-border payments – goes live with three financial firms. Despite the announcement, XRP’s price failed to react. It’s Live Ripple’s cryptocurrency product for cross-border payments was announced at the annual Swell Conference. Speaking on the matter, Ripple’s senior vice president of product Asheesh Birla, said: I’m really excited to […]

Swell 2018: Banco Santander Reveals Expansion Plan for Its Ripple-enabled OnePay FX

Banco Santander is one of the traditional banks known for its openness for innovation and adoption of blockchain technology. In April, it was announced that the bank launched a new international payments service using blockchain-based technology. The service is known as ‘Santander One Pay FX’ which is the first Ripple-enabled mobile app for conducting international payments […]