Sirin Labs’ Blockchain Phone Can Only Be Bought With SRN Tokens

Blockchain phones are all the rage right now. These mobile devices will offer exposure to distributed applications and various cryptocurrencies. Sirin Labs is one of the main companies people are keeping an eye on. Unfortunately, buying their blockchain phone, the FINNEY, is not as straightforward as assumed. The Sirin Labs Marketing Stunt Developing a blockchain phone […]

Cryptocurrency Scam: Texas Securities Board Issues Another Cease and Desist Order

Regulators in Texas have once again issued a cease and desist order against a promoter of an allegedly fraudulent cryptocurrency investment scheme. Meanwhile, the indicted party insists that the accusations are false; citing the many beneficiaries of the virtual currency investment vehicle. Alleged Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Investment Scheme The Texas State Securities Board issued a press […]

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Edges Past Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into #4 Spot

The cryptocurrency market’s wild November roller coaster ride has resulted in multiple changes in the top crypto roster. The latest upset? Stellar Lumens (XLM) has unseated Bitcoin Cash as the #4 cryptocurrency by market cap. Stellar Overtakes Bitcoin Cash While beleaguered Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV continue to duke it out behind the scenes, Stellar Lumens […]

Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled Face Music from the SEC

The pro boxer and the music producer have been charged by the regulator for promoting ICOs without disclosing payments received. Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and American DJ and music producer Khaled Mohamed Khaled had used their influence to pump up initial coin offerings (ICOs) without revealing to investors that they had been paid a promotional […]

A Look Into Whether VanEck Bitcoin ETF Addresses Manipulation Concerns of SEC Chairman

CoinSpeaker A Look Into Whether VanEck Bitcoin ETF Addresses Manipulation Concerns of SEC Chairman Bitcoin investors are eagerly waiting for the arrival of derivative products like Bitcoin ETF. The arrival of Bitcoin ETF is likely to flood the crypto market with institutional money, as claimed by some experts. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission […]