Egypt Ends Crypto Ban Under Sharia Law

Cryptocurrency has a new fan in the form of Egypt.
Egypt Says “Yes” to Crypto
Previously, the nation had placed a ban on cryptocurrencies and related trading activity. It was a sad sight in many ways, as cryptocurrencies could potentially do a lot for nations similar with Egypt, but the country has had serious trust issues with digital assets given their volatility and alleged ties to money laundering and related criminal activity.
Crypto was banned in Egypt in 2018, though bitcoin was later considered legal under halal, which means it’s permissible in Sharia Law for several Muslim nations.
A report explains:
The new draft law has allocated great importance to financial technology, keeping pace with major developments in the banking industry in the world and enhancing the use of modern technology in the provision of financial and banking services… The new law provides legal authority for the electronic authentication of bank transactions, electronic payment orders, and transfer orders as well as for the electronic settlement of checks and the issuance and circulation of electronic checks and electronic discount orders, provided the Board of Directors of CBE issue rules and procedures regulating all the aforementioned actions.
The ban remained in place up until this week. While cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses will be allowed to operate in Egypt, they can only do so if they garner the appropriate licenses before beginning their operations. Thus, they can engage in business relations and financial transactions, but the process is likely to be somewhat difficult in the long run.
Several nations like Egypt stand to benefit from cryptocurrencies. When standard credit options or traditional financial means aren’t always available, cryptocurrencies have a lot to offer. Fears of volatility, while still somewhat warranted, should probably begin to cease considering that assets like bitcoin have shown a certain strength that’s never been witnessed before.
Bitcoin Is Getting Stronger
For example, popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance was the victim of a hack in recent weeks, with more than $40 million in bitcoin units stolen from the platform. Three or four years ago, bitcoin would have undoubtedly experienced a solid drop thanks to this news. This time, however, things proved to be quite different. Bitcoin’s price did change, but it changed for the better. News of the hack didn’t get in the way of bitcoin spiking beyond $6,000, then $7,000 and ultimately $8,000 in recent days.
What bitcoin remains open to, unfortunately, is security issues that make it vulnerable to malicious activity similar with what was seen with Binance, though to be fair, these security issues aren’t really the product of bitcoin but rather the platforms that store it. Binance stored these bitcoin units in hot wallets, which is a mistake given its lack of security compared to cold storage tactics.
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Coinbase Retail Customers Can Now Access EOS

Coinbase is adding another cryptocurrency to its growing list of digital offerings.
Come and Get Your EOS!
This time around, the coin being added is EOS, currently the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. This time, however, the asset is being offered to Coinbase’s retail customers. EOS has been available to its clients on Coinbase Pro for nearly two months.
In addition, the coin is also available to customers in most of Coinbase’s served regions minus the United Kingdom and the state of New York. The Big Apple has proven difficult for Coinbase to tackle fully thanks to its ongoing anti-crypto attitude and limits on innovation through the BitLicense. The company released a statement saying that it would be adding more “jurisdictions at a later date.”
It also provides a brief description of what EOS is and how the cryptocurrency works, reading:
EOS is a cryptocurrency designed to support large-scale decentralized applications. There are no fees to send or receive EOS. Instead, the protocol requires EOS to use resources like RAM, CPU and network bandwidth. It also rewards the entities that run the network periodically with new EOS, effectively substituting inflation for transaction fees.
Coinbase is one the largest, most influential and most popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the United States. Last September, the company announced it was looking into adding more cryptocurrencies to its network quicker. Three months later, it issued a report showing which currencies it was planning to add, one of which was EOS. It’s good to see Coinbase keeping its promises to customers.
EOS’ price has gone up in the past several days, though over the past 24 hours, it has taken a bit of a stumble and is now down by more than five percent. At the same time, this trend appears to be affecting most cryptocurrencies, however, with entities like bitcoin down to about $8,300 after trading for $8,700 during the past 72 hours.
The report that Coinbase released in December was read months before any of the proposed coins were added. Though this is pure speculation at press time, it’s wondered if perhaps the company did so to avoid allegations of insider trading, like those it faced when it first added bitcoin cash.
Is More News Coming?
Enthusiasts should probably expect Coinbase to announce more big news in the coming weeks. In a recent interview, vice president of business, data and international Emilie Choi stated that the company is “considering the addition of a margin trading feature.” Though nothing is set in stone yet, the bitcoin margin trading space has largely been dominated by BitMEX, which at one point, boasted more than one million bitcoins traded in a single day.
In any case, Coinbase is likely to experience massive compliance and regulatory issues should it decide to enter this arena.
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“Blockchain Removal” Company Closes Its Own Doors

The process of mixing cryptocurrencies seems to be garnering quite a bit of bad press lately, and with the recent shutdown of Bit Blender, things are looking even harsher.
Removing Oneself from the Blockchain
To be fair, the company seems to have shut itself down after having issued a statement to all its customers asking them to withdraw their funds by May 30, though at press time, the reasons for its shutting itself down are not fully understood.
In the statement, the company presents a description of its services and where they can be found:
We are a hidden service that mixes your bitcoins to remove the link between you and your transactions. This adds an essential layer of anonymity to your online activity to protect against ‘Blockchain Analysis.’
The idea of mixing cryptocurrencies comes from not wanting your identity revealed on the blockchain network. Virtually every single crypto transaction, unless the asset being used in fully anonymous, is recorded onto some form of distributed ledger, which means that there’s always a record that auditors can refer to when checking out who paid what and when.
On one hand, it’s a good thing in that it prevents fraud, and malicious actors can be potentially be identified before they do any major damage to the system or before they run off with funds that aren’t theirs. On the other hand, privacy becomes a serious issue, though in reality, every time a credit card is used, a similar record is kept so that your transactions can be referred to in the future.
Sadly, not every customer could meet the funds withdrawal date set on the company’s website, which means their coins are likely lost. As one user stated in the Bitcoin Talk forum:
I recently came to know about the shutting down process of Bit Blender. I had many coins saved onto it. I, unfortunately, missed the withdrawal warning as I was away for the past few weeks. I am trying to access it for the last 2-3 hours, but I can’t succeed.
It’s possible that cryptocurrency mixing services have something of a negative reputation. Recently, European authorities shut down Best Mixer after it had been in business for less than a year. The company is facing allegations of money laundering and washing illicit funds clean.
This Looks Familiar…
One can’t help but wonder if maybe Bit Blender was engaged in similar activity and wanted to avoid the same fate. However, this has not been confirmed, and at this stage, all reasons are pure speculation.
Following the shutdown of both mixing services, Vitalik Buterin – the co-founder of the Ethereum network – announced that he was potentially looking into launching an ether-based mixing service of his own.
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How does AhrvoDEEX (Brokerage) Compare to Other Stock Brokerages?

Coinspeaker How does AhrvoDEEX (Brokerage) Compare to Other Stock Brokerages?The history of the brokerage industry can be broken up into three periods. In the early days (pre-1960’s and 70’s), trades were done on paper and execution and settlement happened manually via mailmen and messengers. During this time period, settlement took 5 business days, and the stock market closed on Wednesday. Market inefficiencies led to high transaction costs and suboptimal trading activity.Period two coincides with the creation of electronic accounting systems and central depositories. During this era paper was eliminated from securities trading, otherwise known as “dematerialization”. Another improvement to the industry was multilateral netting- an arrangement among multiple parties that trades be aggregated rather than settled individually. This reduced the total number of transactions, lowering transaction cost and improving settlement speed.The groundwork for 3.0 was laid in 2008 when an unknown person(s) named Satoshi Nakamoto released the now infamous Bitcoin white paper. Since then blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have become front and center of the next technological revolution. Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to create a more efficient brokerage experience.Ahrvo is a platform for investors and traders to make educated investment decision using stock and ETF rankings that are updated daily. AhrvoDEEX enables real-time execution, clearing, and settlement of equity transactions in a transparent manner without the needs of an intermediary.What Sets AhrvoDeex Apart?Stock Recommendations and RatingsWall Street brokerage analysts are not objective and often produce inaccurate equity ratings and price targets. A recent study found, from 1981 to 2016, the top 10% of stocks analysts were bullish on (liked) generally performed worse than the 10% of stocks analyst were bearish on. Stocks analysts were bearish on (disliked) gained 15% in excess return over the following year relative to stocks analysts were bullish on.According to Factset, only 5% of S&P 500 stocks were rated sell in 2017 and 2018. It’s not hard to see why- a large portion of an analysts compensation is tied to their ability to develop, nurture, and maintain c-suite relationships.AhrvoDEEX brokerage use objective stock scores instead of subjective analysts. AhrvoScores look at over four dozen subfactors that are highly correlated with price performance, grouping them into four main factors — Quality, Value, Growth, and Momentum. For the past ten years, the system has consistently outperformed the stock market (benchmark Russell 3000 w/dividends).The systems performance report was generated by a third-party firm, EQM Capital LLC. Stock price targets are generated using neural networks that learn over time, improving the accuracy of results. AhrvoDEEX also uses neural networks to predict future AhrvoScores, allowing investors and traders to position their portfolios ahead of time.Order-matching and SettlementTransactions conducted by traditional brokerages lack transparency. It is nearly impossible for a retail investor to view the order book (bid/ask prices) when trading without using 3rd party systems. As a result, there is no way to ensure an order is being filled at the best price.Furthermore, order flows are sold to high-frequency traders who front run (jump) trades, costing investors and traders money. Lastly, clearinghouses are bottlenecks that limit settlement speed. On average, it takes two to three days for an equity transaction to settle.AhrvoDEEX has onchain order-matching engine and settlement, providing network participants with transparency. The network also provides near real-time execution and settlement of equities. AhrvoDEEX transaction speed (3-5 seconds) is comparable to centralized exchanges (1-3 seconds) and much faster than Ethereum DEX (~3 minutes) and Bitcoin (~10 minutes). The fact that trades settle in a matter of seconds instead of days drastically improves post-trade liquidity.Access for Foreign Investors and Ex-patsThe number of US brokers that support non-US resident has diminished substantially and only a select number of US brokers are interested and willing to work with expatriates. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FACTA), which was passed in 2010, imposes new self-reporting requirements and compliance on financial institutions.The law requires foreign financial institutions to inform the IRS of “U.S. Persons”  and report the clients’ accounts to them. However, US financial institutions adopted the practice. Fidelity, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley are among some of the large financial institutions closing accounts due to the impact the law has on other aspects of their complex businesses.This barrier to entry limits the number of non-US self-directed investors participating in US equity markets. In addition,  indirect exposure to US markets is also severely limited. Most U.S. mutual fund companies prevent their funds from being purchased by non-US residents and Americans abroad.AhrvoDEEX brokerage will support foreign investors and ex-pats in compliance with the law in order to provide to self-directed investors with access to US equities.The AhrvoDEEX trading ecosystem (brokerage) will be powered by Ahrvo coin. Participants will be rewarded in Ahrvo coin for trading (creating liquidity).Other use cases include:Platform trading fees (provides % discount)B2B subscription fees (provides % discount)B2C subscription fees (provides % discount)Network custodial fees (provides % discount)Investment performance fees (provides % discount)Margin and collateral paymentsStakingHow does AhrvoDEEX (Brokerage) Compare to Other Stock Brokerages?

EOS Coinbase Partnership Marks a Crazy Month for the Exchange

After many heated discussions and arguments, EOS is finally available on Coinbase. EOS will be available to all the areas in which Coinbase operates with the exception of the United Kingdom and New York. The EOS Coinbase partnership is a positive development in the middle of the trade wars between China and the United States.
Many clients will be pleased to hear that the EOS Coinbase negotiations were successful in negotiating no transaction fees. The cost will instead be paid in computing resources like RAM tax, CPU tax and/or network bandwidth. Users who contribute to the network will also earn EOS via their contribution of computing power, which will help with transactions.
This EOS Coinbase partnership is the biggest deal which the crypto exchange has done in recent times. XRP was added to Coinbase back in February and the latest addition to the exchange has a market cap of over $8 billion.
Coinbase has also noticed that stablecoins are seeing a huge raise in popularity. A little over a week ago, the exchange added support for DAI and USDC.
By all accounts May was a huge month for Coinbase. The biggest development for the exchange was not the EOS Coinbase partnership or the support for the stablecoins.
The EOS Coinbase deal simply marked the end for a very successful month for Coinbase
At the beginning of the month, Coinbase shared details about its major global expansion. There was a total of 50 new jurisdictions added to its coverage. After May 15th, the exchange was officially servicing a total of 103 countries.
Coinbase has definitely hopped on the hype train surround bitcoin’s price surge. Even though the market is incredibly volatile, a lot of companies are now stepping boldly into crypto.
The ongoing trade wars between China and the United States seem to be giving bitcoin a slight edge. Yes, things look shaky right now and some Chinese companies are definitely feeling the heat, but many companies worldwide are showing more faith in the crypto market than ever before.
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Sichuan Mining Farms Fall Under Government Investigation

Cheap electricity has always been one of the top priorities for miners. Most people would be very surprised to learn that the global bitcoin mining capital is rumored to be in…China. That’s right, the Chinese province of Sichuan has a low population density, cold climate and very cheap electricity.
Sichuan is located in southwestern China and is a region with just the right high altitude required to cool down mining equipment. Many Chinese newspapers state that there are more than 20 companies conducting mining operations in the region. The Chinese government is however, now taking quick action against the alleged 30 000 illegally constructed bitcoin mining machines.
The majority of these alleged illegal mining operations are located around the Dadu river in Sichuan. This enormous Chinese river, will also host the world’s biggest embankment dam named Shuang Jiang Kou.
Sichuan didn’t turn to the bitcoin mining capital of the world overnight. This process began way back in 2017 and was originally initiated because of the incredibly low electricity prices. There are other Chinese provinces which also offer favorable mining farm conditions like Xianjiang, Yunnan and even Inner Mongolia.
Sichuan was the best mining spot even during the bear market
Last year, many miners around the world were forced to either sell their mining operations or get rid of them entirely. Mining simply wasn’t profitable because of either regulations or the bear market squeezing miners dry. China however, managed to cement itself as the strongest mining superpower in the world.
The most dominant bitcoin mining pools are on Chinese soil. Antpool and in particular has over 31% of entire hash power of the network. To give an even wider perspective, it’s estimated that roughly 70% of all the world’s bitcoin is mined in China. 70% of the mined bitcoin however, is mined specifically in the Sichuan province.
It’s still unclear if crypto mining will get banned entirely in China. Many experts believe that even if there’s an official ruling, the government will still keep major mining operations going under the radar. Despite the Chinese government having a very negative stance on cryptocurrencies, it’s completely obvious that China is very interested in blockchain technology and the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies.
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Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino Announces Tether’s Launch on EOS Blockchain

Coinspeaker Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino Announces Tether’s Launch on EOS BlockchainPaolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex, has recently stated in his conversation with CCN that Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin by market valuation, prepares its launch on the EOS blockchain protocol. The decision follows Tether’s issuing USD-pegged stable coin USDT on TRON blockchain network in April.According to Ardoino, due to this pushing for the release of Tether on EOS, the team is ambitious to supplement eosfinex, a high-performance exchange built on EOSio, the launch of which was announced in February by Kasper Rasmussen, the marketing head at Bitfinex.The conversions between fiat and crypto are still very hard on all exchange platforms, including eosfinex, due to the lack of a centralized entity that oversees the network. This factor stands for the main reason why eosfinex needs Tether EOS – to offer crypto-to-stable coin pairs on the platform. Ardoino explained:“One of the main reasons is that we need it for eosfinex. Since it is a on chain exchange we need Tether EOS to offer EOS/USDt and crypto-to-stablecoin pairs on it. EOSFinex is one of the most awaited projects in the EOS community but we thought it would be good to start giving everyone the ability to build on Tether-EOS even before EOSFinex launch.”Tether currently supports several altcoins like THRON and Omni, while multiple-chain support remains one of the main requirements for the survival of stablecoins and their distribution. By the end of 2019, Bitfinex plans to partner with Blockstream aiming to launch Tether on Liquid, as well as to bring assets on the Lightning Network. As Ardoino said in the interview:“Also Tether is currently on Omni, Ethereum, Tron and I have been quite vocal in the past about the importance of opening to multiple chains. We can’t hide behind the fact that communities are split among multiple projects, so I believe is our duty to serve the blockchains that have the most active communities and clearly that can meet our security standards in terms of issuance.I’m working with Blockstream to launch Tether on Liquid and as Bitfinex we are collaborating with the RGB protocol community to bring assets to LN (and so I hope that Tether will launch on LN by end of 2019).”The decision to improve the capabilities and functions of Tether were also preceded by Bitfinex extensive fundraising campaign, which resulted in the company’s raising $1 billion for LEO, a utility token developed to cover $850 million of the reported losses that Bitfinex suffered during its dealings with Crypto Capital Corp. According to Ardoino, this demonstrates that investors see Bitfinex as a reliable company and express trust to its operations.Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at social trading/investing platform eToro, commented:“It’s quite interesting to see them [Tether] continue to develop on many different blockchains. This can ultimately make their project more stable through decentralization and possibly even increase interoperability across the space.”It should also be noted that EOS token has recently been listed on Coinbase, the leading crypto exchange in the US, which means that the promising altcoin is very likely to get into the center of crypto community attention very soon.Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino Announces Tether’s Launch on EOS Blockchain

Bitcoin HODL Joy Was Short-Lived as Price Falls to $8,285 with Overall Market Tumbling

Coinspeaker Bitcoin HODL Joy Was Short-Lived as Price Falls to $8,285 with Overall Market TumblingEven though on Thursday (May 30), Bitcoin (BTC) price went up from $8,744 to $9,046, breaking the $9,000 resistance level for the first time in 2019 – Friday came up with the new surprises.It seems that Bitcoin HODL joy was short-lived because, within the next 10 minutes, Bitcoin price had fallen to $8,285. And even worse, the BTC price just kept on falling.We asked Novak Svrkota, one of the prominent fund managers from Crypto exchange “Kriptobroker” what is happening? What is behind sudden price drop of all of the altcoins?He said:“Price is basically a battle between two armies, an army of sellers and the army of buyers – if we consider the last two months.Bitcoin went parabolic and made some insane gains (+130%). We actually haven’t been seeing the real price corrections except that flash crash that had happened a week ago.There are two options. One considers that we are gathering strength for attack on $11,200 and another would mean that the bull run is over and we are going to see 30-60% correction.What investors should consider before is definitely the fact that as price is going higher, there are less gains to be made. It is a simple math. Rise of $1000 from $4000 to $5000 becomes 25% gains!Same rise from $8000 to $9000 gives half of that gains or 12.5%. I have been personally very bullish about bitcoin long term until the end of 2021 , and I thought it can go anywhere 30-300K. However, there are,again, two options.We might be gathering strength for “the” attack on $11,200. The second option could consider bull run is finished. If that’s a case we could have a situation when we’re seeing 30-60% correction.”As usual, Bitcoin’s price crash dragged down the prices of most major altcoins, with the prices of all top 20 (by market cap) crypto assets currently in the red.Here is how some of the most popular cryptocurrencies have been affected at the time of writing:• Ethereum (ETH): $256.94 (-9.36%) • XRP: $0.423 (-8.48%) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): $424.69 (-9.21%) • EOS: $7.6 (-6 %) • Litecoin (LTC): $108.26 (-7.36%) • Binance Coin (BNB): $31.58 (-7.06%)Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at social trading/investing platform eToro tweeted:The aggressive rising trendline we've been tracking (yellow line) is now broken.We could redraw the line to include yesterday's prices but I'd rather not.Psychological support (white) is holding at $8,000. If it does break, the next major support is $6,400.— Mati Greenspan (@MatiGreenspan) May 31, 2019When asked if the massive bull run we’ve seen for several weeks is over now, he revealed exclusively for Coinspeaker:“It’s still a bit early to say where this is headed. We’re coming off a massive bull run and even if we are about to see a prices go much higher it stands to reason that we’ll see more than a few pullbacks along the way.”Russia’s Largest Bank Drops Crypto Plans Over Regulators’ Negative StanceBe it as it may, Russia’s largest bank, the state-owned Sberbank, has dropped its cryptocurrency-related plans over the country’s negative stance towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to vice president Andrey Shemetov. Shemetov said:“Regarding cryptocurrencies, we waited for legislation that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. Since the regulator is currently looking negatively [at cryptocurrencies], we decided to suspend our cryptocurrency plans.”Bitcoin HODL Joy Was Short-Lived as Price Falls to $8,285 with Overall Market Tumbling

Activision Releases Trailer for the New Call of Duty with Sensitive Political Themes Weaved

Coinspeaker Activision Releases Trailer for the New Call of Duty with Sensitive Political Themes WeavedActivision has introduced the much-anticipated trailer for its new part of Call of Duty franchise to the army of fans. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is said to be a reboot of the original franchise, an allusion to the game’s own past.The trailer shows the game that is to be based on hyper-realistic scenarios. And this type of scenarios is a highly-demanded one among gamers. Moreover, with this game, Activision team has touched very sensitive political themes. Such a move also looks very promising on the modern gaming landscape.Real fans of the game definitely remember the days of Modern Warfare 2. In that part, according to the plot, gamers needed to participate in a campaign called “No Russian”. The gamers should gun down people at a Moscow airport.It’s quite natural that some countries banned the game due to the civilian massacre scenes. Now, the developer behind the franchise, Infinity Ward, took a decision to show the situation from the side of terrorists. But some members of the online community consider this initiative to be quite controversial. The new installment already has received an alternative name from fans – “No Russian: The Game”.Nevertheless, Jacob Minkoff, the single-player design director on Modern Warfare, is confident that the game should demonstrate various viewpoints of conflict.“We are telling a story about modern war in the real world. If we whitewash it, if we backpedal from it, if we show a world where the heroes fight the terrorists and win, you never see the impact on the average person, the collateral damage, or the morally gray situations that soldiers themselves have to face,” he explained.Such an explanation seems quite weighty for many fans. And it is clear that they now want to see very realistic scenes of war. But despite all the research done, it is difficult to create a realistic view of war based on second-hand experience only.Maybe exactly this lack of real understanding of how everything happens in the real world is the reason why the game still causes some questions about real roles. Who are real heroes and who are the terrorists in the plot offered by the game developer?Fans will have a chance to find their own answers already this autumn. The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC will take place on October 25.Activision StockMeanwhile, the new trailer is not the only reason to speak about Activision today. Finally, the price of its shares has started to grow. Since September of the year 2018, they have fallen drastically by almost 50 percent.However, on Tuesday the shares of Activision Blizzard were up 4.3% to $44.11 after being added by Goldman Sachs to its America’s Conviction Buy list. On the Nasdaq Stock Market, the shares added 2.86% and reached the mark of $43.50.Activision Releases Trailer for the New Call of Duty with Sensitive Political Themes Weaved

Crypto Summer in Berlin: This Year’s UNCHAIN Convention Arranges Celebration Days with High Profile Crypto Pioneers Again!

The second edition of UNCHAIN Convention, which will be held June 14-15 in Berlin, has revealed its final agenda. This year, the conference, recognized as one of the last year’s top-10 blockchain events, boasts a lot of outdoors activities in Germany’s urban melting pot for entrepreneurs and those who love Berlin’s lifestyle.
To make networking as pleasant as possible, the organisers took to live-communication formats such as fireside chat. The well-respected figures in the world of crypto – Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni, Monero’s lead maintainer, former child-actor, venture capitalist and chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce, crypto and fintech entrepreneur Marc P. Bernegger, Wall Street veteran, Bitcoin trader and analyst Tone Vays, pioneer blockchain investor Eddy Travia, and other speakers from 20+ countries will share insights on Bitcoin scaling, privacy issues, investing and blockchain real world & enterprise solutions.
The Lightning Network’s privacy features, the future of crypto wallets, fiat money into blockchain solutions and a number of other issues to be discussed.
Inhaling the spirit of Berlin
The convention venue is chosen in full accordance with the spirit of the city, where the average age of residents does not exceed the bar of 35. Säälchen, a creative cluster where nightclub owners put on the best parties in the city, is ideal for going to the conference, celebrating the spirit of this vital crypto industry and ending the evening by attending a party. While breaking, visitors can walk through the urban village made of rough brickwork and scrap wood instead of impersonal office architecture. Musicians and side entertainment, especially for lucky Experience Ticket Holders, are also part of the rich event program.
Since the weather promises to be truly summer, guests can stroll, drink refreshing cocktails in bars (in collaboration with Satoshi Spirits, #buythesip), enjoy Berlin techno clubs and other entertainment offers, not to mention the UNCHAIN after-party which will be held in Culture Container located on the same ground.
Although budget tickets are already sold out, participation options still remain on the official website. Buying an Experience Ticket, you get a Welcome Dinner and a Spree Riverboat Cruise with speakers and partners.
Use the promo code LEV8MPUC to get a 20% discount on Standard & Experience Tickets.
Media contact:
Marina Kryzhevska
[email protected]
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