Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook [Infographics]

Coinspeaker Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook [Infographics]Libra is a very promising initiative that is going to bring financial systems to a new level. It is aimed at fast and secure money transactions for everyone around the globe. It may be a start of Global economy with the same financial opportunities for everyone.Basics about LibraLibra cryptocurrency is powered by Libra Blockchain that underlines the high-security level of the system. The project is controlled by Swiss fund and the consortium of companies led by Facebook. It is backed by a Libra Reserve and is supported by assets in 4 major currencies: USD, EUR, JPY and GBP.Libra project is governed by the independent Libra Association tasked with evolving the ecosystem. All in all, Libra cryptocurrency has ambitions to become a global currency and take a permanent state in the daily life of all the people.Over the next 18 months, Libra coin will become a part of Facebook’s ecosystem with through its corresponding mobile wallet – Calibra, a means to sending payments around the globe as easy as it is to send a text. It means that it will cover all the audience of projects (about 2.5 billion users).All in all, Libra has all the chances to create a new cryptocurrency paradigm, enabling for stable, secure, scalable and fast payment transactions from any corner of the world.Look through the main features of Libra project in the infographics developed by Keep up to date with the latest innovations in an easy way.Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook [Infographics]

Crypto Price Analysis December 11: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS
Wednesday December 11, 2019

Coinspeaker Crypto Price Analysis December 11: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOSDmitriy Gurkovskiy, a senior analyst at foreign exchange broker RoboForex, shares his insights into the future scenarios for Bitcoin price movement as well as possible price swings of major altcoins.Judging by the charts of the main crypto instruments, the bears are still at the wheel. […]

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