Zcash Bug Leaking Metadata Containing Full Nodes With Zaddrs

A recently discovered Zcash bug has got experts worried. Currently, all Zcash implementations and the majority of its forks are able to leak metadata which contains the full nodes with the protected addresses.
The Zcash bug was initially just a rumor but many people began to realize the gravity of the situation after the Komodo (KMD) core developer Duke Leto fully described the bug in his personal website.
As many people have already figured out, a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) code is already assigned to track the development of the bug.
Last week, Leto explained that the bug has in fact been there for quite a while:
“A nasty bug has existed for all the shielded addresses ever since the inception of Zcash and its protocol. It is currently present in all of Zcash’s source code forks. Basically, the bug allows to find the IP addresses of full nodes who own a shielded address. If person A gives person B their zaddr to be paid, it can potentially result in person B being able to discover person A’s IP address. This is something that is completely against the design of the Zcash protocol.”
The Zcash bug has probly affected many
The announcement also mentions that everyone who has provided their zaddr to a third party is most likely affected by the vulnerability. Leto mentions that users should carefully consider their geo-location and IP address information as its tied to their zaddr.
Leto mentions however, that users who actually never used a zadrr and only used the Tor Onion Roution Netowrk (TOR) or only send funds, are most likely not affected. He also mentioned that Zcash is by far not the only cryptocurrency suffering from this issue.
Leto revealed that Zcash is joined by Hush, Pirate Komodo smart chains with the zaddr enabled by their default settings, Horizen, Zero, VoteCoin, BitcoinZ, LitecoinZ, Zelcash, Verus, Arrow, Ycash, Bitcoin Private, Zclassic, Anon and quite a few more.
Leto has also pointed out that Komodo has already fully disabled the shielded addresses feature and transitioned it to the pirate chain. This means that KMD is now fully rid from the bug.
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Top 10 Web Crypto Wallets of 2019

Coinspeaker Top 10 Web Crypto Wallets of 2019There are a lot of solutions for cryptocurrency wallets: applications, desktop versions, hardware pieces. But what could be more convenient than just opening a tab in your browser? Without the need to use special software or carry equipment with yourself, obviously. And is it possible to have a web wallet, that has all the functionality the other types have, without giving up security? We tried to find this out by reviewing some popular web wallets of 2019.Lumi WalletThe registration is easy as it gets: you can either enter with an existing wallet or create a new one, writing down the generated mnemonic phrase. After that, you are immediately transferred to the main page of the web wallet, without it asking for any personal information, email confirmations or anything else – which means users stay totally anonymous and all keys stay in their hands only.What catches the eye is the cleanliness of the design and lack of distractions. This doesn’t affect functionality, as on this screen there are options to send, receive, exchange, and buy crypto for fiat. Also, there is a partner tab with Nexo, a crypto credit provider. What really stands out is that you can perform all these actions with the desired currency on the same page, without needing to switch between windows or search in some dark corners of UI.Photo: Lumi Cryptocurrency WalletLumi is one of the few wallets where price graphs are displayed directly on the currency tabs, with the option to change the desired time period of prices from the main screen. So, basically, when you open the wallet, all the relevant operations are one click away.Lumi Wallet supports BTC, ETH, more than 1k ERC20 tokens, and EOS. Throughout this year, the wallet has gone through full EOS integration, making it a go-to wallet if you hold this cryptocurrency. They celebrated it with a big giveaway of EOS accounts. They usually conduct contests with cash prizes to introduce users to the new options in the wallet.In total, it is a solid multi-currency wallet with just enough extra options. You can buy crypto with a credit card, track a detailed history of your transactions, and use the built-in browser to access dapps. It doesn’t complicate things for new users and provides a lot of customization options for advanced ones, like the manual set up of fees and accessing detailed transaction info. The wallet is also available on Android and iOS.Blockchain WalletBlockchain Wallet is one of the oldest and most popular solutions on the wallet market. It is positioned as long-standing, trusted, and secure wallet for bitcoin. However, the security part is mostly based on its long-standing name in the industry, rather than technology. Private keys are stored by a third party, but they are encrypted with your password. Speaking about privacy and anonymity, the only thing you give up during registration is your email.After the registration and confirmation are complete, you are redirected to the main page of the wallet. From the first glance, it’s understandable why this wallet is perceived as a good wallet for an average crypto user: all cryptocurrency wallets are pre-installed and ready to use, the options to swap, buy, and transfer tokens are at hand, every option has an explanation tutorial available. Price graphs of a chosen cryptocurrency are also shown down below, which is pretty convenient.Photo: Blockchain WalletAlso, Blockchain Wallet has its own exchange – the PIT, which allows users of this wallet to participate in trading on-platform. Speaking about security: there is a Security Center, which offers the option to level-up security by verifying email, turning into two-step authentication, and saving the backup phrase. This still doesn’t make it a wallet on the same level of security as a private one, though it provides additional layers of protection to your funds.Overall, it is a solid solution for modest crypto users that focus on basic currencies like BTC and ETH (Blockchain Wallet also supports BCH, XLM, and USD PAX). To overcome the uncertainty with security, users have the option to link the hardware wallet to Blockchain Wallet. However, if problems occur, one is at the hands of support service, which due to the size of the user base is not the fastest on the market. The wallet has Android and iOS apps.MEW (MyEtherWallet)MyEtherWallet is a different spin on the concept of web wallet: it is not a regular online wallet, but rather a solution to interact with the blockchain directly. The plus side is that it is totally anonymous and gives the user full control of their actions on the blockchain. The downside is the same: if you make a mistake, forget your key, or go to a phishing site, no one can help you. So the first thing to notice: it’s not for beginners or absent-minded users.The first thing you do is generate a 12-word mnemonic phrase, write it down and that’s basically it. For this review, we used the Chrome extension, so you have to download it to start using the wallet. After an introduction to the basic principles of the blockchain, you’ll also learn why exactly MyEtherWallet doesn’t use a simpler interface with a username and password, like many other web wallets do.Photo: MyEtherWalletThe interface is functional. You can add a wallet and protect it with a password, send and receive Ether and Tokens, swap your funds, or buy some crypto with a credit card. The point is that it is designed for the Ethereum blockchain, and it is designed for Ethereum blockchain users that know how to use it: you can set up the amount of gas by yourself, choose a network, execute smart contracts, and much more.However, if you are looking for a convenient multi-currency wallet that is simple to use for a newcomer and has a lot of additional features, this is not a wallet to go. It is tailored for ETH only and has a lot of educational information for enthusiasts, yet it is useless for people that just want to have a “digital purse” for their crypto coins. Still, this kind of web wallet deserves a mention.CryptonatorDuring registration, you have to validate your ID via email (giving the provider your Country/IP/Device information). After that, you are redirected to the web version of Cryptonator and can set up your wallet options in a few steps, adding desired currencies and generating deposit addresses for them. Then you can choose the kind of 2-step verification you want to use (via Google authenticator, Telegram messenger, or SMS). This offers protection, understandable for a rookie user, but cuts off any level of anonymity as an option.The main page of this wallet has all the cryptocurrencies pre-chosen by you. It also shows the total value of your assets and has a tab with your crypto portfolio, if you want to visualize your asset distribution. To interact with any coin, you have to open the desired tab. Here you can choose between sending, receiving, and exchanging your currency.Photo: CryptonatorCurrent rates are shown in the small tab down to the right, you can choose the desired rates to be shown there, but to access the full data you have to open a special window. Overall, the design is functional and customizable but feels too overcomplicated for the real variety of options offered.Cryptonator is a well-rounded wallet for basic transactions and portfolio tracking. It supports lots of coins: BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, BCH, LTC, DASH, XMR, DOGE, and a bunch of other altcoins. The wallet also can generate up to 10 addresses for every wallet in the account. However, there are serious limitations: for example, you can’t import an existing wallet and your data is exposed to wallet creators during registration. Also, there are a lot of user concerns on reputable review sites about facing issues with transactions. It has Android and iOS apps, as well as a Chrome extension.MagnumMagnum offers a variety of options during registration: you can load your existing wallet, connect a hardware wallet, or create a new one, writing down the 12-words mnemonic phrase for it. After picking your poison, you are redirected to the main page.It is easy to get confused at first glance: for some reason, they decided to put all the existing information about the wallet on the main page, from feature information with a roadmap, the Magnum FAQ page, a dozen of partners’ links to some bounty platforms and recommendations for passive income (basically, directions for new users of where to put their money).Photo: Magnum WalletThe wallets’ page itself looks bleak, and you have to go through 2 pages to finally get to your desired cryptocurrency wallet. There are no price graphs or additional information: only send, receive, exchange. To check price graphs, you have to go to the exchange page, but those graphs show only the data for the previous 24 hours.Magnum Wallet supports BTC, ETH, ERC20, and a handful of other minor altcoins. You can’t buy crypto with a credit card there – only the in-wallet crypto-to-crypto exchange. On the plus side, it has integration with Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet devices. The wallet is also available on Android.SpectroCoinThis wallet positions itself as the most convenient solution for active crypto users, providing them with giveaways and crypto cards of their own. During registration, you are asked about your country of residence, but there is no mobile confirmation or other procedures undermining your anonymity. However, if you want to deposit fiat currencies, you’ll have to share your private data directly with the wallet.The interface of SpectroCoin has all the basic options for a web wallet such as the purchase, exchange, and transaction of coins. All the basic coins are displayed on the main page, you can access any of them for further operations by clicking on “View Account”. The wallet does not provide price graphs but shows a QR code for your wallet address and stores information on transaction history. The only thing that looks off is a support bot window at the bottom with the “How may I help you?” message, which is more suitable for an online shop than a financial product.Photo: SpectroCoinThere are two special features: firstly, the tab ‘Merchant Projects’, which aims to provide a bridge between customers and businesses by integrating e-commerce platforms to online businesses and offering bitcoin integration for physical businesses. And secondly, SpectroCoin offers a prepaid debit card that is funded instantly through SpectroCoin.com user’s online wallet and can be used in shops and ATMs worldwide. The second solution is only available for a limited number of countries.The wallet supports BTC, ETH, XEM, and DASH. The wallet can be considered an old-timer, due to its founding date in February 2013. It provides trust-based off the amount of time it’s been in the industry, which explains the bit dated UI, but third party encryption, even protected by 2FA and other options, still technically puts it in the ‘risky wallets to store larger amounts of crypto’ category. But unique features like merchant accounts may be a final argument for some users. The wallet also comes in the form of apps for Android and iOS, and has a desktop version for Windows.JaxxJaxx wallet deserves mention in this list as it supports an overwhelming amount of coins and platforms as compared to other wallets on the market. On the other hand, it was at the center of a big security scandal in June 2017 when one user lost $400,000 in ETH from Jaxx wallet due to the vulnerability of their software. So, is the convenience worth the risk?It’s hard to come to one conclusion in a limited period of time reviewing multiple wallets. What can be said is that the issue was addressed by CTO, the security officer in charge was fired and… that’s it. They stated that the security model of the hot wallet with options that is provided by Jaxx has its limitations, therefore it is not wise to hold excessive amounts of crypto there.Keeping that in mind, let’s check out the installation process. Staying in the review limitations, we have only a Chrome extension on hand, as the desktop is technically a different kind of wallet. The extension installed quickly, but looks tiny and might be hard to use for users with bad eyesight. Otherwise, the interface looks modern and sleek and also is fully customizable.The features claimed by developers and other reviewers are also there: ShapeShift exchange integration, multiple (around 60) cryptocurrencies on board, portfolio, newsfeed, and market info. Wallets are lined up on the top, tapping on them you can see info on transactions and current prices (without visuals). There is also another pro-option: customization of fees for transaction (unlike in Lumi Wallet and MEW, it is limited to three standard options).With that being said, the wallet leaves mixed feelings: on the one hand, it has a nice design and really big range of cryptocurrencies, on the other, if the developers themselves do not recommend putting large amounts of money in it, security might be a dealbreaker. Jaxx has Android, iOS, and desktop versions for all known systems, from Windows to Ubuntu.Coin WalletCoin Wallet is based on private key encryption, and the registration process is similar to other private-end wallets: you generate the passphrase, you’re tested to be sure you’ve either remembered it or written it down, and you’re in (except, Coin Wallet also provides you with a pin for fast enter).The interface is quite minimalistic: there is no place for price visuals, extra options or even tabs that stand out. At the same time, it is not distracting and all basic functions are there: exchange, transfer options, option for credit card purchase of funds.Photo: CoinspaceIt has a special feature called Mecto – it lets you broadcast your wallet address to other nearby Coin users by comparing GPS data. Also, it is integrated with Changelly, Moonpay, and ShapeShift.The Coin Wallet supports BTC, BCH, ETH, ERC20, XRP, XLM, DOGE, DASH and EOS. It might be a solid choice for a user that doesn’t need some extra features or shiny design, or doesn’t need to use the wallet too often. It is present on Android and iOS platforms.Luno WalletLuno is a rebranded name of the BitX Wallet and is positioned as a simple wallet made by pioneers of the industry to popularize the use of crypto around the world, so the company has a local presence in some emerging markets, such as Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, and others. It has a big and diverse team working on a product that, in total, has been live since 2013. But what’s under the hood?During registration you are asked for email verification. Also, you have to give the information on your country of residence, as some services are available only in chosen countries. After confirmation, you can start using the wallet. The price of a chosen currency is shown on the interactive graph behind it, transactions can be chosen on the other screens – here you can only get to the exchange.Photo: LunoAnd that’s the point of Luno: like a lot of web wallets out there, it serves as an introductory interface for an exchange, and the wallet is only a byproduct of that. Nevertheless, Luno is a working wallet with an integrated exchange, newsfeed, all the basic options for any aforementioned crypto-wallets, and some unique features like price notifications.Luno wallet supports only BTC and ETH. It has third party encryption, which makes it a recommended wallet only for trades, but not for holding large assets: all vital data is available to the third party, and this is a standard case for exchange-based wallets, that’s why Luno is included in this list as a prime example of that model. It also comes in the form of Android and iOS apps.PTP WalletIt’s hard to pass up the product of the developers that brought the social network for the cannabis industry called CannaSOS to life. They position it as a wallet primarily focused on the retail industry. It claims to use special decentralized-centralized technology, that allows users to send funds to each other instantly. Let’s try to dispel the smoke.Wallet creation follows in the footsteps of previously mentioned private wallets – you create a passphrase, you establish pin code – and you’re in. 50 PCT tokens come as a welcome gift for registering (worth $0,01). From here, you see an abundance of options with all the basic ones included: you can send and receive tokens after clicking on the desired one, you can check market rates on a special tab, and going further we stumble on a special feature of this wallet.Photo: PTPWallet WebFirst, there is a referral program. You can send a code to your friends, and they will provide you with 15000 PTC ($3) after your friend registers and makes their first transaction. Then there is a map on which you can set “deals” as a business, offering cashback for paying in cryptocurrencies. You can also find deals as a customer. Also, there is a game, “Drain the Bank”, where you can purchase gems to participate in a regular jackpot.That’s a lot of fun inside for one wallet. However, to use this wallet at full scale, you have to go through full KYC identification. There is no exchange or purchase with credit card options, and transactions are instant only between wallet holders, and that’s not the same thing as just instant transactions.On the bright side, it has a lot of cryptocurrencies available, some really unique options (for example, sending of crypto via SMS), and in general shows a totally different spin on the concept of a crypto wallet, so it definitely deserves at least a try. Android and iOS versions are available.ConclusionA web wallet is a convenient tool for fast and easy-to-reach actions with your crypto assets, and there are plenty of good options out there: from classical solutions, like Lumi Wallet and Coin Wallet, to specialist tools like MEW or original projects like PTP.What unites them is the notion that if you want to use cryptocurrencies seriously and responsibly, the web wallet must serve only as an introduction to the real platform. So if you liked some of the described wallets: don’t be lazy and check out their app as well! And maybe, you’ll find a cross-platform solution you were always looking for.Top 10 Web Crypto Wallets of 2019

Nasdaq Stifles IPOs of Small Chinese Companies

Coinspeaker Nasdaq Stifles IPOs of Small Chinese CompaniesNasdaq has officially begun taking deliberate steps to stifle as much as possible, initial public offerings (IPOs) of small Chinese companies going public in the U.S. The index, according to a Reuters report, is doing this by slapping several restrictions on these firms and frustrating their efforts for approval. Supposedly, the Nasdaq index is doing this because the majority of these firms usually end up raising most of their initial capital from Chinese backers, rather than investors in the U.S.The effect of this phenomenon means that most of the shares available from the companies almost always remain in select hands, significantly reducing the market/index activity. Thus, the consequent “low liquidity makes them unattractive to many large institutional investors, to whom Nasdaq is seeking to cater.”Some of the Chinese public offerings that have had bigger backings from Chinese investors than those in the U.S. include Dogness International Corp (DOGZ.O), a pet-focused producer; Ruhnn Holding Ltd (RUHN.O), a digital company; and Puxin Ltd (NEW.N), an after-school education coordinator.Speaking to Reuters, a spokeswoman for the Nasdaq, expresses that the index’s main goal is to make sure the market remains fair. This suggests that the companies who chiefly receive Chinese investments might be upsetting this balance.“One critical quality of our capital markets is that we provide non-discriminatory and fair access to all eligible companies. The statutory obligation of all U.S. equity exchanges to do so creates a vibrant market that provides diverse investment opportunities for U.S. investors.”It could make sense to assume that the current trade war between the U.S. and China has not only impacted Chinese public offerings in the U.S., but is also the reason why several Chinese firms in recent times, have opted for the Hong Kong stock exchange instead of other options in the U.S.A report has shown that in the first six months of 2019, Chinese companies that chose to go public in the U.S. were only 11, raised below $1.5 billion and represented just 4% of the entire IPO market. This is a significantly small number from 2018, which saw 40 Chinese public offerings raising about $8.6 billion, representing almost 15% of the IPO market.On Friday, we reported that U.S. President Donald Trump, amid his impeachment problems, was supposedly considering delisting all Chinese companies from stock markets in the U.S. Shortly after this news came to light, U.S.- listed companies saw a drop in their stock with e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) stock losing 5% and popular search engine Baidu (BIDU) losing about 4%. An official with the U.S. Treasury has since refuted this claim.Also, the U.S. Congress back in June put forward a bill that would increase regulation and monitoring of U.S.-listed Chinese companies involving periodic audits. The bill also specified that any companies that fail to comply will be delisted.In general, more than $70 billion has been raised by Chinese firms on U.S. platforms since about 2000.Nasdaq Stifles IPOs of Small Chinese Companies

SIX Digital Exchange Gathers Financial Institutions for Initial Digital Offering

Coinspeaker SIX Digital Exchange Gathers Financial Institutions for Initial Digital OfferingIn the latest development, Switzerland-based SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) has invited financial institutions from across the globe to back its Initial Digital Offering (IDO). SDX is a blockchain-based utility that is completely owned by the Swiss stock exchange SIX Group.The SIX Digital Exchange plans to launch its IDO in mid-2020. This will be just similar to a traditional IPO except for the fact that the shares will be in the form of security tokens available on the SDX platform.The consortium of investors joining for SIX IDO will include global banking institutions along with other financial market infrastructure providers. Speaking to CoinDesk, head of SDX, Thomas Kindler said:“We are not just looking to Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund to give us money. We are looking at our clients to invest, but at the same time commit business and help us validate what we built and get it off the ground. The key focus is not money; it’s money linked to business and validation of the business model.”Growing Interest for Security TokensKindler says that there’s clearly a growing interest for security tokens in the market. However, it is very difficult to tokenize equity in the form of unlisted shares in a fully regulated environment. But Kindler is confident that the SIX Group will be successful in having a native security token SDX in the market. Speaking on the project execution, Kindler said:“What we foresee are two levels. On one large level … we are looking at, say, four or five-ish large investors. Then potentially ten-ish smaller investors. As a first step, we are looking at an international consortium of investors. The second step would be our own issuance.”The listing of SDX token will be done on an enterprise-grade blockchain built using R3‘s Corda technology. Last week, the SIX Group announced that it is currently testing the pilot version of its exchange and a full launch shall be expected by the Q4 of 2020.Chairman of the SDX platform Thomas Zeeb said:“The launch of this prototype is a major milestone in creating a credible digital infrastructure for moving our industry forward. We are now one step closer to demonstrating the viability of our vision for the financial markets of the future and, ultimately, for the way people and businesses access capital.”SIX Digital Exchange Gathers Financial Institutions for Initial Digital Offering

Ripple Makes Inroads into Europe by Making Yet Another Acquisition

Coinspeaker Ripple Makes Inroads into Europe by Making Yet Another AcquisitionRipple Labs Inc, the owners, and developers of XRP, has just acquired Algrim, a crypto trading firm which has quite a bit of talent despite its small number of human resources.The six-person cryptocurrency firm which has been around for about a decade gives Ripple Labs a foothold in the crypto-friendly country of Iceland which though smaller than 500,000 people (around 340,000) has been at the center of the crypto space for many reasons one of them being access to cheap electricity.With its crypto-exchange platform connected to more than 30 financial markets, Algrim will give Ripple labs direct access to liquidity which can be available on-demand as the human resources of the startup are set to join the Xpring development team.Sources indicate that although the talent pool is smaller than most acquisitions of this nature, the amount of innovation that Algrim is bringing to the table may be crucial to the expansion of Ripplenet and its many products. Amir Sarhangi, who is Ripple Lab’s Vice President of products said in a statement:“This team hits the ground running as opposed to building out a team that has to gain this knowledge.”This, of course, gives credence to the innovative push that Ripple has been involved in by having made major moves in expanding its services on Ripplenet this year. With the allowance for xRapid to be able to offer on-demand cross-border settlements in real-time.Christopher Kanaan, SVP of Engineering at Ripple said:“With built-in expertise in trading and exchanges, the addition of Algrim’s engineering talent to our team will be instrumental in continuing the momentum we’re already experiencing with On-Demand Liquidity.”Furthermore, Algrim CEO Dadi Armannsson added:“The decision to join the Ripple team was a natural fit — both companies share a vision to enable widespread adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology, which aligns directly with what we’ve been working towards for the past several years,” “We are big believers in XRP and the XRP Ledger, and eager to help build the future of payments at Ripple.”This also follows Ripple Labs’ recent announcement on the acquisition of decentralized finance company Logos which was made by Xpring.Ripple Plays in the Financial Big LeaguesWith over 200 partners on Ripplenet which include heavyweights such as Xendpay, Moneygram, HSBC owned Saudi-British bank, Ahli Bank of Kuwait to name a few, XRP has been the one cryptocurrency that the finance world considered to be more of a junior brother than of a direct competitor.This hasn’t however reflected in the price of its token XRP. With prices hovering around $0.2 to $0.35 for the greater part of two years many have speculated that XRP might just be another cryptocurrency “white elephant” project which will add no value to the fintech space.The reverse is the case however as Ripple Labs is set to fundamentally change the way we see asset transfers and settlement systems. Based on the innovative Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm, the Ripplenet has proven to work in realtime without hitch.The singular issue that affects the Ripplenet however, is if people will accept knowledge of transfers to be made available across all nodes participating in the network. This is one problem that the developers at Ripple Labs will have to sort out.For now, though, all participants seem okay with this arrangement as consensus provides near-zero error and prevents the possibility of double entries unto the Ripplenet ledger.Ripple Makes Inroads into Europe by Making Yet Another Acquisition

Binance Announces Market Maker Program to Bring More Liquidity to the Platform

Coinspeaker Binance Announces Market Maker Program to Bring More Liquidity to the PlatformBinance, one of the fastest-growing and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is making efforts to bring more liquidity to its platform. With this aim, the company has introduced its Market Maker program that welcomes traders whose 30-day trading volumes exceed 1,000 BTC (or can achieve volumes of 1,000 BTC).Introducing the #Binance Market Maker programhttps://t.co/9cHvhIDu9z pic.twitter.com/JNHu7PVV7j— Binance (@binance) September 29, 2019Market makers or liquidity providers are individuals or companies that provide purchase and sell options for investors in order to keep the financial market volatile. Market makers operate under a given exchange’s bylaws and profit from both sides through a commission or a bid-ask spread (the difference between buy and sell quote of an asset).According to Binance, market makers participating in the exchange’s new program can enjoy trading fee reductions, as well as higher API limits. Market Makers will be given a composite score based on their performance across the various pairs, and fees will be assigned based on the score rankings.As the company has explained, the composite score will be calculated based on such indicators as maker volumes, bid/offer spread, total order size, order duration, and weight adjustment on specific pairs. Moreover, fees will be assigned based on the score rankings.Currently, market making is limited to only spot trading and only on a limited pair. The program will be periodically updated with new pairs.Binance Removing Trading PairsAnother news from the leading crypto exchange: about 30 trading pairs are being removed from Banince’s listings. It is notable that some of them include tokens launched on Binance Launchpad Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform.According to the announcement, the full list of trading pairs being removed is as follows:“ANKR/PAX, ANKR/TUSD, ANKR/USDC, BCPT/PAX, BCPT/TUSD, BCPT/USDC, BTT/BTC, DENT/BTC, DOGE/PAX, DOGE/USDC, ERD/PAX, ERD/USDC, FTM/PAX, FTM/TUSD, FUEL/ETH, GTO/PAX, GTO/TUSD, GTO/USDC, LUN/ETH, NCASH/BNB, NPXS/BTC, ONE/PAX, ONE/TUSD, PHB/PAX, PHB/USDC, TFUEL/PAX, TFUEL/TUSD, TFUEL/USDC, WAVES/PAX, WIN/BTC.”As the company has explained, the initiative aims at ‘improve liquidity and user trading experience’, the choice of trading pairs was determined by the requests of different project teams.The announcement comes soon after Binance launched in the US. Binance US added support for 13 inaugural trading pairs across the cryptocurrencies of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, and the Tether stablecoin (USDT). By doing so, Binance hopes to enlarge its influence on the world’s largest economy and become one of its leading cryptocurrency trading locations.Recently, Binance also announced the launch of its staking platform that enables users to earn dividends or interest on their digital assets just for depositing them on the platform that initially allows the staking of such cryptos as NEO (NEO/GAS), Ontology (ONT/ONG), Vechain (VET/VTHO), Stellar (XLM), Komodo (KMD), Algorand (ALGO), Qtum (QTUM) and Stratis (STRAT).Binance Announces Market Maker Program to Bring More Liquidity to the Platform

HOLD is Launching a Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange with Visa Debit Card

Coinspeaker HOLD is Launching a Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange with Visa Debit CardThe HOLD mobile app for iOS and Android will be available in 36 countries across Europe upon launch. The Euro cash accounts can simply be topped up with a customer’s bank account located in the SEPA-region.The app will initially support Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin; and all of these currencies can be accessed from this all-in-one mobile app. Using the HOLD app, customers are able to instantly buy, sell, and exchange crypto and cash anywhere at great rates and with zero fees.Providing a user-friendly and secure experience, the HOLD mobile app offers the perfect experience for anyone from cryptocurrency newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts.The HOLD Visa Debit Card has been made possible through a partnership with Contis, meaning users can sell crypto, and use the Visa network to spend cash at over 46 million merchants around the globe.Crypto funds can be exchanged into cash immediately with zero fees and without the need for any bank transfers because they can spend the cash using their HOLD Visa Debit card. Users also have complete control overwhen they exchange their crypto for cash instead of this occurring automatically at the point of purchase.The card will be available to order throughout the European Economic Area, with just three exceptions: Austria, Ireland and Spain. Ordering a HOLD card in these countries will be added as soon as possible.Guilherme Almeida, CTO at HOLD said the following about the release:“HOLD is backed by an incredibly strong team and after months of hard work, we are very excited about our public launch. We are aiming high to provide our customers with the best app experience in the market allowing them to buy, sell and exchange crypto and spend cash using their HOLD Visa Debit card whenever and wherever they want. We like to call it their ‘all-in-one exchange in their pocket!”Security is of the utmost importance to HOLD, and as such: the HOLD mobile app has been built from the ground up to be a secure way for storing your cryptocurrency. BitGo, the world’s leading cryptocurrency custodian, is used to store your crypto and keep it safe.HOLD is authorised to conduct its services in accordance with Article 62 of the Virtual Financial Assets Act (Chapter 590 of the Laws of Malta) (the “Act”) and shall be applying for its VFA Class 3 Licence from the Malta Financial Services Authority in November 2019 in accordance with the law. HOLD remains bound to provide its services in accordance with the terms and principles established in the Act and applicable law.Whilst also being PCI DSS compliant which means keeping card details secure at all times, HOLD also employs identity verification technology from Onfido, along with state-of-the-art fraud and money laundering prevention systems including Chainalysis for blockchain AML checks.The HOLD app received a significant overhaul with regards to functional and aesthetic design earlier this month. These significant improvements, along with revealing the much-coveted design of the HOLD Visa Debit card, represents the first in a long series of scheduled preparatory activities in the run-up to launching a full marketing campaign.AvailabilityHOLD mobile app will be available in the following countries upon launch:Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.HOLD Visa Debit Card can be ordered to the following countries upon launch:Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.About HOLDHOLD is a cryptocurrency FinTech startup that makes crypto accessible by enabling users to seamlessly sell, buy and exchange crypto and cash. The company’s vision is driven by #ZeroFeeCrypto, an initiative to remove unnecessary fees from crypto. The company also offers a HOLD Visa Debit card. Having started in early 2018, HOLD has a team of approximately 20 people based in London, Porto, Barcelona and Malta.The target market for HOLD includes experienced, novice and new cryptocurrency users.Our CultureBeing a startup, especially in the crypto space, means HOLD is working in a very exciting area of FinTech. We work hard, play hard and are flexible with how each team member contributes. “Get things done” accurately describes our work culture and attitude to accountability, but naturally within a supportive, super-collaborative environment.HOLD is Launching a Zero-Fee Crypto Exchange with Visa Debit Card

Bitcoin Price Tanks Below $8000 in Another Market Bloodbath

Coinspeaker Bitcoin Price Tanks Below $8000 in Another Market BloodbathOver the last one week, Bitcoin price has lost 20% of its valuation with its price going from above $10,000 to now below $8000 levels. The BTC price is down 3.55 in the last 24 hours making a low of $7836 according to CoinMarketCap. At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $7904 levels with a market $142 billion.In the last one week, Bitcoin has lost nearly $38 billion of its valuations. The Bitcoin price movement for the short-term looks bearish as Bitcoin has failed to break key resistance levels on the upside. Before today, the Bitcoin price was hovering at around $8000 levels trying to form a strong base. However, the selling pressure was high which led to a further downward spiral.Views of Crypto Analysts and ExpertsLast week, technical analyst and crypto trade “Hsaka” warned investors that buy at dips at this stage could prove to be an expensive lesson. It is obvious that Bitcoin has failed to form a strong bottom giving jitters to investors.$BTC MacroWhenever price breaks a multi-month support or resistance, it usually sees continuation in the direction of the break.Fail to understand the knee-jerk reaction of fighting the first sign of momentum we've seen in ages.Buying every "dip" is an expensive lesson. pic.twitter.com/SaTfOwgDqA— Hsaka (@HsakaTrades) September 26, 2019Another popular analyst Josh Rager said that Bitcoin price can more downfall up to $6300 before changing its direction. Rager said:“Have been asked how far can BTC drop IMO, the lowest BTC will hit: between $6300 to $6600 where there is major interest Price currently bounced off monthly support & if this area breaks could head to $6600 – based on higher time frames.”Rager adds that the sort term momentum looks gloomy, however, the long term positive trend stays intact. Besides, from the historical chart patterns, Rager said that Bitcoin has always shown strong bulls before getting ready for extended rallies. He stated:“It means that a 40% to 50% pullback isn’t that big of a deal when Bitcoin has seen 75% pullback in the past that was followed by a 1600% gain to ATH This pullback too shall pass and will hopefully make for great buying opportunities in the coming days/weeks”.Another popular technical analyst DonAlt said that any drop below $7700 will be a bear trap. Whereas swift recovery above $10,000 will trigger the trend reversal back to bullish.A range of 100 days just broke to the downside.If this is a bullish shakeout it'll be obvious once BTC reclaims $10k.If this is bearish I don't want to be long.Buying this feels like buying $5500 after the $6000 break.Something I'm not willing to do.— DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) September 24, 2019Major Events Fail to Impress MarketLast week, the crypto market saw major announcements taking place. Binance launched the Binance U.S. platform due to the country’s regulatory concerns on its global platform.The launch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures also failed to make any significant impact on the Bitcoin price. Bakkt’s institutional-grade Futures product has not had any sufficient impact in getting institutional players to the crypto market.Bitcoin Price Tanks Below $8000 in Another Market Bloodbath

Google Faces the Antitrust Hammer Because of Its Plans to Add DNS Encryptoin

Coinspeaker Google Faces the Antitrust Hammer Because of Its Plans to Add DNS EncryptoinThe United States’ anti-trust movement is coming after Google and it is over the search engine giant’s plans to include Transport Layer Security (TLS) over the Domain name servers which resolve domain names in its popular web browser Chrome.The US House judiciary committee is extremely concerned about the potential strategic advantage that Google will gain if and when it fully implements the DNS-over-https which is aimed at securing the users of what is today the World’s most popular web browser.According to sources, the congressional committee had on September 13, 2019, asked the search engine giant for more information “decision regarding whether to adopt or promote the adoption” of the protocol”.Already Google has vehemently denied trying to change users DNS. It indicated in a statement:“Google has no plans to centralize or change people’s DNS providers to Google by default. Any claim that we are trying to become the centralized encrypted DNS provider is inaccurate.” The legislators aren’t the only ones who are involved in the process. Reports indicate that the United States department of justice has also received petitions from concerned parties as well. While privacy groups such as the electronic frontier foundation are quite excited about the development, the antitrust movement is concerned that this is the end for internet traffic companies who rely on internet traffic via domain resolution for profit. Although privacy groups such as the EFF also have their misgivings, the excitement of a user having control over how DNS services resolve domain names outweigh the concerns over a “centralized internet”.Internet Traffic Companies Are WorriedAkamai technologies who is arguably one of the world’s largest internet traffic companies have been quick to react to Googles’ plans. Andy Ellis who is the Chief security officer of Akamai technologies had this to say about the issue:“Right now, each internet service provider has insight into the traffic of their users, and that’s going to shift” as a result of the change.”While the new Standard presents a whole lot of opportunities to secure traffic running between browsers and web servers, it also presents a scenario in which the world’s most popular browser on both desktop and mobile would also be used for a monopoly which is the exact situation the politicians in Washington DC want to avoid.TLS-DNS encryption will change everything about the way the internet works. While we are going to have a safer internet with no one having to worry about hackers, and other cybercriminals from having access to sensitive data, people are also wondering if the guys at Google’s parent company Alphabet have something else under their sleeves.While many already believe that the technology giants have way too much power and this power has already been abused in more ways than one (the Cambridge Analytica scandal is a case in point), others believe that such scrutiny stifles innovation and that the same innovation that brought the technology giants to light could be stifled if peered under the microscope every single time.While smaller browsers such as Mozilla’s FireFox are already planning on automatically switching over their United States clients to the TLS-DNS standard, a position that Google hasn’t taken, many are still concerned about its ability to “kill off’ the competition with an off switch at one end of the TLS tunnel.Communications companies are very concerned about this as they would be the hardest hit if Google were to switch people over to its DNS system. While there may be no love between the anti-trust movement of Google, it seems like this love-to-hate relationship will continue for a while.In the end, it points to the fact that the only way to beat the competition is to out-innovate it. Something Alphabet’s competition isn’t doing very well at this point.GOOGL MSFT is currently at $1,225.95, decreasing 1.32% from it’s $1,242.29 previous close.Google Faces the Antitrust Hammer Because of Its Plans to Add DNS Encryptoin

SpaceX’s New ‘Starship’ Will Fly People to Mars Within a Year, Says Elon Musk

Coinspeaker SpaceX’s New ‘Starship’ Will Fly People to Mars Within a Year, Says Elon MuskTravelling between planets is usually the stuff of science fiction novels and movies and most people who aren’t astronauts, never really think about it. However, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, thinks a little differently and believes that humans should be able to travel to Mars. Now, Musk has said that SpaceX is much closer to achieving this goal than it ever was, suggesting that human beings might be able to fly into orbit sometime in the next year.Speaking on Saturday night at the SpaceX launch base in Texas’ Cameron County, Musk talked about the “Starship”, SpaceX’s new vehicle, which he described as the most inspiring thing he had ever seen. While in front of the 200 ton, 160 foot prototype of the space vehicle, which was very quickly created in less than a month, Musk went into some details about all of SpaceX’s endeavours as well as plans.One of those plans, as revealed, is to have the aircraft hit the 16,000 mph speed, a requisite speed for flying into the earth’s orbit. Musk plans to achieve this within six months with an unmanned Starship.The company’s plans for space travel also involve making journeys as affordable as possible. This, according to Musk, will be done by making sure that the spacecraft is reusable, something which was deemed impossible as recently as a few years ago. The spacecraft will be launched using the Super Heavy, SpaceX’s huge stainless steel rocket booster, which is designed to make fuel available in the Starship’s fuel tank while en route. Super Heavy will also be reusable as well.“In almost any motor transport – whether it’s a plane or car, a horse, or bicycle, its reusable. If you could use a car only once, very few people could afford to drive a car. So the critical breakthrough that’s necessary is a rapidly reusable orbital rocket.”A few years ago, Musk gave a bit of a grim forecast for the future of the earth, as one of the main reasons travelling out of earth would be essential. According to him, the earth would very likely experience some sort of doomsday event and when that happens, being “multi-planetary” would be the only solution. Regardless of how grand this plan is, many critics believe that Musk might be biting much more than he can chew.The CEO had previously revealed that the project would cost anywhere from $2 billion to $10 billion and even then, critics said the $10 billion figure might be a bit of an understatement. On Saturday, Musk again called critics’ bluff, revealing that he now believes that the cost will be “probably closer to a two or three [billion] than it is to 10.”Even though Mars is where Musk and SpaceX plan to begin, the eventual goal is to be able to reach other planets. At the end of his speech which lasted for about an hour, Musk said:“I think we should do our very best to become a multi-planet species and we should do it now.”SpaceX’s New ‘Starship’ Will Fly People to Mars Within a Year, Says Elon Musk