Libra Inspires Digital Innovation from Banks

Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency is stirring mixed reactions from banks everywhere, but some of these reactions are inspiring them to do things one would never believe they’d do. Libra Is Turning Financial Heads At press time, it appears Libra has caused many banks around the world to examine the prospects of releasing their own cryptocurrencies. […]

Bitcoin: An End-of-Month Analysis

At press time, bitcoin is trading for just over $11,100. While this isn’t as strong as where it stood earlier in the week, it’s still miles better than where it’s been in the past – particularly before April of 2019. Bitcoin Has Corrected, but It’s Still Going Strong As June comes to an end and […]

Why Is Bitcoin Suddenly Correcting Itself?

Bitcoin has had something of an up-and-down month in June. At press time, the currency is trading for just over $11,100, though this is small beans compared to the $12,200 it was trading for yesterday. It’s even smaller given that roughly a week ago, it was trading for nearly $13,600. Bitcoin Is Still at the […]

CPChain Mainnet Launched to Bring Fast IoT Solutions

Coinspeaker CPChain Mainnet Launched to Bring Fast IoT SolutionsCPChain (Cyber Physical Chain) just launched its mainnet, successfully producing blocks as of 6/27/2019 03:18 AM UTC+8. CPChain ushers in a new and fast solution for real-time data keeping compatible with the Internet of Things, offering an immutable record and fast connectivity to a distributed network.CPChain’s mainnet […]

Winklevoss Twins’ Net Worth Grows Thanks to Crypto

The Winklevoss twins are among the biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency advocates, and as of late, their fortunes have increased significantly thanks, in part, to the bitcoin rally that has been occurring since April of this year. The Winklevoss Twins See Their Investments Grow The plight of the twins first came to light in the […]

Opinion: Libra Could Never Outdo the U.S. Dollar

Facebook’s new Libra coin has a lot of things going for it, but could it ever rival the U.S. dollar? Libra Is Big, but It’s Not That Big In a recent podcast, Facebook’s head of blockchain development David Marcus says that the company is hoping the new Libra currency will gain enough traction in the […]

Can Facebook’s Libra Be Used to Fund Extremists?

Throughout the years, many forms of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin and Monero, have been accused of attracting criminal activity and terrorist funding. It seems Facebook’s new form of crypto, Libra, is now being subjected to the same accusations. Will Libra Be Used in a Negative Way? Facebook Coin will allegedly be a stable currency, meaning it […]

Goldman Sachs Might Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

Coinspeaker Goldman Sachs Might Launch Its Own CryptocurrencyRecently a French news source Les Echos did an interview with the CEO of Goldman Sachs, asking him about cryptocurrencies and the companies plans regards them. He revealed that they are working on and researching asset tokenization and stablecoins in general. They are looking at JPMorgan Chase‘s version […]

Chainlink Started Live Trading on Coinbase, LINK Price Skyrockets

Coinspeaker Chainlink Started Live Trading on Coinbase, LINK Price SkyrocketsChainlink (LINK) has landed on Coinbase’s retail platform and now can be bought and sold on the exchange. However, New York traders will have to wait before they get access.This announcement came just two days after Chainlink launched on Coinbase’s professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro. They […]