Bitwala and Cielo Are Bringing BTC to the Masses

Despite their falling prices, bitcoin and its altcoin cousins are just as popular as ever, it seems. Many organizations in foreign nations, including Cielo in Brazil and Bitwala in Europe, are looking to make it easier for customers to get their fingers on digital currencies for payments and investment purposes.  Cielo and Bitwala Are Doing […]

Mark Carney: A Global Digital Currency Could Be a Good Thing

Sometimes, cryptocurrency support comes from the most unlikely candidates. This week, that support comes from Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England – one of the world’s largest and oldest financial institutions. Carney: A Global Digital Currency Could Be the Answer Carney has not always been kind to cryptocurrencies in the past. He […]

David Wachsman: A BTC Revolution Is Coming

Bitcoin, at press time, is trading below $9,500 again, meaning it’s back to the same lows it was at roughly two or three weeks ago. The currency continues to sink following a nasty fall that saw it lose more than $600 in less than an hour just a few days ago, yet there are those […]

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Eyes $1 Billion Crypto Venture

Coinspeaker Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Eyes $1 Billion Crypto VentureSuperstar Hedge fund manager Alan Howard has decided to create a unique enterprise which will forever change the crypto space. Created by the UK Crypto asset management firm Elwood management, the system which is currently under development will create opportunities for crypto hedge funds and other […]

Telegram Starts Public Testing of Ethereum-Compatible TON Blockchain

Coinspeaker Telegram Starts Public Testing of Ethereum-Compatible TON BlockchainIt seems that Telegram messenger is planning to begin public testing of its long awaited blockchain, TON (the Telegram Open Network) on September 1.As per Russian business paper Vedomosti, this information was shared with them by a TON investor who got that information from the Telegram messenger […]

Ripple Moves 500 Million XRP Causing Price Drop

Tsk, tsk, tsk Ripple… That’s probably what a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are saying right about now given that Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP, is doing so poorly at press time. Currently trading for roughly 25 cents per unit, many believe that Ripple’s move of more than 522 million XRP coins to a new wallet may have […]

Litecoin Foundation and UNICEF Team Up for Kids’ Educations

Financial education isn’t easy to come by. While many colleges around the world have begun to slowly offer blockchain and cryptocurrency courses to students, the numbers are relatively small, and the change isn’t coming fast enough to really get students ready for careers in the blockchain industry. The Litecoin Foundation is looking to change all […]