North Dakota ICO Task Force Confirms Investigation of 10 Different Companies

Government agencies around the world closely monitor initial coin offerings. In the state of North Dakota, the Securities Commissioner has ordered several projects to shut down. This pertains to BitConnect and its related companies, as well as Magma Foundation and Pension Rewards Platform. All firms specialize in ICO investments without registering with the state. Another […]

Privacy-oriented Cryptocurrency Features On Chinese Exchange

The cryptocurrency, Bytecoin, continues its expansion on the Asian market after successful listings on both Binance and Okex earlier this year, and is the logical continuation of BCN’s approach to be presented on more reputable exchanges. This event reflects on the adoption rate of the first, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency between Chinese users, as mostly […]

Update on CMCT Theft by Crowd Machine CEO

The Crowd Machine CEO made a public update earlier this week about the ongoing investigations into the CMTC (Crowd Machine Compute Tokens) theft. CMCT is the native token of the Crowd Machine decentralized eco-system. In an update on the CMTC token theft, Craig Sproule, CEO and Founder Crowd Machine, the blockchain-based distributed cloud platform, informed the […]

AT&T Unveils a Bunch of Blockchain Solutions Using IBM Blockchain and Microsoft Azure

Telecom giant AT&T launched a suite of blockchain solutions working on Microsoft’s Azure platform and the IBM Blockchain. In an official press release on Wednesday, September 26, the company said that the blockchain solutions aim to digitize and automize several processes in the supply chain and the healthcare process. The company announcement reads: “We’re combing our […]