Bitcoin Facts: Altcoins, Opinions and the Way Towards Progress

Over 10 years has passed since Bitcoin was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrencies slowly began to change the economic landscape of the world and showed the people that there is something other than the rigged debt-fueled economy which drags the world down.
The crypto market has definitely had its ups and downs but has flourished in the past few years. Incredible heights and lows were reached back in 2018 and many new cryptocurrencies were introduced by startups, organizations and even banks.
Worldwide, blockchain technology is having a field day with lots of governments, companies and banks beginning to realize the potential and importance of the technology. The potential to resolve many ongoing issues in various industries is there and qualified professionals are required for it to take shape.
While cryptocurrencies are now something most people have heard of, most people don’t really know much about them. Here are some random crypto facts which can surprise even those who have been constantly following the crypto market.
Bitcoin facts aren’t that well known

Bitcoin was available to the people for the first time back in 2019. The project’s original purpose was to show that decentralization of money and any other valuable asset is possible.
The date of the first official bitcoin transaction is May 22nd 2010. The transaction was made by Laszlo Hanyecz and he paid 10K BTC for two pizzas from Papa John. With today’s prices those 2 pizzas cost Laszlo $100 million.
The all-time high bitcoin price was $20 089 and it was reached on the 17th of December 2017.
Earlier in April 2019, bitcoin transactions broke another record and reached a total number of transactions of over 400 million.
As of August 2019, 109 out of the world’s 251 countries do not have any form of regulation regarding the purchase or use of bitcoins.
There are roughly 350 000 transactions with bitcoin performed every day.
The biggest bitcoin whale wallet has 125 805 BTC which is roughly $1.2 billion with today’s prices. The account has 0.714% of all bitcoins in existence.
Since November 2017, bitcoin transactions worth $2 billion were processed every day.
Over 65% of the holders of bitcoin are under 40 years of age.
Currently, the mining power of the entire bitcoin network is roughly 300 times larger than the combined power of the worlds top 5 (known) supercomputers.
The United States Dollar and the Japanese Yen are the fiat currencies which are most exchanged for bitcoin.
Roughly around 64% of the created wallets have never been used since they were created. These accounts are known as ghost wallets.
Back in 2010, a single bitcoin was worth 2 cents and you could mine hundreds of them just via a normal CPU due to the difficulty being 1.
Bitcoin currently has 9000 nodes while Ethereum, it’s biggest rival, has 25 000.

There is no doubt that bitcoin is the big kahuna when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Altcoins however, are growingly rapidly and it’s only a matter of time before a real contender for bitcoin’s big boy status comes along.
Bitcoin facts would be very dull without altcoins

Recently Google lifted the ban restricting cryptocurrency ads popping up in search results. This is a clear indication that the global giant is exploring future opportunities related to cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies are not under the control of any bank or government. Therefore, they have no tangible parameters for valuation and it’s quite difficult to determine the value of a cryptocurrency.
While crypto mining experienced a rough time during the 2018 bear market, it remains a lucrative business. China is without competition and takes up over 75% of the mining network.
Realistically, any cryptocurrency can find use in every single industry which deals with digital and/or financial transactions.
There is no way to stop anyone from creating a cryptocurrency of their own. Not a single government in the world has laws which prevent a person from creating their own cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin ATMs are slowly popping up throughout the world. Worldwide, there’s currently over 4500 bitcoin ATMs with the majority of them located in the United States.
Roughly about 21.05% of all cryptocurrencies have been mined, the remainder were bought out by their current owners.
Altcoins come and go, really, really fast. In 2017 alone, there were 914 new cryptocurrencies introduced in the market.
Blockchain transactions are more reliable than traditional banking. They are faster, way more secure and global, due to the fact that blockchain miners operate 24/7. Banks have countless regulations and are available in their respective business hours, which is a big issue for a global market.


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Mike Novogratz: The Crypto Revolution Won’t Happen Just Yet

Bitcoin is currently down for the count and trading for just under $9,600. While this is still miles better than where it was during this same time last year, the price is droopy when compared to the $10,200 bitcoin stood at early in the week. Of course, this isn’t stopping many analysts – including Mike Novogratz – from staying bullish.
 Novogratz: The Revolution Will Take a While
Mike Novogratz is the chief executive officer of Galaxy Digital Holdings, a crypto investment company. He says that while the bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution is going to happen, he makes it clear in an interview that enthusiasts still need to give these assets time to recover from what happened in 2017 and 2018, the years that bitcoin rose then fell exponentially.
He comments:
 What 2017 did, that crazy bull market, is it got people unrealistic expectations on how fast the blockchain revolution, the crypto revolution is actually going to happen. You got to give them some more runway before we give them the thumbs up or thumbs down.
Novogratz believes it could be at least five more years before cryptocurrencies really start to impact people’s lives. In other words, it will be the year 2024 before bitcoin and its altcoin cousins really have serious marks on the finance industry. While the revolution has certainly been kicked off through companies such as Facebook (with its new cryptocurrency Libra) and Apple, things will still occur at a slow and gradual pace.
For the most part, Novogratz believes Libra really got things moving in the crypto industry this year, though he’s confident traditional financial firms will eventually step up to the plate and trigger the next bull market run. He states:
 I think [the next bitcoin bull run will happen] when institutions start coming in. They’re slowly and steadily moving in… This is not like a backwater experiment anymore. This is part of the financial infrastructure. It’s time for the regulators to catch up.
Regulation has been the other serious “plot point” of bitcoin’s story this year. It can be argued that Libra sparked this debate as well, though one could also say that regulation would have come regardless. In any case, many members of U.S. Congress didn’t take too kindly to the notion of Facebook collecting people’s private financial data and decided to get more involved.
 The Delays Come with Speculation
In addition, the currency has sparked concern from world leaders such as U.S. President Donald Trump and Bank of England governor Mark Carney, who commented that while Libra should be examined with an open mind, it should not be privy to any special treatment.
Per Marcus Swanepoel, chief executive of London exchange Luno, says many people are still speculating over the BTC price, which means a revolution could be farther away than even Novogratz suggests.
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As Bitcoin Price Breaks Its Crucial Support of $10K, Where Could It Go Now?

Coinspeaker As Bitcoin Price Breaks Its Crucial Support of $10K, Where Could It Go Now?On Wednesday, August 28, Bitcoin price showed a sudden downward movement crashing below $10,000 levels in just a few minutes. The BTC movement surely took the crypto investors by surprise as no one could state the real reason behind this sharp fall.On Thursday, Bitcoin continued its downward movement by momentarily slipping below $9500. However, the price managed to make a quick recovery and is currently trading at $9606 with a market cap of $172 billion. With two days of carnage on the charts, analysts have finally managed to know a plausible reason behind the fall.Reasons Behind the Massive BTC Price SwingA $120 million buy wall on crypto exchange BitMeX has left investors perplexed. As per the crypto analyst CryptoMonk, the buy wall was “someone trying to unload some corn.” It means that someone was trying to offload his/her huge stake by putting a huge buy wall and maintain the BTC price while unloading their stake.Another aspect of consideration is that the buy wall will manipulate the BTC price to meet the trader’s price demand. However, it happened that BitMeX saw a massive $144 million liquidation on its platform.On the other hand, the popular Twitter handle has spotted Bitcoin whales moving massive sums of BTC tokens. On Tuesday, August 27, Whale Alert noted over 8000 BTC tokens worth $82 million moved from one Bitcoin wallet to an unknown Bitcoin wallet. In addition to this, in the last week, another two transactions worth $124 million and $341 million were registered.Where Is Bitcoin Moving From Here?At present, it is difficult to predict in which direction would Bitcoin swing. On the downside, there could be a maximum slippage up to $8700 with heavy buying interest seen on those levels. On the upside, the upcoming Bitcoin halving event could push the price to new levels.On the other hand, we have some huge events scheduled in the next month of September 2019. Next week on September 6, ICE’s Bakkt platform will open its Warehouse facility to allow investors storing their BTC tokens.This is nothing but an early preparation by Bakkt for its physically-settled Bitcoin Futures contracts scheduled to launch on 23rd of September. Earlier this month, Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler said that they have received official approval from the CFTC to launch the Bitcoin Futures.As Bitcoin Price Breaks Its Crucial Support of $10K, Where Could It Go Now?

Distributed Economy Outbreaks in Vietnam. BitCherry is Empowering Traditional Retail Service Industry

Coinspeaker Distributed Economy Outbreaks in Vietnam. BitCherry is Empowering Traditional Retail Service IndustryRecently, the distributed economy, because of its new economic concepts, underlying advanced information technologies such as Blockchain, AI, cloud computing, big data etc., and a huge influence on the traditional economic transformation, is causing fevers and upsurges round after round.On August 29th, 2019, the Vietnam Tech Summit 2019 Technology Summit, hosted by Business Review, one of Vietnam’s most famous and authoritative business magazines, was officially held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Not only was BitCherry invited to the summit as one of the sponsors to the conference, but also Paul, its founder and CEO were invited to give a speech as a special guest, laying a solid foundation for the distributed economy implementation in Vietnam.Promoting the Concept of Distributed EconomyAs one of most important annual investment conferences of Business Review (Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư), the summit brought together more than 300 elites from Vietnam’s top 50 companies, including technology leaders, economists, CEOs and entrepreneurs from various fields.With the main theme of “ABCD Power”, the conference aim to share and discuss more about the usage of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud (Cloud Computing), Data (Big Data) to transform traditional business models, as well as on how to achieve the implementation level of a commercial application. This conference will bring a tremendous change toward Vietnam’s business system.As the world’s first distributed e-commerce network, BitCherry took full advantage of the opportunities in this conference to bring new concepts and implementations methods of the distributed economy to Vietnam.Prior to the meeting, the host business Review held a welcome dinner on the 28th where BitCherry founder and CEO, Paul, was invited by the organizers to attend. The invited guests in this dinner inclusive of founders of Vietnam’s top 50 companies, whereby a discussion on how to address the traditional business pain points on the Vietnamese market is held.Through the dinner, Paul and elite representatives shared views on the orientation of Blockchain development and its implementation feasibility in Vietnam with consensus reached on a wide range of issues. During the meeting, BitCherry founder and CEO, Paul, made an in-depth discussion with guests on topics such as “How the distributed economy will subvert traditional business model” and “How BitCherry is practicing the distributed economy as an ecosystem.”Paul during the interview with FBNC (Finance Business News Corporation)During the meeting, FBNC, a well-known financial and commercial news media in Vietnam, made a personal interview to Paul. In this interview, Paul elaborated the application value of distributed technology in the economy and focused on his opinions on the future development of distributed technology.Paul mentioned that“BitCherry will achieve fair P2P sharing and trading by building a transparent, trusted, non-tamperable distributed network platform. On this ecological platform, the community will play a big role whereby the enterprises and users in Vietnam can complete a value creation based on the credit consensus without any form needed which inclusive of goods for goods, labor for value, and digital assets for real value. This kind of public and decentralized ecology is the value network of the distributed economy. In the future, BitCherry will upgrade to Ecosystem as Finance by establishing a strong eco-community. And afterwards, it will make cross-industry subversions in banking, accounting (auditing), insurance, healthcare, municipal administration, transportation, taxation, food, agriculture, automotive and other areas. “Promoting the Transformation of Vietnam’s Traditional Economic ModelIn recent years, Vietnam’s economy has maintained a relatively high growth rate. Labor productivity across Vietnam grew by nearly 6% in 2017, and the growth model is shifting towards sustainable development, gradually reducing its dependency on natural resources, particularly crude oil, and moving towards industries with new economies as a pillar.As of March 2019, 131 countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and the United States, had invested in emerging industries in Vietnam, with a registered capital of $346.5 billion, according to the Economic Daily, citing data from Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment. Under such conditions, the distributed economy is providing opportunities for further economic growth and corner overtaking in Vietnam.BitCherry Founder and CEO, Paul, was giving a speechTalking about how to empower Vietnam’s traditional business applications through a distributed economy, BitCherry founder and CEO Paul said,“The distributed economy is a new economic system that evolved after the birth of Blockchain, and the difference between it and the traditional economic system is that the way value networks are built has changed. As a country with a demographic dividend of nearly 100 million people, Vietnam has been actively exploring the Blockchain field in recent years, both by nation and by enterprises, and this inclusive attitude towards market will greatly facilitate the transition from Vietnam’s traditional economic model to Blockchain. Vietnam’s Blockchain market is also being valued by more and more practitioners.BitCherry, as an industry technology pioneer who has made an early strategic layout in Vietnamese market, will rely on its own Blockchain distributed technology to empower the traditional retail service industry, to improve Vietnam’s distributed economic system, to reconstruct the new economic ecology, to create a completed Vietnam distributed economic ecosystem, and to help and make more organizations and enterprises to create their own business ecology. I am looking forward to further discussions with Vietnamese developers on how to promote the development of distributed technology in Vietnam as well as the issues on building the ecosystem.”As the number of users continues to grow and the strategic layout continues to evolve, the BitCherry team is planning to tap into new market potential and accelerate collaboration with strategic partners. Oriented to safeguarding the interests of companies and users in the ecosystem, to be more responsible towards the investors.At the same time, BitCherry’s technical team will continue to develop chain-net technology to accelerate the landing of the eco-community economic model and to build a transparent, trusted and non-tamperable distributed network value platform. BitCherry has the motivation and also abilities to combine distributed e-commerce with the actual needs of Vietnamese companies to empower Vietnam’s traditional business scenarios.Distributed Economy Outbreaks in Vietnam. BitCherry is Empowering Traditional Retail Service Industry

Nike (NKE) Set to Release New Smart Shoe That Can Be Laced with Siri

Coinspeaker Nike (NKE) Set to Release New Smart Shoe That Can Be Laced with SiriAdvancement in technology and all of its innovations have uses and applications in various sectors ranging from finance to education, health and even all the way to fashion. Back in January this year, Nike released its $350 Adapt BB, a smart shoe designed for basketball players that adjusts itself to the wearer’s feet, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit. Now, Nike as announced that it will be using the same smart technology for its new upcoming shoes, the Nike Adapt Huarache.The Adapt HuaracheThe Huarache line first released by Nike in 1991, was largely made with neoprene, offering a proper and “constant hug” to the wearer’s fit. Now with Nike Adapt Huarache about 28 years later, the Nike FitAdapt technology has been adapted to deliver the ultimate smart shoe described by the company as “an intelligent platform that updates and evolves along with the user.”The new Adapt Huarache’s best feature is probably its integration with a “multi-faceted Nike Adapt app.” The app will have a good number of preset options for various sizes of feet and also have options connected to the Nike FitAdapt lacing system for several possible activities a wearer will partake in with the shoes on.Users can select whatever fit they like based on why they’re wearing the shoe, and experience different levels of comfort or fit depending on a specific activity. So whether you’re taking a stroll, playing basketball, working out at the gym or doing a short sprint, several specific lacing fits are available for you.Furthermore, the app will also be compatible with both the Apple Watch and Siri, giving users a wider range of control for the shoes. Voice controls are reportedly available as well, so a wearer can speak to Siri about loosening or tightening the shoes.On aesthetics, Nike says the new shoe’s design would not be elaborate. The announcement says:“The aesthetic of the Nike Adapt Huarache takes loose inspiration from its namesake. Branding is minimal and aquatic odes (the original neoprene bootie was derived from a water ski) define both colorways and the articulation of the new shoe’s outer shroud.”The new shoes, just like January’s Adapt BB, will have LED lights on the side of each sole, which will display different colors depending on the specific connection with the app. The shoes are set for release on Friday the 13th of September and will only be initially available through a restricted number of retailers as well as Nike’s SNKRS app.At the moment, the footwear giant has not hinted about a price but there are more than a few speculations that say it will cost around $350, the same price as the Adapt BB when it was released.Nike, Inc (NKE) closed on the 29th of August at $85.38, more than a 2% increase from the previous close at $83.48. Earlier this month, NKE crashed to unfavorable lows but has risen from said lows to become the Dow’s second-best performer, rising 4% this week alone. Experts predict a surge could begin very soon.Nike (NKE) Set to Release New Smart Shoe That Can Be Laced with Siri

Saga Not Over: Craig Wright May Face Class-Action Lawsuit for Forgery and Fraud

Coinspeaker Saga Not Over: Craig Wright May Face Class-Action Lawsuit for Forgery and FraudRecently we reported on Craig Wright’s losing the Kleiman case. However, it seems that karma surely is a b**** especially for a person who filed so many suits against so many people. Our favorite fake Satoshi Nakamoto could now face another major lawsuit from British podcaster Peter McCormack who said he was considering a class-action lawsuit against Wright, Calvin Ayre, and Jimmy Nguyen for falsely claiming that Wright is Satoshi and that Bitcoin SV is “Satoshi’s vision.”Just for a reminder, a few days ago, the hearing in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit resulted in Judge Bruce Reinhart recommending 50 percent of Wright’s BTC holdings mined prior to December 31, 2013, be awarded to the estate of Dave Kleiman. And even though it seemed that this year-long battle came to an end, many industry bigshots doubled down on the self-proclaimed Satoshi.The judge’s decision on the case was somewhat based on the fact that Wright lied, falsified documents, and intentionally blocked court actions, which many recognized as a clear sign that the court didn’t believe Wright was the real Satoshi Nakamoto.And while the whole industry saw this as a total win of justice, some decided to go even further and hold Wright and his friends responsible for inexact asserts he was the original Bitcoin creator.Peter McCormack, who is currently involved in a libel lawsuit with Wright, proposed filing a class action against the fake Satoshi. He tweeted:I am thinking that a class action lawsuit would only be right for falsely claiming a technology is Satoshi’s Vision when CSW is not Satoshi.This has affected a lot of people. I’ll be talking to both my US lawyers and those who have been defrauded.Let’s Wright this Wrong.— Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) August 28, 2019The host of ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast said that he would be consulting with lawyers in the U.S. to decide which would be the best way to deal with this, as well as those who have been “defrauded” by Wright and BSV.The lawsuit, said McCormack, would be filed against all three musketeers: Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and Jimmy Nguyen for misleading investors by lying about BSV’s origins and claiming Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto.A class action lawsuit would be against:– Craig Wright (the forger)– @CalvinAyre (bum beard)– @JimmyWinMedia (the snake)All three are likely guilty of misleading investors by lying that Craig is Satoshi and that BitcoinSV is Satoshi’s Vision.Meeting US lawyers next week.— Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) August 29, 2019Twitter members praised this idea promising they will back him and help the lawsuit get off the ground. Crypto researcher called Seeking Satoshi suggested crowd-funding the lawsuit to speed up the process.This is a great idea Peter, maybe crowd-fund it so we can all contribute towards the eventual eradication of this imposter. What ever funding target is set, I'm sure it would be reached very quickly 👍— SeekingSatoshi (@jimmy007forsure) August 29, 2019Others saw this as an opportunity to bring Wright down finally, saying there was more than enough of evidence lying around that show Wright lied to investors.Be that as it may, we’ll have to wait and see what will come out from that. However, when Wright lost the suit against Kleiman, McCormack said he was willing to bet $10,000 that Craig Wright won’t be able to move the Bitcoin associated with Satoshi Nakamoto, even offering 2 to 1 odds to anyone who wants to take the bet.Open bet available for any $BSV CSW cultist of the belief that Craig has the Satoshi coins.I'll put up $10k that none of these coins will be moved by CSW within a year, I'll even offer you 2-1 odds, so $5k for you.Money locked in escrow, paid out 1 year today.— Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) August 28, 2019In the other news, Wright’s loyal wingman Calvin Ayre has been promoting a new book about Wright. The book, titled “Behind the Mask: Craig Wright and the Battle for Bitcoin,” written by Byron Kaye and Jeremy Wagstaff, describes a “thrilling, stranger-than-fiction story of Craig Wright.”they started promoting the book that will have the back ground of Craig creating #Bitcoin. Its nice timing to be out at the same time as Craig gets the Satoshi coins out of tulip trust. Also good timing with Judge just ruling Craig is Satoshi.— Calvin Ayre (@CalvinAyre) August 28, 2019That actually is a great commercial move considering that Wright has all the eyes looking at him while waiting for Wright to get his alleged coins from the “Tulip Trust” for which judge said it doesn’t exist at all. We seriously doubt that the book will be sold enough to fulfill $5 billion he needs to give Kleiman but – who knows.At the time of writing, BSV went up 5.02% to $129.42.Saga Not Over: Craig Wright May Face Class-Action Lawsuit for Forgery and Fraud

How to Pick the Cryptocurrency Wallet that Suits You

Coinspeaker How to Pick the Cryptocurrency Wallet that Suits YouIt is important to have the option of replenishing your assets by buying crypto with a credit card or through exchanges. The assets should be secure and transferable.The only correct answer is this: the one that serves your needs. For me, the most important things in a cryptocurrency wallet are the support of all currencies I need, security, and ease of use.But there are a lot of different types of wallets: hardware, mobile, desktop, even paper ones. And every exchange almost feels obliged to release a wallet of its own. So first, you have to choose the type.I tried out different types, and all of them have their pros and cons. A paper wallet is easy to lose and it’s hard to access your funds. A hardware wallet is expensive, and you might nott like going back to the 2000s, needing a separate device for each particular task. You can’t put a desktop wallet in your pocket.Solutions from exchanges and banks involve a middleman, therefore do not evoke a lot of trust.Out of all the variety, the proper solution seems to be a mobile wallet, as it is best suited for the everyday use of cryptocurrencies and does not require special equipment or knowledge to use.Which Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet Should You Choose?It would seem that there is an abundance of wallet-apps, just pick the one you want.I tried a dozen and, for the most part, they all have common problems:Bad UX/UI. Half of the wallets on the market look like they were made on a standard template for developers, and the hands of designers never touched them.Security. Lots of wallets do not provide a proper level of anonymity, and wallets by crypto exchanges are in constant risk of shutting down together with the exchange itself.Missing transactions and careless support. “Well, if you sent the money then it would get there. Eventually.” That’s all the help you can get from some wallets tech support when it comes to solving issues with transactions.Therefore the mobile wallets market only seems big, but if you cut out all crude products, there are a few cryptocurrency wallets that are worth checking out.Finally, my choice fell on Lumi Wallet which had all the properties I needed.In this article I want to review it in detail: Lumi Wallet turned out to be one of the most balanced solutions on the market, combining multi-currency functionality, multi-layer security, a neat design and a bunch of cool extra features.It provides a proper level of anonymity, has web/mobile versions, and support personnel that actually cares about solving users’ problems.But let’s start with the general specs and account creation, and I hope from there you’ll get the general idea of why I find this wallet one of the luckiest discoveries of 2019.Other General InformationLumi Wallet compatibility: IOS, Android and Web. Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, ERC-20 tokens.Security: fingerprint and face ID, PIN code, Hierarchical Deterministic algorithms, and 12-words mnemonic authentification.Features:Client-side wallet: all private information stays on the side of the client;Integrated exchange;Option to buy crypto with credit card (USD, EURO);Flexible transaction fees;On-board dapp browser.The Anonymous Multi-Currency WalletLumi Wallet positions itself as a multi-wallet ecosystem for crypto holders that would allow all necessary operations with cryptocurrencies without leaving the app.And they put functionality where their mouth is: if you need to exchange crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto, you can do it in-wallet. If you need to check current prices, just click on a currency. If you want to add some new currency based on a supported blockchain, just browse and drag it to your wallets’ screen. If you want to check out a dapp, go on the in-app browser and do it.Regarding security, it is a wallet with a hierarchical deterministic structure. This means it can be recovered using a 12-word mnemonic phrase, and private keys are solely under the user’s control. For now, this is one of the most secure options out there to protect your crypto assets.First Launch ExperienceTo acknowledge the convenience of UI design, you have to install the app and create the wallet.It takes only a couple of minutes and is as simple as it gets: Step 1: Download the Lumi wallet app from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore and open the app.If you already have a wallet, you can click on “import wallet” and follow these instructions:Upload the wallet fileEnter the passwordEnter the mnemonic phrase or the private keyNotice: only wallets with BIP44 compatibility work with Lumi.Step 2: Tap on “create” and set a PIN code (You can later change it to fingerprint or Face ID).Step 3: Get a generated, 12-word mnemonic phrase. Save it somewhere you will be able to find it later. If you lose it, you won’t be able to recover your wallet! Write down the words in the order they appear and check the full phrase for mistakes before proceeding.That’s it! Now you can use the wallet. The Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts are already available and you can add desired cryptocurrencies to customize the wallet to suit your portfolio.Customize Your Wallet and Add CoinsOn the home page there are three tabs: Overview, Wallets, and Activity.Go to “Wallets” to check the available wallets and add any that are missing.To do this, simply tap “+” and then select any of the tokens on the list.If you want to view the activity of any of your particular wallets, tap the name of the wallet and details will appear.Under the Activity tab, you can view your transactional activity.Lumi Wallet has a wide variety of coins available and new ones are regularly added, so you might want to customize your portfolio by removing unnecessary currencies from the main screen and putting the most used ones at the top.To do so, simply tap on the “add more wallets” icon and search for the desired token from the list, using its name or contact address.And to rearrange wallets on the main panel, simply tap and drag them.At the moment of writing, Lumi supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, ERC-20 tokens – so the most popular currencies are covered.Buy Crypto With Credit CardIf you don’t have crypto, buy it! Who needs an empty wallet? Lumi has partnered with Simplex to enable the seamless, risk-free purchase of cryptocurrencies via credit card for EUR and USD.The transaction stays on hold until the confirmation and Simplex has special fraud prevention technology based on AI. Also, it does not collect your data, nor does Lumi, so your anonymity stays protected.In case you do have problems with your transaction – it is insured and Simplex will cover the costs.Buying crypto with Simplex is quite simple:You can enter Simplex in the wallet and choose ETH and BTC for purchase. After checking the entered sum and the purchase fee, you can click next and fill in your credit card data. After that you’ll just have to wait – you’ll get a notification when the money hits your wallet.Exchange CryptocurrenciesYou can exchange all tokens and currencies supported by Lumi and Changelly, and the list of these is huge.You can do it in just three steps:Choose the coin or token you want to exchange from.Choose the coin or token you want to exchange to.Enter the necessary amount, check all of the details, and tap “Confirm”.Then wait until the outgoing transaction has 3 or more confirmations. After these confirmations, you will get your exchanged funds.Price TrackingLumi Wallet has pricing information on all supported coins, streamed in real-time directly from Cryptocompare. To check out a price, simply click on the currency you are interested in. You can change the time period and move across the graph to get the exact trading price of the currency at any given time.Dapp Browser and Other FeaturesThere is a neat bonus feature in-wallet – its own dapp browser, which allows for the search of dapps without leaving the wallet. It can be reached with one tap on the bottom menu. This will transfer you to Opensea site, where you can check out the most popular dapps or look for hot releases.If you like collectible games or social projects on the blockchain, this might be a thing for you. In 2018, Lumi Wallet also released a special product for collectibles – Lumi Collect, which allows for the storing of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens.For users who prefer to shuffle their funds on a laptop, there is a web version of wallet. It was released in 2018, a year after mobile wallet release, but has so far caught up with the elder brother and has the same functionality as the application.EOS FunctionalityIn the year 2019, among other things, Lumi promised to fully integrate EOS, a promising cryptocurrency on its ownl blockchain.So far, they are on schedule:At the time of writing the review, the EOS coin and EOS exchange are available in-wallet. Also,  Lumi regularly conducts EOS account giveaways.By the end of 2019, Lumi Wallet plans to have EOS fully integrated, which means making EOS dapps and voting available in the Lumi ecosystem.For other development plans of this year, they published a blogpost with a roadmap for 2019.Overall Experience: Pros and ConsPros:Android, iOS, and Web versions;High security level;Anonymity;Supports major coins and ERC-20 tokens;Flawless design and intuitive interface;Built-in exchange (crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto);Flexible transaction fees (set by user);Built-in browser;Trustworthy partners;Soon-to-be open source.Cons:no tablet version;has only five languages available;doesn’t support some popular blockchains.A special kind word should be said about the support: during the review, I wanted to use one not very popular token, but I couldn’t. I contacted support and in a matter of minutes got an explanation that this token is not supported by application at the moment. I said ok and forgot about it, but the next day I received a message that this token had been added.Also, Lumi is active on social media and in the press: their CEO Diana Furman has her own column on Cryptodaily about EOS news, and Lumi has an active blog and twitter accounts.VerdictSumming up my general experience of using this wallet, I can say that it is a solid product that meets their own claims as a safe, fast, and convenient ecosystem for cryptocurrencies. Considering the developments that have happened in the two years of wallet’s existence, Lumi, if it sticks to its ambitious roadmap, soon may well become one of the most versatile and popular anonymous crypto wallets on the market.How to Pick the Cryptocurrency Wallet that Suits You

Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports 32 Digital Assets Including Bitcoin

Coinspeaker Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports 32 Digital Assets Including BitcoinA few months ago in March, Samsung launched its new Galaxy S10 with the “Blockchain Keystore”, a wallet with support from several decentralized apps (DApps) along with Ether (ETH) and other Ethereum powered ERC20 tokens as well. Now, the tech giant has added Bitcoin to its native wallet, as well as further support for at least 32 other digital assets.According to reports, the Galaxy S10 wallet app will now automatically generate a Bitcoin (BTC) address along with Ethereum (ETH) which was supported from the beginning. There is now additional support for 31 others, allowing individual users to create as many addresses as desired for all the rest.Apart from BTC and ETH, other supported assets include Basic Attention Token (BAT), Pundi X’s NPXS token and Maker (MKR) among others. Unconfirmed reports from a Reddit post, shows support for TrueUSD (TUSD), Binance Coin (BNB), as well as USD Coin (USDC). In addition to these, the Samsung Blockchain Keystore will also support the Klaytn, a digital asset from Kakao, the popular Korean messaging platform.These currencies are reportedly available with the S10 range including the S10 5G, S10+, S10, and S10e. The wallet app is also available on the Note10 and Note10+ models as well. At the moment, even though the devices are available pretty much everywhere, these specific blockchain features can only be accessed in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Canada.The app also boasts of top-notch security. One of the major problems with the crypto industry is the likelihood of a breach which has happened quite a few times even to some of the world’s biggest and supposedly most secure exchanges.A major solution to this is the use of private keys held with the wallet owners and not with the exchanges. This allows owners remain responsible for their funds instead of delegating some of this responsibility to the exchanges themselves. Samsung, therefore, allows users to hold their private key and boasts that the Samsung Blockchain Keystore is a very safe and secure way to hold funds, also promising that the private keys are “never saved to a Samsung or external cloud.”For DApps, it was previously reported that the mobile app will support at least four. They include Enjin, a blockchain gaming platform; the popular CryptoKitties collectibles game, Cosmee beauty platform and CoinDuck, a blockchain payments service. At the moment, Samsung plans to add 13 more, taking the number of supported DApps up to 17.Among the added DApps is one known as DENT. The application is used for the borderless exchange of mobile data using contacts stored within its address book. The DENT DApp can also easily be funded for purchasing these data packages using fiat via PayPal and also using several supported digital assets.Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports 32 Digital Assets Including Bitcoin

PNC Launches Fintech Startup Numo Right Inside the Bank

Coinspeaker PNC Launches Fintech Startup Numo Right Inside the BankNational Banking Network PNC just went one step further into the future. The wizzes at one of the largest banking networks in the United States have decided to create a software start-up in-house, dubbed Numo, that functions just like a startup.The software development startup called Numo functions independently of PNC and its various subsidiaries. They have their staffing, run things as they see fit and even post their profit. In addition, they actually handle all the software needs of the whole banking network.PNC has been known to create unique solutions that may not make sense at first but always comes out as being right in the end. It seems like they see the big picture, hold onto it and follow it.In terms of the holdings, employees hold positions alongside PNC. This, of course, is indicative of the corporate culture of both PNC and Numo. Giving power back to the employees in terms of equity isThey must have something going on under the hood over there.Wait, What Exactly Do They Do at Numo?Well, the guys at Numo actually think up ideas no one else is willing has thought about. At least not yet. They then figure out how best to make it work within a functional context. Of course, the process of software development especially working in and around geeks comes with its issues from time to time.Just like with Indi – the first development of the team, which is a mobile phone-based app that tracks estimated taxes for those who work in the gig economy. They got it off the ground and it worked!So, the guys at Numo think of ways to make peoples lives easier.Is This the Death of Traditional Banking?For a variety of reasons, many people have gone over the bridge to say that this is the end of traditional banking systems. While this may be the ultimate case as human beings evolve in terms of banking and finance, for now though, hybrid situations like this are springing all over the place.PNC also went further and adopted Ripple Labs Inc. Ripplenet which will be used for their cross-border payments and settlement systems. While it may not look like much, this adoption puts wind in the sails of the continuous fusion that is taking place between technology and banking. This means that within the next decade or so, most banks will be fintech hybrids.So, What is the BIG Picture?PNC is moving in a direction which is changing the way finance is handled. The adoption of technology towards special use-case scenarios shows just how far the egg-heads at PNC management are willing to go. It is NOT about tech. It is about PEOPLE.PNC Launches Fintech Startup Numo Right Inside the Bank

Apple’s New iPhone 11 Will be Released to Public on September 10th

Coinspeaker Apple’s New iPhone 11 Will be Released to Public on September 10thIt’s been almost two years since Apple released the iPhone X in November 2017. Now according to a media invite sent by the tech giant, the new iPhone 11 is already on its way and will be fully available to the public on Tuesday the 10th of September, 2019. The release will take place at 10 AM PT (1 PM EST), at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.What Should We Expect?Firstly, this event will most likely be Apple’s biggest of 2019 even as Apple has had a busy year. It recently launched the Apple Card, a credit card available for the U.S. market in partnership with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.At this event, the company is expected to give as many details as possible about any products or services that it plans to release before the year runs out. For example, Apple announced a new service called the Apple Arcade a few months back. As the name suggests, Apple Arcade is expected to give users unfettered access to a wide range of games, after a subscription.Furthermore, Apple has also joined the entertainment sector with Apple TV+, a subscription platform for streaming video content which is also expected to launch before the year ends. This is following in the footsteps of Disney which announced its own Disney+ to launch on the 12th of November and will initially cater only to customers in the U.S.Away from services, it is also expected that Apple will officially announce its new MacBook with 16 inches and new iPad Pros. This is an addition to the 2018 October launch of the new Mac Mini along with a MacBook Air and two iPad Pros with 11 and 12.9 inches. Lastly, we should expect the launch of three new iPhone models (possibly iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11R) along with a new Apple Watch 5. There are also rumours of new AirPods as well.Sleeker Than Your Average?Before now, there had been a lot of speculation, about the new iPhones and what features they would have. For example, rumours had it that a new night camera mode will be added to the phones and that there’d be better in-phone speakers. It was also said by Filip Koroy, a popular YouTuber, that the new iPhone will have “the biggest battery ever on an iPhone” with 4,000 mAh, boosting battery life more than 25%.Apple is also expected to discard its Lightning connector in favour of USB-C. Further speculations, especially in pictures that have been floating around for a while online, have a specific external design that hasn’t gone down too well with the general public. For a few months now, people have expressed disappointment at the outward aesthetic appeal.However, a new piece of information has come to light which seemed to change everything we once knew. Eldar Murtazin, a popular tech review and analyst, has taken to Twitter to shock Apple lovers about designs for the new iPhone.According to Murtazin, new iPhones will look nothing like the pictures floating around, stressing that it will be “completely different.” Murtazin only gives one specific detail about the glass on the phone being the same one used in the new Motorola Moto Z4, but doesn’t say much else. He also adds that “there will be a couple more surprises in the design” making it outwardly different than the current ones.”Since Murtazin is not a newbie, it would be quite difficult to ignore his speculations and if he is right, it would mean that Apple has successfully tricked everyone who claimed to have inside information. It should be recalled that Murtazin famously predicted back in 2012, that Microsoft would acquire Nokia’s mobile phone business.Apple’s New iPhone 11 Will be Released to Public on September 10th