Bitcoin Miner Canaan Creative Files For An IPO In the United States

Coinspeaker Bitcoin Miner Canaan Creative Files For An IPO In the United StatesWith the revival in the Bitcoin prices over the last few months, manufacturers of the Bitcoin mining equipment seem to be having a great time. One of the major Bitcoin manufacturers Canaan Creative has recently filed for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the United States.According to the report from IRFAsia on Wednesday, July 31, this China-based crypto mining company is looking to raise $200 million through its IPO. The report of Canaan filing for an IPO first emerged earlier this year in January 2019. It was the time when the crypto market was going through its worst phase and Bitcoin was trading close to $3500 levels.During that time, a source close to the exchange operator said:“The exchange is very hesitant to actually approve these bitcoin mining companies because the industry is so volatile. There’s a real risk that they could just not exist anymore in a year or two. The HKEX doesn’t want to be the first exchange in the world to approve this and have one die on them.”Canaan’s Shift in IPO PlansCanaan’s first attempt to go public was during March 2018 when the crypto market had just started its downturn. Canaan was looking to file for a $1 billion IPO on the Hong Stock Stock Exchange. However, the plan was later abandoned by the company and the company’s IPO application lapsed in November 2018.In March this year, the company was supposedly in talks with NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). As per the SEC’s new rules implemented in July 2017, companies in the US can make confidential filings of any size. The firm then submits its IPO application to the SEC for review.Canaan is not the first Bitcoin manufacturer to consider filing an IPO. Crypto mining giant Bitmain had earlier filed for an IPO but failed to make a bid with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Back in June, Bitmain also considered filing an application with the US.Bitmain’s Bitcoin Miner Importer in Russia Lands in ProblemIn other news, the Russian Federal Customs Service has initiated a criminal investigation on an importer of Bitmain’s Bitcoin miner for the underpayment of the customs fees.The CoinDesk publication got its hand on the search warrant, which reads:“In an undefined time, but no later than August 8, 2017, [DTPK CEO] Artem Aleksandrovich Bublik … got involved in a criminal conspiracy with undefined individuals, the goal of the conspiracy being avoiding due customs fees in especially large amounts while importing into the Eurasian Economic Union of ASIC miners and power elements for ASIC miners.”Bitcoin Miner Canaan Creative Files For An IPO In the United States

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis: Bulls Eyeing Upside Break Above $0.0650

ADA price remained supported above $0.0520 and slowly recovered higher against the US Dollar.
The price is currently trading above $0.0580 and it seems to be preparing for the next break.
There is a major contracting triangle forming with resistance near $0.0620 on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Kraken).
The price could either surge above $0.0620 and $0.0650 or it might decline back towards $0.0520.

Cardano price is trading in a contracting range against the US Dollar and bitcoin. ADA price could start a strong upward move if there is a break above $0.0620 and $0.0650.
Cardano Price Analysis
After trading as low as $0.0505, cardano price started a decent recovery against the US Dollar. The ADA/USD pair formed a support base near the $0.0520 and $0.0540 levels. Moreover, there was a break above the $0.0550 and $0.0565 resistance levels. Finally, there was a break above the $0.0600 level and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). The price spiked towards the $0.0640 level and a swing high was formed near $0.0638.
Recently, the price corrected lower below $0.0600 and traded as low as $0.0566. It is currently trading in a contracting range above $0.0580 and recently climbed above the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the last slide from the $0.0638 high to $0.0566 low. However, it seems like the bulls are struggling to gain momentum above the $0.0610 and $0.0620 levels.
The 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level of the last slide from the $0.0638 high to $0.0566 low also acted as a resistance. More importantly, there is a major contracting triangle forming with resistance near $0.0620 on the 4-hours chart. If there is an upside break above the $0.0620 resistance, the next hurdle is near the $0.0650 level. If there is a clear break above $0.0650, the price could continue to rise towards $0.0700 and $0.0800.
Conversely, if there is a downside break below $0.0580, the price could resume its decline. An immediate support below $0.0580 is near $0.0565. If there are more losses, the price may perhaps revisit the $0.0540 support level.

The chart indicates that ADA price is trading with a minor bullish angle above $0.0580 and is preparing for the next major break. If the bulls succeed in gaining traction above $0.0620 and $0.0650, there could be sharp gains in the near term. If not, the price could decline back towards $0.0540 or even $0.0510.
Technical Indicators
4 hours MACD – The MACD for ADA/USD is currently losing momentum in the bullish zone.
4 hours RSI – The RSI for ADA/USD is currently above the 50 level, with a flat structure
Key Support Levels – $0.0580 and $0.0540.
Key Resistance Levels – $0.0620 and $0.0650.
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World’s Largest Privately Backed Start-Up ByteDance Getting Into the Smartphone Business

Coinspeaker World’s Largest Privately Backed Start-Up ByteDance Getting Into the Smartphone BusinessByteDance, the world’s most valuable start-up, announced they were developing a smartphone, following a deal it made with device maker Smartisan Technology. That plan comes as the Beijing-based company behind popular short-form video-sharing app TikTok, known as Douyin in mainland China, expands into new sectors beyond video and news apps.In their statement, a ByteDance spokeswoman said a smartphone had been part of Smartisan’s development plans before the deal it made with ByteDance.She said:“The product was a continuation of earlier Smartisan plans, aiming to satisfy the needs of the old Smartisan user base.”Allegedly, the phone had been in development for already seven months with the effort being led by Wu Dezhou, a former executive at Smartisan.Be it as it may, ByteDance is not the first developer who decided to capitalize on a popular application. In 2013, Chinese selfie-app-maker Meitu started making phones tailored to consumers who really like to take photos of themselves.The thing is that China became a largely competitive market for smartphone-makers and there are doubts that there is room for another device to stand out.And not all of the techno giants can be successful in all fields as well. For example, Facebook might be a leader in social networking by acquiring popular apps such as Whatsapp and Instagram, and on the other hand – it fails to branch out into mobile with its own Android launcher app, Home.Amazon‘s tablets and e-readers may be popular with consumers but its Fire Phone hasn’t been of such luck and it was pulled from the shelves in 2015.Google, on the other hand, went great with their Pixel phones but their social network, Google+, was finally shut down earlier this year after gradually declining use of the service.Ben Wood, technology analyst at CCS Insight confirmed it’s extremely difficult for any new entrants to break into the smartphone market profitably, particularly at a time when big brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are carpet-bombing consumers with millions of pounds worth of marketing.“There are always niches that open up in the smartphone market but they tend to be ‘firework products’, starting with a big bang and quickly disappearing.”James Yan, research director at Hong Kong-based Counterpoint Technology said that this move is seen as bold even for China who started shunning smartphones which demand heavier expenditures in research and marketing.“Gateways that can bring in more users and increase their stickiness are always high priorities for internet companies, and smartphones so far remain the most important access among all.”He added that cashed-up, ByteDance wants to probe the possibility and “give it a crack”. That would, predicts Yan, require spending of at least US$145 million to US$725 million on an annual marketing campaign alone, a common budget range for the country’s top 10 smartphone vendors.Wu Dezhou, a former executive at Huawei Technologies and Smartisan, currently leads ByteDance’s smartphone efforts.Last month ByteDance marketing manager Zhi Ying said that Douyin has more than 300 million monthly users in China. TikTok, Douyin’s global-facing counterpart, has also grown popular in North America. Actually, the app has done so well with both Western and Asian audiences that it recently removed Uber to become the world’s largest privately-backed start-up, with a valuation of $75 billions.World’s Largest Privately Backed Start-Up ByteDance Getting Into the Smartphone Business

Bitfinex’s On-Chain Trading Platform EOSfinex is Now Open For Trading

Coinspeaker Bitfinex’s On-Chain Trading Platform EOSfinex is Now Open For TradingCrypto exchange Bitfinex has finally announced the completion of its on-chain trading platform eosfinex, built using the EOSIO technology. Eosfinex is a decentralized trading platform that offers trusted and non-custodial crypto trading facility to its users.Bitfinex calls it “a highly-scalable network of peer-to-peer value exchange built around a foundation of speed, transparency, and control.” Moreover, unlike other centralized exchanges, eosfinex performs all operations like order matching, custody, and others on the EOS blockchain network.eosfinex is here.eosfinex combines the speed and scalability of EOS with Bitfinex’s industry-leading trading expertise, resulting in an on-chain exchange built around speed, transparency and control.Start trading today on— eosfinex (@eosfinexproject) July 30, 2019Currently. the decentralized exchange is offering four trading pairs. Besides acquiring the RAM and EOS tokens, users can also get access to tokens from other crypto projects like the EOX and EMT tokens.eosfinex Services and FeaturesFor new traders and beginners, the eosfinex platform has got tutorials along with the blog support. Moreover, the platform levies 0% maker fee and nearly 2% taker fee. To encourage more liquidity on the platform, the service also gives the makers a small rebate of 0.05%.The launch of eosfinex is followed by a bug-bounty campaign along with four months of intensive testing. The official blog post notes that  “a number of additional updates will follow throughout the next few weeks as we transition away from beta mode, unveil additional features and begin the process of open-sourcing the foundations of the exchange”.Moreover, for the enhanced community integration and development, eosfinex plans to open-source the smart contracts running on the platform.Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer at Bitfinex, said: “EOS was picked as the foundation for eosfinex due to its potential for high-throughput, low-latency transactions, and the results of the beta period have further confirmed our confidence in its capabilities. The launch of eosfinex is a further testament to the exceptional qualities of the Bitfinex development team, and we are incredibly pleased to continue the second stage of this journey”.The EOSIO blockchain technology backing eosfinex will allow for the horizontal scaling of the decentralized application (DApps). This will further allow the developers to create high performing and efficient distributed applications.EOS PriceThere has been a mild reaction to the news from EOS investors. At the press time, EOS is trading at 1.90% surge and a price of $4.26 with a market cap of $3.9 billion. At the current price, EOS is training at 50% from its price at the beginning of 2019.With the latest announcement, eosfinex joins other decentralized platforms like Binance DEX, Atomic DEX,, etc.Bitfinex’s On-Chain Trading Platform EOSfinex is Now Open For Trading

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Trading Near Crucial Inflection Point

Bitcoin price declined steadily below $10,200 and tested the $9,110 support against the US Dollar.
The price is currently recovering, but it is approaching the $9,800 and $10,000 resistances.
There are two bearish trend lines forming with resistance near $9,800 and $9,900 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Coinbase).
The pair is likely to surge significantly if there is successful break above $10,000 and $10,000.

Bitcoin price is attempting a substantial recovery above $9,700 against the US Dollar. However, BTC must settle above $10,000 and $10,200 to start an uptrend.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
In the past few days, bitcoin price declined steadily from the $11,000 resistance against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD pair broke the key $10,500 and $10,200 support levels to enter a bearish zone. Moreover, there was a close below the $10,200 level and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). A swing low was formed near $9,118 and the price recently started an upside correction.
It broke the $9,500 level plus the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last major decline from the $11,091 high to $9,118 swing low. However, the price is facing a lot of hurdles on the upside near $9,800, $9,900 and $10,000. Moreover, there are two bearish trend lines forming with resistance near $9,800 and $9,900 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair.
Above the trend lines, the 50% Fib retracement level of the last major decline from the $11,091 high to $9,118 swing low could act as a resistance. The main resistance is near the $10,200 level. Therefore, a successful close above the 55 simple moving average (4-hours) and a follow through above $10,200 is needed for upside acceleration in the coming days.
Conversely, if the price continues to struggle near $9,800, $9,900 and $10,000, then the bulls might take a back seat. On the downside, an immediate support is near the $9,500 level, below which the price could test the $9,250 support. The main support and buy zone is near the $9,100 level, below which the price could dive towards $8,500.

Looking at the chart, bitcoin price is clearly approaching a few important resistances near $9,900 and $10,000. The price action suggests high chances of an upside break above $10,000 and $10,200. Only a daily close below the $9,100 level might negate the chances of an upside break. In the mentioned bearish case, the price could test $9,000 or $8,500.
Technical indicators
4 hour MACD – The MACD is slowly gaining momentum in the bullish zone.
4 hour RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI is currently above the 50 level, with a bullish angle.
Key Support Levels – $9,500 and $9,100.
Key Resistance Levels – $9,800, $10,000 and $10,200.
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Apple (AAPL) Stock Jumped 4% On the Earnings While iPhone Revenues Dip

Coinspeaker Apple (AAPL) Stock Jumped 4% On the Earnings While iPhone Revenues DipApple (AAPL) finally announced long-awaited financial results for its fiscal 2019 third quarter ended June 29, 2019. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $53.8 billion, which is an increase of 1 percent from the last year’s quarter, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.18, down 7 percent. International sales accounted for 59 percent of the quarter’s revenue.Even though iPhone revenue continued to shrink ($25.99 billion vs. $26.54 billion) company broke Wall Street’s muted financial expectations with strong results from Macs, wearable devices, and other businesses. Revenue was, therefore, $53.8 billion and analysts were looking for $53.4 billion.Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said that this was their biggest June quarter ever, driven by all-time record revenue from services, accelerating growth from wearables and strong performance from iPad and Mac.He tried to be cheerful saying:“These results are promising across all our geographic segments, and we’re confident about what’s ahead. The balance of calendar 2019 will be an exciting period, with major launches on all of our platforms, new services and several new products.”He also spoke about improving business conditions in China, which accounts for 17% of Apple’s business, saying that there are several things going on there that are quite positive. He continued citing a Chinese government economic stimulus and growth in its app store business in China.The truth is, even though Apple’s business remained weak in China and was also down from a year ago in Europe, it gained in Japan and the rest of Asia Pacific. Quarterly revenue in the Americas was up slightly from 2018.Cook also mentioned that the acquisition of Intel’s modem business represented Apple’s second biggest purchase in dollar terms and, at 2,200 employees, its largest intake of personnel. He added that it was part of the company’s strategy to “own and control” all of the key technologies in its products.Luca Maestri, Apple’s finance chief commented that obviously on the iPhone, they’ve gone through a period where they’ve seen some revenue declines. He added that their year-over-year business performance improved compared to the March quarter and drove strong operating cash flow of $11.6 billion. Apple returned over $21 billion to shareholders during the quarter, including $17 billion through open market repurchases of almost 88 million Apple shares, and $3.6 billion in dividends and equivalents.“But we are very excited about our product road maps, and we’re very optimistic about the future.”Apple (AAPL) stock did rise 4% in after-hours trading Tuesday. Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives said they would call this quarter/guidance as a major “feather in the cap for the bulls that should drive the stock to new highs over the coming months despite many peers yelling fire in a crowded theater … over the past few months”. He also maintained an outperform rating and $235 price target.Shannon Cross of Cross Research said that investor expectations were pretty low going into the quarter, and the numbers beat in many segments, and the guidance was strong.“We’re seeing indication of strong product refreshes and launches as we move in to the fall and optimism around China.”Apple bought back 88 million shares during the last quarter. The June quarter balance sheet shows 4,531,395,000 shares outstanding, which is down 223.6 million shares since the end of the September 2018 fiscal year. At $220.68 a share, Apple will hit $1 trillion in market cap again. AAPL stock in late trading Tuesday was still below that level, at just over $217.35, giving it a market cap of about $983 billion.Apple (AAPL) Stock Jumped 4% On the Earnings While iPhone Revenues Dip

Diversity Among Crypto Holders Increasing, 1 in 5 are Female

Coinspeaker Diversity Among Crypto Holders Increasing, 1 in 5 are FemaleBitpanda partnered with GlobalWebIndex to produce the most in-depth survey on European cryptocurrency holders with research across 17 European countries. The objective of the report was to draw on a wide set of data points to paint a holistic picture of European cryptocurrency investors. The goal was to provide an insight into the attitudes and behaviours that set them apart from the average investor.Key findings of the research report include:Cryptocurrency holders tend to be young, highly educated, high-income males working in European financial centres in IT, engineering or finance.This stereotype is challenged by increasing diversity. 1 in 5 cryptocurrency holders are women, and 40% are over the age of 35.European cryptocurrency holders have technical knowledge, higher disposable income, and they tend to lean towards risk-taking.They pursue novelty and have a strong sense of economic empowerment.Eric Demuth, CEO at Bitpanda, says:“We wanted to demystify the people that shape the cryptocurrency industry. I’m hoping this report will help everyone to better understand who these people are, what their attitudes are, as well as their lifestyle, finance & investment behaviours.”The report confirms that cryptocurrency holders are more likely to be risk-takers, value the latest technological products and try to protect their privacy. But while most cryptocurrency holders are men, one in every five cryptocurrency owners are female, challenging other surveys showing gender distributions that were more than 90% male.Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex, comments,“When it comes to attitudes, there’s very little difference between men and women. The slight differences pale when we compare cryptocurrency holders to the general public”.About BitpandaBitpanda is a fintech based in Vienna, Austria founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer. The company is a firm believer in the innovative power of cryptocurrencies, digitised assets and blockchain technology. Bitpanda’s mission is to tear down the barriers to investing and bring traditional financial products to the 21st century.Today, Bitpanda has more than 1 million users and 120 team members. With a PSD2 payment service provider license, state-of-the-art security and streamlined user experience, Bitpanda has grown into a popular trading platform for newbies and experts alike. Users can currently trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold and over 20 other digital assets.Diversity Among Crypto Holders Increasing, 1 in 5 are Female

Japan May Be at the Heart of Bitcoin’s Future

Will bitcoin survive in the coming years?
Bitcoin – Where Does It Go from Here?
This is a question that seems to haunt many crypto enthusiasts and traders everywhere, and as time moves along, it seems the walls are closing in certain respects. For example, U.S. President Donald Trump recently issued a barrage of tweets bashing bitcoin and crypto in general, saying that digital assets were “not real money” and that their values were based on “thin air.”
In addition, Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency seems to have everyone rather worried. Following a congressional hearing that saw Facebook’s head of blockchain development David Marcus in the hotseat, many members of America’s Congress requested that the social media conglomerate hold off on its plans to develop Libra further until they can get all their questions answered. Marcus and the remainder of the Libra staff have reluctantly agreed.
As of late, bitcoin has been tumbling and is now trading for just shy of $9,700. This is small beans when compared to the $13,600 it was trading for just last month.
It may seem like the United States is bringing down the house on crypto, but according to one source, the real power lies in the hands of Japan, not the U.S. Japan is arguably the most influential region when it comes to cryptocurrency use, and so long as the country sees a valid need for bitcoin and its crypto counterparts, digital assets are likely to survive.
Japan has been one of the most open-minded nations when it comes to virtual money. The country declared bitcoin a legal payment option in 2017, thereby dubbing it an “official” currency of Japan. Regulators have also integrated strong know-your-customer (KYC) tactics and many other protocols designed to lessen the problems associated with crypto hacks and other malicious activity.
At the same time, the country remains vulnerable to many problems. Perhaps the biggest one is its island neighbor North Korea. Kim Jong-un has allegedly garnered more than half-a-million USD in crypto funds by initiating cyberattacks on exchanges through crypto-jacking efforts. Among the most vulnerable countries is Japan, though Kim has potentially targeted several regions in Asia and abroad.
Japan has also raised an eyebrow or two regarding the integration of Libra. Regulators say they are open-minded when it comes to Libra and feel it has its benefits, commenting:
 Users would find [Libra] useful in making international money transfers because it would be cheaper than the current system.
 Praise and Doubt at the Same Time
Unfortunately, in the same conversation, they also revealed that they have doubts about Libra’s reliability.
At this stage, Japan doesn’t seem to be shying away from cryptocurrency any time soon, but stronger regulation appears to be making its way into the country’s financial system at every step, which could potentially lead crypto into a greater period of stability.
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Dusk Network Releases Groundbreaking Private Proof Of Stake Protocol Testnet

Coinspeaker Dusk Network Releases Groundbreaking Private Proof Of Stake Protocol TestnetDusk Network, the privacy-oriented blockchain protocol, has announced the public release of its Testnet (Shin 殉星). Testnet Shin features the first-ever implementation of private Proof of Stake, made possible by the novel Segregated Byzantine Agreement (SBA) consensus protocol and zero-knowledge cryptography.With the release of their Testnet, the public is now able to get hands-on experience with the technology that shapes the Dusk Network. Despite its computationally intensive cryptography, the network boasts block times of ~7 seconds, while offering instant settlement finality.The Amsterdam based Dusk Network is a privacy-oriented blockchain protocol that includes native support of a Turing-complete Virtual Machine, zero-knowledge proof verification and enables the preservation of privacy on the state layer while shifting the majority of the computational workload from the distributed state machine to the users.Just weeks prior to today’s Testnet release, Dusk Network published research on Zerocaf, an open-source library to implement cryptographic protocols over the Doppio Elliptic Curve using a Ristretto mapping. This is in addition to fully private account based cryptocurrencies, a novel zero-knowledge Account-Based design to address the issues of enhancing UTXO and Account-Based designs with privacy.Dusk Network is purpose-built for Security Tokens and features a Confidential Security Contract (XSC). Leveraging zero-knowledge proof technology, Dusk Network can be used to issue security tokens that satisfy regulatory requirements relating to confidentiality and data protection, and effectively addresses concerns from regulators regarding market manipulation on open-source, transparent ledgers.Emanuele Francioni, Founder and Tech Lead of Dusk Network said,“I envision Dusk as a global, decentralized security depository system handling tokenization information and management for a significant portion of the security and commodity market.“DUSK, the token of the Dusk Network, is available on some of the world’s largest exchanges such as Bitfinex, Ethfinex and Binance.DUSK is now trading at a multiple of its initial token sale price after raising capital on Tokinex, the token sale platform of Ethfinex and Bitfinex. All of the Dusk token sale participants are subject to strict second-by-second vesting schedules, which avoid large liquidity cliffs and incentivise all stakeholders to ensure the long term success of Dusk NetworkAbout Dusk NetworkThe Dusk Network is a privacy-oriented blockchain protocol, that anyone can use to create zero-knowledge decentralised applications. By allowing Dusk to be openly accessible, Dusk Network aims to become the infrastructure of choice for an entire ecosystem of solutions.Dusk Network Releases Groundbreaking Private Proof Of Stake Protocol Testnet

First Integrated Digital Asset Exchange Goes Live in Switzerland Supported by Leading Institutional Investors

Coinspeaker First Integrated Digital Asset Exchange Goes Live in Switzerland Supported by Leading Institutional InvestorsToday, Swiss-based SMART VALOR, a digital asset exchange, went live with an initial offering of 9 Crypto-Fiat trading pairs. It is the first exchange operated out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein to provide integrated offering of custody, trading and brokerage to a global audience of investors.Launched initially as part of the Thomson Reuters Incubator in 2017, the company today is one of the largest players in the Swiss Crypto Valley, the fastest growing global blockchain hub in the canton Zug hosting over 600 blockchain companies.The assets available on the SMART VALOR platform will include cryptocurrencies and security tokens. During the go live, two major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ether (Ethereum) are available in four fiat currencies: CHF, EUR, GBP and USD. Further carefully selected, attractive cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens will be added on a monthly basis, helping investors to make the right choice in the new field of digital assets.Gradually, security tokens backed by real assets will be added to the spectrum of available assets along the regulatory approval process.In addition to the exchange’s native cryptocurrency, VALOR, which is currently traded with significant volume on four cryptocurrency exchanges, the company benefits from a strong support on the institutional investor side, as several prominent VC funds have invested in SMART VALOR.Last month the Swiss VC fund Venture Incubator (VI) contributed additional 3.2 million CHF (3.25 USD), jointly with other Asian and US institutional investors, such as Tally Capital. The VI fund is managed by the leading Swiss venture capital firm VI Partners AG and has shareholders such as Credit Suisse, Nestle, Novartis, ABB and other global Swiss corporations.Olga Feldmeier, SMART VALOR’s CEO, said:“After 18 months of development we are excited to go live with a core element of the SMART VALOR platform – the exchange. This brings us a huge step forward to our vision of becoming the world’s first security token exchange for alternative investments.”On the technology side the platform boasts an ultra-high-performance architecture capable of processing one million orders per second, a seamless and fully compliant onboarding process and secure custody. The custody and wallets are provided jointly with SMART VALOR’s partners, established global leaders in crypto security – France-based Ledger and US-based BitGo.On the regulatory side, SMART VALOR already won the regulator’s approval to operate as a Financial Intermediary in Switzerland as reported by Reuters last year. Additionally, SMART VALOR’s Liechtenstein-based subsidiary has also received approval from local authorities to operate a Crypto-Fiat exchange. The next milestone for the company is the receival of the MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) license which will allow it to list and trade any type of tokenized securities including equity instruments, funds and derivatives.The acknowledged angel investor Daniel Gutenberg, who is a partner at VI Partners AG, said:“The big vision of the company and exceptional track record of the founding team were the core reasons why we decided to invest in SMART VALOR. The SMART VALOR’s CEO, Olga Feldmeier, was from the very beginning shaping the regulation in the blockchain space and became one of the first to take on the real asset tokenization opportunity.”The go-live of the exchange is accompanied by the launch campaign which gives initial users fee free trading and brokerage service during the first three months. Not surprisingly, the full capacity of the Early Access Program has been taken up by 5’000 users registered on the platform prior to today’s launch.Another early investor in SMART VALOR, Stephane Pictet said:“Switzerland as the base is perfectly suitable to deliver a global alternative investment platform, like SMART VALOR, built on decentralized ledger technology. We have the worldwide largest wealth management centre and we have tech. Switzerland is leading the global innovation league table for years. Add here the favourable, neutral and principle-based financial regulation and you receive the best place in the world to build the fintech blockchain company.”About SMART VALORSMART VALOR is a financial technology company registered as a Financial Intermediary in Switzerland. Launched initially in the Thomson Reuters Incubator, the company builds the world’s first security token exchange focusing on alternative investments. Nominated as one of the top 10 tech SME in Europe by Forbes, SMART VALOR’s mission is to create the new financial market infrastructure which will democratize access to exclusive investment opportunities.More information can be found on the official website at http://www.smartvalor.comAbout Venture IncubatorVenture Incubator (VI) is a unique evergreen fund, created in 2000 by McKinsey & Company and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ). The VI fund is managed by the leading Swiss venture capital firm VI Partners AG (VIP). Venture Incubator shareholders include Credit Suisse, Nestle, Novartis, ABB and other leading Swiss corporations.First Integrated Digital Asset Exchange Goes Live in Switzerland Supported by Leading Institutional Investors