Prime XBT: 5 Ways You Can Profit in a Bear Market Using PrimeXBT

Bear markets have severe consequences for financial markets while on the other hand; they present shrewd traders different types of opportunities for making profit. This is mostly true for cryptocurrency trading, as volatility can see prices spike tenfold or more in short periods and vice versa.
Prime XBT is an upcoming cryptocurrency trading platform that enables traders profit by providing them with the necessary trading tools and environment to succeed. They have also introduced margin trading to the cryptocurrency market where cryptocurrency traders can benefit from long and short trading positions with leverage up to 100x of their account balance. With other features like stop loss order limits and the ability to hedge existing positions, traders have better odds to make profit.
There are different ways of benefiting from using Prime XBT for trading cryptocurrency market bear bear periods:

High liquidity on Prime XBT: Poor liquidity on existing cryptocurrency trading platforms is a recurrent issue for traders and one that impacts trading cryptocurrency negatively. For a new cryptocurrency trading platform, Prime XBT is excellent for high liquidity. This cuts across board for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), etc. And is the same for unpopular and obscure coins.

Prime XBT users don’t have to wait long periods to get orders filled due to high amounts of liquidity the platform provides. When cryptocurrency prices drop, and traders want to sell quickly to avoid further depreciation, Prime XBT increases their chances twelve fold. This is achieved by aggregating liquidity from 12 cryptocurrency exchanges, providing traders with instant order execution at any volume.
2. Prudently use Prime XBT margin account: This is a good example of how to profit from market ups and downs when using Prime XBT. A lot of traders are not aware of margin trading and how to use it to earn more profit while trading cryptocurrency. With a Prime XBT margin account, you can borrow funds from Prime XBT, up to one hundred times your available balance to buy and sell any cryptocurrency of your choice. These loans are given to traders depending on how much funds they deposit-collateral margin.
Using margin trading prudently is a great way of making profit during cryptocurrency market bears. However, there are risks associated with it, hence, you must be knowledgeable and patient to be successful. In bear markets, shrewd traders analyze  cryptocurrency prices to determine under-priced assets. And traders without sufficient funds to take advantage of these price dips only have to open an account with Prime XBT, deposit what they can afford to, and receive 100x leverage to trade with.
How to qualify for a margin account on Prime XBT:

Make sure you understand how margin accounts and trading work, including all the risks associated with margin trading.
Sign up with Prime XBT and make a deposit, and your account will automatically receive 100x leverage of your deposit.
You can start trading immediately your deposit clears. There are no extra checks or know- your-customer (KYC) stopping you from using your Prime XBT margin account.
You can also trade anonymously if you wish to, and still receive the full benefits of having a Prime XBT account.

3. Try short selling underperforming cryptocurrencies: Short selling cryptocurrency is a strategy for when you expect a cryptocurrency price will fall. Bear markets are generally tough on cryptocurrencies that perform well, and are brutal on underperforming and obscure coins. Under these circumstances, shrewd traders that are well versed on how to perform short sell trades make profit from short selling underperforming cryptocurrencies.
It is worth noting that short selling is risky, and not everyone is adept at it. You must learn and understand the process fully, including its risk to reward ratio before using it. Nonetheless, Prime XBT provide traders 100x leverage solutions for long and short cryptocurrency trading which means that you can profit when the cryptocurrency market falls by short selling.
4. Buy popular cryptocurrencies during price dips: In bear markets, prices of both popular and unpopular cryptocurrencies depreciate. However, the difference between popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (Eth) and Bitcoin (BTC) when compared to the less popular cryptocurrencies, is that, popular cryptocurrency prices are more likely to rebound.
As a trader, it is important to note that the best periods for buying cryptocurrency are when prices fall, and during bear markets the dips are huge. These are the only times you will find popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) to buy cheaply.
Buying popular cryptocurrencies at lower prices, and holding long-term positions ensure profit when prices eventually go back up. Prime XBT margin accounts are great for buying popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) in bear market periods. As long as you have some funds in your Prime XBT account, you’re entitled to 100x leverage.

Limitless cryptocurrency trading platform: Prime XBT is a limitless cryptocurrency trading platform. There are no limits to transaction sizes on the platform as liquidity is high for most cryptocurrencies. This is another boost to trading profits during bear market periods as, Prime XBT is probably the only cryptocurrency trading platform that offers traders very high liquidity and limits. This means you can trade, deposit and withdraw high amounts of cryptocurrencies at any given moment.

Aside from profiting during bear market periods, there are many benefits to using Prime XBT as your primary platform for trading cryptocurrency. The Prime XBT team has many years’ experience in building and servicing cryptocurrency exchanges. Their goal is to reduce the obstacles many cryptocurrency traders deal with daily in the industry, and create a pleasant, smooth and profitable trading experience for everyone.
Check out Prime XBT and sign up for the best trading experience in crypto sphere. Early participants will be rewarded in many ways including no fees charged for transactions in the first month. They will also qualify automatically for future Prime XBT promotions that might include higher margin credit.
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Blockchain Bank: Malta Getting Ready to Innovate

Malta is on its way to acquire a blockchain bank which will freely service companies and investors. Traditional banks have long denied clients any form of crypto service. This has been referred to as the “blockchain island”.
RnF Finance Limited is applying with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MSA). The company is local and has close ties with OK Blockchain Capital Limited. If the application is accepted, the company will be able to function as a credit institution without any legal barriers.
Roderick Psaila is the founder and CEO of RnF. He has been in the banking business for nearly 30 years and over the spam of 28, has started multiple banks in Malta.  He was last positioned as AgriBank’s CEO, which had already acquired the permission from MSA.
Malta Blockchain Bank
Psaila was very excited about the new bank and the opportunities it will present to clients:
“We will aim for corporate and private clients with large funding. No industries will be vetoed and every single application will be treated professionally on a case by case basis. We will also offer services related to Private Banking and Wealth Management.”
Psaila also believes that this will be sufficient for many crypto exchanges and companies to get the same treatment as traditional companies. The bank plans for heavy investments into both blockchain tech and AI development during the first few years. According to Psaila, this strategy will allow for many new clients from different branches to notice and use the bank’s rapidly-developing services.
With the regulatory approval most likely being available at mid-2019, RnF is already getting ready to instantly start banking operations.
The Chief Risk Officer of OK Group, Tim Byun, stated:
“Malta was one of the few countries who tried to instantly recognized blockchain tech’s potential and begun to adapt immediately. We have made great progress in regards to the regulation of the blockchain industry. This is why we’re very excited to cooperate with RnF on this new banking venture. With the country’s secure regulatory framework and support for developing industries, the blockchain island might become a thing of the past.”
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What are VR, AR and… other Rs?

What are VR, AR and… other Rs?
Any technology at the stage of development and entering the broad markets faces the fact that not everyone has yet known its capabilities and has an idea of how it works. As a result, sometimes society is not ready to accept something new. This slows down to a certain point its diffusion, even despite all the other prerequisites and sufficient technological maturity.
Virtual and augmented reality have quite recently overcome the barrier of insufficient public awareness, but for the time being there remains a considerable percentage of people who do not know what it is and how to use it to make their lives more convenient and colorful. Let’s see how these technologies work and how soon they will break into many areas of our life and become an integral part of it, such as, for example, laptops or the mobile Internet have relatively recently done.
Virtual and augmented reality are pretty close to each other concepts. Their abbreviations (VR and AR) differ only in one letter. They are united by the use of virtual objects: objects artificially created by man in a virtual environment. These objects do not exist physically; they are not part of the material world. Although in some cases they may be models of physically real objects or phenomena. For example, it can be the 3D model of the car or the visualization of the electromagnetic field. The principal difference is in the way the user perceives these objects and interacts with them.
In the case of VR, the user is completely immersed in some virtual space with his/her own coordinate system associated with the user’s physically real environment, which in turn is completely hidden from him. Being at home, using the virtual reality system, the user will be able to dive into any virtual world, interacting with it through the senses: mainly through sight and hearing.
Special device is used for this: VR HDM (virtual reality head-mounted display). It can be either full-fledged standalone device that launches games and other programs on its own, or it can serve as a specialized output device for a computer or game console. The most cost-effective solution is a helmet, which adapts an ordinary smartphone for immersion into virtual reality. After all, today everything that is fundamentally necessary for VR technologies can be found in many smartphones.
It is noteworthy that the maximum image quality and wide opportunities are provided through VR HDM connected to a personal computer. Using a smartphone with a special helmet you should not expect photorealistic image quality of the virtual world and complex physics simulation, as well as from standalone helmets.
In full-fledged helmets, which are not an adaptation of a mobile phone, two screens are used to interact with the organs of vision, as a rule, with a high pixel density and an optical system of lenses. Both built-in headphones and external ones of sufficient quality can be responsible for the surround sound.
If the helmet is designed to work with a PC, then you should prepare for high demands on the characteristics of the computer. When buying such a helmet, you may have to update the stuffing of your PC to meet the minimum requirements.
The virtual world itself is a program that implements a three-dimensional space, through which a user’s avatar or only a virtual camera, that provides visibility, can move. Sometimes, more often in simple games that are not demanding of the hardware, avatar can have only hands. Separately, the camera can be used for amusement rides or watching the gameplay or the working field from the outside. In virtual reality, the user can, with the maximum degree of realism, become part of any scenario.
Thanks to the achievements of modern computer graphics, absolutely any environment can be replicated: the mountains, the deck of a ship in the ocean or the street of a huge megacity. The variety and intensity of events occurring with the player are limited only by the fantasy of the game or attraction developer.
Using sensors built into the helmet or some controllers, the user can not only be present and move around the virtual world, but also actively interact with it, transferring, throwing or destroying objects. VR can be a powerful tool for a designer or engineer: using it, you can create and modify objects as natively as possible, bringing together compositions or complex structures using them, such as a car model.
Being in virtual reality, an engineer will be able to study any node at any angle, and using controllers or gestures, it is easy to move individual parts and edit a three-dimensional assembly drawing of any prototype. An artist or designer will be able to use sculpturing techniques when working with 3D graphics more effectively than ever, let alone other ways of working with 3D models.
What additional controllers are available to interact with the virtual world? This can be an optical controller Leap Motion, which implements the capture of hand movements, or controllers that have keys and joysticks for the user’s fingers, such as the Oculus Touch, which are adaptations of the gamepad with tracking of their movements. There are also gloves for accurate transmission of finger movements. Some of them are capable of creating feedback, such as pressure, tactile sensation simulation, the effects of temperature and other sensations, but they are cumbersome.
But truly a full presence effect for games and exhibitions can only be achieved using an integrated approach to capturing user movements. This approach is implemented in the Psycho system, designed for use in large areas. It records both the player’s movements over the area of the game or exhibition zone, as well as movements of his/her individual body parts.
The registration of player movements is the responsibility of the cameras associated with the computing system’s nodes. Unique adaptive tracking algorithms allow you to use an unlimited number of cameras, getting results with sub-centimeter accuracy. To capture the movements of body parts and ensure complete freedom from the wires, a special “Psycho suit” is used. It has sensors located opposite each key bone of the human body. This allows reproducing with great accuracy the movements of all parts of the user’s body in a virtual environment and gives software developers more freedom.
After all, the more accurate the user’s avatar in the virtual world reacts to the movements of a real person, the more complex scenarios, close to reality, can be used. Player’s movements are completely free thanks to the light and powerful MSI One workstation, made in Backpack form factor, comfortably placed on the player’s back. It is where the virtual reality environment is launched, as well as some elements of the system are switched. Well, the VR HDM device itself is a well-proven Oculus helmet. Based on this system, 5 virtual reality parks have already been implemented and an exhibition was held at Contemporary Art Center MARS.
VR has influenced various areas of medicine. In psychology, virtual reality helps people deal with their fears under medical supervision. And the use of special controllers greatly expands the use of VR. Thanks to them, virtual reality has opened up new opportunities for the rehabilitation of patients after various injuries. For this purpose, specialized controllers designed to assist specific types of patients are being developed.
Some developers go further. This is how MED VR was born, a controller for transmitting medical instrument movements to virtual reality. It helps train surgeons to do certain surgeries without fear for the lives of patients. In addition, the existing method of predicting time will be refined, which on average the surgeon spends on certain actions. And time is of the essence in the process of saving a human life.
It would seem that virtual reality captured all the areas of human activity that are logical for its application and left nothing for the augmented reality. But such an opinion is formed only at first glance, if you don’t go into the distinctive feature of AR. It is the lack of complete immersion into the virtual world. It combines virtual objects and a physically real environment. For many areas, this approach is more promising.
From this point begins the confusion with the terminology. In addition to VR and AR, there is also MR (Mixed Reality), which is associated with the simultaneous use of virtual and augmented reality and with the expansion of their mechanics. And if we turn to the “full specification of realities”, we will get a series of VR, AR, MR and RR. The last abbreviation denotes the world physically real to us.
This zoo of terms has in some situations led to misunderstandings among both developers and users. Clay Bavor, Google’s vice president of virtual reality, noted that all these terms are not separate and different things, but convenient labels for different points of the reality spectrum. The result is the term XR (Extended Reality), which incorporates all four of the concepts above.
To deal with the closest of the “four Rs”, it is worth giving examples of their implementations. AR exists and has been used for a long time. One of its first implementations, based on the latest for the time of the appearance of the fruits of scientific and technological progress, are projection dashboards of cars. The user sees them over the real world on the glass of his/her car, without interacting directly with them. They only display the current indicators of the measuring devices of the machine.
It is also worth mentioning such projects that have been widely discussed in recent years, such as Pokemon GO and Motion Tracking masks for Instagram and Snapchat. The most striking example of the implementation of MR is Microsoft HoloLens. When using these glasses, the user can see, for example, a detailed virtual anatomical model of the human body over a physically real environment.
But at the same time with the use of hand gestures, you can interact with this model by switching layers or scaling it. The fingers of your hands are in the coordinates of the physically real space in which this or that element of the virtual model, which you observe over the real environment, is located.
There are few distinctive design differences from virtual reality. You also need a helmet or glasses that record the slightest movement of your head. But now they can be transparent. Through them you see a physically real environment. And also on them images of virtual reality are projected. Or there is an alternative approach, when the helmet is again opaque to the human’s sight, but the image from the helmet’s cameras combined with the image of virtual objects will be set onto it.
The number of applications of MR technology is incalculable. Any application program becomes native when porting to such a device, whether it is a CAD system or a complex for computer 3D modeling. People with hearing impairments will be able to get help from a virtual or real assistant in real-time thanks to quick messages made in the form of virtual objects printed over the environment.
Students at all levels of educational institutions will get an opportunity to study in detail any model of any of the most complex and difficult to reproduce in RR process right in their hands. And doctors are already using HoloLens in test mode to quickly obtain data on the patient’s state or to display various images of internal organs in the form of virtual objects placed over the surgical field.
The banal use to display the user interface of any program or operating system is a very important application that changes the way you interact with the computer. Already, Microsoft’s MR allows you to “hang” a virtual window of any program on a cabinet in your room, and your helmet will remember this. When you return home in the evening, for example, the player with your favorite music videos will hang in the usual place for you.
One of the controversial MR applications for the user is marketing. Marketers are looking forward to how they will cover the streets of our cities with interactive virtual advertising panels, with which the user can interact with a slight movement of his fingertips.
These virtual panels will be able to follow the person and easily change the orientation relative to him/her, as well as be completely personalized. Of course, it is this potential application of these technologies that is already causing some people fear or discontent: quite a few cyberpunk films and short films have already come out that demonstrate the negative side of such an application of MR.
Still, the technology is much more useful than harmful, and all concerns about advertising in XR will be dispelled by the updated legal framework in this area, which will appear with the widespread of these technologies.
Having understood the basics of the operation and application of extended realities (XR), we can conclude that these technologies will become omnipresent in the nearest future. Throughout the day, a person will balance on the border between the virtual and real world, optimizing his/her tasks and making the world around brighter. And if necessary, one will be able to isolate oneself from the physical reality in order to concentrate on work or entertainment in the virtual reality.
Mass distribution of XR technologies will be another important stage in the development of mankind. We hope that those who will have read this article will be ready for this and will be able to keep up with the times, effectively organizing their work and leisure using XR.
What are VR, AR and… other Rs?

Bitmain Layoffs are Apparently Not Harmless Rumors

Bitmain filed an application to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange a few months ago. At the time, the market was struggling, but the mining giant probably did not expect the current turn of events. The rumored Bitmain layoffs are turning out to be true and they are even reaching the company’s offices back in China.
An announcement from the company was needed since many people demanded information about the Bitmain layoffs. After much delay, Bitmain addressed the situation as a representative stated that:
“Adjustments were necessary in order to continue towards the path of long-term development. Our goal of a sustainable and scalable business can only be accomplished if we focus on elements, which are key to our mission and not things which are auxiliary.”
The statement came shortly after a heated discussion arose on the Chinese LinkedIn, Maimai. The discussion was started by an anonymous account who created a thread in which he was looking for information about the Bitmain layoffs.
The bitmain layoffs were originally thought to be just another rumor
This post was seen as a ruse at first, but after reaching more than 200 replies, some by verified Bitmain employees, people began to monitor the situation more carefully. The thread further exploded when a verified account stated that all the rumors for the Bitmain layoffs are true and they’ll start as soon as December 24th.
It’s impossible to know the scale of the layoffs, but some Chinese employees have already openly started discussing their respective layoff compensation packages. There is also no way of actually telling which division will have the largest amount of layoffs. The company’s main business is the creation of miners, but other business projects also include blockchain and AI projects.
Bitmain is joining other huge names like Steemit and ConsenSys who have recently disclosed that they are laying off a huge percentage of their active personnel. Steemit’s announcement stated that more than 70% of the employees would be laid off.
Many experts believe however, that this round of Bitmain layoffs was unavoidable. It was in fact, well timed with the bear marke. The company’s rapid expansion over the last year would have demanded layoffs no matter the market conditions. At the beginning of 2018, Bitmain officially had a little over 1000 people working for the company on all projects. The IPO prospectus which was released on September, revealed no less than 3100 employees.
This effectively means that some of the company’s business lines have seen an expansion rate of over 200%. Despite the layoffs, Bitmain stated:
“We are still looking to hire new and exceptional talent. As we move on into 2019, we will double down our efforts into hiring the best talent from all backgrounds we find acceptable.”
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Huobi Set to Axe Part of Its Staff Amid Extended Bear Market

Huobi Set to Axe Part of Its Staff Amid Extended Bear Market
Following the latest news about Bitmain, the world’s largest manufacturer of ASIC chips for Bitcoin mining, which has declared its laying off half of the company’s staff earlier this day, another cryptocurrency giant, Huobi has recently announced that it is also going for cutting off redundant employees, but for different reasons.
According to Bitmain, its operations across mining and blockchain development have been stopped mostly for the reason of the company’s running out of money. So, Bitmain’s layoffs will likely occur across all divisions, but those working on newer investments like artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are expected to be impacted most.
Unlike Bitmain, Chinese company Huobi Group, which SCMP notes have over 1,000 employees, has underlined that the company is not going to stop expanding its team for the core businesses and emerging markets. Huobi will cut off its worst-performing employees, but will also continue hiring people to promote the company’s major directions.
Founded in 2013 in China, Huobi is the world’s leading digital asset trading platform and currently offers trading and investment in more than 100 digital asset pairs. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the United States. In August 2018 it became a publically listed Hong Kong company.
Following a 2017 ban on Bitcoin exchanges by the Chinese government, Huobi stopped Bitcoin withdrawals and shut down its Chinese website, but continued operating overseas as “Huobi Pro”, a Seychelles-registered company. Huobi China continues to operate as a blockchain consulting and research platform.
Previously to Bitmain and Huobi, the similar news came from Ethereum production studio ConsenSys earlier this month. The company also underwent a form of restructuring, cutting off 60% of its staff aiming to return back its startup mindset in order to withstand in such hard times for cryptocurrency market as can be currently observed in the whole industry.
The bear market of 2018, which stroke in the last few months, has already resulted in many of the biggest companies going bankrupt. Significant decreases in the industry are not expected to stop in the next few months as well, as the total market cap of the industry has already dropped over $500 billion since January 2018. But according to some specialists, downsizing is a natural cycle in new, rapid growth industries, and unfortunately blockchain is no exception.
Huobi Set to Axe Part of Its Staff Amid Extended Bear Market

Leading Brokerage Company eToro Adds XRP, Provokes Criticism Among Crypto Community

Leading Brokerage Company eToro Adds XRP, Provokes Criticism Among Crypto Community
What actually happened is that eToro revealed that there would be no charges for XRP wallet creation and coin transfer for a limited period. They also said in a blog post that:
“Current minimum transfer amount is 133 XRP. Coin transfer is available for Gold users and above in countries where the eToro Wallet is available (to check local availability, please refer to your app store).”
Apart from just that the company has unveiled that this sort of service will only be going to be available for the users who do a deposit amount with the help of wire transfer and the more facility of the payment to be added up soon.
When asked about this feature, eToro explains via a blog post that the concept behind this feature is as a result of risk management. They said funds sent via wire transfer to user wallets is a more secure option.

I found it, but do I have to deposit the amount I have invested in the chosen trade as it says here?
— Uselesscaptain10 (@edisss88) December 25, 2018

While the reasoning for the wire deposit makes perfect sense for the platform, it creates confusion among their users. One user claims to have bought around $9000 in XRP from eToro, but was only able to withdraw $1500 of it because he purchased the tokens using a credit card and not a wire transfer.

etoro are not SCAM?Have you any money there???I have and cannot move away from thereI have almost 9500 xrp, and just can move 1500xrp to walletThe other 8000 cause they were bought by credit card, they dont allow to transferWTF?They mislead people cause u buy the real coins
— JoAz⚡️ (@JorgeMCAzevedo) December 26, 2018

eToro responded with a release where they said that:
“The first 25K users to open an XRP wallet will receive the wallet for free – and will not be required to pay the XRP wallet cost which is 45 XRP*Coin transfer is available for Gold users and above in countries where the wallet is available. The promotion will apply until 31.1.2019”
While the goal behind the implementation of wire deposits makes sense for the crypto exchange, the community believes that it creates confusion among users. There are three primary issues that the XRP community has with eToro’s new technology. The first is about the wire transfer requirement, while the other two issues relate to the 133 XRP minimum deposit requirement and the disclosure of eToro’s cold XRP wallet address.
Because eToro advertises itself as an exchange that holds assets for people, it is natural that traders will want to have knowledge of their cold wallet addresses for the XRP token. That way the crypto traders can have the type of transparency they want and be certain that their coins are actually held by the exchange. Regarding the issue of minimum deposit, eToro clarifies it via their blog post.
We already wrote of how Ripple, in the crypto sphere is a veritable institution in that sense. It has survived numerous cryptocurrency routs and is just slightly younger than Bitcoin itself and far older than Ethereum.
From late Fall last year to early January this year, Ripple saw an enormous 1,300% jump in the value of its digital token, with many hopping aboard the Ripple train on the basis that unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ripple had a narrowly defined purpose and a clear utility — to help banks move cash from one point to another faster and more cheaply — particularly across borders.
To learn more about XRP coin, Ripple company and their innovative solutions, please check out our awesome guide.
Leading Brokerage Company eToro Adds XRP, Provokes Criticism Among Crypto Community

Crypto Derivatives Rise in 2018, But Still in Need of Speedy Exchanges

Bitcoin’s price surge in 2017 certainly put all eyes on the cryptocurrency market. And while the prices have since tumbled, 2018 has been a year which saw a lot being done in this space. There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies, hundreds of projects, and numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms. Yet, the industry is still in its nascent stage and there is a long way ahead.
Expanding Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading
As the market expands, so do the requirements of traders. While there are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges out there, there is a shortage of platforms for trading cryptocurrency derivatives.
Touching on the matter is Jesse Wu, CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform BaseFEX, who noted:
“For the past two years, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has seen ups and downs, but it eventually got into the sight of the mainstream and became a household name. There are now numerous exchanges for spot market where people simply buy and sell coins, and only a few exchanges for crypto derivatives where traders speculate coin prices with leverage. In the case of trading crypto derivatives, traders are obviously still in need of a fair place where they can successfully place orders anytime they want, under any market conditions. That’s why we built BaseFEX.”
BaseFEX will start with a leveraged swap product of BTCUSD perpetual – it is intended to be a lot like bitcoin futures but with no settlement at all. As such, it allows users to trade BTC/USD with a leverage of up to 100x.

Despite starting with only one product, BaseFEX promises that it will soon add more derivatives to its product portfolio.
Solving Existing Issues
Besides allowing for a wider portfolio of trading products, BaseFEX is also on a mission to resolve another pressing issue – the lack of processing speed, which is experienced by many on platforms like BitMEX and others.
Cryptocurrency day trading, or any type of day trading which requires engaging highly volatile asset classes, is largely predicated on timely market enters and exits. However, a lot of the existing solutions are simply unable to cater to these requirements.
Tackling this issue in particular, BaseFEX tends to stand out with its high processing power.
The architecture of BaseFEX’s trading engine was designed with high processing power in mind in the very beginning. Also we took advantage of a set of cutting-edge technologies from the ever-evolving internet industry to further ensure fast processing and high throughput. – said Wu.
It’s also worth noting, though, that major institutional players are also eyeing expansion towards Bitcoin derivatives. It was recently reported that NASDAQ might launch Bitcoin futures in the first quarter of 2019 – a move dubbed a “game changer” by market analyst David Cheetham.
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EOS Contract Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum on Huobi Derivative Market

EOS Contract Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum on Huobi Derivative Market
This Christmas season is rich in different crypto news from numerous projects and it looks like they are doing their best to finish this controversial year for the crypto industry on good terms.
As it has been recently revealed, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi’s derivatives wing, known as Huobi Derivative Market, is going to introduce an EOS contract.
EOS in 2018
According to the Huobi’s plans, the EOS coin will be added to the exchange’s trading service this Friday, on December 28. Such a move will contribute to the expansion of the EOS market and will definitely have a positive impact on the coin’s trading volumes.
This year has become a very significant one for EOS. In the summer, following EOS separation from Ethereum network and its ERC-20 token standard, EOS mainnet was launched. But just like XRP, EOS is often criticized for being centralized.
At the current moment, EOS is included in the top-10 cryptocurrency list by market capitalization. Though some months ago, its price managed to exceed the mark of $6, the coin lost a serious part of its value and some weeks ago it was traded for just $1.74.
In November, EOS managed to replace Bitcoin Cash at the fourth position in the list of the major cryptocurrencies, but at the press time the coin is the world’s fifth largest crypto by market cap and is traded for $2.54. Currently, EOS market cap is $2 298 249 041.
The largest share of the entire EOS trading volume is ensured by traders working on the OKEx exchange, Huobi occupies the fourth position in this list. Nevertheless, the recent Huobi’s initiative may significantly change the situation.
Huobi Derivative Market
Huobi Derivative Market was launched just about a month ago and was announced in the framework of the Cryptofrontiers conference in New York City on November 28. The main aim of the platform is to give users an opportunity to trade crypto contracts on various coins.
Originally, it was possible to work only with Bitcoin and Ethereum contracts but now it will be expanded to EOS as well. As it has been revealed, Huobi presented contracts on a weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly basis, at the same time it offered tools necessary for arbitration, speculation, and hedging. Moreover, it is known that Huobi DM has a good insurance fund that contains around 20,000 BTC.
Speaking about their initiative to create Huobi DM, Livio Weng, the CEO of Huobi Global, stated:
 “Sophisticated traders are increasingly looking for a broader range of tools, integrating Huobi DM with Huobi Global allows us to better serve those user’s needs by offering them our full range of trading services in one convenient place.”
Among the recent news received from the Huobi exchange, it’s also worth mentioning that under the unstable market conditions, the company is trying to optimize its business strategy and review its priorities. As a part of its optimization, it has taken a decision to reduce the number of its staff.
EOS Contract Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum on Huobi Derivative Market

Atari is developing Blockchain Versions of Roller Coaster Tycoon and Goon Squad

Atari Inc. is one of the most well-known and recognized game developing companies out there. Atari has been known as one of the most innovative game developers with more than 45 years of experience and a big part of the arcade games gaming revolution in the 70s and 80s! Recently, the company announced a license agreement with Animoca Brands Limited. This agreement will allow Atari and the subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation to publish Blockchain Versions of two of Atari’s most famous titles, Goon Squad and Roller Coaster Tycoon.
This will allow for releases into most parts of the world with the only exceptions being Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan because of local laws and prohibitions. The agreement will last until the end of March 31, 2022. Under the agreed terms, Animoca brands will be required to pay the game-developing giant a minimum guarantee of future revenues of $250 000. The sum will also be payable in shares of the company’s stocks.
Atari innovates with Blockchain Technology
This will serve as consideration for the license to develop and publish the extremely well-known titles of Goon Squad and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Additionally, revenue shares will also be payable to the company after gross revenues generated by the newly developed Blockchain games exceed a total of $500 000.
The partners have also agreed to engage in a memorandum of understanding in order to develop long-lasting strategic partnership and explore new and exciting mutual opportunities and innovations in the Gaming Industry, Blockchain development and other areas. Atari’s CEO, Frederic Chesnais stated:
“This partnership is a testament to the increasing role of Blockchain Technology in game development and the digital entertainment industry. It’s our mutual pleasure to enter this long-term strategic relationship with Animoca Brands. This will allow us to become shareholders in one of the most talented innovators in the growing world of decentralized gaming. It’s our biggest hope that this agreement will set the foundations for many other Atari products to see the light of day.”
Without a doubt, Blockchain Gaming is forming a new industry on its own with a lot of potential. The next few years a lot of the biggest names in gaming might start cooperating with Blockchain startups in order to benefit from this growing phenomenon. But the biggest benefiary will most likely be gamers. Gamers from all corners of the world will have the opportunity to enjoy games, despite local laws or other obstacles. The Blockchain Revolution is comming!
This is not Atari’s first Blockchain endeavour
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Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Losing Its Way

Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Losing Its Way
Bitcoin is somewhat losing its value on Thu Dec 27, trading at $3876.80, reports Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex.
On H4, one can see the crypto failed to reach the 38/20% Fibo extension. Both the MACD and Stochastic signaled a downtrend as they diverged. The price already broke out the ascending channel support and is now testing the projection channel one. In case $3,798.80 is broken out, the price may plunge further to $3,541.60 and 3,215.20. This will be confirmed in case the MACD forms a black cross.
On H1, the BTC approached the target support and then started range trading. There’s a short term trend forming, however, so the price may go further down. Once the price hits the lower boundary at $3,817.20, this will mean the rangebound trading is over, and the BTC will be heading towards its target at $3,460.

A piece of positive news, meanwhile, is coming from Brazil, where it may be possible to pay  HYPERLINK in supermarkets. Oasis Supermercados in RIo de Janeiro is going to accept BTC, BCH, and LTC. The management say it will be as easy as paying with a credit card; the store will do the conversion itself, the only thing the customer will need to do is scan a QR code.
This way, the consumers may start using cryptos directly, which somewhat solves the issue of the cryptos being weakly linked to the real life. This is not the first time this solution is applied in Brazil. Technica, a construction company, accepts cryptos and even provides crypto customers with a discount, while transport companies, including the subway, accept the BTC.
Meanwhile, in India, they are going to tighten up the crypto control. By February 2019, the Indian government will release a report stating the main points of restricting or complete ban on using the cryptos in the country. The rules may be so strict that using cryptos in India will become barely viable.
However, some officials say the blockchain techs are very promising, which may prevent the government from banning the digital coins completely.
Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Losing Its Way