New Hampshire Opens Arms to Bitcoin Embassy, Second in the US

New Hampshire in the U.S. is once again showing how crypto-friendly it is with the opening of a Bitcoin Embassy, making it the second in the country.

Teaching the Basics of Bitcoin
Located on Route 101 in Keene, New Hampshire, is the Bitcoin Embassy. The aim of it is to provide a place where people can learn about cryptocurrency in a fun and easy manner, in addition to delivering network opportunities. It will also bring Bitcoin 101 lessons to individuals and businesses.
This is the second Embassy located in the U.S. The other is situated in Atlanta, Georgia.
The addition of the Bitcoin Embassy to Keene brings the total to 11. The remaining ones can be found in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Kiev, London, Montreal, Perth, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw.
In a report from the New Hampshire Public Radio, Chris Rietmann, executive director of the Embassy, said:
For regular everyday people who have heard about Bitcoin and they are intrigued by the idea, we can basically get them up to speed without throwing lots of technical jargon at them.
He adds that Keene was the ideal fit due to the high number of people who accept Bitcoin in the area.
Other areas in New Hampshire, which are embracing the crypto space include Portsmouth and Merrimack. Both of these places are also seeing a rise in the number of Dash payments.

New Hampshire Embraces New Technology
The state of New Hampshire has taken an open arms approach to cryptocurrency and the blockchain.
So much so, that last June, Chris Sununu, the Governor of New Hampshire, signed a bill into law that removes digital currency traders from the state’s money transmissions laws. Receiving support from grassroots organizations, the bill has paved the way for New Hampshire to be seen as a crypto-friendly state.
To also promote that New Hampshire is embracive of the space, the state-based newspaper, Monadnock Shopper, published a front-page article, last year, about Bitcoin in Keene and the businesses that accept it. These include Route 101 Local Goods, Liberty Lobby, ThinkPenguin, Keene Website Designers, and LocaCopia.
Even though other countries and governments are taking a hardline – such as China and India – about cryptocurrency, states such as New Hampshire are showing that while the technology is still new there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Instead of cracking down on it, why not embrace it to see where it may lead?
Do you think New Hampshire is becoming the crypto state of the U.S.? Let us know in the comments below.

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Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Featured as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ in Recent Crypto News Publications

Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Featured as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ in Recent Crypto News Publications
Cyprus-based blockchain company Cryptaur is pleased to announce that it has been identified as an industry leader in recent articles published by ABMCrypto, Global Coin Report, and CCN.
The notice comes less than a year after the group’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the Cryptaur utility token (CPT). Cryptaur experienced an extremely successful pre-ICO and four-part ICO funding stage. During this period the group sold approx 8.5 billion tokens, for a total of $60,000,000.
With 90,000 active CPT wallet users, Cryptaur represents an engaged crypto community. The CPT token is now traded worldwide through a number of cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC, LATOKEN, and Orderbook, and will trade on additional top exchanges in the near future.
With hundreds of available ICOs now on the market, Cryptaur stands out, after quickly surpassing competitors in total funds raised from investors, thanks to a well-conceived ecosystem that addresses many of the costly economic challenges currently encountered in the market.
Cryptaur’s CEO and Founder, Dmitry Buriak. stated;
“We’re very pleased with the article, which demonstrates what we’ve always believed: that Cryptaur is set to eliminate the middleman from a wide range of everyday transactions, increasing economic efficiency for everyone involved,”
The articles identified Cryptaur as a distinguished project in the retail marketplace, with CCN noting that Cryptaur is “the best blockchain e-commerce project we’ve seen that truly levels the playing field, offering an environment in which products and services are vetted by community consensus.”
Cryptaur has been steadily reaching a number of fixed goals for 2018, including a successful June launch of credit cards by Fintech United Group, and the launch of automatic Know Your Customer (KYC) at Fintech United Group in August.
The group will now tackle the release of the first generation X-Game in the Cryptaur ecosystem. The X-Game beta testing represents the latest step the team is taking to showcase the potential their ecosystem has for the online gaming industry.
According to Buriak, “There is really no limit to what Cryptaur can do.” The Cryptaur ecosystem can potentially facilitate an unlimited range of specialized P2P services, and the team plans to continue demonstrating this through carefully planned and executed project launches. The company’s result-focused outlook will help it to propel forward and establish itself as a leading blockchain-based solution.
About Cryptaur
Founded in 2017, Cyprus-based Cryptaur increases efficiency by eliminating the middleman from a wide range of social and financial transactions. The project’s blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem supports peer-to-peer transactions, pay platforms, online gaming, and more.
Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Featured as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ in Recent Crypto News Publications

CGCX Targets 1.5 mln South East Asian Insurance Users with Archipelago Partnership

CGCX Targets 1.5 mln South East Asian Insurance Users with Archipelago Partnership
The biggest challenge cryptocurrency platforms are currently facing is attracting new users and converting them to loyal, engaged customers. This is Economics 101. If demand stays constant but supply grows, the economics of a given product do not grow. What ensues is falling profitability and a race to the bottom.
As a result, crypto platforms are all trying to attract new users to grow the top-line of the funnel and convert users into long-term adopters.
CGCX (Calfin Global Crypto Exchange), the world’s first insured hybrid crypto exchange platform (who just recently raised over $32.5 million during their ICO) is not only disrupting cryptocurrency trading through its unique approach and technology, but it’s bringing disruption to the very way it addresses user adoption and platform growth.
On the 5th of October, 2018, entered into a structured long-term partnership with South East Asian insurance powerhouse, the Archipelago Group. The partnership will kickstart a new vertical, namely merchant solutions, that will jumpstart the cryptocurrency business for Archipelago, and at the same time expand the utility of the token.
1.5 mln People Can Pay for Their Insurance with Cryptos will enable integration with Archipelago’s digital platform offering life, health and medical insurance solutions, to allow 1.5 million insurance policy holders and insurance intermediaries an option to pay their premiums using cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CGCX tokens, with more cryptocurrencies to follow.
Under consideration are also discounts and other incentives aimed at promoting cryptocurrency payments. Anandh Swami, CGCX’s CEO, speaking of the partnership between the two companies said,
“our collaboration aims to make life easier for Archipelago Insurance and it’s customers as far as handling cross-border payments and business in general, and increase customer and regulatory trust thanks to the platform’s high level of transparency.”
Ian Lim Teck Soon, Archipelago’s CEO also commented,
“we are keen to explore blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in our insurance service offering and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with CGCX to further enhance and develop the healthcare ecosystem.”
About CGCX offers a highly sophisticated insured hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform, ensuring that all tokens held in wallets within the exchange are protected against cyber-attacks.
In addition, unlike most crypto exchanges that offer only cryptocurrency trading, is uniquely positioned in the blockchain world because it offers its customers four service modules in a single platform.
These include: discounted rates for products and services, lower transactions fees of up to 50% on buying and selling cryptocurrencies, opportunity to utilize escrows and settle Smart Contracts, and the ability for users to participate in ICO voting for getting their favorite tokens listed on the CGCX exchange.
CGCX has recently completed it’s ICO, raising $32.5 million for further growth and development of the project, with USD10 million daily trading volume. The company is based and licensed in Singapore (licence number UEN 201814950K).
CGCX Targets 1.5 mln South East Asian Insurance Users with Archipelago Partnership

Cryptocurrency Going for a Song on Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

Cryptocurrency Going for a Song on Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday
eToro, the global investment platform with over ten million registered users, is helping Brits celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin today by giving away £10,000 worth of the cryptocurrency via a unique ATM machine that’s activated by song.
The machine, that responds when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to it, has popped up today (31st October) in London’s Finsbury Avenue Square, 10 years to the day that Bitcoin’s whitepaper was released. The ATM is offering vouchers worth between £20 and £250 in bitcoin to successful singers stepping up to its screen and creating sweet har-money.
As well as grabbing free bitcoin rewards, people who visit the ATM can opt to have their singing experience captured on camera for sharing on their social channels with a chance to win a further £1,000 in bitcoin currency.
The first of its kind song-activated ATM was made by a specialist team of computer programmers, tech experts and sound engineers. Using advanced audio and voice technology, the ATM detects when a specific melody is being sung to it, in this instance the song ‘happy birthday’ and the volume of the singing.
A digital display on the ATM lets users know how loudly they are singing, whether they need to increase their volume and how much of the song they need to complete to activate the dispenser.
Publicly announced in 2008 in a white paper entitled Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system written by an anonymous developer called Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, allowing people to send and receive payments from one party to another without going through a financial institution.
Whilst eToro’s innovative ATM celebrates the ground-breaking 10-year history of bitcoin, the musical machine also looks to the future, encouraging people to explore the possibilities of a currency designed for the digital age.
Iqbal V. Gandham, UK Managing Director at eToro says:
“Bitcoin has demonstrated resilience over the past decade and remains the world’s dominant crypto. In the next 10 years we could well see the mass adoption of bitcoin for payments and money transfer.”
“Currently, the level of understanding of crypto is one of the barriers to wide-scale user adoption of, and investment in, cryptoassets. It’s a barrier that we’ve looked to address at eToro as part of our vision of opening up global markets to everyone. Our ATM machine is a fitting and fun celebration of bitcoin’s 10-year anniversary, and one that we hope will give even more people the opportunity to learn about crypto.”

WHAT: The eToro Bitcoin Birthday ATM is free to use and is available on a first-sing-first-win basis. Those who can demonstrate their singing skills will be in with a chance of receiving a voucher for the equivalent amount in bitcoin.
WHERE: Finsbury Avenue Square, Broadgate, London
WHEN: From 11am, 31st October

About eToro
eToro empowers people to invest on their own terms. The platform enables people to invest in the assets they want, from stocks and commodities to cryptoassets. eToro is a global community of more than ten million registered users who share their investment strategies; and anyone can follow the approaches of those who have been the most successful. Due to the simplicity of the platform users can easily buy, hold and sell assets, monitor their portfolio in real time, and transact whenever they want.
eToro is regulated in Europe by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.
Cryptoassets are a highly volatile, non-regulated investment product and are not appropriate for all investors. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk. Past performance is not an indication of future results.
Cryptocurrency Going for a Song on Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday Launches Innovative Mining to Benefit Crypto Trading and Exchange Community

CoinSpeaker Launches Innovative Mining to Benefit Crypto Trading and Exchange Community

With its relentless focus on transparency, reliability and quality of execution and client services, has established itself as a clear leader in the crypto trading and exchange space.
The project’s roadmap has numerous user-friendly features, trader-focused services, and investment-grade solutions that can be used by crypto enthusiasts of all types. One of these, an innovative mining solution, will be launched, and first phase public testing of mining activities will go live on the platform on November 1st, 12am EST.
About’s Mining
Leveraging their quant trading background and deep knowledge of the capital market, the team is working on introducing the transaction-fee based “Trans-Fee Mining” model that would distribute back the transaction fees to traders in the form of the exchange’s own token. The more traders trade, the more tokens they will receive, hence the term “transaction mining”.
Furthermore, the team introduces specific incentive structure for market maker trades, the type of trading behavior adding liquidity to the exchange.
This development has the potential to revolutionize crypto trade and exchange.
Trading on Traditional Exchanges
Traditional exchanges charge different rates from both makers and takers for using their platform, with both parties being deducted anywhere between 0.2% and 0.05% or so for each trade executed. This means that the more you trade, the more you pay to the exchange in transaction fees.
Many big exchanges have profited heavily by following such models, but is bringing about a paradigm shift by making it easier for investors and private individuals to benefit from crypto trade and investment.
With the trans-fee-mining model, users can save transaction fees and get platform tokens simply by executing trades on the exchange, regardless of market conditions, volatility, or other external factors.
How Trans-Fee-Mining Works
In trans-fee-mining model the trading platform uses an innovative utility token called BTMX. Instead of deducting a fixed percentage from all trades as trading fees, instead credits makers and takers with an equal value of BTMX.
In this way, BTMX is mined as an outcome of regular trading. This not only conserves mining energy, but also incentivizes trading regardless of external factors by providing traders with a new token (BTMX) that has a rich secondary market and can be used for future trading and other activities. This is a huge positive factor for traders who execute trades in times of market volatility.
Furthermore, BTMX can be traded with other cryptocurrencies based on available trading pairs, or can be cashed out to the user’s wallet.
Additional Mining Specs’s rules governing mining and the creation and distribution of tokens are designed to ensure fairness and transparency. These rules are as below.
Types of Mining:

“Mining” is the process where the traders  pay transaction fees at a certain level and receive a certain amount of BTMX as a trading reward.
“Reverse-Mining” is a separate unique incentive structure for the Maker trades, the process of the platform paying transaction fee at certain rate in return for equivalent market value of BTMX that the user holds in the account.
“Regular Trading” is simply not opting for either Mining or Reverse-Mining and conducting regular trades on the platform.

Rules for Makers and Takers:
A Taker is someone who places an order that is immediately filled fully or partially (for example, a market or stop order) before getting on the order book.
A Maker is when a user places an order that doesn’t fill immediately partially or fully (such as a limit order) and sits on the order book waiting to be matched.
Traders can select either Mining or Regular Trading mode for their Taker trades.
For Maker trades, they can select one from Mining, Reverse-Mining, or Regular Trading mode.
*Please note that additional details on fee calculations and mined token utilization will be published over the coming weeks.
Mining Design Protocols
This innovative new approach to mining and trading is built on a very comprehensive token creation and exchange operating framework that factors in all of the key elements of sound token economics design, including all of the following:

Token production output control and target mining rate control to manage the sustainable rate of tokens being mined as part of supply.
Managing liquidity: the rule design including very innovative structure to encourage liquidity provision type trading behavior
Profit-sharing/allocation mechanism: Since BTMX tokens constitute a new form of utility value on the, for those token holders who agree to share transaction data, there will be further platform fee distribution to encourage them to continue holding BTMX.
Mandatory lock-up for large sale order: This is necessary to better balance the trading activities in the market and help supporting the value of tokens over longer periods of time.
Consumption framework: The different ways that BTMX can be used on the platform as the only utility payment considered during the design of the new trans-fee-mining approach.

With the launch of this new mining model, maintains its commitment to helping to build a stronger, more beneficial trading tools and services for the crypto community.
With a large and growing user base, the trans-fee-mining initiative is sure to attract and bring in new users to the platform, and the company is working hard to provide quality trading services those new customers and market entrants over the weeks and months to come. Launches Innovative Mining to Benefit Crypto Trading and Exchange Community

NinjaPromo To Guide Your ICO Project From Beginning To End

NinjaPromo To Guide Your ICO Project From Beginning To End
2018 is the year when blockchain industry has become an everyday news, standing on the same level as politics, traditional economics and Hollywood movies – everyone knows at least something in general but only a number of true enthusiasts and intellectuals are debating on deep issues of the field and launching their own projects, truly evaluating risks and taking into account all details in the process.
NinjaPromo ICO digital marketing agency has many tricks up its sleeves to help your amazing idea turn into flesh and reach success.
ICO Projects In Caring Hands
NinjaPromo’s journey began in May 2017, and since then its team has been getting practical experience, testing various decisions and strategies to figure out the best practices. It’s a never-ending process of learning and adapting, and proper basis of data gathered during years of work is vital for any prominent analysis, any significant prediction and any proper strategy implementation.
Create. Promote. Support. These are three types of services NinjaPromo offers in the efforts to get your project to the top of everyone’s heads. 80% of our clients that include Unibright, Lucyd and Maecenas, have decided to use our services again. We can help you with design and branding, holding bounties and airdrops, resolving ICO legal issues, placing your project on exchange listings, developing Telegram chat-bots and supporting your project from technical standpoint.
Digital Marketing: What’s On The Menu
Digital promotion, however, is our specialty. NinjaPromo has the tools and professionals to surround your project during ICO and post-ICO stages with attention from intrigued audience that is motivated to invest in you. To achieve your goals, we provide services of:

Community Management – strong community is key factor in making ICO successful, and our community managers ensure that your constantly expanding following stays active at all times.
Hype In Crypto – we reach new audience through hyping your project up in most prominent communities in various social media platforms, from Facebook and Telegram to BitcoinTalk and Reddit.
 Influencer Marketing – it’s been proven that, in choosing where to put their money, people are more trustful of the influencers they follow and watch online, so we harness the potential of almost 2000 independent content creators and advertise you through their platforms, dealing with tricky choices and issues of this type of promotion for you.
 PPC Marketing – we run your marketing campaign through Google AdWords (including YouTube), Facebook and banner advertising, supplying your project with fresh traffic.
Content Marketing – today people are peaky, they trust standard advertising texts less and they are more inclined to join something that is presented through original content, and NinjaPromo can write your press releases, articles, etc. and translate them in several languages so that they could be published all around the world.
 Video Production – video content is the most effective way to sway people your way, and team of NinjaPromo is very good at creating brief and catchy video introductions and clips for crypto projects in order to deliver all the required information about you in an entertaining and informative fashion.

Chefs and Cooks of Our Team
Team of NinjaPromo, that includes multilingual editors and community managers, writers, designers and developers, takes their work seriously with a spoon of fun and enthusiasm to keep your project and marketing campaigns fresh and engaging. We approach each project individually, studying it carefully, taking into account its peculiarities and budgets, so that we can come up with the most effective strategies for your project.
We work with your own team to achieve the best results in the shortest time and we strike the balance between your vision, best practices proven by experience, new trends that catch the minds of your shaped audience and promising innovations that are most appropriate for your project.
Your ICO project deserves the spotlight, and if you want it to become the center of attention – e-mail our NinjaPromo team to [email protected] or simply contact us on Telegram @slava_ninja.
NinjaPromo To Guide Your ICO Project From Beginning To End

Microsoft and Nasdaq Partner to Create Financial Blockchain Interface

Microsoft recently announced a high-level partnership with Nasdaq to create an interoperability matrix for distributed ledgers. The partnerships will see Nasdaq Financial Framework (NFF) adopting the Microsoft Azure blockchain that allows different technologies to work together via one central ecosystem.

NFF Partners with Microsoft Azure Blockchain
According to a press release published by Microsoft on Tuesday (October 30, 2018), the company announced its partnership with Nasdaq. Microsoft is bringing its Azure platform unto the NFF.
A portion of the press release reads:
To accelerate Nasdaq’s blockchain capabilities aligned with the industry’s rising demand, the company is integrating the Nasdaq Financial Framework with Microsoft Azure Blockchain to build a ledger agnostic blockchain capability that supports a multi-ledger strategy.
Nasdaq created the NFF in 2016 as an enterprise-wide portfolio of services and business platforms. NFF allows customers to seamlessly manage their technology stack without having to rely on individual platforms. The decision to adopt distributed technology seems like a logical step for NFF. Many experts say the emerging technology will disrupt the global business process.

Seamless Enterprise Blockchain Adoption
The planned integration will see Azure delivering seamless interoperability and communication among all participants on the NFF ecosystem. This includes the core infrastructure, customer technology applications, and diverse middleware platforms. The overall aim is to create easily executable contracts and transactions.
According to Bloomberg, NFF wants to offer its customers one common blockchain interface that they can use to control different blockchains. This plan is targeted at removing the constraint of adopting the emerging decentralized technology revolution in various business applications.
Commenting on the partnership, Nasdaq Senior Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Tom Fay, said:
Our NFF integration with their [Microsoft Azure] blockchain services provides a layer of abstraction, making our offering ledger-agnostic, secure, highly scalable, and ultimately helps us continue to explore a much broader range of customer use cases for blockchain.
Fay also went to say that Microsoft will handle the matters relating to security and ledger communication, freeing up NFF to work on protocols that focus on scalability and other challenges faced by its customers.
This latest partnership is yet another foray by Nasdaq into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Earlier in the month, the U.S. stock exchange giant announced plans to look into the creation of a platform for security tokens.
Do you think Nasdaq’s partnership with Microsoft Azure Blockchain will create more robust blockchain-based financial applications? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Azure and ShutterStock

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Trends of October 31–November 6, 2018

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Trends of October 31–November 6, 2018
Key Highlights:

Consolidation is ongoing;
the Bitcoin price broke out of the accumulation territory;
there is a probability of the bulls taking over the BTC market.

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bearish
Distribution Territories: $6,286, $6,439, $6,609
Accumulation Territories: $6,137, $6,032, $5,948BTC is in bearish trend on the long-term outlook. BTC was consolidating for more than one week. It started shortly after the fall from the distribution territory of $6,818 to the accumulation territory of $6,439. The pair was trading between the range bound of $6,439 and the former accumulation territory of $6,286.
The bears gained momentum on October 29; the pair was pushed to the south with the formation of a strong bearish candle that broke the former accumulation territory of $6,286. The bears are in control of the market. The first candle on the daily chart is bullish indicating that the coin may continue in its bearish movement as accumulation territory of $6,137 may be its target.
Should the bears increase their momentum and break down the accumulation territory of $6,137, the coin will head towards the lower accumulation territory of $6,032. In case the $6,137 level holds the price will bounce to the north and the bull will take over. Also, traders can place long trade setup at the level.
BTC/USD Medium-term Trend: Bearish
BTC/USD is bearish in its medium-term outlook. The coin broke out of the consolidation mode on October 29 with high pressure from the bears. This confirmed with the formation of strong bearish candles that broke former accumulation territory of $6286 downside and the coin started consolidating.
Presently, the price is below 21-day EMA and 50-day EMA and the Stochastic Oscillator is at the oversold level with its signal line parallel without direction which connotes consolidation is ongoing. There is a probability that the coin will continue its bearish movement.
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Trends of October 31–November 6, 2018

Tim Draper: Bitcoin Price to Hit $250K by 2022, Will Change the Way Governments Do Business

Tim Draper: Bitcoin Price to Hit $250K by 2022, Will Change the Way Governments Do Business
Back in April this year (when Bitcoin was more than $8.000), the crypto enthusiast had, during his reality show “Draper Block(chain) party”, predicted that Bitcoin will continue it’s bullish growth. Already then, this sounded pretty optimistic as investors were crying over the 50 percent drop in the price at the beginning of the year. Still, even though the price continued to fall, crypto industry was still expanding.
At the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, Draper said that he believes that individuals had the potential to “start their own government”, where social security could be ensured more efficiently and effectively. He added that he believes that Bitcoin will be among the top five currencies from the “$86 trillion” evaluation.
Draper said:
“So right now, there’s $86 trillion of political currency. They call it ‘fiat’ currency, but it’s political. And I believe that that currency will slowly be eaten up by a better currency which is global, decentralized, frictionless. It’s just better currency. Bitcoin’s a better currency. And I think Bitcoin will be one of five [cryptocurrencies].”
Bitcoin is Secure and Has Never Been Hacked
Crypto communities took this like sort of a prophecy and it’s not strange if we consider the fact that Draper already has an impressive track record with predicting bitcoin price movements. In 2015, he accurately predicted that bitcoin would top $10,000 by the end of 2017. Just for a reminder, BTC grew above $13,000 on December 31, 2017.
In an interview he gave to The Street, he says that people can have complete trust in Bitcoin even though it uses a lot of energy.
“What’s great is that when you buy some Bitcoin or you move something on a block, it is secure and you know that all those people and all those computers are making sure that that block was moved properly. There are plenty of hacks around the crypto-world but the Bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked and you know, knock on wood, we don’t think it ever will be. I think that having that consensus brings an extra boost to confidence. In fact, I am more confident in my Bitcoin than I am in the U.S. dollars in Wells Fargo.”
Draper confirmed that SEC’s decision about regulating cryptocurrencies is extremly important, He is confident that SEC will not follow China’s steps. He is known to admire Japan for recognizing Bitcoin as a legal currency.
“The United States is open for business! We intend to compete to retain the world’s best innovators. I think the SEC is torn and I think it’s it’s okay because they’re torn between like going after the fraudsters who are taking advantage of the elderly, and making sure that all that technology does stay in the US. They know that it’s a competitive world out there.”
For sceptics around, he compares the cryptocurrency with the beginning of the Internet itself claiming that the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies are behaving at the moment resemble that of internet a few years back before the technology took the world by storm.
He added:
“The internet started in the same way, it came in big waves, and then it came crashing down, and then the next wave comes concentrated but much bigger, and I suspect the same thing will go on here, with bitcoin”.
Market Capitalisation to Expand by 5,000%
However, Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations, which launched deVere Crypto, the pioneering cryptocurrency app earlier this year, forecasted that the next decade will be not the same for the cryptocurrency. He points out that, although Bitcoin has irrevocably changed the traditional financial system, its price is expected to “drastically reduce” in the next 10 years, while the entire market capitalisation is going to expand by 5,000% before 2028.
On the other hand, hedge fund manager, Mike Novogratz claimed that Bitcoin could reach $10000 by the end of the year.
He said:
“One thing you learn in this process is that everything takes a little longer than you hoped it would. I don’t see us breaking $10,000 by the end of the year.”
The host of the CNBC’s Crypto Trade show Ran Neuner said that he believes the Bitcoin consolidation is almost over and it’s ‘about to explode’. Approval from the SEC, thinks Neuner, could trigger Bitcoin price surge raising it exponentially. Also, he adds, the approval of Bitcoin ETF would be a much bigger news than the Bitcoin futures. This would, in turn, lead to a flood of institutional money flowing into the market.
This year’s Halloween marked the 10-year anniversary of the foundations of bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. If Draper is right and the Bitcoin comes to the price of $250,000 within the next four years, that means that the market cap will be around $5.25 trillion.
Tim Draper: Bitcoin Price to Hit $250K by 2022, Will Change the Way Governments Do Business

The Next Decade Will See Major Bitcoin Price Growth, Matt Newton Claims

Bitcoin price hasn’t seen much positive momentum throughout 2018. As the year progresses, the bearish pressure seemingly continues to mount. eToro’s Matt Newton is not too bothered right now. Instead, he remains confident there will be a major price surge in the very near future.

Matt Newton Has a Bullish Outlook
Every financial market which goes up in value comes down eventually. Bitcoin has ebbed and flowed over the years. In most cases, Bitcoin’s value rebounds strongly after a while. The year 2018 is a bit of an exception in this regard. It signals an extended bearish market which keeps the Bitcoin price well below the $7,000 mark.
Although some holders get nervous, others see a bright future ahead. eToro’s Matt Newton sees the bigger picture in a rather bright spotlight. A bull run is, in his opinion, “imminent.” One contributing factor is how Bitcoin turns ten years old today, which marks an important milestone for the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

Another interesting development comes in the form of ICE’s exchange. This institutional-grade trading platform offers physically-backed Bitcoin futures settlements. It is a new investment vehicle in cryptocurrency, which should be capable of generating some buzz. Newton considers it an integral piece of the Bitcoin price puzzle for the next few years.
Cashless Efforts Bolster Bitcoin Price
While the vision by Matt Newton is promising, bigger things are at play. Various countries around the world look to become cashless societies in the next few years. That will only fuel the demand for digital payment methods. Cryptocurrencies will have their role to play in this regard. Providing ease of access to Bitcoin will be a critical factor over the next decade.

deVere Group CEO Nigel Green is convinced the cashless push will foster Bitcoin adoption. He even claims the total market cap will expand by over 5,000% in the next ten years. Such a development would push Bitcoin price to over $300,000. That value seems rather unlikely now, but a lot can change in the coming years.
Cryptocurrencies continue to grow and evolve. Bitcoin is hitting its stride courtesy of technical upgrades. Further changes to legislation will impact the price of Bitcoin in many different ways. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has come a very long way in its first decade. In theory, things can only improve from here on out.
Do you agree with Matt Newton? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock.
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