One of China’s Major State Banking Groups Successfully Transacts $1.3B in Securities Using Blockchain

China Securities Times, which functions as a spokesman for Chinese financial regulators, confirmed that one of China’s largest banks had issued a residential mortgage-based securities (RMBSs) to the tune of 9.3 billion yuan, using the blockchain.  In U.S. currency, this comes out to around $1.3 billion dollars.  The Bank of Communications, founded in 1908, was […]

Crypt-ON: All You Need for Secure Transactions

Apart from traditional practice of an escrow agent holding a sum of money on behalf of a transacting party for, say, a real estate transaction, employers and contractors are starting to use independent third party services too. The fast growing market for freelance creates a trust issue, because parties involved in a transaction do not […]

Crypto Industry Leaders Urgently Call US Congress for a Fair and Orderly Market

On Tuesday, U.S.Representative Warren Davidson, a Republic from Ohio, hosted a roundtable with some of the most influential leaders of the cryptocurrency industry.  Davidson plans on introducing a bill to create a framework for the industry. He calls the language surrounding the industry “sloppy” currently, and believes that legislation will provide the cryptocurrency market with […]

ABCC Announces Launch of Its Long-Awaited Digital Asset Exchange, ABCC Cloud

Due to the exponential growth and success of ABCC in delivering as promised, the fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange platform, ranking Top 20 on CoinMarketCap, has announced the launch of yet another feature that is predicted to disrupt the inefficient and outdated services in the crypto-industry. The ABCC Cloud is a significant leap forward in the crypto-currency […]