RRChain Will Bring Decentralization to Global Computing Market

China-based private equity fund management platform known as Horus Capital is focused on providing support to the most promising emerging industries. Nearly 100 firms have already received investments from the platform which has helped Horus Capital to achieve excellent results in its fund performance. Horus Capital has gained a reputation of a first-class domestic fund […]

Cryptojacking PSA: Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Now Affects Over 280,000 Routers Worldwide

Criminals are exploring new methods of obtaining cryptocurrency. As ransomware seemingly becomes less popular, new trends will emerge. Cryptojacking has become increasingly popular in this regard. In fact, this problematic industry only continues to grow as more time progresses. The Cryptojacking Epidemic It appears there is no shortage of inadequately protected internet-connected devices. Whether it […]

Paris Saint-Germain Soccer Club Partners with Socios.com to Launch Fan Token

According to today’s press release, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a French top-league professional football club and the country’s most popular team, has successfully collaborated with tokenization platform Socios.com to launch a token ecosystem. Socios.com represents itself a Malta-based fan marketplace, which leverages blockchain technology to engage and monetize fans globally. The platform is backed up by a sports blockchain venture […]

Blockchain Technology Usage Increases in Spain

Blockchain technology is being embraced in several countries, but in Spain the trend is even stronger. This revolutionizing technology is changing the way in which companies and governments work. The technological corporation Tecnalia, is now working with blockchain technology and experimenting with it. Spain Moves Towards Blockchain Technology Óscar Lage, blockchain technology responsible at Tecnalia, […]

Nearly 50% of ICOs Failed, Report Claims

Initial Coin Offerings that are widely knowns as just ICOs is a comparatively new form of raising funds. While the governments of some countries are rather suspicious about this phenomenon, some others are active supporters of ICOs and are doing their best to offer the most effective and beneficial regulations for this new tool. The […]

New Offering by Citigroup Reportedly Paves Way for Institutional Crypto Investing

New York-based bank Citigroup has reportedly developed a new and safer way for institutional investors to enter the cryptocurrency market, without actually owning any digital coins. Introducing the Digital Asset Receipt According to sources familiar to the matter, Citigroup will introduce the so-called digital asset receipt (DAR), Business Insider reports. It’s supposedly intended to work […]

The Health Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Sell one paperclip a year to each person in China and you have enough business to run an entire steel mill. China’s economic muscle power is mind-boggling and growing year by year. Five years ago, 41 percent of the world’s high-tech “unicorns” (private startup companies worth over $1 billion) were based in Silicon Valley and […]

Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Trends of September 11 – 17, 2018

Key Highlights: the coin may move down and test the support level of $0.015; In case bears increase their pressure, the support level of $0.015 may not hold; A radical fundamental event can forcefully bring about a significant rally in the market. TRX/USD Long-term Trend: Bearish Resistance levels: $0.024, $0.031, $0.041 Support levels: $0.015, $0.010, […]

NEXT BLOCK Blockchain Conference Networks the Right Talent

They count on an unprecedented amount of capital as institutional investors warm up to the idea that blockchain might actually change the economic landscape for good. From Silicon Valley venture capital firms to Wall Street veterans, the funds are flowing in search for the scarce talent that will help scale the budding industry. However, anybody […]