Major Drug and Crypto Bust Occurs in Australia

In Australia, law enforcement officials have uncovered $1 million in cryptocurrency thanks to an alleged drug bust.
Australia; The Home of Crypto Crime?
The drugs were hidden inside a child’s toy being sent to a region called Perth. The paraphernalia confiscated by the police included nearly 28 grams in illegal MDMA tablets along with MDMA powder. The package was allegedly sent from somewhere in the United Kingdom.
Police officials examined the address the package was destined for. They then raided the home which was occupied by a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman, both of whom had been engaged in selling cannabis and marijuana products. The couple also had access to a mobile device which was storing approximately $1.5 million in assorted crypto funds.
Situations like these do not strike a positive chord for the crypto industry, as one can undoubtedly imagine. While crypto has many positive uses and functions, several politicians and regulators refuse to accept its status as a powerful financial tool considering how often it’s tied to criminal activity or used in malicious schemes.
Perhaps the biggest example of this was the Silk Road black market, initially started by Ross Ulbricht, who was captured by law enforcement in 2013 and sentenced to life imprisonment two years later.
In addition, bitcoin and cryptocurrency often incites worry about several other forms of crime, including money laundering. This was one such argument by Senate members who were overseeing testimony delivered by Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, who’s company is on the verge of releasing Libra – one of the most controversial crypto projects to date.
Many were curious how Libra planned to keep customers’ private data secure while closing the door to white-collar financial crime. Zuckerberg has initially given into regulatory pressure and commented that Facebook will have no choice but to exit the Libra Association granted the project does not garner full regulatory approval.
Detective senior sergeant Paul Matthews – who’s overseeing the case in Australia – says that the cryptocurrency seizure is arguably the largest of its kind in the whole of Australia. Among the cryptocurrencies confiscated by police were bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).
The week has been wrought with stories regarding hackers attempting to garner crypto funds that aren’t theirs. Perhaps the biggest story as of late involves the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Up Bit, which was recently robbed of nearly $50 million in ether tokens.
The Money Doesn’t Belong to You
Furthermore, a hacker allegedly tried to initiate a 51 percent attack on Vertcoin, though this attempt proved largely unsuccessful from a money-making perspective.
Australia has arguably become a major haven for cryptocurrency fraud and theft as of late, with several arrests being made just last August over an alleged cold-calling scheme that may have cheated investors out of as much as $2 million in digital funds.
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Introducing The 5G Expo Global – The New 5G Conference and Exhibition Introduced by the World Leading Enterprise Technology Conference

Introducing The 5G Expo Global – The New 5G Conference and Exhibition Introduced by the World Leading Enterprise Technology Conference
The 5G Conference and Exhibition will be co-located with the leading IoT Tech Expo, the largest Blockchain Expo, Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo and Ai & Big Data Expo. the two-day event will bring together 5G innovators from all over the world.
The 5G Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Olympia London, UK on the 17-18th March 2020.
The 5G Expo will bring together key industries from across the globe and will present top-level content and discussion exploring the entire 5G ecosystem and showcasing the latest technology innovations and solutions. Discover the real value of 5G and how it can also transform a number of industries including Manufacturing, Transport, Supply Chain, Insurance, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive.
The brand new 5G conference tracks include a number of free to attend tracks covering topics such as 5G capabilities, Network Slicing, 5G Infrastructure, Core Network, convergent technologies, future solutions, Wifi 6 and much more!
The show also offers more exclusive conference tracks where paid ticket holders can learn 5G applications including best practices and case studies, 5G within transport, rural connectivity, urban living & healthcare, 5G within manufacturing, cyber security, energy and sustainability and so much more!
Here’s an introduction to just a few of the speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences throughout the conference. Please follow this link for more information on the 5G Conference Speakers:

Kevin Qin, Global Head of 5G Projects, Future Networks – GSMA
Prof. Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of Smart Internet Lab/ Co-Director – University of Bristol/ Bristol Digital Futures Institute
Ed King, Lead Architect – BBC
Enrique Martín, Smart solutions Project Manager – FC Barcelona
Karl Liriano, Head of Network Evolution – O2
Erol Hepsaydir, Head of RAN and Device Strategy and Architecture – Three
Mansoor Hanif, CTO – Ofcom

… and so many more!
Alongside a Free Expo Pass, there are a number of ticket options to attend the show which will give you access to the whole co-located exhibition and open conference tracks across the entire event. Perfect if you would like to learn more about Ai, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Paid ticket holders will also have access to an exclusive networking app, a VIP delegate lounge at the show, conference recordings and presentations post event and an evening of networking on the first day of the event.
To secure your ticket, sign up online today via this link: Register for your ticket
If you’re unable to attend our 5G Expo Global, we also have other upcoming shows in Amsterdam and Silicon Valley. The 5G World Series consists of the following shows:

5G Expo Global 2020 – 17-18 March 2020, Olympia London, London, UK
5G Expo Europe 2020 – 1-2 July 2020, RAI, Amsterdam
5G Expo North America 2020 – 4-5 November 2020, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, CA

About the 5G Expo World Series
The 5G Expo World Series hosts top level content and discussion, introducing and exploring the entire 5G ecosystem and showcasing the latest technology innovations and solutions. The show will include top level content and discussion covering topics such as 5G latency, network slicing, the enterprise value, collaborating 5G, IoT & Blockchain, Big Data & AI in 5G, and the future of cybersecurity.
Join CxO’s, Head’s of Innovation & Technology, VP Strategists, Technical Advisors, System Architects, System and Telecom Engineers, R&D Managers, Marketing Managers, 5G Analysts and many more! From industries including:

Energy & utilities
Supply chain / logistics

The entire show consists of 5 co-located events, 24 conference tracks, 13,000 attendees, 500+ speakers, 350+ exhibitors.
We have a variety of ways to get involved with the 5G Conference and Exhibition, including exhibiting, speaking and sponsoring. For more information or to discuss the best options for  your company, please get in touch with the team: [email protected] or call on +44 (0) 117 980 9020.
Introducing The 5G Expo Global – The New 5G Conference and Exhibition Introduced by the World Leading Enterprise Technology Conference

Many Are Suspicious of Bitcoin’s Recent Behavior

Recently, bitcoin incurred a near-$1,000 surge in its price. While this might traditionally cause people to get excited, some industry experts are suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the sudden (and short-lived) jump.
Bitcoin Is Acting Strange, Lately
At press time, bitcoin has settled down and dropped to $7,300. However, on December 4, the currency allegedly spiked all the way to $7,800, though this was only temporary. Among the few industry analysts to take issue with the surge was Mati Greenspan, a senior analyst with the exchange e-Toro. The crypto mogul took to social media to express the following:
As I write this morning, today’s price spike does seem a bit suspicious… The sudden movement on an otherwise uneventful day, the low volumes across exchanges, the quick retracement after the move, it all points to the assumption that this was the outcome of a single player with a large buy order. Or in other words… a large whale.
Whenever a whale rises from the depths to take some sort of action with crypto, the entire industry seems to get affected. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Whales – or individuals that store heavy amounts of bitcoin or other crypto in single accounts – will sometimes move certain funds over to separate wallets.
This wouldn’t be so bad except they often move large amounts given that they’re “crypto rich,” so this undoubtedly affects the price behavior of the market given that it’s not used to such a heavy figure being transferred.
Whenever a whale is active in the crypto space, the prices of many forms of crypto – usually BTC – tend to take a nasty fall.
Tim Enneking – the managing director of Digital Capital Management – also thinks that the recent price spike is suspicious, claiming:
With this unusually low volume crypto markets have experienced, any single, large transaction has an [outsize] impact. Th is true both because the transaction itself will affect markets and because, in the absence of other signals, market watchers overreact to such a transaction and exaggerate the move, regardless of direction.
Most evidence suggests that bitcoin has been heavily oversold during the past several weeks, though to be fair, the currency has managed to retain a specific momentum despite these conditions. The currency initially fell into the $7,000 range during late November for reasons that are still not quite understood.
Will BTC Stay Where It Is?
It later peaked during the Thanksgiving holiday – which is when the near-$1,000 spike initially occurred – only to fall back down to the $7,500 mark, which was later followed by $7,300. At this stage, it looks as if this is where BTC is planning to end the year.
Still, the fact that bitcoin has managed to stay within this range and not fall any further suggests that it has developed greater maturity when compared with December of 2018.
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Lolli and Expedia Join Hands to Give Vacationers BTC Rewards

Lolli – a program that rewards users with cryptocurrency – has partnered with travel site Expedia as a means of pushing its crypto agenda.
Lolli Allows Travelers to Earn BTC Rewards
From here on out, all customers of Lolli who utilize Expedia to plan their next vacation are eligible to receive as much as five percent cash back in bitcoin and cryptocurrency funds. Talk about living large – plan your next big getaway to Switzerland or Malta, and you’ll earn BTC for doing so.
Lolli CEO Alex Adelman explained that he’s confident the move is likely to push bitcoin closer towards mainstream territory. In a statement, he expressed his joy that Expedia would want to become part of the crypto rewards family the company has been seeking to build over the past two years.
Adelman explained:
We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Expedia. Our users love earning bitcoin when they travel, and Expedia has been a highly requested partner since we launched. This year, Expedia is projected to generate billions in bookings. Rewarding travelers with bitcoin is an incredible way to distribute an enormous amount of bitcoin and make bitcoin more accessible to all, while educating people on the power and importance of bitcoin.
Lolli has developed a wide array of affiliates and partners in a relatively short period. It is reported that Americans alone will spend nearly $10 billion in online purchases during 2019’s holiday season, which means that granted they shop with partners of Lolli, they’re likely to earn BTC back on everything they buy.
John Cianciarulo – partner marketing manager with Expedia – explained:
We are excited to be partnering with Lolli who has proven to be a leader in the bitcoin rewards space by their vast pool of online retailers which represent some of the top brands in the world. To be able to offer cashback but in bitcoin for our customers is a great opportunity for Expedia, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without working with Lolli.
Among Lolli’s biggest affiliates are Walmart, Macy’s, Hilton, GAP and Old Navy. In November, the company landed another serious partner in Chinese online retailer Alibaba, which is often compared with Amazon in terms of size and revenue.
Recently, the company earned a place on CNBC’s list of top 100 financial startups to watch. It was the only bitcoin-centered company to make the cut, which suggests that while bitcoin hasn’t quite hit mainstream status just yet, the digital currency is beginning to turn heads in the financial space.
Reaching the Top
The company was also one of 600 companies to apply for a spot, so the fact that a BTC-based venture would be taken so seriously by one of the world’s leading media outlets says a lot.
At press time, bitcoin has fallen by $200 since yesterday and is trading for $7,300.
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BIS Head’s Crypto Anger Changes to Mid-Positive Attitude

BIS Head’s Crypto Anger Changes to Mid-Positive Attitude
Smart people are famous for revaluation of their beliefs, and now the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is ready to try implementing their own cryptocurrency to stay ahead of the market. The same man who was calling for a “clampdown on Bitcoin”, Agustín Carstens, now says:
“We have a responsibility to be at the cutting edge of the debate. There is really no choice but to do so, as otherwise, events will overtake us…”
By “events” Carstens presumably means thousands of companies that show significant results within the cryptocurrency space.
Bank of International Settlements’ head Agustín Carstens is famous for his previous negative attitude toward cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. He used to accuse crypto startups of “piggybacking” on banks. He also said that cryptocurrencies threaten financial stability, and warned about the numerous threats. Earlier he stated:
“To date, many judge that, given cryptocurrencies’ small size and limited interconnectedness, concerns about them do not rise to a systemic level. But if authorities do not act pre-emptively, cryptocurrencies could become more interconnected with the main financial system and become a threat to financial stability.”
BIS is the bank where all the world central banks hold their accounts. It is not a surprise that their head has a negative attitude toward a new payment solution. Indeed, to implement cryptocurrencies on a global level, people must first change their attitude to the money. Blockchain also opens a wide range of uncovered threats, from hacking to sophisticated ones like crypto-jacking or instant mining.
Banks Could Use Cryptocurrencies for Interoperability and Inner Accounting
Earlier, we could see only the shady exchanges like BTC-e making huge profits. Money laundering is a profitable business, as well as online casinos and drug shops. Good soil is always captured by couch grass before the useful culture is seeded. Here is Carstens’ opinion regarding the matter:
“The current fascination with these cryptocurrencies seems to have more to do with a speculative mania than any use as a form of electronic payment, except for illegal activities”
Carstens notes that small banks should not consider issuing their private cryptocurrencies. However, he said that the central banks may be issuing their cryptocurrencies. Because those coins will be tied to the institutions that hold large deposits. He even stated that it is dangerous to issue such cryptocurrencies to local people, because they may prefer using them and abandon private banks.
BIS head also warned that the crypto firms that work with cryptocurrencies for a long time have the insider information and insights. He claims that, if the majority of financial players jump into the market, they will lose money against people who know the unwritten rules of the industry.

BIS Head’s Crypto Anger Changes to Mid-Positive Attitude

EOS Voice, the ‘Facebook Killer’, to Be Unleashed on 14 February 2020

EOS Voice, the ‘Facebook Killer’, to Be Unleashed on 14 February 2020
The new EOS-based social network Voice in its beta version will start on 14 February 2020 and is set to reward users with its token, thus bringing the desired freedom of speech and ad-hoc monetization that lacks in other social networks.
Presented by Creators of EOS, Voice will Not Manipulate Data
Particularly, using the blockchain technology, Voice can set all its operations to move through blockchain. When blockchain records inner operations of the network, it is impossible to insert closed code. Social networks like to record their client’s moves, personal information, and files, without permission.
When it comes to privacy, Facebook and any other network you can name may have issues of different sizes. Some analysts call Voice a “Facebook Killer” because the new social network’s main concern is privacy through transparency. Voice aims to bring the power of uncensored content to those who cherish both social networking and blockchain-based tech.
During a lecture in Washington D.C., CEO Voice Brendan Blumer and CTO Voice Dan Larimer elaborated more about their stimulus:
“Social media is broken. Designed to use us, our data and attention are harvested into trillion-dollar profits for large corps, big tech, banks, and Wall Street interests, while we struggle to protect ourselves against the consequences of having our attention auctioned to anonymous parties, and our personal information traded on the open market. This misalignment of interest between us and the platforms we once trusted continues to increasingly expose us to data profiling, identity theft, cyberbullying, and persuasive misinformation.”
Rewards-Based Networking Model Built on Blockchain is Dark Waters
Voice admits that the regulatory environment is complicated, and the blockchain is a tricky field. However, since the first announcement, thousands of people already show interest in the platform. The crowds include the so-called “thought leaders” and even the press, according to The Voice website. This sounds like a very good start: not every blockchain platform can make people sing up before the official launch without being a scammy ICO sale.
Coins are “cycling value back into users’ hands in the form of the Voice Token. Voice Tokens are earned by being you, and expressing your voice; they possess the utility of attention, and can be used to elevate content in different ways throughout the ecosystem.”
We consider that the company will put lots of effort and money into many of the ongoing ventures. For instance, has paid $30 million to MicroStrategy web dealers only to obtain the domain name. will Vote for EOS Block Producers
The company has 9.5% of the total coin’s supply and considers itself as a “small, but significant” player. It claimed:
“Our goal is to highlight improvements and features that we believe uphold the integrity of the network and push these metrics to new heights. Ultimately, we will begin participating in block producer voting to more actively join other EOS token holders in ensuring the EOS network remains as healthy and revolutionary as ever” team will facilitate their stash of EOS coins, which are now available on the eToro‘s eToroX platform, to start voting for the block producers. Those are the companies that are running block confirmation in several DPoS and PoS-based blockchains. Admitting that team has a huge experience, like going through the troubles with the U.S. government’s SEC, we presume they will do the best to rule “their own country” according to best practices.
EIDOS Token Distribution by Slow Contract Will Last Weeks
The EOS blockchain is now passing a crucial stress-test. It is a constant activity of a smart contract that assigns EIDOS tokens among a network of initial investors. An interesting take here is that the smart contract is loading the network. Token distribution will last for 15 weeks since November 11.
Such an airdrop is dedicated to a token that has no real utility and is only good for dumping it via exchanges, according to Cryptovest. During the network’s congestion in the first week of the distribution process, the trading decreased. Volume felt from $1 million per day to $500,000 per day. Some leading network dApps were still online and working, but the smaller ones needed to wait for confirmation. Just like that canonical OG bitcoiners after setting a low fee and forgetting to add RBF flag to the payment.
EOS Voice, the ‘Facebook Killer’, to Be Unleashed on 14 February 2020

NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 Revisits Bangkok, Ends With GURUS Influencer Awards

NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 Revisits Bangkok, Ends With GURUS Influencer Awards
Advertisers and affiliate network leaders joined cryptocurrency visionaries and CEOs of successful startups to speak about the future of their industries and discuss synergies.
The conference was a one-day event and took place in Bangkok’s epic W Hotel. It was packed with five impactful panel discussions and seven presentations, alongside an expo and coffee zone with nine booths.

36 speakers from 16 countries, including crypto experts such as Herbert R. Sim or the Bitcoin Man, J.D. Salbego, CEO of Legion Ventures, Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Co-founder & CEO at Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., as well as traditional finance representatives, like Daniel Kruger, Affiliate Development Manager at Vantage FX, Neo Say Wei, CEO Neo & Partners Global and RF International Holdings, and big names from the affiliate industry, including Alex Fedotoff, a leading Facebook ads strategist for fast-growing e-commerce businesses, Anthony Sarandrea, one of the best lead generators in the world and Anna Gita, CEO of MaxWeb, one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks – all participated in the comprehensive discussions.
The participants focused on common grounds of Affiliate Marketing and Crypto, and apart from that, a lot of discussions were centered around new trends in payment solutions for affiliates, CFD and online marketing, P2P commerce and using innovative technologies technology in marketing, conversion, and retention.

The conference was sponsored by some of the biggest names in crypto, traditional finance, and the affiliate space, including, Vantage FX, World Markets, Tapjets, EXW-Wallet, Bitbanq and others.
All the movers and shakers from crypto, finance and affiliate worlds turned W Hotel Bangkok into a fantastic networking hub with tons of business opportunities.
Herbert R. Sim, a.k.a. The Bitcoin Man, founder of Crypto Chain University, said:
“Yet another resounding successful conference by Krypton Events under the leadership of Alisa Berezutska, which brought together blockchain first-class delegates and outstanding speakers. I am glad to have participated, and look forward to future conferences.”
XT Exchange Co-Founder Weber Woo used the opportunity to share his thoughts about regulations pertaining to exchanges:
“Today’s Crypto exchange has to be innovative, otherwise, they will not survive. Plus Government regulations should give blockchain industry more time and space, which is good for innovation.”
J.D. Salbego, CEO of Legion Ventures, said:
“The business value-add of Blockchain technology is trillions of dollars. We are embarking on a new paradigm shift in the transfer of economic value and ownership, and NEXT BLOCK Asia Conference is at the center of this movement.”
As per tradition, NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 culminated in a fabulous ASIA FASHION PARTY and the new GURUS AWARDS, which recognized online influencers in various fields, with the winners of influencer awards being:

BEST Crypto Legal Consultancy: Tal Itzhak Ron
BEST Crypto Media: CryptoNewsZ
BEST Use of Blockchain Technology: LedgerTech
BEST Crypto Journalist: Myrtle Anne
BEST Twitter Account: Nebraska Gooner
BEST Crypto Videos on Youtube: 99 Bitcoins
BEST Crypto Educator: Herbert Rafael Sim
POPULAR Choice Award in Influencers: Herbert Rafael Sim
POPULAR Choice Award in Companies: KYCAID

The party and awards ceremony was a huge success, with great music and cocktails sponsored by Tapjets, and was lauded by winners and attendees. Manuel Batista, CO-Founder of EXW-wallet, said:
“Thank you to the organization of Gurus and especially for the great vibe at the event and award ceremony! We are very happy to have won the prize as the best crypto PSP and we will improve on it and work every day harder to offer even better service. Great to see this combination of affiliate and crypto market.“
Eran Tirer, Founder & CEO of Ledgertech, said:
“It was an honor to receive the Gurus Award for the best use of blockchain technology. The award ceremony was a great finish to a very successful day at the Next Block Asia conference. We are looking forward to participating in future conferences of Krypton Events. We had a great business value, speaking to the right audience of blockchain and marketing professionals.”
Now Krypton Events will be hosting their next event in Kyiv, Ukraine, slated for April 23, 2020. More details can be found on their official website.

NEXT BLOCK ASIA 2.0 Revisits Bangkok, Ends With GURUS Influencer Awards

Apple Is Expected to Release a New iPhone without Any Ports in 2021

Apple Is Expected to Release a New iPhone without Any Ports in 2021
Apple’s iPhone 11 is just over 2 months old but has been so successful that there have been several reports that the company is struggling under the high volume of demands. It’s worth mentioning that it has a positive impact on the company’s stock. Along with the new iPhone, Apple also released other products such as the Airpods Pro, which has also caused quite a bit of competition among Apple’s manufacturers as they also are finding it hard to meet up. In the midst of all of the confusion about the new offerings, new details about Apple’s products for 2020 and 2021 have already come to light.
According to a report from 9to5Mac, popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made interesting claims about Apple’s future products. Kuo has now said that one of the iPhone versions which will be released about two years from now, will come without any connecting ports.
Because the global tech community has seen a considerable increase in the use of USB-C ports, it had been widely believed that Apple would make this change as well. Instead, Kuo says that in 2021, the iPhone will “provide the completely wireless experience.”
While Apple has not confirmed the report and most likely will not, it’s interesting to see how well a portless phone will fair in the market. Even though wireless charging is not new and has been around for quite a while, it has always been an optional function. Making wireless charging somewhat “compulsory” will definitely have some effect on the perception of the iPhones and Apple in general. This is because the option of using the iPhone while plugged in most likely will not be available anymore and the only way to make sure customers don’t miss wired charging is for Apple to significantly improve the phone’s battery life.
The analyst has also said that before 2021, Apple will release four new OLED iPhones by 2020. He says that there will be one with a 5.4-inch display, two with 6.1-inch display and another much bigger one with a 6.7-inch display. Kuo also suggests that the cameras for these offerings will be different. The 5.4-inch phone will come with a dual-camera and the 6.1-inch version will come in two variations with the lower one installed with dual-camera and the improved version with the recently released camera with three lenses. The 6.7-inch model will also have three lenses and both the higher 6.1 and 6.7 will also come with time-of-flight 3D technology.
Based on Kuo’s predictions, Apple will release five new iPhones before the end of 2020. Kuo’s previous forecasts have had a reasonable level of accuracy meaning that fingers are generally crossed as to what to expect for iPhone’s future.
Apple Inc. (AAPL) is currently at $265.58, increasing by 1.47% over its previous close. On Tuesday however, AAPL fell 3% in one day, making it the company’s largest intraday percentage drop. On the bright side, however, it has gained almost 50% since June and has been performing quite well. At $1.2 trillion, AAPL is currently the largest stock by market cap.
And with the company’s great plans for the product range extension, investors may really expect to see even better days of Apple stock. However, only time will show where we will see the company’s stock in a year.
Apple Is Expected to Release a New iPhone without Any Ports in 2021

XRP Adoption in Blockchain-Based Gaming Community Helps Project Extension

XRP Adoption in Blockchain-Based Gaming Community Helps Project Extension
During 2019, Ripple, a San Francisco-based organization developing the ecosystem around XRP has gained prominent partnerships to boost the use of XRP.
XRP is one of the most pressing digital money forms for weekend recovery. The Asian session was portrayed with a slight 0.2% increase in price while the European session continues. Instability extends near the evolving technical pattern. XRP/USD bounces back at $0.2225 although it opened Friday session at $0.2228.
In the hour of writing, XRP price rose 0.78% to $0.2256. A bullish start for the day saw XRP rise from early morning lows of $0.2203 to $0.2256. Despite the cryptocurrency crisis, be it the case, XRP may continue to avoid levels below $0.21 on the daily trade.
Before the news, Forte, Ripple-backed gaming organization, says it is pressing to use XRP and Interledger protocol to pool blockchain-based games and influence XRP as settlement money. In another post on the blog, co-founder Brett Seyler says the organization is openly adopting how innovation can be harnessed to help companies in a $140-billion industry develop free games that enable players to purchase in-game resources, for example, redesigning swords and shields.
Back in March, Ripple and Forte stated that they would allocate $100 million for organizations that make games with blockchain and crypto resources.
As explained by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, a large portion of the association aims to help improve the liquidity of both XRP and RippleNet, making for a distinct ecosystem for development.

Upward Sentiment Stops on XRP/USD below the Level at $0.2280
Supply Levels: $0.2112, $0.2025, $0.1935
Demand Levels: $0.2501, $0.2340, $0.2280
XRP rallied on Thursday. Moving from the slide on Wednesday, it ended the previous day on the level of $0.2228. A mixed start to the day saw the digital currency pair drop to an intraday low in the morning at $0.2203 before discovering the support.
Avoiding the major key support level at $0.2112, XRP has been activated to the intraday high at $0.2256. Moreover, bulls are purposefully flexing their muscles, moreover, the critical level barrier at $0.2280 is not flawless yet even though it has been tried out.
For the day ahead, the trend through the level at $0.2280 levels may consolidate the range at the important key barrier at $0.2340. After falling back to $0.2203 during the day, the market rebounded from the near-term technical support level at the same level.
Although XRP faces a current moment upswing, this might be a good correction, as both the medium and long-term structure is in a downtrend.

XRP Adoption in Blockchain-Based Gaming Community Helps Project Extension

Is Bitcoin Ready to Retest $8,000 as the Whole Market Is Green Today?

Is Bitcoin Ready to Retest $8,000 as the Whole Market Is Green Today?
On Wednesday, Bitcoin jumped 9.92% from the day low of $7,080 to $7,775 during only 5 hours of the trade. However, at the end of the day, the price closed at $7,199. The Bitcoin price seems to be slowing down every time it meets resistance at $7,800 and cannot set a higher high above $8,000. Traders can see that the highest volume happened when the prices were $8,040 and $7,850. However, since prices started to drop as soon as they reached those heights, it can be presumed that the next bull move will need stronger and sustained volume to surpass this zone.
For now, Bitcoin seems to be caught below the long term descending trendline and since June 27, there is a clear view of the currency going towards the trendline but rejecting and falling creating a new phase of lower highs.
This is not a great time for perma-bulls who believe that every large price drop means also the bottom and therefore a chance for opening a low leveraged low position. However, this kind of behavior will eventually lead to liquidation, red accounts or even bankruptcy in most severe cases.
On the other hand, those who look upon both sides of Bitcoin’s price movement can realize that the current downfall trend to the lower trendline of the descending channel results with a severe oversold jump that climaxes with only a brush against the main descending trendline where traders will open their short positions which will go back down to lower trendline.
According to data from Skew Markets, Wednesday’s jump dissolved approximately $60 million in BitMEX leveraged positions.
Meanwhile, news of the week that might weigh on investor sentiment were few. The first one involves U.S. President Donald Trump saying the U.S.-China trade deal might have to wait after the 2020 elections. The second one goes to the crypto Twitter chatter that Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures contracts are only 37% backed by Bitcoin and not 100% as it was previously planned. The third thing is also connected to Bakkt, precisely to its CEO Kelly Loeffler who announced her departure in order to serve as a United States Senator representing the state of Georgia.
Even though some are suggesting that Loeffler could advocate for crypto-supportive legislation from her new position as a senator, there is also some serious doubt that it will be so. As a loyal Republican and Trump fan, she will probably do as ordered from the White House when it comes to cryptocurrencies.
Be it as it may, the Crypto Fear & Greed Index reading is back to “Extreme Fear.” Because investors are recognizing the indicator as a counter trading signal, some will look at Bitcoin’s current price action as another chance to assemble or at least open long positions. Investors who are not so much fond of risk will most probably interpret the reading as a new warning that Bitcoin price could fall to new multi-month lows if it fails to hold $7,000.
Today, Bitcoin opened on $7,393 is sitting at $7,357 falling by 0.5% at the time of writing. Over the last few days, the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator which demonstrated the relationship between two moving averages of a BTC’s price, managed a bull cross. However, traders want to see more volume and range in Bitcoin’s price action.
The VPVR indicator currently shows that price could run towards $8,000 if bulls can press the price above $7,400. On the other hand, a drop below $7,080 could see the price drop to $6,800 and if buyers fail to buy then, the price could fall as far as $6,524. If bulls ignore this level as well, then $5,250 is likely to be the next target.
Is Bitcoin Ready to Retest $8,000 as the Whole Market Is Green Today?