Good News From GG World and Significant Developments Underway

GG World Lottery – one of the most promising STO projects, has some good news for its investors. Provoked by the trust put into the project and its significant milestone achievements, the team has prolonged the fundraising period with 31 more days.
What Happened so Far?
GG World Lottery started its path with a mission to disrupt an industry which is in a desperate need of improvement. During the few short months of its security token offering (STO), the project has managed to raise over $6 million and it had achieved landmark milestones, part of its ambitious future plans.
One of the most important things that took part throughout the last few weeks was the acquisition of the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) certification.
GLI is one of the most reputed venues in the field and it is accredited through ISO 17065:2012 and ISO 17025:2005. It works on behalf of gaming authorities and its job is to verify technical compliance. Its splendid work on the matter gained the trust of over 475 jurisdictions throughout the entire world. Obtaining a GLI certification means that the games offered on the certified platform are entirely safe and secure for both the operator and its players.
The certification verifies the reliability of GG World Lottery’s True Random Number Generator and the blockchain layer. The former guarantees that the draws take place as per the quantum physics principles of true randomness in the world, while the second guarantees their verifiability, transparency, and authenticity.
That’s Not All
One of the most serious value propositions of GG World lies within its ambitious marketing plan to launch government-backed lotteries in one of the most rapidly developing markets in the world – Africa.
Significant achievements were made in this regard as well. GG World is on the verge of launching the first national lottery in Zambia – Lotto Zambia.
An Expression of Gratitude
In an attempt to express its gratitude towards all the investors who put their trust into the project, the team has decided to effectively increase the quarterly dividends from 0.1 percent to 1 percent.
This is also because recently there were signed contracts with last-minute investors. This is just the team’s way to say thank you to anyone who took part in the STO and for the trust that they’ve put into it.
Moreover, the good news keeps on piling. The team has managed to attract a number of last-minute institutional investors who’ve also decided to participate after seeing a closed event presentation of the system behind Lotto Zambia.
This is the reason for which GG World has extended the term of the STO with one more month, meaning that you can still participate in it from March 1st until March 31st in the last 31 days of its sale.
If you want to learn more about the project, you can take a look at the project’s official website.
Additionally, you can also subscribe to the project’s Twitter and Facebook page in order to receive timely updates on the progress.
What do you think of GG World’s STO? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!
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