They came to the crypto-currency market from the classic stock market. The company promises that they will be able to bring their investors an everyday profit in the amount of 1 to 5% until each investor gets as much as 150%. The deposit itself is included in 150% of the profit.
TY Capital Investment / tycap.io is a new development and a jolt of fresh air for investors who want to make good money in the current circumstances on the crypto-currency exchange.
Private Internet investors have not seen such projects for a long time. The project of this company – an investment platform https://tycap.io – enables everyone who wishes to invest (on an anonymous basis) in the crypto-currency market and get guaranteed great dividends herewith.
As we can see, the platform itself is perfectly protected by such a giant as CloudFlare, also the company has a certificate of legal incorporation, you can check it by yourself. All your payments and data will be protected by SSL certificate – GeoTrust EV – which checked the above company as well.
It is also worth mentioning that you will receive charges on the deposit every hour. You may also earn very well with a partner program proposed by TY Capital Investment company to its investors. You will receive 10% from the deposits of your 1st level partners. The company will give you 6% from the deposits of your 2nd level partners and, what is more, you are also proposed to receive 3% from the deposits of your 3rd level partners. This is a real chance for active investors and partners to get rich.
One of the advantages of the company is the availability of bonus codes.
When you create a deposit of $1000, or the cryptocurrency equivalent, you get 3 bonus codes of +10% to the deposit / +5% to the deposit / +2.5% to the deposit. You may use them for yourself or present to your friends and partners. The company makes all payments instantly. As soon as you order a withdrawal, your money will be transferred to your account at the same time. The company provides a full support. You may always receive answers to your questions in the online chat or by e-mail.
At the moment, there are not so many such competent and profitable companies. We advise you to draw your attention to TY Capital Investment in particular, since it will become a leader in this field of investment in the near future, and you will be able to make very good money with them.
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