Tracking of all Cash Movements: Every single movement

Store Management.
Store Management Total retail store efficiency.
The cash management module comprises of tracking cash movement within cash locations as well as managing and recording the movements of money in to and out of these locations.
This enables the store to have a global, real-time and single view of all cash across their entire estate down to individual tills and safes.
Find out more about cash management Cash-office management: ab-initio manages all cash movements from the cash office.
This cash office represents a secure office which acts as the central hub for managing all store cash operations and movements.
Daily operational movements such as: issuing floats; receiving lifts from tills; paying sundry expenses; receiving sundry income; banking; moving money to an inner safe form, are all tracked by ab-initio.
Cash office can also be used as a virtual operational system within ab-initio, where one till serves as the stores back office and the cash pool is located in a drop safe located somewhere in the store.
Safe Management: ab-initio also manages the safe location in the store from which money is moved to and from the cash office.
ab-initio tracks this movement from the cash office to the safe and then, to the bank.
Tracking of all Cash Movements: Every single movement, including the ones listed above, that is made between cash office and the drawer/shifts in the store are tracked within ab-initio.
Till and/or User Accountability: ab-initio provides flexibility around till and user accountability enabling shifts to be managed at till or at user level.
It is also possible for one user to control several drawers and the sum of these drawers will represent that user’s total shift value.
Automatic cash-lift prompting: ab-initio will prompt cashiers to carry out cash lifts at the appropriate time or at maximum cash levels of the till.
Payment Types: ab-initio maintains 14 payments – Cash; Coupons; Credit; Account Charge; Business Cheque; Personal Cheque; Voucher; Debit/Credit Card; Prize Payout; Gift Card; Rental Pre-Buys; Payzone Gift Card; Fuel Card.
Reporting: ab-initio can automatically prompt for end of day user and till reports.
All variances, drops and cash declarations are tracked and reported in real-time detailing the date, time, the till, the user, the transaction type and the value of the transaction in question.
Configurable Levels of Administration: ab-initio can have multiple levels of administration stored so only certain members of staff have the authority to carry out high level tasks.
Audited View.
Automated Ledge Interface: ab-initio has a number of define exports to popular ledger systems to enable the efficient and accurate postings.
ab-initio’s real-time data tracking delivers accurate and streamlined stock management control as well as delivering excellent customer satisfaction.
Our system enables you to manage stock replenishment in line with forecasted demand and ensure that efficiencies are managed across your retail estate.
The entire process from requisitions to purchase-ordering to receiving to ultimate despatch is fully integrated.
Find out more about inventory management Replenishment & Forecasting: Stock replenishment is managed in line with forecasted demand across the entire retail estate.
Gap Checking: ab-initio includes a rapid and optimised gap checking process to fix availability.

Barcode Validation: The items and quantities received are checked against the store order

and barcodes are validated as part of this receiving process.

This eliminated miss-scans from the store POS

Wireless Hand Held Terminals: HHT’s are provided to work alongside ab-intitio’s inventory management and supply chain point solutions to provide a rapid scan capability.
These hand held terminals enable all stock functions to be undertaken anywhere within the warehouse to store, including perpetual stock counting in real-time, while the location is still trading.

Centralised Stock-Taking: As well as using the HHT

stock taking can be initiated and monitored centrally from head office.
Serial Number Tracking: Products can be tracked by serial number across the entire business.
These serial numbers are configurable by product type and can be adjusted at any time, updating across the entire estate.
Warranty tracking: Warranty tracking and stock-holding for third-party repairs are also unique features within ab-initio.
Counting: ab-initio enables exception counting of high, low stocks alongside fast moving lines as well as Head-office driven counting and perpetual counting.
ab-initio’s order review enables you to manage all orders efficiently using one centralised single database.
Find out more about order review Fraud Detection: the order review function enables you to protect and enhance your ability to detect and prevent fraud.
Order Histories: ab-initio’s one centralised database enables you to profile order historis and customer profiles to target communications effectively.
Manual Order Creation: ab-initio provides you with the ability to create ad-hoc manual orders.

Ab-initio integrates with all wireless printers used for SEL printing in store

Prices are changed in real-time, which enable retailers to print labels within seconds of a price adjustment.
This results in less risk of price errors on the shop floor and greater customer satisfaction.
Find out more about Shelf Edge   Real-Time product pricing: Any changes in product pricing and promotions are instantly carried out quickly and consistently across your whole retail estate, in real-time.
Label Audit.

Deployment of Staff: Because of ab-initio’s real-time function

price changes are made with the click of a button.
This bypasses the need for staff to manually change prices on shelf edge labels and therefore has significant savings for the retailer.
Price Alignment: ab-initio ensures that the products price is aligned correctly across your entire estate so that customers have the same experience in every store and online.

Wi-Fi Printers: ab-initio’s SEL function is integrated with Wi-Fi printers on the floor

Reduced to Clear: ab-initio has an intelligent algorithm that prompts and controls reductions up to sell by dates.
This capability minimises margin loss and reduces stock wastage.
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