MasterCard Wins Patent To Manage Blockchain Currency Reserves

The patent for fractional cryptocurrency banking has been won by MasterCard and this could mean that there are plans for the management system for fractional reserves of blockchain currency by the company. MasterCard Blockchain Patent Integrates Existing Traditional Payment Networks with Blockchain Currencies On 29th June 2018, the patent that was filed refers to “the […]

Monero Price Analysis: XMR/USD Trends of October 31–November 6, 2018

CoinSpeaker Monero Price Analysis: XMR/USD Trends of October 31–November 6, 2018 Key Highlights: Monero may break $97 price level downside; XMR price may increase above $111 this week; ranging is ongoing. XMR/USD Price Long-term Trend: Ranging Distribution Territories: $111, $119, $126, Accumulation Territories: $97, $86, $76XMR/USD continues its ranging movement in its long-term outlook. Last […]

Azure Blockchain to be Integrated into Nasdaq’s Financial Framework

Microsoft has just shared exciting news about their Azure Blockchain echnology. The company plans to integrate the technology into the stock exchange Nasdaq’s Financial Framework (NFF). According to yesterday’s press release, Microsoft will integrate the blockchain service with NFF. The technology will provide software for the trading infrastructure and operations outsourcing. Additionally, Nasdaq’s risk and […]

How Does Blockchain Storage Work?

CoinSpeaker How Does Blockchain Storage Work? If you’ve ever chatted to a programmer about blockchain storage, you’ve likely found is that the subject is fairly complex. That’s because blockchain storage can be distributed, decentralized, on-chain, and off-chain. I’m sure there are other alternatives as well. In most cases, people are usually referring to on-chain or a P2P-based […]