Five Valuable Reasons to Attend CGC

Coinspeaker Five Valuable Reasons to Attend CGCFor the fourth time in a row, CGC successfully claims the title of the largest conference dedicated to blockchain, digital assets, VR and AR in gaming. The event will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on October 10-11.It’s time to test yourself in an exciting race for the prize-pool at […]

LATOKEN BEF In London: Token Sale Of Economic Interest In SpaceX Is Coming

Coinspeaker LATOKEN BEF In London: Token Sale Of Economic Interest In SpaceX Is Coming350+ representatives of VC funds, startups and blockchain experts gathered during VI LATOKEN Blockchain Economic Forum. Among the broadly discussed topics were Libra, the governance & monetary policy for digital currencies, the blockchain use-cases and upcoming LATOKEN’s token sale of USPX, an […]

Ripple’s Marcus Treacher: Libra Is a “Closed System”

Facebook’s Libra is getting some criticism from an unlikely source: Ripple’s Marcus Treacher. Treacher: Libra’s Got to Open Up a Bit Treacher is the company’s senior vice president of customer success. According to an interview he did with CNBC his primary complain is that Libra will be a “closed system” or a “walled garden” as […]

The Bitcoin Price: A Week in Review

At press time, the number one cryptocurrency by market cap – bitcoin – has fallen below the $8,000 mark yet again and is currently trading at approximately $7,950. Bitcoin: It’s Ugliest Week in a Long Time The currency has had a rather ugly week, falling by more than 22 percent in just a matter of […]

Don’t You Worry Google, Huawei Is Just Fine

Coinspeaker Don’t You Worry Google, Huawei Is Just FineEven though it’s world known fact that Apple products are “made in USA” but assembled in China – it didn’t stop US President Donald Trump to impose sanctions to Chinese companies (every and each one of them) including the 34% year-on-year growth and 14% of market share […]

The Hard Week That’s Been Hitting Litecoin

Litecoin, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has had something of a rough week, and is experiencing up-and-down behavior like nobody’s business. Litecoin Is Attached to Bitcoin’s Hip To be fair, Litecoin isn’t alone in its present dilemma. Bitcoin, for example, is currently trading in the $8,100 range – roughly $2,000 less than where it […]

Ethereum Fight Surrounding Prog Pow, NVIDIA Expands

Is Ethereum all it claims to be, or is there something ugly brewing underneath the surface? Ethereum: the Fight Wages On Many Ethereum miners are being accused of harassment following a dispute involving NVIDIA, which several critics claim is trying to “undermine” the Ethereum network. Some believe that the accusations floating about are valid and […]