Darknet Retailers Seek Crypto for COVID Masks

Recently, Live Bitcoin News reported that bitcoin transactions have died down on darknet markets. While this may be true for illicit goods such as guns, drugs and credit card data, illicit market owners have changed their operations up a bit as a means of ensuring they can stay in business.
Darknet Sites Are Selling Coronavirus Masks
It has been reported by one source that darknet market owners are selling face masks for bitcoin on their websites to help customers allegedly battle the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, they are also offering other health-related gear such as ventilators and assorted medical equipment, all of which can be purchased for crypto.
Sites across Europe, Russia and the United States have popped up over the past few weeks given that the demand for such products is through the roof. With so many people worried and afraid for their lives, sales of items like canned goods, packaged foods, toilet paper and water have all reached their peaks for the year, and people are stocking up to ensure they have what they need as they face the next few weeks while having to remain locked up in their homes.
The evidence of the darknet activities comes by way of Elliptic, a blockchain analysis firm. These sites are often bred to give people access to items they would not normally be able to purchase in traditional marketplaces. Elliptic suggests that this latest attempt to offer masks and related equipment is designed to offset global governments.
In a statement, the firm explains:
These vendors are opportunistic, jumping on any opportunity to supply goods that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.
A separate investigation conducted by Reuters in March shows that several darknet sites had begun selling high-grade facemasks for far more than the standard one dollar each customer is likely to see through standard e-commerce sites like Amazon. Some of these masks have been selling for as high as nine euros (close to $11 in USD).
One of the main problems, however, is that it’s unclear where these masks are coming from. They are nearly impossible to source, nor can companies confirm their rates of effectiveness.
Where Do These Items Come From?
Among the largest new markets to gain a foothold in the “mask-selling arena” is one known as “Recon,” a darknet platform that has purportedly been selling masks and other medical equipment in major marketplaces despite providing little to no source information for the products it offers.
In addition, several sites are also selling coronavirus testing kits for as much as $90 each, while others are selling the drug chloroquine – typically designed to fight malaria – and promoting it as a way of beating the virus. Either way, experts agree that darknet markets are likely to retain their foothold granted the COVID-19 pandemic continues to arouse fear.
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Bitcoin Surges as Number of COVID-19 Cases Abroad Drop

Bitcoin has once again shot past the $7,000 mark. At the time of writing, the world’s top cryptocurrency by market cap has surged more than $300 and is now trading for approximately $7,150. Just yesterday, the asset was selling for about $6,800.
Bitcoin Is Once Again On Top
Bitcoin has been through the mill these last few weeks, dropping from about $10,350 in mid-February to roughly $3,800 in March. The currency has clearly recovered somewhat since then, but there’s still about $3,000 to go if bitcoin is going to reach its 2020 peak for a second time.
That said, it appears the fear and panic surrounding the coronavirus are dying down a bit as many nations, including the United Kingdom, Spain and even Italy – arguably the most affected nation in Europe – are reporting that the latest plans to keep their countries on lockdown are working, and new cases have shrunk to record lows.
In the U.K., for example, Professor Angela McLean offered graphs to viewers interested in the slowing rate of infection to show how social distancing has been effective these last few weeks. Everyone on the island is likely looking for piece of mind after prime minister Boris Johnson was recently admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the virus.
In a statement to Downing Street, McLean explains:
The first graph is about what we have all been doing to stay inside and how much change there’s been in the use of public transport. The whole country’s national rail usage has dropped below 20 percent across the whole country. The efforts all of us are making to stay home and save are working. The growth in the number of cases is not as bad as it could have been if we had not made these efforts.
In countries like Spain and Italy, the number of deaths has taken serious dives. Italy has been practicing hardcore social distancing measures during this past month; as a result, deaths have fallen to two-week lows, and authorities believe the lockdown currently enforced could be lifted by the end of the month granted this trend continues.
We Have to Keep This Up
Italy ISS national health institute director Silvio Brusaferro explained:
The curve has started its descent and the number of deaths has started to drop. If this data is confirmed in the coming days, we will have to start thinking about phase two.
Bitcoin isn’t the only asset doing well at press time. Ethereum has surged by more than $20 in just the last 24 hours alone. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is now trading in the $160 range for the first time in nearly a month, while other coins such as bitcoin cash (BCH), EOS (EOS) and bitcoin SV (BSV) have all jumped by close to ten percent each.
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Bitcoin Price May Reach $1M, Believes Billionaire, Early BTC Investor Chamath Palihapitiya

Coinspeaker Bitcoin Price May Reach $1M, Believes Billionaire, Early BTC Investor Chamath Palihapitiya$1 million as Bitcoin price is possible. At least that’s what billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya thinks. Chamath is a former Facebook executive and currently the CEO of Venture Capital fund Social Capital. He mentioned this prediction in his talk with Anthony Pompliano who is a partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets.Palihapitiya became involved in Bitcoin investing when prices were about $80 per Bitcoin. He also allegedly once owned about 5% of Bitcoins (according to him).Volatility Is the Main IssueIn the interview, he spoke about the status of Bitcoin as a reserve currency. He said that Bitcoin has the potential to be a reserve currency but its volatility stood in the way of mass adoption. Chamath also indicated that Bitcoin stood at an advantage as a vehicle for recovery.Chamath also indicated that the turbulent nature of Bitcoin is one factor that works against it currently. He also expatiated on the correlation between the different kinds of markets:“The only market that’s even more important than the debt markets are the currency markets. In that, there’s value because it allows more market participants to be active in that market so that they can use it as a critical pillar of how they run their business.”He further alluded to why Bitcoin can’t fulfill this role. He said:“You can’t effectively use it. It pushes it into this ghetto of day traders and speculators, and right now that’s where we are.”The Bitcoin enthusiast also named conditions for Bitcoin prices to achieve stability. He said that the cryptocurrency will be viewed by many as a “flight to safety”. He explained:“Over the next 10 years, where this trajectory is going to take shape — and it is a 10-year trajectory — you’ll have a lot of time to vector into it to protect yourself and to hedge yourself.”$1 Million as Bitcoin Price Is possible under Some ConditionsThe “aha” moment in the interview came when Chamath said:“This is either zero or millions, because what it will do is it will create a quasi-gold standard. It’ll create an index, except instead of having to own gold, where gold is owned by central banks, it is an instrument that has value that’s determined by and between its participants, and it’s owned by everybody.”Chamath and all the HODLers in the crypto space understand where Bitcoin is going. They have a sort of sixth sense about the nature of Bitcoin and other decentralized assets.The trustless nature of the technologies behind cryptocurrencies is what gives them their value.This is why investors are increasingly looking to Bitcoin as a hedge. While it may seem too late to buy Bitcoin at $80, it isn’t too late to join the crypto space. This is one driving force behind the cryptocurrency movement.As at the time of filing this article, Bitcoin (BTC) price was at $7,323.22 (+2.71%). It seems that Bitcoin has entered a positive trend again.Bitcoin Price May Reach $1M, Believes Billionaire, Early BTC Investor Chamath Palihapitiya

Boeing (BA) Stock Rose 19% on Monday, Up 4.5% Today amidst Coronavirus Factories Lockdown

Coinspeaker Boeing (BA) Stock Rose 19% on Monday, Up 4.5% Today amidst Coronavirus Factories LockdownBoeing Co (NYSE: BA) stock on Monday experienced a 19.47% rise as it contributed 16 points (10%) of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 1,627 point gain. The surge has made the stock become a reference point in its history as in 2020 alone Boeing stock has surged more than it had in the past 39 years.The firm’s share is now used as a proxy to measure the impact of coronavirus on the aerospace industry as this has not been unprecedented because the virus has managed to halt half of the global commercial jet fleet.As per reports from Cirium that provide aviation data, it reports that 14,500 planes are parked, leaving fewer than 12,000 jets in service.On average, airline shares rose by just 4% on Monday.Boeing (BA) Stock amidst Coronavirus Plant ShutdownBoeing on Monday revealed that it would shut down operations at its 787 Dreamliner facility in South Carolina from Wednesday, and also Airbus Group (EPA: AIR) said it would close its Alabama facility.Boeing also over the weekend said they would keep Seattle-area plants for civilian aircraft closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus after initially planning a temporary shutdown.These factors did not stop Boeing from its massive surge on Monday alongside other positive coronavirus news in the U.S and Europe.Additionally, its 787 plant in North Charleston, S.C., will also close on Wednesday after the second shift until further notice. This is because South Carolina became the latest state to issue a stay-at-home order Monday.The Dow Jones aerospace giant closed its Puget Sound and Moses Lake factories on March 25 for 14 days to perform additional deep cleaning activities at coronavirus-impacted sites. Boeing said on Sunday that it would continue to clean the facilities:“These actions are being taken in light of the company’s continuing focus on the health and safety of employees, current assessment of the spread of COVID-19 in Washington state, the reliability of the supply chain and additional recommendations from government health authorities.”Amidst safety concerns, demand for Boeing jets is also plunging as the coronavirus crisis slows air traffic to a minimal level.The firm last week offered early retirement and buyout package to around 160,000 workers to enable them to save cash as several thousand are expected to take the exit package.As at the time of writing, the firm’s stock is up by 4.49% and trades at $ 155.17.Boeing (BA) Stock Rose 19% on Monday, Up 4.5% Today amidst Coronavirus Factories Lockdown

Eminer Seeks to Emerge Victorious in the Battle for Hash Rates

Coinspeaker Eminer Seeks to Emerge Victorious in the Battle for Hash RatesThe three characteristics of blockchain decentralization, security and immutability are all based on hash rate guarantee. As the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, the hash rate of the entire network is also increasing. We have found that the energy consumption brought about by the significant increase in hash rate is also intensifying. How can hash rates be efficiently used to extract maximum value?  The Eminer hash rate service platform solved this problem.The core of Eminer is the tokenization of hash rate, and on this basis, it has constructed hash rate services, circulation services, financial services and information services, and recorded key data through the blockchain. This model represents the future of mining. As a hash rate service platform, Eminer has two core services, one is to tokenize hash rate, and has a unified value measurement and circulation medium; the other is to make these services transparent and credible through blockchain.Eminer Hash Rate ServiceAt present, the mining threshold is very high. According to the input cost, ordinary users cannot independently participate. It is difficult for retail investors to obtain cheap electricity, it is difficult to enter professional hosting sites, it is necessary for operation and maintenance personnel to ensure the operation of the machine, it is difficult to switch hash rate between different currencies, and it is difficult to obtain financial services.As a hash rate service platform, Eminer’s primary purpose is to provide hash rate services to its users. The current ecology is based on the mining pool, which is formed by many small and medium-sized miners working together, but it still requires users to purchase mining machines, conduct custody, etc., and participate in the mining pool. For ordinary users, there are still high thresholds.The reason why Eminer’s hash rate service is called hash rate service is that it further expands the scope of “miners” and forms a concept similar to “cloud”. Users only need to pay to buy their tokens EM to get mining opportunities, you can use EM to purchase mining machines, pay custody fees, electricity fees and handling fees. The hash rate service provided by Eminer is equivalent to a dedicated “cloud” hash rate service in the mining industry, redefining the “miner” group.To achieve this, Eminer must itself have large-scale hash rates. It does so through both  its own hash rate base and support from other hash rate nodes. From this perspective, Eminer is an upgraded version of the mining pool. It tokenizes the hash rate, broadens the mining participation groups, and aggregates the demand for mining, thereby creating a mining hash rate market.Eminer platform currently owns BTC miners and miners of other currencies (such as ETH, LTC and XMR). At the same time, Eminer hash rate service is also an open platform that supports third-party mines to provide users with hash rate services, and third-party mines can run for EM nodes. Eminer plans to further expand its own hash rate and introduce more external hash rate. In order to resist risks, Eminer has established mines in countries including China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Ethiopia.Eminer Circulation ServicesWhat happens to the fixed assets on the Eminer hash rate platform such as miners and mining plants if there is a need for funds? Eminer can quickly complete the flow of assets through the tokenization model. To put it simply, it means transferring assets within the platform or through the secondary market. At present, the transfer of hash rate can be achieved through EM tokens. Because EM tokens represent hash rate services, the transfer of EM tokens is the transfer of hash rate. The threshold of value circulation is greatly reduced, and brings greater circulation.As mentioned earlier, hash rate institutions such as mines can also become nodes. They can pledge hash rate through the platform to obtain EM tokens, which is equivalent to realizing the flow of hash rate. In general, the reason why Eminer can realize the circulation service is that its core is to tokenize the hash rate, and the threshold for the circulation of tokens is very low and extremely rapid.Eminer Financial ServiceEminer’s financial services mainly address the capital needs of participants in the mining industry. Its financial services include lending, hedging, flash exchange, and other businesses. Regardless of whether it is a mining machine manufacturer, a miner or other participants, they can release the idle tokens in their hands to realize interest earning in coins, and can also conduct hedging business to lock in costs.Participants who need liquidity can borrow tokens to achieve higher returns. For example, some participants feel that the interest relative to the tokens can bring higher profits through their own operations, and there will be a demand to borrow tokens. The financial services generated around the mining industry can promote the activity of the entire industry, making the format richer and more prosperous, and allowing efficient flow of  resources.Eminer Information ServiceTo attract more miners, mining machine manufacturers, mines, etc. into its ecology, Eminer will offer a suite of high-grade information services focused on the mining industry. This information includes electricity price changes in different regions of the world, mining machine transfer information, mining machine sales, mining machine evaluation, industry blacklist information, and other industry resource information. This information is value information for participants in the mining industry. For example, for miners looking for low-cost power, they will always pay attention to changes in electricity prices.At present, although the entire mining industry can obtain all kinds of information, it still lacks a platform for information release and sharing trusted by the whole industry. If Eminer allows more industry participants to participate through computing services, circulation services and financial services, especially if the head institutions are integrated into its ecology, then such information services will be more valuable and gain the trust of more participants.If it can continue to generate value information that everyone trusts, it can also add value to other services in the Eminer ecosystem, such as hash rate services, financial services, and circulation services, which is conducive to the integration and growth of the entire ecosystem. In addition, EM can also be used to prove the rights and interests of node elections. By holding EM, the hashing power node can get double rewards of BTC and EM at the same time. Users can also get the lock-up reward through the lock-up of EM.In general, Eminer tokenizes the mining industry. From a large perspective, what changes will it bring? First of all, everyone can participate in the mining power of Bitcoin and other mainstream tokens. This means that everyone has the opportunity to participate in mining and participate in the issuance of primary tokens such as Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. In other words, if a person wants to obtain Bitcoin, he can not only buy it from the secondary market, but also participate in mining from the primary market.According to the current mining difficulty, if there is no tokenization of Eminer’s computing power, then users need to purchase a mining machine and join a series of operations such as mining pools. This threshold is relatively high, which basically prohibits many ordinary users. With Eminer’s light mining computing power service platform, users can directly purchase computing power through their platform token EM and directly participate in the mining of mainstream digital currencies such as Bitcoin.Once the situation that everyone can participate in mining is realized, this means that the primary issuance and secondary purchases in the entire mining market will gradually move toward equilibrium. Previously, the issuance of first-level tokens, that is, mining, due to the high threshold of professionalism and capital, ordinary users cannot participate. Now by tokenizing the hash rate of the mining industry, ordinary users can also have the opportunity to participate, which leads to the value circulation of the entire mining industry has accelerated.It is understood that in order to meet the expected wet weather season in May and the bitcoin production reduction market, Eminer has begun to actively prepare for the preparation of the high water season trust in March, including docking resources and channels, mine equipment placement, ventilation, water and electricity testing, power equipment testing, operation and maintenance personnel pre-arrangement, etc., to prepare for the upcoming custodial business during the wet weather season.Eminer hash rate will use the cyclic dynamic laws of the computing power market to find and obtain more expansion opportunities in the halving of the fluctuations in the market.Eminer Seeks to Emerge Victorious in the Battle for Hash Rates

OKEx Topped Derivatives Market in March, Says Cryptocompare Exchange Review

Coinspeaker OKEx Topped Derivatives Market in March, Says Cryptocompare Exchange ReviewMarch was a record-breaking month for the crypto market and exchanges. OKEx, the world’s largest cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, topped the derivatives market in March, according to the Exchange Review March 2020 report by CryptoCompare, the global leader in digital asset data. With month-on-month volume increased to $161 Bn, OKEx has demonstrated steady growth in the past months.Source: CryptoCompareJay Hao, CEO of OKEx, said:“The crypto market has been undergoing an unprecedented time, particularly the recent bitcoin slump and the global impact brought by the coronavirus. Given the drastic changes in consumers’ internet browsing behaviors, we observe their investment strategies and portfolio are showing new patterns. Our team has started to investigate and study the new set of data, so as to get prepared for the future. I think exchanges need to re-evaluate the market, and it will be a new stage of the game when the current storm is over.”Crypto exchanges hit an all-time-high in daily transaction volume of $53 Bn on 12 March 2020, the day when the bitcoin price crashed. According to a tweet of Hao, the trading platform processed approx. 300k orders/sec during the volatile period and the trading service was delivered stably. What’s more, OKEx also claimed to maintain a record of zero clawback throughout the market crash.Source: CryptoCompareAbout OKExThe world’s largest and most diverse cryptocurrency marketplace, OKEx is where global crypto traders, miners, and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities, and hedge risks. We provide spot and derivatives trading, including futures, perpetual swap, and options, of major cryptocurrencies, offering investors great flexibility in formulating their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks.OKEx Topped Derivatives Market in March, Says Cryptocompare Exchange Review

Samsung Q1 Profit Prediction Beats Market Estimate amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Coinspeaker Samsung Q1 Profit Prediction Beats Market Estimate amid Coronavirus PandemicBecause of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have significantly cut down their expectations for the first quarter of 2020. The pandemic and the resultant lockdown of many cities in many parts of the world, has affected the regular flow of business. This means that these companies cannot perform at their optimum level if they were doing so before. Regardless of these obvious problems, Samsung is optimistic about its profit for the quarter.Samsung Expects Good Q1 ProfitIn an official news release, Samsung recently said that it predicts good numbers for its operating profit in Q1 2020. The South Korean tech giant expects its figures to do better than previous figures from 2019 and also market estimates. For specifics, the company says that its operating profit will hit 6.4 trillion Korean won, roughly $5.23 billion. This represents an increase of 2.7% from last year’s 6.23 trillion won in the first quarter.Samsung says its consolidated sales for Q1 should climb 5% over last year’s figure to 55 trillion won, over $45.4 billion. Refinitiv had estimated 6.2 trillion won, about $5.05 billion, for the company’s operating profit. Samsung Electronics stock has now climbed 1.85%.With this outlook, Samsung is now one of a small number of companies that are positive about Q1 figures.Samsung Could Brace Coronavirus for ProfitSamsung, just like many other companies, is feeling serious effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Several of its stores and factories in different parts of the world have been closed as governments enforce lockdowns to curb the spread. Because of this, sales will definitely be affected. However, other factors could play in Samsung’s favor.Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Daiwa Securities executive director SK Kim, pointed out a few factors. According to him, Samsung is doing a lot to keep costs as low as possible. Coupled with this, the company’s memory chips are still in high demand especially from data centers that need to accommodate higher demand. These two factors, in addition to the falling Korean won, might be strong enough to do wonders for Samsung. Kim believes this will help shore up performance in other categories:“This will continue to drive memory price high in the second quarter, which will offset weakness on the mobile as well as the TV [departments].”According to Sanjeev Rana, CLSA Senior Analyst, Samsung does most of its smartphone manufacturing in South Korea, India, and Vietnam. Based on this, especially because not a lot of manufacturing is done in China, Rana feels confident about the company’s second-quarter figures. However, he believes that smartphone shipment all over the world for 2020, might fall to 8% and Samsung could be affected as well.Delays in 3nm ProductionThe coronavirus pandemic is, however, affecting Samsung with regards to producing its 3nm chips. Samsung is basically competing with TSMC in a race to 3nm production. The company initially revealed plans to begin mass production sometime in 2021. However, with the current situation, the company might be unable to begin production anytime earlier than 2022.Already, NAND flash prices in China are doing poorly because even though the market is waking up, demand is poor.The illustrations were provided by Depositphotos.comSamsung Q1 Profit Prediction Beats Market Estimate amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Ripple-Compatible Chip Development Is Said to Be Sponsored by U.S. Navy 

Coinspeaker Ripple-Compatible Chip Development Is Said to Be Sponsored by U.S. Navy It was a huge breakthrough for Ripple and the XRP community after the company’s blockchain won a big boost from the U.S. Navy. In an interview, the president of Solari Inc., Catherine Austin Fitts, said a year ago the U.S. Navy had hired a Danish tech company to develop an implantable microchip and make it compatible with the Ripple blockchain.The news coincided with a time when the crypto market is on the upward move after free-falling the first quarter. XRP has risen 15.32% in the past week and jumped a whopping 6.80% in the past 24 hours. The market cap is slightly above $20 billion, with the average XRP volume for the past seven days standing at $1.36 billion.The news also coincided with a time when Ripple Inc. is making big internal improvements and changes to see its mission moved forward. First, it is all notable how detailed the Ripple website page has become, whereby, the company has added almost all information pertaining to its operation and also on XRP coin on the webpage.All these have rejuvenated the XRP community and the criticizers at the same time. Whereby, on one side, the XRP enthusiast got something to prove how decentralized XRP is, while the critics claim it is all a show to defame the crypto market.U.S. Navy Implantable Chips Compatible with RippleA crypto investor by the name Kelvin Cage went to Twitter to share a video showing an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. In the video, she confirms that a Danish tech firm was given the go-ahead to create an implantable microchip compatible with the Ripple blockchain.In the interview, she also claimed that any information from her is very credible, basing that she is an experienced business person in Denmark who knows more than there seems. She said:“Ripple is crypto and it’s the one that’s gotten a lot of promotion from the American establishment in my experience, just my impression.”Earlier she also expressed her thoughts on Twitter.Ah, lovely. Does this have any relation to the one the US Navy had a Danish tech firm making to work with Ripple #XRP? https://t.co/faGehahG4c— CatherineAustinFitts (@TheSolariReport) April 5, 2020The Bigger PictureRipple has in the past been making moves with the financial institutions, mostly to enhance the cross border payments which is a billion-dollar industry. With the urge to become the ultimate crypto community, it has been collaborating with the policymakers and regulators to steer forward the goal.The announcement that it is collaborating with a government body, will go a long way in bridging trust with its customers, and in turn win more customers. However, on the other side, it will not be the most favorable with the darknet users who require total anonymity, basing their arguments that XRP is widely encroached by the slavery government system.Ripple-Compatible Chip Development Is Said to Be Sponsored by U.S. Navy 

XRP Price Hits $0.20 as Over 200M Coins Transferred Anonymously

Coinspeaker XRP Price Hits $0.20 as Over 200M Coins Transferred AnonymouslyAs every crypto coin has begun to gain momentum and is rising now, XRP price is also rising. The coin is trading at $0.20 at the time of writing. It means that the coin has gained 7.78% within 24 hours.The crypto has broken above the overhead resistance at $0.18867. If the bulls can sustain the altcoin above this level, it will signal strength. There is a minor resistance at the 50-day SMA ($0.20) and above this level a rally to $0.25 is possible.Reportedly, as the coin gradually gain momentum, unidentified investors at both retail and institutional level are transferring a large amount of the coin amongst their wallets and sending them to major crypto exchange firms.According to XRPL monitor, in the last 8 hours, as much as 211 million XRP was transferred between several wallets with some anonymous and others identified to be owned by corporate investors. The other wallets were set up and now being operated by crypto exchange firms.The transfers were made over 12 times to send and receive around the whole sum which amounts to $39,518,525.Part of the identified crypto exchange firms that were involved in the transfer where Bithumb, Ripple, and Binance according to the Bithomp website. There is a series of tweets on the XMRL Monitor Twitter account.Transaction Type: PaymentAmount: 10,000,000 XRPFee: 100 drops (0.0001 XRP)Sender: RippleSender Balance: 94,062,615.130811Receiver: rpF98sqNJHYDas6SoRQL6XfctmZcZC2cjZReceiver Balance: 13,368,417.887095Link: https://t.co/EQup9JEZCq— XRPL Monitor (@XRPL_Monitor) April 7, 2020XRP Price Rises to Achieve $0.20Regarded as the third-largest crypto coin after BTC and ETH, XRP is trading at $0.20, Now it means that it is the second in this row as for the gains within 24 hours. As XRP has gained around 8%, BTC has added around 4% while ETH is the leader with its 13%.Reportedly, the rise to $ 0.20 was anticipated by traders and also expected to plunge back to as low as $0.14. XRP token, however, has continued to gain traction with Republican Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein declaring support for the coin saying that XRP is not useless.Gokhshtein, who is a rare pro-crypto voice, also has explained before now that the coronavirus backed economic recession will no doubt have a drastic effect on the crypto industry and predicted then also that individuals would begin selling their Bitcoin for fiat, a way of surviving during this crisis.XRP Price Hits $0.20 as Over 200M Coins Transferred Anonymously

Alphabet (GOOGL) Stock Gained Over 8% Yesterday, It Is a Bargain Now but Until When?

Coinspeaker Alphabet (GOOGL) Stock Gained Over 8% Yesterday, It Is a Bargain Now but Until When?When it comes to Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) stock, it’s hard to always win or lose. The stock has been pretty volatile in the last few weeks, especially after the global outburst of the coronavirus pandemic.The company’s stock saw significant share price movement during recent months on Nasdaq, rising to highs of $1,525 and falling to as low as $1,054. However, the question investors are asking isn’t when to enter but why. Is the Alphabet (GOOGL) current trading price of $1,183 showing the real value of the large-cap or is it currently undervalued, providing us with the opportunity to buy?Yesterday Alphabet (GOOGL) stock gained 8.28%. Today it is 3.12% up in the pre-market. Its current price is 1220.15 while the market cap is 815.10 billion.Alphabet (GOOGL) Is a Bargain Right NowIf we analyze the complete Alphabet’s outlook and value based on the most recent financial data we could see that Alphabet is pretty much a bargain.Some valuation models show that the intrinsic value for the stock hovers around $1,700, which is above what the market is valuing the company at the moment. This represents a great opportunity to buy low. It’s also interesting to track this volatility of the stock because it is possible for it to go both ways – sing deeper or rise higher. These data are based on its high beta. Beta measures how an asset (i.e. a stock, an ETF, or portfolio) moves versus a benchmark (i.e. an index). It is a historical measure of volatility and therefore a good indicator of how the stock will move related to the rest of the market.With profit expected to grow by 35% over the next couple of years, the future seems pretty good for Alphabet. It looks like higher cash flow is on the cards for the stock, which should feed into a higher share valuation.So if you are a shareholder, and since GOOGL is currently undervalued, it may be a great time to accumulate more of your holdings in the stock. However, if you’ve been keeping an eye on GOOGL for a while, now might be the time to enter the stock.Expected Earnings Growth Rate of 24.8%There are also some possible reasons why the stock could rise in the future. In times when every company is giving its best to help relieve the impact of the COVID-19 on the overall business, Alphabet is not an exception. Zacks Equity noticed that Alphabet Inc.’s subsidiary DeepMind AI started helping scientists understand the peculiar features of COVID-19. In January, DeepMind introduced AlphaFold that predicts the 3D structure of a protein-based on its genetic sequence and last month the system was put to test on the novel coronavirus.The company’s expected earnings growth rate for the next year is 24.8%. Alphabet carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold). However, there is always a dosage of cautiousness and we witnessed the stock fall recently. Let’s not forget that advertising sales contribute most of the Alphabet’s revenue and therefore make stock sensitive to the marketing industry’s health.Google Could Fall if It Lets Politicians Run COVID-19 AdsThe COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the business environment and left companies grappling with unforeseen expenses. For example, Amazon has significantly reduced its spending on Google ads during the pandemic.Google has a policy that prevents advertisers from utilizing sensitive events, like epidemics or natural disasters, to promote their products or services. In January, the company blocked similar content.However, afterward, seeing the profit will tremendously fall, the company said it will allow clients, including politicians, to run COVID-19 ads on its platforms. The shift could boost Google’s ads sales during the crisis and lift Alphabet stock. Google contributes to most of the Alphabet’s revenue.Alphabet (GOOGL) Stock Gained Over 8% Yesterday, It Is a Bargain Now but Until When?