Apple Reveals Its New iPhones Tomorrow: Here’s What to Expect

Coinspeaker Apple Reveals Its New iPhones Tomorrow: Here’s What to ExpectApple organizes three to four events per year, and 2019 is no exception. One thing is certain: the usual unveiling of new iPhones at every September event is bound to take up the driving seat of most of tomorrow’s event. Already one of the most important days in the Apple Calendar, we briefly review major developments we should be expecting tomorrow, as Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO takes center stage.New iPhone ModelsNo surprises there. Similar to a review we earlier published, Apple would be rolling out at least three new iPhone models tomorrow. Leading the list is the new ‘iPhone11’, the latest in the iPhone series. Apple would also be adding the ‘Pro’ postfix to the latest additions in the series in the form of ‘iPhone11 Pro’ and ‘iPhone11 Pro Max’—a gentle echo of similar popular products such as MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.While news of the impending release of new models by Apple has probably become trite by now, what might catch the eye are the exciting updates and technological upgrades that Apple has added to the latest of its chains of products.Most of Apple’s previous releases have been successful, but if any company is known for its inability to allow space for ‘too much calm,’ then no other company falls better into the description than Apple itself. According to Bloomberg, here are the lit upgrades that you should look out for in the new iPhone 11 series.Here are what to expect.Novel Camera UpgradeMuch has been said of Google Pixel phones and their canny for taking the best shots possible for a smartphone. However, tomorrow’s new line of iPhone products are poised to, if not dominate, stake their place in the silent competition. Reimbursed with three back cameras for a wider angle and the ability to take quality pictures in less-lighted environments, this is one of the updates should be looking forward to.Much Improved DurabilityThere have been complaints in the past concerning the seemly exorbitant cost in replacing shattered iPhones, with even funny memes getting their share in the fun—a humorous report revealed earlier this year Apple might not take kindly to customers who smoke.However, the new releases are expected to last much longer than previous products in the series, as Apple makes conscious effort to ensure new sets of iPhones are not just as easily shattered anymore. The new releases have also been projected to be capable of lasting hours underwater, a significant upgrade from the previous half-hour.Wireless ChargingThis has long been incoming. Originally implemented in Samsung phones and products, Apple’s popular AirPods and Watches can now be charged via iPhones, simply by placing on the back.New Watch and AirPod3 UpdatesAfter releasing the Apple Card, this year would see unexpected and significant changes made to Apple Watch. Apple made important changes last year by increasing the size of the screens and taking up the design a few notches higher.The changes expected this year, however, are expected to focus on the software and the casing. New software-focused updates would also ensure that apps on the watchOS software can now be created and designed independently without needing an installation on the iPhone too.AirPods3 are set to be unveiled tomorrow likewise, closely following the release of an AirPod2 that garnered rave reviews—not that Apple is prepared to bask in that anyway. The new AirPod3 is expected to be water-resistant and stronger than its previous versions. It has also been updated with a novel noise-canceling feature.Much Larger MacBook ProJust as reported earlier in our review, Apple’s newest version of MacBook Pro which would be unveiled for the first time tomorrow would be having bigger screens of 16-inch. The larger screens would not cause a drastic change in design, however, as Apple ensures a compact design, it is enough to make the newer version just as comfortable as previous versions with smaller screens.Do We Get Something Different from Updates?While Apple market continues to do well, the company is gradually beginning to fight off silent criticisms and rumors bringing Apple’s creativity into question. For years now, Apple has continued its annual tradition of releasing newer versions of its old products after the other. The focus has been on updates and new integrations, and tomorrow doesn’t look likely to change that.It is clear Apple is investing a lot of money into research, and it is safe to assume there are more interesting developments lined up for the future. However, for now, we can enjoy the awesome upgrades in Apple new versions, and watch out for future developments.Apple Reveals Its New iPhones Tomorrow: Here’s What to Expect

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