Egypt Ends Crypto Ban Under Sharia Law

Cryptocurrency has a new fan in the form of Egypt. Egypt Says “Yes” to Crypto Previously, the nation had placed a ban on cryptocurrencies and related trading activity. It was a sad sight in many ways, as cryptocurrencies could potentially do a lot for nations similar with Egypt, but the country has had serious trust […]

Coinbase Retail Customers Can Now Access EOS

Coinbase is adding another cryptocurrency to its growing list of digital offerings. Come and Get Your EOS! This time around, the coin being added is EOS, currently the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. This time, however, the asset is being offered to Coinbase’s retail customers. EOS has been available to its clients on Coinbase Pro […]

“Blockchain Removal” Company Closes Its Own Doors

The process of mixing cryptocurrencies seems to be garnering quite a bit of bad press lately, and with the recent shutdown of Bit Blender, things are looking even harsher. Removing Oneself from the Blockchain To be fair, the company seems to have shut itself down after having issued a statement to all its customers asking […]

How does AhrvoDEEX (Brokerage) Compare to Other Stock Brokerages?

Coinspeaker How does AhrvoDEEX (Brokerage) Compare to Other Stock Brokerages?The history of the brokerage industry can be broken up into three periods. In the early days (pre-1960’s and 70’s), trades were done on paper and execution and settlement happened manually via mailmen and messengers. During this time period, settlement took 5 business days, and the […]

EOS Coinbase Partnership Marks a Crazy Month for the Exchange

After many heated discussions and arguments, EOS is finally available on Coinbase. EOS will be available to all the areas in which Coinbase operates with the exception of the United Kingdom and New York. The EOS Coinbase partnership is a positive development in the middle of the trade wars between China and the United States. […]

Sichuan Mining Farms Fall Under Government Investigation

Cheap electricity has always been one of the top priorities for miners. Most people would be very surprised to learn that the global bitcoin mining capital is rumored to be in…China. That’s right, the Chinese province of Sichuan has a low population density, cold climate and very cheap electricity. Sichuan is located in southwestern China […]

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino Announces Tether’s Launch on EOS Blockchain

Coinspeaker Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino Announces Tether’s Launch on EOS BlockchainPaolo Ardoino, the CTO of Bitfinex, has recently stated in his conversation with CCN that Tether, the world’s largest stablecoin by market valuation, prepares its launch on the EOS blockchain protocol. The decision follows Tether’s issuing USD-pegged stable coin USDT on TRON blockchain network in […]

Crypto Summer in Berlin: This Year’s UNCHAIN Convention Arranges Celebration Days with High Profile Crypto Pioneers Again!

The second edition of UNCHAIN Convention, which will be held June 14-15 in Berlin, has revealed its final agenda. This year, the conference, recognized as one of the last year’s top-10 blockchain events, boasts a lot of outdoors activities in Germany’s urban melting pot for entrepreneurs and those who love Berlin’s lifestyle. To make networking […]