Jeopardy Features Cryptocurrency Category

The massively popular Jeopardy game show recently featured cryptocurrency as a category. While nocoiners continue to scoff at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the reality is that virtual currencies are pushing their way into mainstream consciousness. This can be seen by crypto showing up in various movies and TV shows. In fact, one of the most […]

Gods Unchained Blockchain Game Starts Closed Beta Registration

The new PvP-focused Gods Unchained blockchain game is now open for closed beta registration. It seems that most businesses and major institutions are going crazy for blockchain technology. This innovative new technology is proving itself very adaptable to a wide array of industries, and it now appears that the world of online gaming is next. […]

Blockchain-based Platform Aims to Democratize Data Management with AI and Crypto Incentives

A Chinese-based blockchain-based platform is hoping that its business model will end the control that major companies have over data management. In our age of digital evolution, data has become a precious commodity. However, it appears that major companies like Facebook have unprecedented access to it. CNBC reports that a platform based in China wants […]