The World’s biggest blockchain summit series is coming back to Dubai this October

More than 1000 delegates were in attendance at the 2017 Dubai edition, which gathered key international blockchain experts, government policy makers, and also witnessed a presentation on Dubai’s Blockchain Strategy. Monday, 10 September 2018, Dubai: World Blockchain Summit has been on a world tour since last year, covering cities like Nairobi, Moscow, Frankfurt and Singapore […]

A Colourful Delight of Art Takes over Blockchain Conference

Nowadays everyone can enjoy the excellent works of art not only at various exhibitions and in museums, and the upcoming Crypto G20 analogue is proof of that. The conference will raise art to a new level, making it extremely technological and futuristic: an auction of paintings will be held within the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit. […]

China Allows Evidence Authentication Through Blockchain

In what seems like a substantial breakthrough for the field of distributed ledger technologies, China has made blockchain records admissible in courts. The move will supposedly improve the resolution of internet-related legal disputes. A Significant Breakthrough The Supreme People’s Court of China released provisions Friday, September 7th, providing further clarifications for the litigation procedures of […]

SEC Suspends Exchange-Traded Vehicles by CoinShare Holdings for Bitcoin and Ethereum

The U.S. securities watchdog – Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – has shunned down yet another investment vehicle in the crypto space. In a major setback for cryptocurrency investors, the SEC announced suspensions of two funds – Bitcoin Tracker One (“CXBTF”) and Ether Tracker One (“CETHF”). The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the temporary suspension of […]

Submarine Swap: A New Lightning Network Innovation

It’s still relatively new information that bitcoin addresses are not compatible with lightning ones. This means that users can’t send crypto from a lightning address directly to a bitcoin one, and vice versa. That all can change when the submarine swap technology gets integrated. In order to see how the submarine swap technology can address […]

Submarine Swaps Allow Users to Send Their Bitcoins to Lightning Network

Bitcoin’s scalability solution Lightning Network – a two-layer technology enabling off-chain transactions – has made significant progress over the last year. But one thing that lags in the development is that the Bitcoin address and Lightning address are not compatible. It means that the direct money transfer from Bitcoin address to Lightning address, or vice versa, […]