Bithoven Exchange Announces New Margin Trading Services For Users After Several Requests

to several requests made by users, the cryptocurrency exchange Bithoven decided to launch new margin trading services
for traders. This is expected to help individuals to improve their performance
in the market with a wide range of tools and by using leverage. There are 14
trading pairs to trade with margin and a 1:20 maximum leverage ratio.

Bithoven Announces New Margin Trading Feature

the cryptocurrency market continues to expand, exchanges are trying to offer
new services to users and remain competitive. Bithoven exchange is at the
forefront of the market offering many different features and services. The
crypto exchange is now offering margin trading for users that want to trade
using leverage and increase their profits while trading.

using MetaTrader 5, another key feature of this platform, individuals will have
access to an unlimited number of charts, 21 different timeframes, market depth
and also netting and order-hedging. In addition to it, with margin trading,
users will have the possibility to increase their profits. It is worth
mentioning that trading with leverage includes a large risk and this is
something that users should take into account before trading with leverage.

order for users to learn about this new feature, the exchange has created a free demo version of the margin trading services.
In this way, traders will be able to get used to the interface that the
exchange handles, and they will also have the possibility to improve their
trading strategy without risking their digital assets.

the moment, there are just 14 different trading pairs available to trade using
leverage, including BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, XMR/USD, BCH/USD, ZEC/USD,
The intention is to keep moving forward in the future and add support to many

addition to it, the exchange allows the use of trading robots/expert advisors,
making the overall trading experience more fluent, professional and simple. By
using MetaTrader 5 tools, investors would have great trading experience with
all the advanced tools they need. Moreover, the new margin trading services are
supported on different platforms, including web, desktop and mobile devices.
The exchange focuses on offering the best services in the market to all of its
users, independently from the platform they use.

is also not adding maximum trading limits to those traders using margin trading
on the platform. However, trading with leverage is highly speculative and it is
advised for users to learn how to use these tools beforehand. The
cryptocurrency market is very volatile and both, short and long positions could
be closed in just a few hours if the user didn’t make the right decision.

users can enjoy trading with leverage up to 1:20. That means that if they
deposit 0.1 BTC on the platform, they would be able to trade with as much as 2
BTC, which could provide them with higher returns and also higher losses.

Users in the United States would not have this feature enabled.
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