Utopia: A Platform Which Aims to Remove Total Global Surveillance

A new feature has been made for people who place prioritize privacy and want to keep their communication and data secure and out of third-party hands or government hands.
The group of tech enthusiasts behind Utopia state they want to cure the world of total surveillance by delivering a platform designed with freedom, anonymity and no censorship in mind.
Utopia has been developed for a little over 6 years. The main goal is to develop an environment where “Big Brother” isn’t in complete control.
The group says its decentralized distributed system empowers its users to speak with whomever they need, at whatever point they need — all while being guaranteed true freedom of speech.
Each client’s location is kept hidden, and measures have been set up to guarantee correspondence and information can’t be tracked or intercepted by any third-party. The result is a huge amount of encrypted user data which is kept on the user’s own device.
After logging in, Utopia clients can send and receive messages and sound/voice recordings to their chosen contracts. Fast elliptic curve cryptography is utilized to verify the authenticity and secure these correspondences.
Utopia uses the most secure email service possible
The system additionally uses uMail, which designers depict as one of the most secure email services available.
By the way uMail is designed, users who have only used mainstream e-mail services until now, will experience no difficulties. All necessary functions like an inbox, trash folder and filters are available to users.
Likewise, any kind of document can be moved to contacts — independent of its size. Utopia says this implies interchanges with friends, family members and partners is not limited by anything.
From simple pictures to financial analysis and reports, the way for transferring and downloading files is intended to be as basic as possible. Even better, pictures can be accessed through a viewer built in the system itself.
Financial functionality has also been taken into account via uWallet, which is incorporated directly into the interface.
Payments via Crypton, the platform’s local coin, can be made effortlessly — and clients can do this without revealing their public keys.
Away from the Utopia system, merchants can likewise choose to integrate it into their sites to offer another payment option to their clients.
As indicated by the developers, cryptographic security has been the top priority— guaranteeing that the coin can’t be controlled by associations or governments.
This is accomplished without making a compromise on the freedom to complete transactions globally. Transaction fees have also been kept to the bare minimum.
Utopia’s developers say that the product is completely functional and in beta mode, which means interested clients can begin exploring different avenues regarding it right away. The beta phase is expected to keep going for a quarter of a year, making sure the project will be ready for full release by the end of 2019 — the date of Utopia’s official launch is the 3rd of October.
The developers state that the software and all of its features will be completely free of charge. They also state that the project offers countless ways for early adopters to contribute their own expertise, skills and energy – anything from locating bugs and promoting the platform for more people is welcomed with open arms.
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