Diffusion 2019​

Coinspeaker Diffusion 2019​15 of the world’s most promising tokenised protocols come together for a combined dev con, “Diffusion” in Berlin Fall ‘19, to build an alternative web.350 developers will apply to test their skills to hack using 25​m+ lines ​of open source code over a 2 day period for thousands in prizesHack teams will be […]

Is a Bitcoin Mining Scam Taking Place in Russia?

Something strange is going down in Russia regarding bitcoin mining machines.  A Bitcoin Mining Scam – in Russia? The Federal Customs Service is investigating a potential scam involving bitcoin miners. The agency alleges that approximately 6,000 mining machines have been shipped to Russia, and that customs fees were not paid on any of the units. […]

Are You an Accidental Bitcoin Tax Avoider?

Coinspeaker Are You an Accidental Bitcoin Tax Avoider?Photo: eToroIf your answer is yes to the last question, you need to take a deep breath and read on.Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy as far as regulators are concerned, with few rules around what you can do with bitcoin and its peers and what can be […]

Making the Most of Your Bitcoin (By Maxing Your Tax)

Coinspeaker Making the Most of Your Bitcoin (By Maxing Your Tax)But there are ways of reducing the tax you have to pay, and they are all entirely legal.The main tax a holder of Bitcoin is most likely to pay is on any gains made when selling the asset. This is called Capital Gains Tax (CGT). […]

When Buying Bitcoin Turns You Into a Trader

Coinspeaker When Buying Bitcoin Turns You Into a TraderOr, they could be pacing up and down your high street bellowing “Buy! Buy!” or “Sell! Sell!”into a mobile phone, making sure everyone hears them.But have you considered that you could also be a trader? If you have been buying Bitcoin, Litecoin or any of the others with the specific intent of selling […]

Mining Crypto – a Free Lunch?

Coinspeaker Mining Crypto – a Free Lunch?Mining is a way of earning cryptocurrencies in your sleep. Or more accurately, a way your computer can earn them while you sleep.Using your computer’s internal systems to process the complex calculations to load transactions on to the ledger or block earns you coins. The more you calculate, the […]

LedgerX Beating Bakkt in Launching ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in the U.S.

Coinspeaker LedgerX Beating Bakkt in Launching ‘Physical’ Bitcoin Futures in the U.S.From now on, every U.S. resident with a government-issued I.D. can trade futures contracts for real Bitcoin. According to the recently revealed information, LedgerX has officially launched the first physically-settled Bitcoin futures contracts in the U.S., right before the Intercontinental Exchange’s Bakkt and TD […]

The U.S. Would Have a Hard Time Banning Bitcoin

There has been a lot of worry in the United States as of late that the government is looking into a ban of bitcoin and/ or cryptocurrencies. Could a Ban of Bitcoin in the U.S. Really Happen? The concern began a few weeks ago when President Donald Trump tweeted his dislike for cryptocurrencies, saying that […]

Professional Traders Predict Six-Figure Numbers for Bitcoin

At press time, the granddaddy of all cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is once again trading for over $10,000.  Bitcoin Is Surging Back to the Top This is excellent news considering yesterday the coin was trading in the $9,600 range. Granted it was high in that range, anytime bitcoin sinks below $10,000 isn’t likely to go over well […]