OKEx Adds Four Stablecoin Pairings to Give Traders More Choices

The future use of stablecoins in cryptocurrency is almost guaranteed. Numerous exchanges are trying to add these trading pairs in quick succession. OKEx, one of the bigger altcoin platforms, decided to add four stablecoins in one go. An interesting decision, primarily because the exchange only supported USDT up until this week. OKEx Beefs up Its […]

Giving Users A Reusable Crypto Address – IOTA Makes Proposal

Anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet or ever performed some form of cryptocurrency transaction a number of times would have noticed one thing by now – your transaction address is constantly being changed. This has been one of crypto blockchain’s most secure means of avoiding theft and fraudulence during transactions. Reusing an address is allowed by […]

CoinText.io BCH Service Launches in Argentina and Turkey

CoinText.io announced that it is launching its platform in two new countries: Turkey and Argentina. The decision has been taken since people in these two nations are starting to purchase more virtual currencies than before. CoinText.io works with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and SMS services. CoinText.io Launches in Argentina and Turkey Due to the fact that […]

Coinbase Opens Office in Dublin to Serve the European Market

The leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, has announced the opening of its new office in Dublin, the Irish capital city. Firm Starts European Operations Coinbase, the U.S.-based leading cryptocurrency exchange, has been working aggressively to grow its business. As part of its growth strategy, the company has taken multiple steps, including the launch of services for […]

Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Rally Likely to Start in 2019

Analysts in the cryptocurrency market just can’t stop talking about especially after its unprecedented rally last year. However, this year of 2018 has been a roller-coaster ride for Bitcoin investors. Moreover, due to the high unpredictability and volatility of Bitcoin, analysts have been shifting their target goal posts frequently. Just 20 days back from now, […]

Steve Wozniak Joins a Blockchain Firm as Co-Founder

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been named co-founder of blockchain-based venture capital firm Equi Global. Looking to Disrupt the Venture Capital Industry Steve Wozniak,  co-founder of Apple, has formally joined a blockchain-based venture capital firm, Equi Global, as co-founder. Live Bitcoin News had reported about Wozniak’s plans to get involved with the controversial start-up in […]

DataBroker DAO: Flagship IoT Sensor Data Marketplace Launched Ahead of International Expos

In the world of blockchain, as well as in the business world in general, not all the ambitious plans and grand claims become a reality and materialize into actual finished products. Competition is fierce in this rapidly growing sector, and, unsurprisingly, not every company or platform achieves real success. DataBroker DAO, a decentralised marketplace for […]