Companies Like Crypto Garage Seek to Make the Industry Safe for Everyone

The cryptocurrency world is wrought with fraud, theft and other malicious activities, and companies like Crypto Garage are looking to change that.
Crypto Garage Wants Bitcoin to Be Safe for All
The enterprise – which is unveiling a new string of tools designed to build the cryptocurrency industry’s levels of transparency, decentralization and safety – believes that bitcoin is the king of digital assets, and is looking to establish all its upcoming products on the bitcoin blockchain. In a statement, Justin Dhingra – chief cryptofinance officer for the company – explained:
We see a world where there is a platform for various types of assets that can be transacted without counterparty risk. Our service is not here to replace the existing financial infrastructure, but to instead give the end customer, ranging from consumers to institutions, a choice to conduct different types of financial transactions on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis.
Bitcoin and its altcoin cousins have the power to become mainstream tools built for more than simple speculation. The problem, however, is that malicious actors have made their way into the space, leading many to question just how safe digital currencies are.
For example, initial coin offerings (ICOs), at one point, were among the most popular methods of garnering funds for new blockchain and crypto-related startups, but many countries, i.e. China and South Korea, have sought to ban ICOs given how many were fraudulent and resulted in nothing other than funds stolen directly from investors’ pockets.
Furthermore, many large crypto exchanges and trading platforms, such as Coincheck and Mt. Gox, have been subjected to hardcore thefts that have resulted in millions of digital dollars disappearing overnight. Many institutional traders look at these incidents with great concern.
The lack of alleged safety surrounding crypto combined with the volatility many of these assets face make for a very scary and insecure industry that professional traders seek to avoid like the plague.
This attitude is preventing the crypto space from achieving the legitimacy it likely deserves, and Crypto Garage is working hard to make thefts and other security issues a thing of the past.
Among the products it’s working on is one called the Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) protocol, which allows for the development of monetary contracts on the bitcoin blockchain. An oracle is used to determine the outcome of the contracts, though their presences are never revealed, keeping the identities of the parties involved in transactions hidden.
Getting Things “Settled”
Dhingra further stated:
Our approach is to go after long-term tech, but still win short-term business. In 2019, we broke ground on the announcement of our digital asset settlement application called SETTLENET on Blockstream’s Liquid Network. With SETTLENET, digital assets can be settled simultaneously using atomic swaps. The instant settlement is an attractive feature for trading purposes where one counterparty no longer needs to worry about who pays first when settling a trade.
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JNJ, MRNA Stocks Down Around 1.5%, J&J and Moderna to Produce Possible COVID-19 Vaccine

Coinspeaker JNJ, MRNA Stocks Down Around 1.5%, J&J and Moderna to Produce Possible COVID-19 VaccineThe government of the United States of America alongside Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) and Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) have partnered to produce in more substantial amounts possible vaccine for COVID-19 before the real vaccines hit the market. As per report, the U.S. government is also working to partner with not lesser than two other anonymous firms for the same assignment.Currently, it has not been revealed, or there are still no approved vaccines for the novel coronavirus that has not stopped ravaging the whole world affecting 803,180 people globally, leaving 41,404 dead as of press time with 623,531 active cases. Reportedly, chances of availability of a vaccine for the pandemic is slim until at least next year as they have to be tested and endorsed on people before being massively administered to several people the virus has infected.Johnson & Johnson and Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine DevelopmentAs Coinspeaker reported on Monday, J&J announced that the human trial of its experimental vaccine for COVID-19 would start in September. The firm stated that the vaccine would be ready for emergency use authorization early next year while the firm also revealed that it has signed a $1 billion deal with the U.S. government to co-fund research and also increase the manufacturing capacity of the COVID-19 vaccine. After the J&J announcement, the firm’s share began to rise, surging 4% and closed 8% higher at $133.01.Moderna, on the other hand, began testing its vaccine on people and, like J&J, and partnered the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.This move by the United States is said to help encourage drug makers and firms working towards finding a COVID-19 vaccine to produce in large quantities even if eventually it does not cure the disease. J&J will get around $420 million funds in part from BARDA. The agency in an interview said that they plan to expend a certain amount (not disclosed) to ramp-up manufacturing for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate.The agency also intends to provide support for about five or six experimental vaccine candidates hoping that at least two or three would work for the virus, according to Rick Bright, BARDA director.“Government and industry are working in unprecedented ways,” Bright said. The hope is to work “as quickly as possible and manufacture enough of it for us and the rest of the world in a concise timeframe.” However, experts have said that it would take as much as 12-18 months to approve a safe and effective vaccine for the virus.JNJ and MRNA Stocks FallingAs reported earlier by Coinspeaker, J&J’s announcement of its vaccine propelled a 4% surge in pre-marketing trading yesterday. But within the month Johnson & Johnson stock fell 20% after it hit its all-time high in February.However, it is still experiencing a 7% annual deficit with today’s rally appearing to have lost steam below its 20-day moving average.As at the time of writing, the JNJ stock price has dropped a bit by 1.41 %. The stock is trading at $131.12.Moderna (MRNA) is trading at $29,95 after plunging -1.74%. However, on Monday the price of Moderna shares rose 1.4% to hit $30.48.JNJ, MRNA Stocks Down Around 1.5%, J&J and Moderna to Produce Possible COVID-19 Vaccine

5 Companies Lead the Race in Producing the First COVID-19 Vaccine

Coinspeaker 5 Companies Lead the Race in Producing the First COVID-19 VaccineAs the battle against the spread of coronavirus outbreak across the world intensifies, many companies are working to put themselves at the forefront in producing viable COVID-19 vaccine.Producing a vaccine for human testing and adoption to address the Coronavirus outbreak remains as crucial as ever, but a working vaccine approved and available for public use is almost not feasible this year. Approval of a vaccine for public application, however, faces different barriers and conditions that are bound to slow up the process of worldwide adoption. Regardless, this is not slowing down many pharmaceutical companies in racing to produce the first working Coronavirus vaccine. And likewise, Wall Street and majorly investors alike are at alert in poaching the first solution. Here is the list of pharmaceutical companies close to releasing the first approved COVID-19 vaccine in an attempt to put an end to the current global pandemic.Gilead (GILD)Gilead remains a household name in the pharmaceutical world and it is no surprise that they are popping up first on this list. The giant pharmaceutical company was one of the leading forerunners in the production of a vaccine for the once deadly SARS virus, which also shares a family with COVID-19. By leveraging its previous success with SARS, Gilead is generally expected to be one of the closest to the Coronavirus vaccine.Rexidilvir, which is one of Gilead’s drugs has also been recently approved as one of the medicines to combat the Coronavirus. Gilead has also announced it would cease accepting individual emergency requests for its experimental coronavirus drug due to increasing and overwhelming demand.GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) GSK is a popular drug maker brand based in the UK and is known most for its incredible success with HPVs. The UK based drugmaker was the first to make efficient working vaccines against the human papillomavirus (HPV) as well as the seasonal flu.GSK has since been in collaboration with another Chinese based company in making a vaccine and has offered its own nascent solution to the virus, the COVID-19 S-Trimer for preclinical trials.Johnson and Johnson (JNJ)Johnson and Johnson is one of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical world. J and J is very well known for its vaccine solution in combating the Ebola virus during the outbreak in Africa.The company like a few other drugmakers have been working with BARDA to develop and screen antiviral therapies and solutions to the ravaging pandemic. J and J is looking to leverage its earlier success with the Ebola virus vaccine and hopes to have a vaccine ready for clinical trials by the end of the year. Moderna (MRNA)Moderna is already moving as fast as can be possible and has begun phase 1 clinical trials about two weeks ago. On March 16, Moderna tested its first human patient with a dose of its new experimental COVID-19 vaccine known currently as mRNA-1273.Moderna is testing patients between the ages of 18 and 55 and would be following up on its tested patients for at least a year. This is just to say the Moderna vaccine would most likely not be concluded until June 2021.Moderna stock shares have since shot up more than 50 percent since its announcement.SanofiSanofi is one of the biggest drugmakers in the world. Based in France, the company has been working closely with New York-based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in developing a vaccine and most importantly an effective treatment against Coronavirus. Kevzara, a product of the two companies to address rheumatoid arthritis which was approved in 2017 has entered the conversation of viable treatments against Coronavirus. The drug has since begun its Phase 2/3 trials a fortnight ago on March 16 as the trials hope to study Kevzara’s impact on breathing and oxygen levels and benefits on COVID-19 patients. Sanofi also had previous success with the SARS vaccine and would be looking to leverage on it in the race to produce a COVID-19 vaccine.Positive announcements regarding the progress of vaccine programs have since brought needed boost for stocks, and Sanofi and Gilead alongside others have since seen significant gains in stock prices. The race is still as keen as ever, and we can only hope that a solution is reached as soon as possible.5 Companies Lead the Race in Producing the First COVID-19 Vaccine

HIVE Purchases BTC Mining Firm Based in Canada

Ether mining, bitcoin mining… At the end of the day, for companies like HIVE, it’s all part of the same process: extracting new coins and placing them on the market to be sold, traded and hodled if need be.
HIVE Expands Its Mining Power
That’s why an ether mining company has just purchased a bitcoin mining firm. Sure, the coins may be different, but if the technology and the methods of extraction are virtually the same, why the heck not?
The company making the purchase is known as HIVE Blockchain Technology. Based in Canada, it’s a publicly traded ether mining facility, and the company is now looking to expand its horizons and mine additional coins. The facility in question comes from a venture known as Cryptologic Corp in Quebec. HIVE has purchased the building for a record $4 million in CAD (close to $3 million in USD).
The facility is said to provide as much as 30 megawatts of mining power, which means HIVE will likely be able to extract a lot of new coins quickly. At press time, HIVE has other facilities in countries such as Sweden and Iceland. The purchase of the new mining facility now means that its global rate of power exceeds 50 megawatts.
Frank Holmes – interim executive chairman of HIVE – explained in a statement:
This is an important strategic acquisition for HIVE that diversifies our business significantly, and we are making it at an opportune time at an attractive valuation for our shareholders. The acquisition provides us with an advanced, operating bitcoin mining facility ready to transition to next generation mining hardware with access to some of the lowest cost electricity on the planet. The cost of US $95,000 per MW is less than half the industry standard build cost per MW.
This would all be fine and dandy except for one little thing: at the time of writing, bitcoin mining – and the extraction of any new coin in general – is considered a fool’s game considering how much cryptocurrencies have dropped in price over the past few weeks.
Bitcoin has entered a bear market that isn’t quite letting up. Today’s early morning hours saw bitcoin trading at about $6,300 – a $400 drop from where it stood on Friday. In addition, Ethereum has also fallen, and many mining firms are closing their doors indefinitely, claiming that the extraction of new coins isn’t a profitable venture – at least not right now.
Is Now Not a Good Time for Mining?
Specifically, mining firms in California like Digital Farms say that there is no point in continuing to mine bitcoin so long as the price remains below $8,000.
Nevertheless, it looks like HIVE is intent on continuing its present mining operations and is eager to expand its power across the globe. The deal is expected to close no later than April 3 (this coming Friday).
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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Is Moving 5.25% Up Today, Is It a Great Choice During Downtrends?

Coinspeaker Tesla (TSLA) Stock Is Moving 5.25% Up Today, Is It a Great Choice During Downtrends?Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock seems to be a great choice during downtrends. This is because the stock price turns out to do better under pressure. This particular characteristic has been monitored by both fans of the stock and foes alike. Tesla (TSLA) surged by about 23% last week. One thing to note though was that though prices weren’t steady, TSLA seemed to be poised for a bull run. Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Is Set to Go UpA leading school of thought is that Tesla (TSLA) stock price forecast yearly average to be at $502.13. This puts Tesla’s current stock price to be within the same ballpark as many analysts’ predictions (and even higher). At the time of writing, TSLA is trading at $528,52. It means that the stock is 5.25%up today while the market cap of Tesla is 97.32 billion.Last Quarters’ reported numbers provide insight into what the future may look like. This is critical considering that the automaker is expected to release its quarterly earnings in the third week of April 2020.  There are several reasons why this may be happening. Currently, analysts have calculated Tesla’s Enterprise Value to EBITDA to be at 48.53. This means a lot considering that this is one of the American auto industry’s lowest figures. The traditional competitors have a higher Enterprise Value to EBITDA than the electric vehicle maker. This means that the company is currently undervalued.The intellectual property that Tesla is sitting on has far deeper implications than can be seen for now. This is because the homegrown tech that drives the automaker is also its saving grace. Elon Musk and his team have had to develop almost everything from scratch. This is a unique approach to vehicle manufacturing. It allows for the kind of innovations that may not seem unique at first but are way ahead of the curve. As the EVs begin to trend Tesla will most likely remain the undisputed leader in this industry. COVID-19 Affects General BusinessA return on equity of -10.75% says quite a bit on the current ability of the management to provide returns to shareholders. One recurring theme across the board in all industries at this time is the COVID-19 situation. Returns may not be possible for some time until things clear up. However, this ratio from the last quarter already shows that the company itself is yet to cash in on its innovations. It doesn’t mean though that the management is incompetent (though Elon Musk isn’t your regular CEO). It just means that the EV automaker may also be following a disruptive cycle. And it may be nearing its end as external factors suggest. The U.S. economy may enter a recession due to COVID-19. Even if it doesn’t, previous cashflows for consumers won’t just be available. Electric Vehicles will provide consumers the ability to own cars without the need for fuelling them. This will be Tesla’s strongest selling point. As such, it appears that though prices are experiencing volatility, the Automaker is prepared to take the markets by storm.Tesla (TSLA) Stock Is Moving 5.25% Up Today, Is It a Great Choice During Downtrends?

GE Stock Rises 1.97% Today, General Electric Staff Protests at Company’s Headquarters

Coinspeaker GE Stock Rises 1.97% Today, General Electric Staff Protests at Company’s HeadquartersAmidst the coronavirus pandemic, the world has been forced to experience an economic recession with prices of commodities in the international market crashing day by day as multinational firms are experiencing a hard time as well. General Electric (NYSE: GE) is one of the many multinational firms hit by the pandemic. It has also had to deal with the situation in its way by announcing a necessity to cut down the workforce by a certain percentage for three months to enable it to save around $500 million to $1 billion according to a press release by the firm.The announcement has forced the Industrial Division of Communication Workers of America, or IUE-CWA, to react severely as they had to protest at the company’s aviation facility in Lynn, Massachusetts, as well as its headquarters in Boston and make certain demand from their employers.The union representing General Electric workers in America requested from the firm that they use their entire manufacturing resource to produce more ventilators as a way to fill the void coronavirus pandemic has caused.However, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), alongside General Electric Healthcare, revealed that United Auto Workers union employees would start producing a simpler version of GE Healthcare’s ventilator design to help coronavirus patients who find it difficult to breathe to do so. Also, General Electric has come out to say that they are “working round the clock” to produce more ventilators thanks to its partnership with ford.“General Electric Healthcare has already doubled ventilator production capacity, with a plan to double it again by June, in addition to partnering with Ford Motor Company to increase ventilator production further. We continue to explore additional opportunities to support the fight against COVID-19 while continuing to support mission-critical work for our customers as well,” a company’s spokesperson said.General Electric Stock amid Global PandemicTaking a closer look at the firm’s stock in the last few months, comparing it to the 2008 recession, it is believed that General Electric stock possibly could rise by 40% when the coronavirus pandemic eventually comes to a halt.Reportedly, this decision was arrived after comparing the firm’s performance vis-à-vis the S&P 500 in the interactive dashboard analysis, 2007-08 vs 2020.After the World Health Organization declared a health emergency in January, between then and March, General Electric has lost about 39% of its value. The stock began to drop March 6th significantly when more and more people began to fall sick of coronavirus outside China that lead to a global economic shutdown.It continued to get worse when the economic meltdown began to affect oil prices in the international market not only because of coronavirus but also because oil-producing Saudi Arabia also massively triggered an increase in production.Also, as a result of a sharp reduction in air travel, the General Electric aviation business is projected to be affected drastically.Today GE stock is moving up, the growth is around 2%. At the time of writing, the stock is trading at $8.03.GE Stock Rises 1.97% Today, General Electric Staff Protests at Company’s Headquarters

The Digital Dollar: Not a Question of If… but When?

The digital dollar was recently cast out of the United States’ $2 trillion economic stimulus package designed to boost the country’s infrastructure following damage caused by the coronavirus.
The Digital Dollar Could Have Done So Much
Many analysts agree that the notion of a digital dollar would likely be of great aid to bitcoin and the crypto industry, and that regulators initially missed a huge opportunity to support one of the finance world’s biggest tools.
While the idea of digital dollar version of U.S. fiat has been in federal lawmakers’ heads for some time, the idea gained newfound support last February by the likes of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, who explained that the Fed was potentially working on providing a digital version of USD. This occurred when he gave a speech in front of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee.
At the time, things were going quite well for the country financially. Bitcoin, for example, was reaching its 2020 high of more than $10,300. In addition, stocks were also posting record highs, suggesting that the U.S. was in a top position to enter the crypto market and put itself on the same plane as regions such as China, Iran and others.
However, the digital dollar found itself disappearing from regulators’ heads when the coronavirus entered U.S. soil, causing widespread panic and alarm. Though it was ultimately suggested as a potential combatting tool – regulators wanted to ensure Americans received stimulus checks electronically rather than through the mail as a means of preventing further contamination – this idea didn’t come about.
Indeed, the establishment of a digital dollar would have probably provided a healthy dose of support for bitcoin and its altcoin cousins, but analysts are confident that the United States will eventually step up to the plate. For them, it’s not a question of if… but rather when the country decides a digital dollar will be necessary.
CEO of De Finer Jason Wu believes that should the United States ever decide to move forward on the project, this will inherently educate several people on the notion of blockchain and help the technology to achieve mainstream status. He commented in a statement:
Bitcoin is the digital gold in the world of digital assets. The GDP of the digital world is captured by bitcoin. Therefore, the price trend of bitcoin will [certainly] go up… Currently, a lot of technical details around the proposed Fed digital dollar is not available. We will have to wait and see whether it leans more towards the centralization or the decentralization path.
A Future Project?
Ashish Singhal – co-founder and CEO of – states:
The idea of a Fed digital dollar will undoubtedly boost bitcoin prices. It’s a strong indication of mass adoption for cryptocurrencies pushed by none other than the government.
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Ford Stock Up 1.39% Now, Company Plans to Make 50,000 GE Ventilators to Fight Coronavirus

Coinspeaker Ford Stock Up 1.39% Now, Company Plans to Make 50,000 GE Ventilators to Fight CoronavirusFord Motor Company (NYSE: F) stock fell 3.08% on March 30, to trade at $5 per stock. But today it is trading with a 1.39% rise at $5.10. As with most U.S. stock markets at the moment, Ford (F) stock has recovered from the previous free fall thanks to the coronavirus stimulus package meant to cushion the market from further tumbling. Ford stock has been falling continuously since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, it has fallen almost to retest the 2008 market crash, where it traded at around $2. However, there are hopes that the stocks will recover and retest the all-time high in the near future after the company confirmed it will be collaborating with Generic Electric (NYSE: GE) to make GE ventilators. The company announced that by July 4, it will deliver 50,000 GE ventilators to help coronavirus patients.Ford on Coronavirus GE VentilatorsThe exercise is set to begin on April 20, at its Michigan factory, whereby it is targeting to deliver 30,000 new ventilators per month. According to the Motley Fool report, there will be 500 employees who will be working round the clock in three shifts. The venture has been supported by the United Auto Workers Labor Union, hence showing the dire need of the equipment on the ground.GE Ventilators are critical machines that assist coronavirus patients to breathe with ease, however, it is not the cure as others confuse. It will be a huge breakthrough for the American people, where the virus has turned it to an epicentre.At the time of writing, the number of infected people in the United States stood at 122,653, according to data by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The ventilators which were earlier approved by the FDA will go a long way in helping the sick patients recover.According to a statement by ford, it is expecting to ship the first batch of ventilators by the end of April.Will It Boost Ford Stock Price?Ford and its stock have been struggling to rise since late 2013, long before coronavirus even was thought to exist. However, the coronavirus pandemic pushed the free fall button, resulting in the stock plummeting within a month.As a result, all the gains which were made during the post-2008 market crisis have almost been wiped out. Investors have been shying away from its stock since then, however, things may turn around very quickly. If the deals continue, fueled by the coronavirus uncertainty, then it may be the much-needed catalyst to push the ford stock market to the ceiling.Ford Stock Up 1.39% Now, Company Plans to Make 50,000 GE Ventilators to Fight Coronavirus

Markets in the Time of Covid-19

Coinspeaker Markets in the Time of Covid-19Market volatility remains high as the Trump administration continues to address itself to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences. A degree of guarded confidence and corresponding gains have, however, arrested the marked drops in the S&P 500 and Dow, thanks to the approximately 2 trillion-dollar stabilization package currently being negotiated in Washington. That we’re in a recession is not a matter of doubt. At this point, it’s a question of mitigating its severity.Amidst the turmoil of the traditional markets, Bitcoin has begun to defy the prevailing gravity, moving from just above a support position of $5,400 to $6,700.What the pandemic has made abundantly obvious is the need for a radical renovation of healthcare. That’s renovation in the sense of rebirth; piecemeal or nominal effort to rectify healthcare inefficiencies on the part of governments that have been belated, equivocal and haphazard in their response to the pandemic thus far will not appease their constituents, certainly not if the rate of mortality is anything like what some epidemiologists have projected. Anticipate genuine, considerable financing of healthcare.Solve.CareFew, if any, are better positioned than Solve.Care to assume a place at the forefront of this long overdue revitalization.Recipient of the Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum in Singapore, Solve.Care has already established itself: the Arizona Care Network, which consists of over 300,000 members, 5,500+ providers, and 200+ facilities in Arizona conducts all value-based payments within the Solve.Care ecosystem. A partnership with HMS Technologies is enhancing client services in the U.S. federal sector. The U.S. government employs about two million people.Solve.Care’s express purpose is to radically redefine healthcare, first and foremost to correct otherwise bloated medical administrative costs, and, in so doing, increase access to better quality care for individual patients. But the patients themselves are not the exclusive beneficiaries of this innovative platform: employers, insurance providers, administrators, and governments alike stand to gain enormously by ridding themselves of antiquated and costly practices of the sort that have hampered a concerted, coherent response to the current crisis.SOLVE TokensSOLVE is the native, ERC20 utility token necessary for any and all transactions on the Solve.Care platform. It functions as the currency within the ecosystem for clinical organizations, insurance providers, and the end users themselves. Participation requires SOLVE tokens.In so far as SOLVE has its own inherent value within rapidly proliferating  Care Administration Networks, it is not, unlike other blockchain technologies, subject to the same externalities. Bitcoin price movements are not a concern.Solve.Care represents a significant, perhaps unprecedented, market opportunity.Once the pandemic subsides, as it eventually must, whether within the next two to three months, or twelve, even the most backward institutional authority will acknowledge the necessity for a simple, responsive, and efficient healthcare system, one that makes use of the tremendous potential of decentralized ledger technology.With direct institutional recognition or that demanded by a citizenry that has borne the brunt of the recession, governments won’t have to apologize for pouring money into something that could secure the economy against a relapse. Should Solve.Care receive widespread adoption, it would create substantial value.Markets in the Time of Covid-19

Quantum Entanglement: Mysterious Blockchain Project From Darknet, Which Is About To Change The World Pattern

Coinspeaker Quantum Entanglement: Mysterious Blockchain Project From Darknet, Which Is About To Change The World PatternOn January 3, 2009, Bitcoin was born out of nowhere, which did not receive widespread attention. On May 22, 2010, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10000 BTCs. It can be seen that the value of Bitcoin was not recognized until it met the darknet. The mysterious dark web, like the iceberg hidden in the sea, is defined as the web that general search engines can’t search on the technical level; on the social level, it has many unimaginable horror, terror and crime.But it’s undeniable that today’s haloed Bitcoin, the initial application scenario starts from this not so beautiful place. In this hidden world, Bitcoin, which uses encryption technology, meets the demand of anonymity in the dark network, which coincides with each other. When Bitcoin plummeted, it was the darknet that propped up the crumbling price. After Bitcoin, darknet made cryptocurrencies such as Monroe coin and Litecoin. Recently, can quantum entanglement, the world-class mystery project first revealed on the darknet, become the next miracle?It is understood that the blockchain project adopts the Libra trading rule and the triangle economic collision model (the money stability rule proposed by the famous American economists), which is researched and developed by the world’s second largest hacker organization, Carbanak, and disclosed publicly on the dark network for the first time. Carbanak is a hacking organization for financial institutions. In 2017, it began to become a white hat hack and set foot in the field of blockchain. Among the Carbanak organizations, there are computer talents, early researchers of BTC, university professors, financiers, US Army veterans, American stock market operators, musicians and members of international NGOs who have been involved in the NATO military organization. They have been active in the global darknet for a long time, focusing on the global trend, the trend of financial environment and the changes of science, technology, and finance caused by the conflicts in some international regions In the form of self-organization, they secretly participate in many major global events. One of their common beliefs is that human beings are free. He respected the Austrian School of economics and regarded Friedrich Hayek as the leader of his organization.Quantum entangled dark web page.The Source of Quantum Entanglement Innovation: Quantum MechanicsThe birth of quantum entanglement originated from a physical concept. Quantum entanglement is a unique phenomenon in quantum mechanics. No matter how far apart a pair of particles are, when another particle spins, another particle will spin at the same time. The phenomenon of quantum entanglement shows that particles can break through the boundary of space-time and transmit information faster than the speed of light. Einstein called this phenomenon “ghostly existence”. In a specific case, two protons are ejected in the opposite direction. When two protons move, they can maintain the information connection between them, and the information connection completely ignores the distance.The concept of this field of physics has led to the revolution of philosophy and the great change of philosophical thinking mode. It also has a far-reaching influence in the field of psychology. It combines with psychological theory to produce “super psychology” which explains many unconventional psychological problems. If this concept is applied in the field of human finance, what kind of impact will it have?The Dawn of Global Financial ChaosFor a long time, there has been an insurmountable obstacle in International Economics: the ternary paradox, which was put forward by Paul Krugman, an American economist, also known as the “Impossible Triangle”, that is, under the conditions of open economy, the independence of domestic monetary policy, exchange rate policy and the free circulation of capital can not be achieved at the same time, but can only meet two goals at the most, and give up the other one To achieve the goal of regulation.At present, the global economic growth supported by the wealth effect of the global asset price bubble has brought the monetary authorities of various countries into serious inflation, currency depreciation, and rising prices, the assets in people’s hands have been diluted, and social wealth has been gradually transferred to the rich class. At the beginning of 2020, the new crown virus is rampant and the regional conflict is serious; the growth dividend period of emerging market economies represented by China is over, the conflicts accumulated in the global financial system and policy system based on legal currency are breaking out, the capital market is in severe turbulence, the dollar is in danger, and the global economy is suffering from Waterloo style decline.In the last global economic crisis in 2008, Nakamoto invented decentralized Bitcoin, trying to eliminate the long-term control over global finance enjoyed by banks and governments. After more than ten years of development, Bitcoin has been widely recognized around the world.This time, the decentralized quantum entanglement ecosystem emerges from the darknet, which is not only a historical necessity, but also a ray of light in the “chaos”.Quantum Entanglement Aims to Make Global Finance Develop WellBased on decentralized cross chain trading technology, encryption technology, quantum technology and heterogeneous multi-chain technology, quantum entanglement ecosystem has created a new generation of decentralized, efficient and secure permanent trading ecosystem for users. Through the trading and issuance mechanism of α and β twin digital currencies, system eco currency γ coins and Libra, we are determined to build a permanent fair and just ecosystem, and promote multi The formation of Darwinian competition symbiosis pattern of metacurrency makes investors’ assets grow steadily, French currency no longer depreciate, and global financial balance operate well, which makes the world enter into a benign economic ecological era against kantradiev cycle.At the same time, the team released the quantum task distribution system developed by artificial intelligence recognition technology as the automatic and intelligent operation window of quantum entanglement, so as to realize the automatic operation of completely decentralized ecological mechanism.Breaking the Combo Cycle, Only Rising but not FallingAccording to the KangBo cycle, the economy will always experience destruction and recovery, from recovery, prosperity, recession to depression, and keep repeating. If so, there are no stocks and digital currencies that only rise and fall in the world. We will continue to repeat the great recession of 1929 and fall on the same issues.However, the reason why human beings are human beings is that human beings have the wisdom of thinking. How to break the Compo cycle and let the economic trend go against the trend seems to be an unnatural problem. However, with the development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and other emerging financial technologies, breaking the deadlock is the general trend.Quantum entanglement system stands at the top of global finance to solve this problem. Through the triangle economic collision model based on α – and β twin digital currencies, gamma – coins and Tianbei trading rules, it makes the system run stably and permanently, and investors can only make profits forever.In this system, the quantum quantities of α and β are equal but not equal. The fusion of α and β can occur after collision. The fusion of α and β will automatically tend to the high price side. According to the trading rules, when the difference between α and β is more than or equal to 9 times (for example, α = 9 β), the system will automatically assign a value to the lower price party according to the Centrifugal principle, so as to restore the balance of the trading Libra, at the same time, the automatic price difference between α and β will reverse, and the game will resume normal operation again. The two-level reversal is endless. If the cycle goes on, α and β will be higher and higher, and they will only rise and not fall.Theoretically, as long as there are two people involved in the quantum entanglement system, the system can run forever, achieving the effect of never offline and never closing the disk.ConclusionQuantum entanglement builds an unbreakable ecosystem with advanced financial technology. As long as two people participate in it, it can operate permanently and decentralize without any group or individual will. What it creates is a new world, which will inevitably have a devastating impact on the traditional centralized financial system, which will be a milestone in the history of human finance.Quantum Entanglement: Mysterious Blockchain Project From Darknet, Which Is About To Change The World Pattern