PayPal and Square Stocks Up 7% and 6% as Massive Stimulus Bill Headed to the Congress

Coinspeaker PayPal and Square Stocks Up 7% and 6% as Massive Stimulus Bill Headed to the CongressOn Wednesday, April 22, PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL) and Square Inc (NYSE: SQ) stocks rose considerably on what is being attributed to the massive coronavirus stimulus bill that is making its way through Congress.The mid-week stock market closed in bulls as the oil industry stabilized globally after a free fall at the beginning of the week. The federal government is expected to pass a $484 billion stimulus package today, which left many stock markets rallying to the top.Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial average indexes jumped by nearly 2% as of April 22, 1.30 p.m EDT. Investors are gaining more confidence despite the unpredictability of the situation at hand.You might be wondering about the connection between the massive coronavirus stimulus bill and the two fintech companies. Here is a theory put forward by Mathew Frankel, Motley Fool certified financial planner.Relation between PayPal, Square and Stimulus Bill PackageAccording to Frankel, the stimulus package adds $310 billion to the paycheck protection program (PPP), which ran out of cash last week. The money in the program is meant to provide forgivable loans to small businesses and help them cover their monthly employee payrolls and also other expenses.He went ahead to relate that to the fact that PayPal and Square companies are both approved to process the loans to small businesses. Small lenders will receive $60 billion from the stimulus package to help them in the program.Small businesses are set to receive a total of $660 billion in funding due to the coronavirus crisis. Putting into perspective, both PayPal and Square heavily rely on small businesses in their profits. With the huge boost in the small business, both fintech companies are getting some assurance that they will be in business amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.Investors are anticipating that the stimulus package will be a plus in the two fintech companies’ valuation with time, hence betting on their stock markets bull rally.According to Wall Street experts, the current consensus on the target price for PayPal shares is $124.83 per share. PYPL stock was at $115.19 (+7.11%) yesterday, having re-bounced strongly on the last month’s sell-off. Today in the pre-market, it is 0.24% down. The stock has gained 24.07% in the last month and lost 7.41% since the beginning of the year. PayPal shares have outperformed the Zacks Internet Software industry over the past six months, +15.6% vs +7.7%. SQ stock gained 6.20% yesterday to trade at $60.96. Today it is 0.56% in the pre-market.PayPal and Square Stocks Up 7% and 6% as Massive Stimulus Bill Headed to the Congress

Bitcoin Price May Increase amid Low Oil Prices, BTC Decides Where to Go

Coinspeaker Bitcoin Price May Increase amid Low Oil Prices, BTC Decides Where to GoBy Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief APhoto: Roboforex / TradingViewnalyst at RoboForex.Bitcoin price has managed to go above $7,000The market is considering the changes after the halvingCheap oil could have the BTC to growOn W1, the picture seems without much change: the quotations are still trading in a narrow range. After a rapid decline, the pair is trying to restore its positions. Technically speaking, the price is struggling to form an inverted Pennant. The Bitcoin is trading under 50.0% Fibo. The MACD has declined below zero, signaling a possible reversal. Hence, the price may decline rapidly in the nearest future.Photo: Roboforex / TradingViewD1 does not differ much from W1. The instrument keeps correcting after a swift decline, trading near 50.0% Fibo. On the chart, it looks like a flat, confirmed by the MACD: the histogram is alternately above and below zero, weaving with the signal line. This is an additional signal of the MACD being in a flat. Comparing the two charts, we may come to certain conclusions, rather unfavorable for the coin: for now, it is very unlikely to grow.Photo: Roboforex / TradingViewH4 looks more promising in terms of growth. The price keeps moving inside an ascending channel. However, the Stochastic has formed a Black Cross near 80, which, in turn, may forecast a decline. The potential aim of the decline might be $5900.00 USD. On the longer timeframes, the probability of a decrease looks graver but the goals are not that global.Photo: Roboforex / TradingViewAfter the long-awaited halving happens in the BTC network, and the raining period starts in China, miners will have much fewer opportunities to influence the crypto market. According to the head of the Bitmain platform Jihan Wu, miners will have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude after the reward for a mined block will be decreased – until the network stabilizes.The hash rate is likely to decrease by 20% averagely. However, we should not expect significant growth of the BTC rate and renewal of all-time highs right now. Wu states that everything remains in its place: holding long positions and controlling risks still looks reasonable.This week, the oil market experienced an epic event: the WTI futures for May decreased to negative values (reaching -40 USD at the moment). On platforms, the risk-off system triggered, increasing the sensitivity of not only commodity currencies but also safe-haven assets, such as gold or even the BTC. The cryptocurrency has not yet become a true safe-haven asset but it has all chances. Market participants may partly hedge risky positions if they do not see any perspective of the growth of digital money in the long run.On the market, they are voicing the opinion that after the story with oil that costs nothing, no one will dare say that the BTC is an empty thing. It could be worse. Now, the BTC volatility has declined to its three-months lows, which happens rather frequently before significant fluctuations in the leading cryptocurrency.Bitcoin Price May Increase amid Low Oil Prices, BTC Decides Where to Go

Credit Suisse (CSGN) Stock Down 2%, Income Rises 75% but Pains from COVID-19 to Continue

Coinspeaker Credit Suisse (CSGN) Stock Down 2%, Income Rises 75% but Pains from COVID-19 to ContinueCredit Suisse Group AG (SWX: CSGN) stock price is falling. The stock price of the Swiss bank fell to around 7.5 CHF (-2.49%). This, surprisingly, comes as the financial institution has presented better than expected earnings. The good tidings come with a caveat though.Credit Suisse (CSGN) Stock Price Rose in Q1 but Liabilities PersistAbout $1 billion is being set aside for writedowns and bad loans. This is one of the biggest provisions in more than ten years.The good news, however, is that the Bank has reported a 75% increase in profits in its first quarter. The profits also represent another first. Thomas Gottsein is the new CEO. These are his first numbers.The financial giant earned about 1.31 billion CHF ($1.34 billion). This profit covers the quarter to March 31. This is up from 749 million CHF from a year before. The financial giant had set aside about 568 million CHF for liabilities. many of these liabilities have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 situation.Businesses have all but ground to halt. There seems to be no respite or end in sight for the business failures across the board. As such, most businesses and individuals can’t meet their credit obligations.The Swiss financial institution has noted this. It has anticipated that the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 may continue for a bit. For how long isn’t known yet. The 568 million CHF set aside is a far cry from the 81 Million CHF set aside for similar purposes a quarter ago.The Bank said in a statement:“The scale of the adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis is still difficult to assess and we would caution that we may also see further reserve build and impairments in the coming quarters, particularly in our Corporate Bank and other loans, outside Switzerland, as well as from our investments in Asset Management,”The COVID-19 pandemic is still an unknown quantity in many regards. This is because it is still hard to quantify the business losses and other numbers due to the coronavirus.COVID-19 Incurred Losses Are GrowingAs the losses continue to mount, certainly, business is no longer the same by a wide margin.This does not mean that recovery is not possible. Recovery will occur but will be painful. This will occur until a vaccine, cure, or effective treatment schedule is found.All businesses have to lick their wounds.Credit Suisse seems to be going in the right direction. The numbers show that it is still fundamentally sound. The first earnings report occurs after the spying scandals. The step down of its former CEO Tidjane Thiam was a consequence of the scandal.Gottstein said in the statement:“In my first quarter as CEO of the group we all witnessed a highly challenging environment with a severe impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. We delivered a resilient performance, while absorbing a significant reserve builld of over 1 billion francs.”They are certainly headed in the right direction.Credit Suisse (CSGN) Stock Down 2%, Income Rises 75% but Pains from COVID-19 to Continue

Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway Could Test China’s Central Bank Digital Currency

Coinspeaker Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway Could Test China’s Central Bank Digital CurrencyRecently, the cities of Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong’An, Chengdu started testing China’s Central Bank digital currency. According to the local media outlet InterChain Pulse, 19 restaurants, entertainment companies, and retail shops will help conduct the trial in Xiong’An district in Hebei province. Among them are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, and JD Supermarkets. Such a decision was a result of the meeting that the Reformation and Development Commission, the reform and development bureau of the Xiong’an New Area management committee, organized. Several digital currency research and development institutions and pilot merchants participated as well.Xiongan branches of Chinese major commercial banks will also take part in the trial. Those are the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of China, and the China Construction Bank. In particular, they will be piloting a wallet app for the digital currency. Moreover, the Agricultural Bank of China has even tested the DC/EP (digital currency/electronic payment) for the app.Chen Bo, director of the Finance Research Centre at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said:“There will be two types of players in future trials, the banks and telecom companies. At present, the central bank is testing the software of DC/EP, and whether it will be combined with 5G and sim cards in the future needs to be discussed.”What Is China’s Central Bank Digital Currency?In 2014, the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, started research on its digital legal tender. At the end of 2017, the Chinese State Council approved the digital currency development program PBOC proposed in collaboration with some commercial banks and institutions.The currency, called “digital currency and electronic payment”, or DC/EP, will have a two-tier structure. It will involve the central bank issuing the currency to banks or institutions. In turn, these banks will circulate the currency amongst their customers. While there will be a certain control of the currency, the central bank wants to remain technology agnostic.As for payments, they will be contactless. In other words, the transaction will be over when two mobile phones with electronic wallets get close to each other. Besides, it will be possible to exchange the currency without the internet, just like using physical cash.People’s Bank of China stated:“In the short term, the central bank’s digital currency will not be issued in large amounts for the public and the velocity of the money in circulation will not be influenced or lead to an inflation surge.”According to PBOC’s representative Zhou Xuedong, the coronavirus pandemic will not disrupt the currency launch. The current testing means China is close to the release. Some officials stated that the possible launch date is the 2022 Winter Olympics event, others hint at mid-2021.Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway Could Test China’s Central Bank Digital Currency

Airbnb Hosts Complain 25% Reimbursement Policy Payments Can’t Cover Their Losses

Coinspeaker Airbnb Hosts Complain 25% Reimbursement Policy Payments Can’t Cover Their LossesBarely a month after Airbnb announced a 25% reimbursement policy from the $250 million coronavirus relief, its hosts are complaining the payments will cover hundreds of dollars’ worth losses, while they encountered thousands of losses. Besides, hundreds of hosts have taken to online groups to further complaints, whereby some said they have not received any payments from the $250 million coronavirus relief fund.Airbnb Payments to HostsPreviously, Airbnb had announced that it would allow guests to receive full refunds for any trips starting on or before May 31 that were booked prior to March 14. The decision overrode existing order cancellation policies that allow the guest to receive partial payments to cover for those bookings.As a result, Airbnb hosts were hit by thousands worth of losses during that period. However, the company promised to set aside $250 million to pay the hosts for the missed bookings.The recent claims by the host beg the question if the management staged a public show and never delivered the money to the deserving hosts.Coronavirus Effect on Airbnb OperationsDespite the company struggling to stay in business this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Airbnb said last year that it would go public in 2020. However, other fundamentals like the $320 million net loss the company had in the nine months through September, down from a $200 million profit in the previous year, are making investors wary of investing in such hyped unicorns.Also putting into perspective that investors experienced troubled debuts of Uber Technology Inc (NYSE: UBER) and also from Lyft Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT), whereby the companies were in losses only for the company valuation to drop after the public listing.Airbnb which allows people to list their properties for rent on its online marketplace has been dubbed one of the largest private companies in the United States. In its last funding round, which took place in 2017, the company was valued at $31 billion.It was possible to hear from people close to the company, who said that any IPO this year would likely be in the third quarter or later. With the bad image the company is tainting itself in such a time when humankind should be valued over profits, it might be a bad mixture to go public soon before the problems are fixed.In response to the claims, the company has come out strongly through its spokesperson and said:“This week, we began the first round of support payments totalling over $140 million to eligible hosts. Support payments will continue to be issued to hosts impacted by these cancellations between March 14, 2020, and May 31, 2020.”Maybe the response is the answer the Airbnb hosts were waiting for.Airbnb Hosts Complain 25% Reimbursement Policy Payments Can’t Cover Their Losses

P2P Exchange CryptoLocally Adds Buy and Sell Support for TRX

Coinspeaker P2P Exchange CryptoLocally Adds Buy and Sell Support for TRXPeer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace CryptoLocally has announced a new coin integration. TRON’s TRX token has been added to the site, enabling users to buy and sell the token using fiat currency. CryptoLocally, which launched as EOSLocally before expanding to other chains, now supports nine cryptos.In addition to TRX, users can swap EOS, BTC, WAX, USDT, TLOS, BOS, EOSDT, BNB, and BUSD. Moreover, TRON’s native currency is a boon for users of the dApp network, whose use cases have been proliferating. While still oriented around gaming and gambling, TRON has assimilated other companies through a spate of M&As. As a result, its user base now extends to that of BitTorrent, DLive, and Steemit.More On-Ramps, More PrivacyP2P marketplaces have seen robust growth as cryptocurrency users have wised to the pitfalls of heavily KYC’d exchanges and on-ramps that strip away privacy and present a honeypot for hackers. Peer-to-peer exchanges, in which only the buyer and seller know one another’s payment details, are seen as a more private way to legally transact. CryptoLocally has been at the vanguard of this trend, having transcended the EOS ecosystem it was formed in following a March rebrand.In announcing the rebrand, CryptoLocally was quick to stress its commitment to maintaining user privacy, writing:“CryptoLocally remains a decentralized platform that prioritizes user autonomy. That means we do not hold any of our users’ private keys and will operate with the same values and mission that made you trust us so far.”Buying TRX Just Got EasierCryptoLocally supports a range of local and international payment methods including PayPal, Venmo, and bank transfer. New users wishing to buy or sell TRX should have no trouble navigating their way around the site; TRX can be selected from the list of tokens in the top right dropdown menu. After that, it’s just a case of selecting one of the offers posted by the TRX buyer or seller, agreeing terms and conducting the trade. Like all markets of this nature, CryptoLocally uses secure escrow, allowing it to arbitrate in the unlikely event of disputes.The integration of TRX into CryptoLocally is a small – but not insignificant – indication of the direction TRON is moving in. Since launching, the TRON network has evolved into the industry’s entertainment chain of choice. Its consumer-oriented products, including video streaming site DLive, and its array of gambling dApps, mark TRON out as a network that’s strictly for the people, not the corporations. As such, the addition of another P2P exchange option will resonate well with TRON’s users, who may be fans of crypto, but are less enamored with the hoops that have to be jumped through to acquire it. Platforms like CryptoLocally play a vital role in addressing this pain point.P2P Exchange CryptoLocally Adds Buy and Sell Support for TRX

Apple (AAPL) Stock Up 3%, iPhone SE Could Help Fuel Apple’s Revenue Stream

Coinspeaker Apple (AAPL) Stock Up 3%, iPhone SE Could Help Fuel Apple’s Revenue StreamAfter taking a severe beating in this global market correction, Apple stock now aims to kickstart its northward journey again. On Monday, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock was up 2.88% climbing above $275 levels. At the press time, in the pre-market, the stock is 0.051% down.Apple (AAPL) Stock Price ChangesSince mid-February 2020, the Apple (AAPL) stock corrected nearly 30% along with the wider market correction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just in a month’s time, the company lost $400 billion from the erosion of its market cap. By the last week of March 2020, Apple stock was already trading below $230 levels.Apple remains one of the most widely impacted companies by the coronavirus outbreak. With the coronavirus outbreak in China in February 2020, the Chinese government asked manufacturers to shut down their factories to control the spread. Now Apple’s global supply chain is largely dependent on Chinese manufacturers.Thus, Apple was facing a severe delay in its shipments bringing major disruption to its supply chain. With orders piling at the other end, Apple has been struggling to deliver its products to its customers. However, manufacturing in China has started resuming and Apple is pulling all gears to get things normal.The AAPL stock price has recovered back from its lows gaining 20% since then. At press time, Apple is trading $276 with a market cap of $121 trillion. despite all the uncertainty around, Apple hasn’t shied away from launching new products in the market.Last month, the company launched its new MacBook Air and iPad Pro based on the LiDAR system. Moreover, just last week, Apple also launched its new iPhone SE handset, it’s first affordable handset in four years.iPhone SE Can Be the Revenue Catalyst for AppleFor over the last many, Apple hasn’t really relied on low-cost or affordable segment products to build its revenue. The tech giant has been consistently able to put quality high-end handset, laptops, and other tech accessories in the market. We all know that Apple products come at a premium. So, what’s special about the new iPhone SE.Well, the new iPhone SE is Apple’s compact and affordable offering to its costumers and followers. The handset comes with a 4.7-inch screen and a form-factor similar to the iPhone 8. The great thing about the new iPhone SE is that it packs hardware similar to the latest iPhone 11. Yes, the new iPhone SE comes with the most-powerful A13 bionic chipsets with software handling capabilities similar to the iPhone 11. In addition to it, the handset is also having very good camera performance, one of the major USPs of Apple devices.Besides, the iPhone SE also comes at an attractive price-point of $399 for its 64 GB variant. Now, with the global economic scenario looking bleak, the iPhone SE could be the best offering coming from Apple for consumers who aren’t willing to spend much at these uncertain times.If you’re really planning to buy a new handset this year, the new iPhone SE is something you won’t regret making a purchase.Apple (AAPL) Stock Up 3%, iPhone SE Could Help Fuel Apple’s Revenue Stream

FB Stock Rises Nearly 7% as Facebook May Report Increase in Q1 Earnings

Coinspeaker FB Stock Rises Nearly 7% as Facebook May Report Increase in Q1 EarningsOn April 29, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) will join other public companies and reveal its first-quarter 2020 results. Facebook earnings are expected to grow, therefore, amid the Q1 2020 report, Facebook shares are rising.Yesterday, Facebook (FB) stock soared by 6.72% and closed at $182.28 per share. After hours, it slightly dropped by 0.15% to $182.00. But in pre-market today, FB stock is up again. At the moment of writing, it is trading at $183.48, or 0.66% up. Facebook stock price is still far from the all-time closing high of $223.23 on January 29, 2020, but if the company’s performance lives up to analysts’ expectations, there are chances to even surpass this mark.Facebook Q1 Earnings: What to ExpectAnalysts predict Facebook has seen its year-over-year earnings grow on higher revenues for the first fiscal quarter of this year that ended in March. Zacks Consensus research firm expects Facebook’s revenues to total $17.42 billion, which is lower than $21.08 billion during the fourth quarter of 2019 but 15.6% up from the year-ago quarter.Further, Facebook is expected to report quarterly earnings of $1.78 per share, which marks a year-over-year change of +109.4%. In comparison, in Q4 2019, the social networking company reported $2.56 earnings per share (EPS).Notably, in the first quarter, Facebook along with Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) became the leader in lobbying spend. Facebook increased spending by 19% from last quarter to $5.3 million, while Amazon spent 3% more than the previous quarter at $4.3 million.Facebook’s Lapses and DevelopmentsBecause of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has seen a significant weakening of its ad business, especially in countries most affected by COVID-19. Therefore, the social media giant has slightly changed its ad products and targeting. In particular, Facebook has added several tools to give users more control over their ad experience. These tools include an option to stop seeing ads based on the advertiser’s Custom Audience lists. Besides, Facebook backed off plans to launch ads in WhatsApp.At the beginning of April, Facebook released a new app for couples. Called Tuned, it allows couples to send messages, exchange music, and create a digital scrapbook. For now, the app is available for download only in the U.S. and Canada.Further, Facebook introduced a new gaming app to compete with Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) YouTube, Amazon’s Twitch, and Microsoft Corporation‘s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Mixer. The app is mainly focused on watching and making game live streams, which is possible due to a function called “Go Live”. Besides, it includes casual games and provides access to gaining communities. Currently, it is available for Android users. After Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) approves the app, it will be available on iOS.Recently, Facebook invested $5.7 billion to Indian internet giant Jio Platforms, buying a 10% stake and becoming its largest minority shareholder. The aim of the deal is to create “new ways for people and businesses to operate more effectively in the growing digital economy.”FB Stock Rises Nearly 7% as Facebook May Report Increase in Q1 Earnings

Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Price Up 3.40%, Earnings Are Expected to Grow

Coinspeaker Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Price Up 3.40%, Earnings Are Expected to GrowMicrosoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock price rose by about 3%. This happened during the last trading session. Sources say that the Redmond Washington technology giant has had a good run this year. This news comes as most of the world is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.At the press time, in the pre-market, Microsoft (MSFT) stock price was $172.62 (-0.52%).Certain technology industries at this time are doing well. They represent the all-weather stocks. The movement restrictions have a lot to do with this. Microsoft (MSFT) and a few others it seems are beneficiaries of the emerging trends.Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Price Is Rising Thanks to Emerging TrendsMost people who still have jobs are working remotely. The demand for a new ecosystem where working remotely is key is one of the core drivers behind the rise in Microsoft stock prices. Apart from this, analysts expect revenues of up to $36.93 billion this quarter. As the quarter draws to a close, stock prices of the Windows software developer are leaping in expectation to this. Quarterly earnings are expected to be announced on the 29th of this month.A cursory look at Microsoft’s operating business model gives insight into what to look for before next week.Microsoft’s Flagship products are still doing relatively well. Some certain sub-units are the key drivers of growth at this time. Linkedin, Surface, and Azure are the new engines of profit for Microsoft.Microsoft’s acquisition of Linkedin in 2016 was considered to be a blunder by many pundits at the time. Four years later, the $26.2 billion transaction seems to have paid for itself many times over. For the first year or so, Linkedin didn’t bring in any revenue until 2017. The expected revenues of about $2 billion this quarter say much. This is proof-of-concept that the acquisition of the social network is indeed profitable.Microsoft’s Surface division recently added new products. This innovation points to one fact. An ecosystem is growing silently. Then the COVID-19 pandemic came along. It blew the Surface ecosystem out of the water. Surfaces’ revenues haven’t risen to similar levels last year.The revenues will still rise as demand for hardware increases with supply issues. these supply issues have arisen because of the shutdown. Crossing $1 billion in revenues, the Surface may see significant improvement in sales.Azure Rules the PackMicrosoft Azure is currently the King of the hill. Azure has estimated revenues of more than $10 billion by analysts. We are seeing just about the only competitor to Amazons AWS. Amazon still rules the computing space with estimated revenues of over $30 billion.This presents a scenario where Azure could catch up with AWS. It could even go head-to-head with it. The Microsoft-Amazon Department of Defense (DoD) contract spat is one such example of this. Though the DoD is working on having its independent JEDI cloud platform.Overall, analysts estimate that Microsoft’s revenues have increased by about 20% from last year. This growth while marginal is still within positive territory.It also represents the setting of a new trend among the big technology companies. One where anything is possible. All bets are off!Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Price Up 3.40%, Earnings Are Expected to Grow

Nominex Exchange Token Distribution Has Begun: 22nd of April Marks the Next Chapter at

Coinspeaker Nominex Exchange Token Distribution Has Begun: 22nd of April Marks the Next Chapter at Nominex.ioNominex is the next step in the evolution of exchanges around the world thanks to its unprecedented affiliate program unlimited referral levels to earn bonuses from.Nomineх believes the NMX token will become an invaluable part of the array of tools not to be found anywhere else under the same roof, which will result in exponential expansion of its user database.  The token distribution phase is on now. “A computer on every desk, in every home, running Nominex!”Why It’s Important for Projects to Have Token DistributionWith as many as 80% of ICOs turning out to be fake, IEOs became increasingly important and relevant in 2019. With added security and safety, IEO projects were unequivocally the best option in the times of rapidly growing cybercrime and a record number of exchange hacks. As time goes on, however, it became evident that sophisticated threats required sophisticated solutions.Nominex users deserve the most progressive methods of token distribution, and this penchant for unsurpassed quality for the client goes for everything else too. That is why Nominex implemented their own hybrid system called DCO (In-Demand Coin Offering) that combines the best of all features of the previous systems. In addition to a next-gen system of token distribution that offers a whole new level of incentives, Nominex aims to introduce the same degree of superior quality in other respects:  a completely new approach to “entertrading” and and an unprecedented referral program with a functionality of paying out up to $50 000 a week.A hybrid system means some tokens are sold and some are distributed among users. This is important because thanks to active users (token holders), when a token enters the exchange, it will extremely likely not experience a fall in price since it has really utility and is already used.Nominex has two main distinct advantages that enable it to overtake the competition: market positioning and smart strategy.  Nominex see it as potential game-changer for crypto trading, transforming it from a pure exchange with token-trading functionality to an ecosystem that allows participants to turn their hard work into hard teamwork, transform trading into an activity as fun as a really good computer game, and get real prizes for their efforts that come from all directions.Features like contests and ranking systems deliver gamification, new ways of engagement, and thrills the users are looking for. It’s an entirely new way of winning over and keeping users based on through market research, mutual trust, and endless support.  Nominex are building something to match the need for a next level exchange ecosystem: a potentially market-leading ‘entertrading’ service.What Makes Nominex Stand OutIf you’re looking for a place optimally suited for cryptocurrency registration, Nominex’s main and most prominent feature is its unprecedented affiliate program that allows users to benefit from the profits of all the users that they referred plus the profits of the users referred by those users and so on without limits. While competition offers limited levels, Nominex doesn’t cap its users’ earnings. While with others there may be 2 or 3 levels, with Nominex there can be a million (and they grow on their own but still pay you). There are also features that allow Nominex to switch up a gear and transform routine trading into an entirely new concept that turns trading into entertainment:4 types of bonuses that help stimulate earnings and growth even moreTournaments using demo money that allow winning real moneyNominex trusts experienced traders with real moneyExceptionally low commissions that can further be reduced by HODLers of NMX tokensDaily Giveaway winners are randomly awarded valuable prizesAs with Bitcoin halving, 50% of NMX tokens are burned at regular intervals to keep the price high.Additional Incentives to Participate in the Token Sale1. The price will be risingThe Initial price of the Ethereum-based NMX Token: 0.4 USDT.Nominex’s token sale has officially begun on April 22th. Tokens will be trading from Apr 22, 2020 – Apr 21, 2021, and within 5 days after the end of the DCO they will be listed at the exchange. Nominex informs its users that the price will be “vastly different then”.At the time of writing, the prices and figures are as follows:The entire DCO period is divided into 7 periods, which differ in terms of the price of the token at which it is sold.1 period (10 days) – token price NMX = 0.4 USDT2 period (20 days) – token price NMX = 0.6 USDT3 period (60 days) – NMX token price = 0.8 USDT4 period (60 days) – NMX token price = 1.0 USDT5 period (60 days) – NMX token price = 1.1 USDT6 period (60 days) – NMX token price = 1.2 USDT7 period (95 days) – NMX token price = 1.3 USDT.The timeframe is not chosen randomly. During this time, Nominex develops a database of users who use the token (and support its price levels).This is the key difference. Previously ICOs and IEOs were conducted in a maximum of 3 months and supported by a powerful advertising campaign of the token itself. Nominex are promoting the product, users arrive, and they are buying the token that has utility as it’s already widely used.The mechanics of token distribution for traders are similar to the mechanics of EOS distribution. A fixed amount of tokens is distributed every day among traders. The more people traded, the more they received, in proportion to the volume of trades. Every day a portion of tokens are distributed. if today there was one trader – they will get everything. If the next day there were 10 – they will divide the tokens in proportion to their trading turnover.The token starts working as soon as the user buys it, even if the distribution of the token has not expired (due to the referral program and bonuses).2. The more users buy the more they getThe more tokens the user buys after crypto exchange registration, the more rewards come with them. For example, buying 900 NMX gets a “bonus of +10% tokens, maxed out referral program earnings, + 10% lifetime discount on trading commissions + you will have two of your additional places in the affiliate structure (this way you can increase your team bonuses twice).”3. Do you feel like a $ 1000 000?1 000 000 NMX tokens will be distributed among traders who bought or earned the most tokens. Thus, the most active trader gets 47983.9323 NMX, and the following ones each 5% less with the trader in the 100th place getting 383.1380 NMX.The MissionPavel Shkitin, CEO at Nominex:“Our mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible and understandable for everyone and provide the best experience for our users. This type of junk is written on the site of every other cryptocurrency project, possibly on ours too. But what does it mean? What are the best practices we’re talking about and if Bitcoin is so awesome why is it not yet as popular as the Dollar?Nominex sees it this way: cryptocurrency is more than bitcoin in relation to the dollar. It’s a lifestyle.We want to return crypto to a friendly, positive, intriguing context, creating innovative entertading and useful products. Yes, the main product is the exchange. But the way we see the interaction of users is the most important thing.Our mission is to increase the number of traders by inviting new players from Forex, gambling, binary trading, betting. We are convinced that cryptocurrency has its own lifestyle, the characteristic features of which are all about networking. Look at your friends on Facebook or, at work – we’re seeing salaries in crypto, projects in crypto, what is written in your resume?We change money at exchangers we’ve heard good things about from our close friends, we buy coins, not stocks. Hard work and entertainment are the same things because we work with people we’re family with, meetings, events, trips abroad, afterparty, downshifting, special ways of relaxing and dressing all happen because we go to recommended specialists, hang out with friends of friends, learn new tendencies from people we know and trust and wear cool stuff our connections wear. So our product must meet these criteria and be all about networking. It has to have the qualities that make it viral. It has to be genius, it has to be funny, it has to address your every need and be everything you ever wanted other products to be. Then, when our users are genuinely grateful because we make the experience all about them, the product will go viral, which in our era can happen with the speed of light.We want to combine interaction and trading, gamification and mathematics, training and retraining, affiliate business and communication within our exchange. We want to become for our new users an awesome and funny but strict teacher who allows a lot, helps them earn and get on their own two feet. We do not treat each other with condescension, because it is not customary with us.Why? Because banking is boring. We do not follow the path of crypto banking, which many other exchanges follow. This dead-end path is also expensive during the battle for users. All the fintech industry players are shifting to the path of Internet content in products, gamification is implemented everywhere, they no longer entice their users but cultivate utility so that it can be a mutually beneficial partnership based on trust and respect, intelligence and good humor. They want to get to know each other, talk and entertain. We would rather spend money on engagement than on promotion.After parties and after the conferences, we do not listen to the ministers of economic development and the heads of banks, but to Andreas Antonopoulos, Ivan on Tech, and Joe Rogan on Cryptocurrencies. We do not dedicate ourselves to Forbes, CNN, RBK in the morning, but Hackernoon, Telegram groups, and CoinDesk.So our product must meet all these criteria. But meeting abstract criteria is not enough. We must create real utility in the life of a crypto fan.We want our product to be purrfect for crypto fans because it has been designed on nothing but their wishes and feedback. We want it to be a dream in terms of what it enables them to do. But the main thing that we want to bring is entertainment. Young people are the future. And anyone who wants to have fun is young. You should be so happy at work that you feel as relaxed, intrigued, and celebrated there as you are at home.”To Take Away: Why the NMX Token Deserves ApplauseNominex is a mix of the best ideas from the best exchanges in the business. They have the hybrid token distribution model that refunds trading fees in the first phase of NMX token distribution and provides bonuses after bonuses at later stages. Some tips come from the ‘old school’ direct marketing school of thought. In the second phase of NMX token distribution every day traders split the same (significant) amount of NMX tokens proportionally to their daily trading volumes. Daily tournaments deserve a special mention, but studying their mechanics enables one to understand their superior mechanics. The referral program has no limitations, and everyone can have as many referral levels as 1 thousand or 1 million and earn four different types of bonuses. There is an agenda for future gamification implementations as well.About NominexNominex is a cryptocurrency exchange that implements a new concept called “entertrading” (entertainment + trading) with the help of a colossal variety of tools, among which are “the most lucrative affiliate program in the industry”, advanced order types, a vast set of bonuses, tournaments, a constantly updated blog section, and a mastodon number of features Nominex is currently working on.For crypto registration, suggestions, partnerships, and press inquiries Nominex can be contacted through support on the site, on social networks, or on LinkedIn.Nominex Exchange Token Distribution Has Begun: 22nd of April Marks the Next Chapter at